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Cooking Utensils (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Nov. 4 came yesterday but none today. I had a little throat bug, so in order to nip it as soon as possible went down to Dr. M. He swabbed my throat & told me to take sulfadiazine. I am allergic to sulfa at times but decided I could itch a little in order to get my throat well. So far I have taken 5 tablets & no reaction. My throat is better today but still feels scratchy. I have been lying down this afternoon because of taking the sulfa. I feel pretty good but know one should go slow when taking any kind of sulfa. This morning John stirred up a choc. Cake, a batch of oatmeal cookies and I made two pumpkin pies. I sent

[page 2] one pie to Zells. I used their cookie sheet & baking pan. The cookie sheet I have makes things burn and there is such a scarcity of cooking utensils now doubt if I could find a new cookie sheet.

Mark has gone over to Zells now to help Mr. Z. load trash on his trailer. He is going to haul for both of us. Bun Walkup was supposed to come weeks ago & haul clinkers and they have piled up now to the place we have to have them hauled. I haven’t started putting them in the furnace yet – there are so many by spring I hate to start that so soon.

Had a letter from your Mother. She had rec’d yours and told me your new address & was hoping you would see Herschel. I had written her two days ago telling her about receiving your message and she no doubt rec’d it about the time I rec’d hers. She said Carolyn had a bad throat & that Clarence was going

[page 3] to have her tonsils out in the spring. I knew when we were down there she needed something done – she has such a nasal tone.

John is listening to Notre Dame & North Western foot ball game. He understands it. He & Mark talk foot ball a lot. That being the big game here they are interested.

David is in his bed playing with his toy kitten. Trys to say kitty – does pretty good job too. The way he drools, he keeps his front wet if he doesn’t have a bib. Now he is throwing everything out of his bed. Betty Zell came over and he waved bye-bye to her. He does that sometimes. I got some Libby baby food – a combination of vegetables – pumpkin, tomatoe & green bean – believe me it doesn’t taste bad – any way he eats it. Mark took him out for a while after his dinner. It is nice & sunny, cut pretty crisp. Mark hung some things out on the line & they froze so it has to be below freezing for that.

[page 4] Mark has been planning our Thanksgiving dinner – (on your birthday). Wants us to bake a chicken and pumpkin pie. Other than that I don’t know what he has on his mind. So many people now say David looks like Mark. Mrs. Zell says he looks just like “David.” I think so too however at times I can see he looks like John, the Mark – but mostly like you.

John’s class made up a box of gifts to send to Ina May Walkup. She just returned from a hospital in Chicago where she had surgery done on her neck. Her head was drawn to one side.

I understand Bill Zimmerman had to take his physical Oct. 1 – he is still in the store – I don’t know whether he was rejected – but haven’t the “nerve” to ask them – I have an idea he was – don’t you? Bob Schurrter (ag teacher) was to have joined to Navy but he is still teaching.

I think David needs dry clothes both top & bottom so will take care of our young son.
Love Mother

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Smelled Rags Burning (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 31 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The last day of July – The folks went home this morning and John went with them to stay a week. Mark and I have to take care of things. After lunch I was all set to take a nap but David insisted on staying awake and is still singing to himself, so thought I might as well write. Dad said he never had seen a better baby than D. He has been very good to have a cast on one leg. I am to take him to see Dr. Cole Mon. I put some fresh tape around on the cast this morning.

Had a letter from Ruthie. Floyd had a nail accident and had to have a tetnus shot and got a reaction from it. It got red and itched terribly. Ruth had a letter from Herschel Steiner.

No letters today but the 28th got your of the 20th Also have the big. ck deposited and bought 7 – 18⁷⁵ bonds to make one a month for this year.

[page 2] It is cloudy today and not so hot. It got so hot yesterday, Mother felt it so much. It is quiet around here today so I think she will rest better. There was a lot of confusion yesterday with everyone around & the piano coming. Ruth & Romaine left in the afternoon and Dad, Wilma, John & Mark went along so it was quiet all afternoon yesterday. This morning when Wilma got ready to leave she couldn’t find her coin purse – we haven’t found it yet. Thurs. after the folks arrived they put some things in the garage – among them a package of sheets Mom brought along so I wouldn’t have so many extra sheets with all the company – I told Mark to take a sack of garbage to the furnace I had put in the box by the door – well we couldn’t find the sheets at bed time – you guessed it Mark took the package of sheets and put them in the furnace. We all laughed about it – the best thing to do – besides buying new sheets which I will try to do as soon as possible. Dad was sitting in the yard and said he smelled rags burning.
D. has gone to sleep so think I’ll go try and get some shut eye.

Love – Mother

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Nothing of Importance (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San FranC.
July 16, 1943

Dear Mother,

Nothing of importance has happened since yesterday so this will be a continuation of nothing so to speak.

