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We went to Lafayette (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 3 -1 1943

Dear Daddy –

I missed getting a letter out Sat, but we went to Laf. and when we came home was too late. I wanted to go see Dr. Ade about my throat – it wouldn’t get over being irritated. I also wanted to take David down for Dr. Cole to see but he couldn’t see me Sat. and I am planning to go tomorrow morning. That sounds like a lot of travel but Dr. Ade wants to see me again tomorrow. My throat feels much better since he worked on it and hope another treatment will fix me up. I feel better generally too. I am going to have a blood count made because after taking so much sulfa I probably need some shots. Clarice kept David for me yesterday but of course I’ll take him along tomorrow. She said he was very good while she had him. He is that way most of the time. He is on the bath table now kicking and looking around.

[page 2] When we came home Floyd & Ruth were here to spend the week-end. They have been traveling around so much hadn’t been able to get any laundry work done so they brought their washing along and did it. Floyd is to take his physical and if he passes will be in the Army. They will probably write you if and when.

I told you about the bed Mary Parttens loaned us for the baby. They brought it in yesterday and Floyd set it up. We have it in the den and it looks like the piano will have to go to the living room because it makes the den too crowded. I think I’ll make a real nursery out of the den since David has to have his things downstairs.

Five letters came yesterday which brought your mail up to Christmas Eve. I am so glad you found the batteries. Also glad you rec’d as many boxes as you did – since that was all you could have for Christmas. Now maybe you will get the other boxes I sent. It’s odd you have never received any letters from Funks. I know they have written to you and sent you a box for Christmas

[page 3] Just had a caller – Eleanor Towers – she came to see David – and the rest of us. So many came after we came home from the hospital but this was her first visit.

The weather seems to be changing some. It has been raining & warm but the wind is blowing and I believe it is getting cooler. Floyd was wishing for sunshine today. He brought his movie camera along and wanted to get some good indoor pictures. We have some photoflood bulbs we used so maybe they will be good. He took some of the boys out in the yard and some of all of us in the house. He had some developed that he had taken down in C.C. He has a screen & projector so we got to see some scenes from the farm with your Mother, Dad, Clarence, Ralph Glendon & Kenneth and one of Bob. I don’t know when we will get to see these he took today, because if he goes in the Army can’t tell where he will be sent. Dorothy Salter’s husband and Herschel Steiner are in the same C.B. camp

[page 4] in Rhode Island. I think Hilda said Ed was being sent to a camp in R.I.

We have eaten so much candy – received some nice boxes for Christmas. Floyd & Ruth brought the boys – John & Mark each a can of peanuts and then opened them and we have been eating them – I would much preferred to send them to you. Hope you get the ones I did send in your birthday box.

Our radio is getting a little off – I think it needs a new tube. It blurs and hums sometimes. Dorothy said theirs had gone out entirely – you remember they got theirs when we got ours. I’ll see Geo T. about it. Maybe he will have some new tubes. Just wish I could send you a radio but they aren’t for sale any more.

The boys are listening to Gildersleeve and it is about time for David to get a bottle so must get this finished.

– – Just stopped to put the bottle on to warm and from the sound of the thumb being sucked I think he is ready for supper


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Real Winter Weather (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 1 [2] – 1942

Dear Daddy –

We are enjoying (?) real winter weather. After the snow there has been an icy wind. I took David out for a walk – I know he was warm enough but my hands got so cold I decided I would have to get some woolen mittens to wear when pushing the buggy this winter. The boys had to get their money orders cashed and have written you letters of thanks. Mark went right to town and bought my Christmas gift and gave it to me. He got such a thrill from giving it I accepted and nothing said about giving it so soon. It is a cake saver and very nice one too. While in own got the sardines, crackers and mosquito cream. I will get a calendar and anything else I can think of and get the box sent out this week, maybe tomorrow.

When Jim was home he had brought Thelma a Navy Insignia pin. Mother thought it was just the thing and I thought Jim would get her one but

[page 2] when I wrote and asked him about it he said he was going to give her money for Christmas and for me to get the pin. I looked around but couldn’t find one, then asked Mr. Reinard if he could order one and I think it is just like the one Thelma has. It is a little difficult to get Mother something because she has everything she needs and I know she wants the pin. Maybe I should get one for your Mother too – give me your opinion. I thought I would send a year’s subscription to your folks of Reader’s Digest for their Christmas gift.

John has ordered his present from the Foster Shop and I am going to get Mark’s from Sears so my shopping this year is going to be simplified. I think I will get David a bond and a few little odds & ends, since he should have a $10⁰⁰ gift from the check.

It is 10 – and time to go upstairs. Just happened to remember – Tomorrow is the Plummer Wedding Anniversary and I ordered an African violet delivered to them tomorrow. Will write more in the A.M.

Wed morn – and it is cold – I don’t know how low it got but Eleanor Towers called me about Jr. choir practice and said it was 8 below early this morning. Mrs. Zell was going to take the children to school but got

[page 3] stuck in the snow trying to back the car out of the garage, so Mark walked. John had gone on but he doesn’t have so far to go. Bob Schurtter called a few minutes ago and said he would go get Mark & Virginia Zell. The 6-yr old Zell girl has been sick. Mr Z. said she is susceptible to chest cold. So far we have all been well. The boys are still taking the oral cold shots, and they must be effective. When David & Marie came up to see the Baby and the rest of us I told them about those cold tablets. David said he wished he could get some so I ordered a bottle from Sherman and sent on to him. Had a letter from Marie and said they were both taking them as prescribed. You probably will chuckle at my dispensing medicine – but I wouldn’t do that for just any one.

I got three letters today dated 23 – 24 – 25 and one back the 10th. I thought I had all but looking back thru my file of your letters don’t have one postmarked Nov 10 – so guess I slipped on that one. I always look at the dates before opening so I won’t get ahead of your news.

Now about those pictures – I’ll admit some taken when I first came home from the hospital weren’t so “hot” but I did send several I thought were good. Maybe by now you have some

[page 4] better ones. I have a roll in the camera now and will finish it and send any good ones that turn out. We took several of the baby we thought should be good.

About that tax business. I wrote this before but again Agnes advises not to pay it, that after the duration it may be cancelled – and if not there won’t be any interest to pay on it.

Rec’d my checks today, your 4 letters, one from Mother and one from Ruthie. Also there was a birthday letter came from Iroquois Hospital and a notation to please forward. I’ll send it in the next letter. I have these things I mentioned yesterday, sardines, etc. but it is too too cold to go to the P.O. today – Will try to get them in the mail this week tho.

It is about time for the noon rush so will finish this so Mark can take it to the P.O. on his way to school. It really is too cold to take David out. He doesn’t have any cold but he has a “rattle” in his head – Mrs. Roberts said their children sounded like that too, so since he eats, sleeps, has no temperature, and has only the sound in his breathing I mentioned I suppose there is nothing to worry about. Thanks again for the money –

Love Mother

The boys have written thanking you too

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