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Storm Windows (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy – Yours of May 18 came this a.m. – There are several earlier in May that haven’t come yet – The check for 150⁰⁰ came but as yet not the 100⁰⁰. So far all you letters have come so I suppose those in May that haven’t will be trailing in in a day or two. It is a “delicious” summer morn. I called Geo Sammons (Jr) and he promised to come take our storm windows down, wash windows and put in screens. I had to hammer most of the windows out – still swollen from all the rain we have had. It is warm enough now we need the screens in the bedroom windows.

John & Mark have gone to town on Mark’s bicycle. John’s new lenses came and he went to

[page 2] Mr. Reinard to get them put in. I told you before his new lenses are reduced in strength. Mark is going to bring groceries home for me. He enjoys that bicycle as much as anything he could have.

I took David to Cosmopolitan Club yesterday – He was admired and fussed over – but he got tired of society – but by the time it was time to go, so I went to town (the meeting was at Mrs. Matthews). I went past Johnsons and stopped to see Jimmy Ed. He is better one day and worse the next. They have to keep his arms and legs covered all the time to keep him from scratching. He is pretty good thru it all. His hair is coming back in so maybe he won’t be bald now. It isn’t as pretty bright red as when at first. When they came home from the hospital his hair was long and he had an abundance. David started singing and it scared Jimmy and he cried. David gets rather loud sometimes. I hear him now – he is just waking from a

[page 3] nap and it is about time for a bath & breakfast (10 a.m.). Yesterday he threw up his orange juice so I didn’t give him any today. His second tooth isn’t quite thru yet. Just had to stop and give him some attention. He is now in his play chair chewing on a wooden doll toy.

You inquired about the bank acc’t. We have a bal of 197⁰⁰ right now, but will will get 200⁰⁰ the first of June – of course the bal now includes the 150⁰⁰ I got the first of the week. All bills are paid except the insurance prems. That will come quarterly – I mean we haven’t any outstanding bills, such as coal, clothing, etc. I was looking for a piano and the music shop at Laf. sent me a card about a grand they had so when I took John & Mark to Laf. Wed to see Drs. Ade and Cole I stopped in to see the piano but they didn’t have it there yet – I was afraid I might spend the $150⁰⁰ for that instead of paying the Ins loan but don’t worry. I’ll try to do the best

[page 4] thing with our money. The cost of eating, clothing and everything in general is so much higher that there isn’t much left from the 200 per. So far I have managed O.K. but haven’t bought any bonds this year so far. I’ll try to get started again and get at least an 18.75 each month, but the extra I bought in Dec. should be counted as our monthly buy up until now. (6-$50). I feel we are going our share, but I suppose we mustn’t stop at that – We should all do more than our share – well so much for the lecture. I bought some meat at the store for the first time today – but now when we came home and stopped at Brands they didn’t know just when we could get a quarter beef and I want to get the benefit of the tickets due today.

A lot of work is going on just now – the Sammons & Shuster boys are working on the windows.

David is out in the yard singing in the sunshine.


Love Mother

Just reread your letter – Joe R. was in New C. when Mrs. R. last heard from him & he was headed – he presumed in your direction.

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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The Necklace Broke (Gladys)

1943-01-27Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy-Yours of 1-17 Rec’d today. We are having sunshine today – there was a heavy frost last nite. It isn’t as cold as yesterday – but still cold enough to keep the stoker busy – Mr. Monroe oil it yesterday and aired the radiators. My sinus seems some better today – and I quit doing anything about it – it kept draining whether I had it washed out or not so thought I would quit doing anything – Maybe that doesn’t make sense but having it washed out every other day didn’t seem to help any. There is some drainage today but lots less. I am figuring up taxes. Have to pay gross this week. Agnes is going to write you and explain in detail about ’41 Federal. I am going to give her the figures for ’42 and she will file a report. Now please quit worrying about the taxes – we will take care of things “OK.” David is asleep. He took his pablum without a fight this AM. As soon as we get all our photographs finished will send you another box and put the pictures in the box. I believe you will get it that way as soon as by letter. The reason you haven’t been getting letters is due to shipping space shortage. Maybe the V-mail will be speedier. The necklace broke but I think I’ll have Mr. Reinard restring it. I had my picture taken and then the string broke. The picture didn’t turn out very good and I had it taken again but couldn’t wear the necklace.

