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Storm Windows (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy – Yours of May 18 came this a.m. – There are several earlier in May that haven’t come yet – The check for 150⁰⁰ came but as yet not the 100⁰⁰. So far all you letters have come so I suppose those in May that haven’t will be trailing in in a day or two. It is a “delicious” summer morn. I called Geo Sammons (Jr) and he promised to come take our storm windows down, wash windows and put in screens. I had to hammer most of the windows out – still swollen from all the rain we have had. It is warm enough now we need the screens in the bedroom windows.

John & Mark have gone to town on Mark’s bicycle. John’s new lenses came and he went to

[page 2] Mr. Reinard to get them put in. I told you before his new lenses are reduced in strength. Mark is going to bring groceries home for me. He enjoys that bicycle as much as anything he could have.

I took David to Cosmopolitan Club yesterday – He was admired and fussed over – but he got tired of society – but by the time it was time to go, so I went to town (the meeting was at Mrs. Matthews). I went past Johnsons and stopped to see Jimmy Ed. He is better one day and worse the next. They have to keep his arms and legs covered all the time to keep him from scratching. He is pretty good thru it all. His hair is coming back in so maybe he won’t be bald now. It isn’t as pretty bright red as when at first. When they came home from the hospital his hair was long and he had an abundance. David started singing and it scared Jimmy and he cried. David gets rather loud sometimes. I hear him now – he is just waking from a

[page 3] nap and it is about time for a bath & breakfast (10 a.m.). Yesterday he threw up his orange juice so I didn’t give him any today. His second tooth isn’t quite thru yet. Just had to stop and give him some attention. He is now in his play chair chewing on a wooden doll toy.

You inquired about the bank acc’t. We have a bal of 197⁰⁰ right now, but will will get 200⁰⁰ the first of June – of course the bal now includes the 150⁰⁰ I got the first of the week. All bills are paid except the insurance prems. That will come quarterly – I mean we haven’t any outstanding bills, such as coal, clothing, etc. I was looking for a piano and the music shop at Laf. sent me a card about a grand they had so when I took John & Mark to Laf. Wed to see Drs. Ade and Cole I stopped in to see the piano but they didn’t have it there yet – I was afraid I might spend the $150⁰⁰ for that instead of paying the Ins loan but don’t worry. I’ll try to do the best

[page 4] thing with our money. The cost of eating, clothing and everything in general is so much higher that there isn’t much left from the 200 per. So far I have managed O.K. but haven’t bought any bonds this year so far. I’ll try to get started again and get at least an 18.75 each month, but the extra I bought in Dec. should be counted as our monthly buy up until now. (6-$50). I feel we are going our share, but I suppose we mustn’t stop at that – We should all do more than our share – well so much for the lecture. I bought some meat at the store for the first time today – but now when we came home and stopped at Brands they didn’t know just when we could get a quarter beef and I want to get the benefit of the tickets due today.

A lot of work is going on just now – the Sammons & Shuster boys are working on the windows.

David is out in the yard singing in the sunshine.


Love Mother

Just reread your letter – Joe R. was in New C. when Mrs. R. last heard from him & he was headed – he presumed in your direction.

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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