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Sewer Work

1965-11-07-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

November 7, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

Sunday evening and I am alone for the present. Dad had to go to the hospital to give an anesthetic. We have had a restful afternoon, which we needed I think I should be able to face next week.

One night last week the weatherman said we would be able to see the comet at about 4 AM, so Dad set the alarm, but since Chicago is on standard time and we are on eastern time, Dad set the alarm too early. At any rate we started at about 4 o’clock to watch and after going out several times, Dad finally gave it up, but I went out one last time and by standing in the shadows of the trees on the north side of the lawn and looking to the southeast I thought I could discern a faint light, like a beacon, so I came back in and told Dad. We both went out again and decided that must be it. We should have driven out south of town and I am sure we would have gotten a better view. There is a good picture taken of it from a mountain in Hawaii – in Life magazine this week. Also Life has an article about Tillich.

I have been stopping to see Mrs. M. almost every day. I think she is gradually getting back to normal, but she still isn’t quite as strong as she was before.

Last summer when attending School of Mission I took the tape recorder along and recorded the lectures on “Acts-Then and Now.” I used the tape in teaching the book in my S.S. class. I became careless one day and said I would give the lessons to R. Zell’s class and they voted today to have me do just that. Now I have to make arrangements to have someone take my class for the next 5 weeks. I feel a little better about the class today than when I wrote last. The attendance was up today and the group was in a discussing mood, which always helps.

We are back where we started from on the hifi. It was too much trouble to keep the records changed at the office and the record player wasn’t being used enough to keep it there, so we brought it back home. However, we aren’t out of the stereo market yet. I think Dad will build one. Bun tells me that is the best way to get a good stereo. I am not interested in buying an expensive piece of furniture, when we have plenty of cabinets in which to place a record player. We brought all the records back home, including of course the new popular records. If Dad can get the parts, we will probably have a stereo by the time you come home for Christmas.

Joy Funk is going to be married Jan. 8th. Some of Arlene’s friends are having a shower for her Saturday afternoon and I have been invited. It is a linen shower and that means I will probably have to go to Lafayette to get something. Did I write that Don and Nancy were married Oct. 2nd? They are living in Rensselaer and Don is going to school. Jim Johnson had to make a trip east for the Company he works for and we gave him your telephone number. His dad said he tried all day to get you, but without any success. I didn’t know just when he was going or I would have let you know the exact time he would be in Boston.

The company that has been installing the sewer tile is about ready to leave town. They are supposedly putting the street back like they found them, but all it amounts to is a little strip of paving down the center, or in some cases, one side of the street. Our town still looks pretty torn up from the work this past summer. We never did get anything out our way. I think we will probably be hooked up as is. There is quite a story back of why they didn’t work out here. Seems our neighbor to the east wouldn’t give their consent to have the digging machine go near their back yard. Dad says however, they couldn’t have stopped them if the Company would have gone right ahead and dug. Right of eminent domain. I think the trouble was that our Town Board didn’t quite know what to do. They didn’t secure easements. They just took for granted that they had easements all over the town. Quite complicated. The sewage plant is being built and most of the town will be hooked up to it when it is finished, even if our end of town isn’t.

The United Church Women (I am Secretary-Treas.) had a meeting last Friday. World Community Day and one of the projects was to make sewing kits. I have to get those ready to send in the mail today to Napanee, Ind., so must get busy.

Love Mother

Your check received – sorry I forgot to mention it.

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Strong Woman (Gladys)

April 19, 1944 envelope

April 19, 1944 envelope

April 19, 1944, p. 1

April 19, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

The mail carrier was around earlier than usual – in fact before we had breakfast, so I had your letter mailed yesterday to read before breakfast. It is nice and sunny today. I will have to take David out for a walk. He does love to go out of doors. Martha came over to ask if I wanted anything from town (her mother was going) and David cried when Martha left. I gave him a cookie and that fixed things up pretty fine. I have been upstairs cleaning some this a.m. I didn’t go into spring cleaning, just dusted and straightened and cleaned the bathroom floor. I think I’ll have to get back on my vitamins. I feel a little out of pep after I work a while.

