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This Being Saturday (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4 Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Jan. 8, 1944

Dear Mother,

This being Sat. I’ll start and wind up tomorrow because no mail goes out on Sun. as I’ve told you before so I just put them both in the same envelope. Maybe that is just being lazy or scotch or what have you?

Your letters of 14, 15 & 16 came and some Christmas greetings. One from Ralph & Faye, one from Schlegels, one from John & Inez and one from Helen Coan or whatever her name is now.

Faye wrote a note along with their greeting – Seems as

[page 2] if Faye & Ruth have to do most of the writing in their families.

I still haven’t lived up to that New Year’s resolution of writing everyone those letters but will start one of these days.

I’ll be glad when those pictures of D. arrive. It seems so many times when you are going to send pictures you write about them and the letter with the pictures are is delayed.

You also “sorta” left me in the air about the $49.00 you wrote that Brands had you charged. You didn’t say whether you got out of the thing gracefully. I believe

[page 3] you did say they couldn’t find where it came from. Anyway I guess you got thinks all squared away, I hope.

Sun. Dec. 10 [sic], 1944

Your v-mail of Dec. 29 came today. I believe it must have arrived yesterday but just wasn’t delivered because that is the first time I’ve known mail to come on Sun.

I just came back from the movie – I stayed only long enough to see the News. The news are always old but they save 3-4 for Sun. Eve and it makes about a ½ hour program. I have

[page 4] seen the main feature and it wasn’t so good the first time so I didn’t care to sit thru it again.

Sorry D. has a cold and I hope he is over it by now and also hope that you don’t catch it from him!

I don’t know as yet where you went Christmas. In this letter you wrote that D. caught the cold either from Mark or Earl so I presumed you were either at Wilmington or they were over there.

So Funks finally got a girl. I’ll bet they are both

[page 5] well pleased and I suppose Bobby will really have something to talk about now.

In these last letters I finally got the story of Virginia Zell. In the letters before you had said she was in bed due to an injury. I guess that was in yesterday’s letter but I just happened to think. I’m not being critical of your letter writing but just telling you how they come and how I’m left in the dark on some things for days until the missing letters finally arrive.

Well, I guess I’d better wind this up with
Love Daddy


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Jimmy Ed’s Birthday (Gladys)

1944-01-04 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters today but five yesterday up to Dec. 23. Also a letter from Geo. Wingfield Jr. He is in San Diego now. He didn’t give any address except N.A.S. It is cloudy today and below freezing a few degrees. Washburns’ are celebrating their Golden Wedding at Howard’s today. I want to call on them sometime during the day. David is taking his nap. He wants to climb the stairs now that he has discovered that he can. I will have to get a gate or some kind of barrier across the bottom so he won’t have to be watched. Mrs. Zell and I are planning to take some of their fresh pork over to the locker. I don’t have so much in the drawer now. I ordered half a hog but Brands are short of help and haven’t got it put in yet. Tomorrow is Jimmy Ed’s birthday. I have a gift and card for him. I don’t believe Lucile is going to have a party for him because of the flu and colds around now. James L. II has a birthday the 11th. I am sending him a card today but haven’t a gift for him yet. Can’t get what I want here and haven’t been to Laf. recently. Can’t always get things there either. I may go down Sat. so I can take Mark for an X-Ray. I wish I could take him to a warmer climate – I believe he needs more sunshine.

Love – Mother

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Virginia (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 15 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters yet this week – The boys are anxiously looking for theirs, but I told them the mail may be delayed at this time of the year.

It was 1 below in Chi. this a.m. and not much warmer here. It is still very cold. Harlans sent us some Ky. Coal this a.m. – The driver didn’t leave the ticket but it looks like about 2 ton and with what we had left of last year’s good coal – I think there was nearly 2 ton. We should get along pretty good now thru the coldest part of the winter. Dad shoveled what was left of the good coal back to one side and we used up the other that I had put in Nov. 1 first. Now maybe we can get the stoker re-regulated so it won’t require attention as often as it has been.

Virginia Zell fell last night and got a bump on the back of her head – she was in their basement and fell on

[page 2] the cement floor. Mrs. Zell called Dr. M. He was just leaving his office and came right out. He put her to bed and told them to keep ice packs on her head. She has been throwing up all the time. He wants to take her in for an X-ray but won’t move her until she stops throwing up. I haven’t talked to Mrs. Z. since the middle of the morning. I made hash & pumpkin pies for lunch and sent over enough for them at noon when J. & M. came home. I knew she wouldn’t have much time to cook, watching Virginia. Dr. M. told them last night that she was doing satisfactorily however I was out in the kitchen washing dishes and he came out to use the telephone and he told me it was a bad bump. I went over and helped out a little after I got David off to bed and we had our supper. Mrs. Z. was in the basement washing when it happened so I hung up the clothes for her. They have been such good neighbors, I like to help them when I can.

I got a notice from the P.O. that David’s pictures are in so I want to go to town after J. & M. come from school and get them. Will try to get two mailed out to you tomorrow.

I went to Sheldon yesterday – Had a bill from Brands for $49 – I knew there was a drastic error.

[page 3] The bookkeeper didn’t even know where she had gotten the figure. I pd. 6 mo. locker rent. The locker here should be ready by then – if we have one. If not I can pay the rest of the rent when it’s due. I ordered half a hog from Brands. There is a surplus of pork on the market and we are being urged over the radio to buy pork. The beef I got last was mostly steaks and as much as I like steak, like to supplement it with a little something else now & then. Also might not get another steak quarter next time and might want to save a few of these for someone who likes boiled steaks – eh what?