In one way I was very pessimistic this A.M. We had oranges for breakfast and I planted 4 seeds. I don’t know how long it will take to grow an orange tree but that is one planting of fruit of which I hope not to be here long enough to enjoy. I just wonder if when they grow to be big oranges if the word “Sunkist” will be on the outside of each orange.

[page 2] Somehow last night before evening show we had a little party each man and officer were given a couple bottles of beer. It wasn’t much but it raised the morale a little and maybe helped pass the time a little more rapidly. We also had some tidbits to go along with the beer – some salted peanuts and small pieces of toast with a sort of deviled ham spread. It may have been spam all ground into a mess.

I baited my rat trap with a piece of spam and a piece of cheese. It was suspended on a wire far enough so the rats couldn’t get to it but the ants

[page 3] did. They ate the cheese and left the spam. I’ve also seen dogs just snif at it and pass on and eat a dried bread crust, however, if one was hungry enough I think a good slab of spam wouldn’t be so bad.

In passing I didn’t get paid yesterday so obviously I can’t send the check but will in tomorrow’s letter if we are paid today. At least these notes will serve to notify that the thing will be forth coming.

I have another huge job thrown into my lap – it deals with the sanitation of the Island. It will

[page 4] be my job to see that each area is kept clean etc. What a job! I can say this as far as I’m concerned I don’t think much of the job but in the Navy one doesn’t think too much. Lentz had the same type job at Norfolk.

Ruth Y. wrote the other day that Herschel Steiner and a Hofman boy were headed this way but my chances of seeing them are a little slim I think but one never can tell. Joe Roberts is the only person I’ve seen that I knew before leaving home.

Well I guess I’m again at the end of that well know rope so will say
Lots of Love

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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We went to Lafayette (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 3 -1 1943

Dear Daddy –

I missed getting a letter out Sat, but we went to Laf. and when we came home was too late. I wanted to go see Dr. Ade about my throat – it wouldn’t get over being irritated. I also wanted to take David down for Dr. Cole to see but he couldn’t see me Sat. and I am planning to go tomorrow morning. That sounds like a lot of travel but Dr. Ade wants to see me again tomorrow. My throat feels much better since he worked on it and hope another treatment will fix me up. I feel better generally too. I am going to have a blood count made because after taking so much sulfa I probably need some shots. Clarice kept David for me yesterday but of course I’ll take him along tomorrow. She said he was very good while she had him. He is that way most of the time. He is on the bath table now kicking and looking around.

[page 2] When we came home Floyd & Ruth were here to spend the week-end. They have been traveling around so much hadn’t been able to get any laundry work done so they brought their washing along and did it. Floyd is to take his physical and if he passes will be in the Army. They will probably write you if and when.

I told you about the bed Mary Parttens loaned us for the baby. They brought it in yesterday and Floyd set it up. We have it in the den and it looks like the piano will have to go to the living room because it makes the den too crowded. I think I’ll make a real nursery out of the den since David has to have his things downstairs.

Five letters came yesterday which brought your mail up to Christmas Eve. I am so glad you found the batteries. Also glad you rec’d as many boxes as you did – since that was all you could have for Christmas. Now maybe you will get the other boxes I sent. It’s odd you have never received any letters from Funks. I know they have written to you and sent you a box for Christmas

[page 3] Just had a caller – Eleanor Towers – she came to see David – and the rest of us. So many came after we came home from the hospital but this was her first visit.

The weather seems to be changing some. It has been raining & warm but the wind is blowing and I believe it is getting cooler. Floyd was wishing for sunshine today. He brought his movie camera along and wanted to get some good indoor pictures. We have some photoflood bulbs we used so maybe they will be good. He took some of the boys out in the yard and some of all of us in the house. He had some developed that he had taken down in C.C. He has a screen & projector so we got to see some scenes from the farm with your Mother, Dad, Clarence, Ralph Glendon & Kenneth and one of Bob. I don’t know when we will get to see these he took today, because if he goes in the Army can’t tell where he will be sent. Dorothy Salter’s husband and Herschel Steiner are in the same C.B. camp

[page 4] in Rhode Island. I think Hilda said Ed was being sent to a camp in R.I.

We have eaten so much candy – received some nice boxes for Christmas. Floyd & Ruth brought the boys – John & Mark each a can of peanuts and then opened them and we have been eating them – I would much preferred to send them to you. Hope you get the ones I did send in your birthday box.

Our radio is getting a little off – I think it needs a new tube. It blurs and hums sometimes. Dorothy said theirs had gone out entirely – you remember they got theirs when we got ours. I’ll see Geo T. about it. Maybe he will have some new tubes. Just wish I could send you a radio but they aren’t for sale any more.

The boys are listening to Gildersleeve and it is about time for David to get a bottle so must get this finished.

– – Just stopped to put the bottle on to warm and from the sound of the thumb being sucked I think he is ready for supper


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