Love Mother

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Three months old (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 23 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

David is 3 months old today and weighs 11 lbs 10 oz –

Baby Book, p. 7

Well I had to have a round like John & Mark had – John is upstairs in bed and I am on the davenport. My throat got very sore so started taking sulfathiazole about 6:30 last night and have taken 10 tablets now. My throat is much better and if I have any temp. is very slight. Clara Molter stayed with us last night so she could take care of the baby and is staying today. Floyd called last night from Napanee about going home but I told him we were staying home due to present circumstances. I feel pretty good today but will keep quiet and try to get up tomorrow. This sulfathiazole is much easier to take them nilamide. The way I felt yesterday and last night I would have expected to feel much worse today but on the whole and everything considered I feel fair. School has been

[page 2] dismissed until Jan 4. The roads were so slick yesterday the busses couldn’t go out and evidently it isn’t much better today. This little upset of mine has kept me from getting my Christmas shopping finished, but somehow I don’t care a lot. Arlene & Bill went to Chicago and shopped before gas rationing and had their things mailed and they got lost in the mail so they are in a worse shape than I am because I haven’t spent anything & they have. I mean I haven’t spent for certain gifts. I sent for a pin for Mother and when it came is was about the size of a peanut. I had seen several of those Navy pins like Thelma has and thought that was what I was ordering but this one is so small I am afraid she won’t want it. I had Mr. Reinard order it so I think I’ll send it back and try for a larger one.

Mrs. Zell came over last night and swabbed my throat and Mr. Z. took out clinkers for me. I have been doing that job myself. I think that is more than the boys can manage. Mr. Z. has been classified as 3-B so there isn’t much chance of his going.

[page 3] and Mrs. Zell says they feel like they should help us out when we need it, because you are in service and he isn’t. They come over and ask if there is anything they can do. You know there is a difference in asking someone to do something and having someone offer to do without being asked.

No letters today but there were three yesterday so didn’t expect any today. I am afraid your Christmas boxes got wet. The one I sent especially for Dec 25th was packed in a shoe box then I put that inside a heavy corrugated box and tied it firmly with heavy cord. I thought I wrapped all the packages well enough but I suppose they get rough handling.

Mark has gone to town on an errand. He was detailed to amuse David and it soon got tiresome. He like to play with him if I am there but if it looks like work he doesn’t like to do it.

I told you we received the yen note, also the Hawaii & Noumea money. The children like to show the money. I wonder if you are learning any French from the lessons in your newspaper or do you have to know French when you shop?

Yegerlehner, David - 1942-12-23 #1Yegerlehner, David - 1942-12-23 #3

[page 4] We took some pictures Sunday in the house with our camera and two fotoflood lamps. It was very bright outside from the sun & snow so the pictures turned out very good. I’ll put one in this letter & one in Tomorrows etc., so you will get one of them in case some of my letters are lost. If we had a candid camera we could do better, but for outdoor pictures you know what good pictures we have had.Yegerlehner, David - 1942-12-23 #2

Dorothy sent your birthday greeting on your birthday but didn’t say anything about sending two, but since they came at the same time she must have. Birdie Steele called for your address this week so she could send you a greeting – but I think she was a little late for Christmas. Coke Foulkes also got your address yesterday.

Wayne Walker had been in Australia and is home on a 30 day furlough – maybe I mentioned that before. I haven’t seen him but I haven’t been out much lately. Mrs. Roberts called me Sunday to wish me Christmas greetings. We were wondering if the Doctors would be sent home or kept for the duration. Earl Roberts seemed to think you would get to come home after one year out – but does he know?