J. & M. are home – J. is practicing and I have a headache, so think I’ll go over and see about Virginia, then go to town and take care of the telephone bill, etc. Said headache is due to certain causes other than faulty glasses. I haven’t mailed but 2 greetings so far, and the P.O. is urging us to mail early.

I must get along –
Love Mother

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Brooder House (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 17 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters for a few days – the last being of Nov. 4. It is windy and cold today. The sun is shining but I haven’t been out. After the throat & sinus treatment of yesterday thought I had better stay out of the wind. My eyes are normal again after the refraction yesterday. I am to go Fri. (19th) for recheck and another nose & throat treatment.

The Zells went to Indpls. today. Clara M. is there today working and got lunch for the girls, but they are coming here to spend the night. C. Shirk is going to take care of the brooder house stove this eve.

[page 2] It won’t be long until they will have frys to sell. They want to have them all sold by Christmas so they can go home for the holidays. The brooder house is situated so I can see the chickens from the dining room windows – John says he doesn’t care so much for them because he can taste the cod liver oil. The mash they eat is highly treated with cod liver oil. However I notice he usually eats his share when we have “hot house” chicken. There was an announcement over the radio this a.m. that farmers can butcher and sell pork without a permit to get the present supply taken care of. There is at present more than the markets can handle so I am going to try & get a hog or half to put in the locker – Portteus promised me half of one they

[page 3] were to butcher but they haven’t mentioned it recently so may have disposed of it. As yet the locker that was to be built here hasn’t gotten thru Washington yet. I owe Brand’s our present rent but didn’t want to pay a whole year if Kent’s locker will be ready soon – but it won’t be soon if the plans have to wait in Washington for approval.

I am to go to Mark’s room tomorrow to help teach the children to knit. Mark wanted me to start him last night but my vision on close work was still too blurred. Buddy had a birthday yesterday & I forgot to get him a gift so must get a “doghouse” card and a gift for Mark to take to him this evening. Buddy asked Mark to dinner tonight. He wanted to have him last night but

[page 4] they were busy in the restaurant and didn’t get around to it. They are closed from 11 to 3 p.m. & then they are usually swamped. I suppose the people who used to eat lunch at noon just wait till evening and eat an early dinner.

The wind today is blowing any loose leaves around. They cling to places like our terrace in the back. I left leaves around the shrubbery and they seem to be staying put. David is in the nursery in the play pen. He jabbers so much and manages a few words. He can say kitty, wave & say bye-bye. Has said Dada & mom mom for a long time. Has another tooth almost thru. When left alone can be good for quite a while but if he sees me wants attention.

J. & M. both fine too.

Love Mother

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Storm Windows (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy – Yours of May 18 came this a.m. – There are several earlier in May that haven’t come yet – The check for 150⁰⁰ came but as yet not the 100⁰⁰. So far all you letters have come so I suppose those in May that haven’t will be trailing in in a day or two. It is a “delicious” summer morn. I called Geo Sammons (Jr) and he promised to come take our storm windows down, wash windows and put in screens. I had to hammer most of the windows out – still swollen from all the rain we have had. It is warm enough now we need the screens in the bedroom windows.

John & Mark have gone to town on Mark’s bicycle. John’s new lenses came and he went to

[page 2] Mr. Reinard to get them put in. I told you before his new lenses are reduced in strength. Mark is going to bring groceries home for me. He enjoys that bicycle as much as anything he could have.

I took David to Cosmopolitan Club yesterday – He was admired and fussed over – but he got tired of society – but by the time it was time to go, so I went to town (the meeting was at Mrs. Matthews). I went past Johnsons and stopped to see Jimmy Ed. He is better one day and worse the next. They have to keep his arms and legs covered all the time to keep him from scratching. He is pretty good thru it all. His hair is coming back in so maybe he won’t be bald now. It isn’t as pretty bright red as when at first. When they came home from the hospital his hair was long and he had an abundance. David started singing and it scared Jimmy and he cried. David gets rather loud sometimes. I hear him now – he is just waking from a

[page 3] nap and it is about time for a bath & breakfast (10 a.m.). Yesterday he threw up his orange juice so I didn’t give him any today. His second tooth isn’t quite thru yet. Just had to stop and give him some attention. He is now in his play chair chewing on a wooden doll toy.

You inquired about the bank acc’t. We have a bal of 197⁰⁰ right now, but will will get 200⁰⁰ the first of June – of course the bal now includes the 150⁰⁰ I got the first of the week. All bills are paid except the insurance prems. That will come quarterly – I mean we haven’t any outstanding bills, such as coal, clothing, etc. I was looking for a piano and the music shop at Laf. sent me a card about a grand they had so when I took John & Mark to Laf. Wed to see Drs. Ade and Cole I stopped in to see the piano but they didn’t have it there yet – I was afraid I might spend the $150⁰⁰ for that instead of paying the Ins loan but don’t worry. I’ll try to do the best

[page 4] thing with our money. The cost of eating, clothing and everything in general is so much higher that there isn’t much left from the 200 per. So far I have managed O.K. but haven’t bought any bonds this year so far. I’ll try to get started again and get at least an 18.75 each month, but the extra I bought in Dec. should be counted as our monthly buy up until now. (6-$50). I feel we are going our share, but I suppose we mustn’t stop at that – We should all do more than our share – well so much for the lecture. I bought some meat at the store for the first time today – but now when we came home and stopped at Brands they didn’t know just when we could get a quarter beef and I want to get the benefit of the tickets due today.

A lot of work is going on just now – the Sammons & Shuster boys are working on the windows.

David is out in the yard singing in the sunshine.


Love Mother

Just reread your letter – Joe R. was in New C. when Mrs. R. last heard from him & he was headed – he presumed in your direction.

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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