Virginia (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 15 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters yet this week – The boys are anxiously looking for theirs, but I told them the mail may be delayed at this time of the year.

It was 1 below in Chi. this a.m. and not much warmer here. It is still very cold. Harlans sent us some Ky. Coal this a.m. – The driver didn’t leave the ticket but it looks like about 2 ton and with what we had left of last year’s good coal – I think there was nearly 2 ton. We should get along pretty good now thru the coldest part of the winter. Dad shoveled what was left of the good coal back to one side and we used up the other that I had put in Nov. 1 first. Now maybe we can get the stoker re-regulated so it won’t require attention as often as it has been.

Virginia Zell fell last night and got a bump on the back of her head – she was in their basement and fell on

[page 2] the cement floor. Mrs. Zell called Dr. M. He was just leaving his office and came right out. He put her to bed and told them to keep ice packs on her head. She has been throwing up all the time. He wants to take her in for an X-ray but won’t move her until she stops throwing up. I haven’t talked to Mrs. Z. since the middle of the morning. I made hash & pumpkin pies for lunch and sent over enough for them at noon when J. & M. came home. I knew she wouldn’t have much time to cook, watching Virginia. Dr. M. told them last night that she was doing satisfactorily however I was out in the kitchen washing dishes and he came out to use the telephone and he told me it was a bad bump. I went over and helped out a little after I got David off to bed and we had our supper. Mrs. Z. was in the basement washing when it happened so I hung up the clothes for her. They have been such good neighbors, I like to help them when I can.

I got a notice from the P.O. that David’s pictures are in so I want to go to town after J. & M. come from school and get them. Will try to get two mailed out to you tomorrow.

I went to Sheldon yesterday – Had a bill from Brands for $49 – I knew there was a drastic error.

[page 3] The bookkeeper didn’t even know where she had gotten the figure. I pd. 6 mo. locker rent. The locker here should be ready by then – if we have one. If not I can pay the rest of the rent when it’s due. I ordered half a hog from Brands. There is a surplus of pork on the market and we are being urged over the radio to buy pork. The beef I got last was mostly steaks and as much as I like steak, like to supplement it with a little something else now & then. Also might not get another steak quarter next time and might want to save a few of these for someone who likes boiled steaks – eh what?

J. & M. are home – J. is practicing and I have a headache, so think I’ll go over and see about Virginia, then go to town and take care of the telephone bill, etc. Said headache is due to certain causes other than faulty glasses. I haven’t mailed but 2 greetings so far, and the P.O. is urging us to mail early.

I must get along –
Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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4 thoughts on “Virginia (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    ” Dad shoveled what was left…” I wonder who this was.

    Hmmmm…Virginia seems to have had a problem with falling!

    It seems so bizarre to read about buying half a hog!

    “for someone who likes boiled steaks – eh what?” Yes, not so appetizing!


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