Here’s hoping –

Love Mother

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Real Winter Weather (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 1 [2] – 1942

Dear Daddy –

We are enjoying (?) real winter weather. After the snow there has been an icy wind. I took David out for a walk – I know he was warm enough but my hands got so cold I decided I would have to get some woolen mittens to wear when pushing the buggy this winter. The boys had to get their money orders cashed and have written you letters of thanks. Mark went right to town and bought my Christmas gift and gave it to me. He got such a thrill from giving it I accepted and nothing said about giving it so soon. It is a cake saver and very nice one too. While in own got the sardines, crackers and mosquito cream. I will get a calendar and anything else I can think of and get the box sent out this week, maybe tomorrow.

When Jim was home he had brought Thelma a Navy Insignia pin. Mother thought it was just the thing and I thought Jim would get her one but

[page 2] when I wrote and asked him about it he said he was going to give her money for Christmas and for me to get the pin. I looked around but couldn’t find one, then asked Mr. Reinard if he could order one and I think it is just like the one Thelma has. It is a little difficult to get Mother something because she has everything she needs and I know she wants the pin. Maybe I should get one for your Mother too – give me your opinion. I thought I would send a year’s subscription to your folks of Reader’s Digest for their Christmas gift.

John has ordered his present from the Foster Shop and I am going to get Mark’s from Sears so my shopping this year is going to be simplified. I think I will get David a bond and a few little odds & ends, since he should have a $10⁰⁰ gift from the check.

It is 10 – and time to go upstairs. Just happened to remember – Tomorrow is the Plummer Wedding Anniversary and I ordered an African violet delivered to them tomorrow. Will write more in the A.M.

Wed morn – and it is cold – I don’t know how low it got but Eleanor Towers called me about Jr. choir practice and said it was 8 below early this morning. Mrs. Zell was going to take the children to school but got

[page 3] stuck in the snow trying to back the car out of the garage, so Mark walked. John had gone on but he doesn’t have so far to go. Bob Schurtter called a few minutes ago and said he would go get Mark & Virginia Zell. The 6-yr old Zell girl has been sick. Mr Z. said she is susceptible to chest cold. So far we have all been well. The boys are still taking the oral cold shots, and they must be effective. When David & Marie came up to see the Baby and the rest of us I told them about those cold tablets. David said he wished he could get some so I ordered a bottle from Sherman and sent on to him. Had a letter from Marie and said they were both taking them as prescribed. You probably will chuckle at my dispensing medicine – but I wouldn’t do that for just any one.

I got three letters today dated 23 – 24 – 25 and one back the 10th. I thought I had all but looking back thru my file of your letters don’t have one postmarked Nov 10 – so guess I slipped on that one. I always look at the dates before opening so I won’t get ahead of your news.

Now about those pictures – I’ll admit some taken when I first came home from the hospital weren’t so “hot” but I did send several I thought were good. Maybe by now you have some

[page 4] better ones. I have a roll in the camera now and will finish it and send any good ones that turn out. We took several of the baby we thought should be good.

About that tax business. I wrote this before but again Agnes advises not to pay it, that after the duration it may be cancelled – and if not there won’t be any interest to pay on it.

Rec’d my checks today, your 4 letters, one from Mother and one from Ruthie. Also there was a birthday letter came from Iroquois Hospital and a notation to please forward. I’ll send it in the next letter. I have these things I mentioned yesterday, sardines, etc. but it is too too cold to go to the P.O. today – Will try to get them in the mail this week tho.

It is about time for the noon rush so will finish this so Mark can take it to the P.O. on his way to school. It really is too cold to take David out. He doesn’t have any cold but he has a “rattle” in his head – Mrs. Roberts said their children sounded like that too, so since he eats, sleeps, has no temperature, and has only the sound in his breathing I mentioned I suppose there is nothing to worry about. Thanks again for the money –

Love Mother

The boys have written thanking you too

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