April 19, 1944, p. 2

April 19, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] I just have one unicap left. I think I’ll get another bottle. I believe they help me as much as anything I have taken. I think I forgot to tell you I got a heart reaction from the last liver & Vit. B shot I took, so am afraid to try that again for a pick-up.

Our neighbors arrived home from Fla. yesterday. It was nice in the morning but by mid afternoon it had clouded up, turned cool and rained, but the weather is ideal this morning so maybe they won’t feel a chill.

Mrs. Zell had their car yesterday and I went to town with her and got David’s milk. She was having dinner guests (Shanlaubs) so I helped her get ready for them. She didn’t have the house straightened up at 4 PM and I didn’t have anything in particular to do so helped her. She is having a birthday party

April 19, 1944, p. 3

April 19, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] for Virginia after school today. It is for the girls in the 5th grade. This is one party J. & M. will miss, no boys invited.

I think I’ll go see Mrs. Krull today about cutting a suit down for John. I wish I knew someone your size who would buy some of those things and just buy John a new suit. I am going to have to do something soon if he keeps growing because his legs & arms are getting too long for the suit he has now.

Bun Walkup delivered some peat moss to Statons yesterday. I told him to haul our clinkers the next time he hauls trash. He was asking about you. Thought you hadn’t been home long enough to be back on duty. He said Iva Jean wondered how I held up under your being away. I suppose she was greatly

April 19, 1944, p. 4

April 19, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] relieved that Bun didn’t have to go. I told Bun to tell her I am a “strong woman” – however I don’t feel that way at all sometimes, but I don’t go around sounding off my weakness. She would find out like anyone else whose husband is in Service who we stand it. It isn’t easy.

So far today David hasn’t had any accidents in his panties, but that isn’t his fault. I have been trying to watch him. He woke up about 1 a.m. and I put him in bed with me. He was wide awake and kept bothering me so I put dry pants on him and put him back in his bed. About 7:45 he woke me and I put him on the toidey. He had a B.M. After breakfast I put him on and he went, then again while I was working upstairs. It is time to check again – He just ran by me and I missed it – pants wet. I made thumbs stalls but didn’t get them just right – he can slip them off – but he hasn’t been bothering his thumb at all so maybe our battle is about over.

Love Mother

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My Fountain Pen (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 21 today. Another warm Jan. day. I will have to cover the tulips. This warm weather is bringing them up fast. There was a shower last night. The weather prediction is for colder weather soon.

My sinus condition is better. Yesterday about 4 PM my nose started running and I spit for several hours, besides holding a tissue to my nose. By bedtime it seemed to have cleared up and I slept soundly last night for the first for 3 nights. I felt stiff this AM. I had slept so soundly. My throat wasn’t so irritated this morning as it usually is from the night drainage. I don’t believe it

[page 2] will be necessary to go see the Dr. unless of course it gets worse and I don’t believe it will the way I feel now.

David is taking his afternoon nap. He likes to watch Mark’s train, now that it is working again. He seems to understand so much we say to him, but he doesn’t improve in his toidey habits. I told him this morning as much as he understands he could tell us when he needs to go the bathroom. He is learning to feed himself. Still wants to turn the spoon over before he gets it to his mouth, but did a pretty good job eating his dinner.

You wondered what the dividends from J. Hancock meant – instead of deducting those from the polic prems.

[page 3] they sent us checks for the dividends and I paid the prems. as they appeared on the notices. I would say the long way to do it, but we got the benefit just the same, or, I should say deductions.

Today is tin can day. I open all the cans, flatten and put in a box for collection once a month. Sat. the scouts collected paper, so we are rid of cans and waste paper today. Bun hauled the clinkers last week so we feel very clean, with all the above disposed of. If we could just keep the basement clean, but that is out of the question. The coal isn’t treated this year and the dirt from the stoker is bad. I keep thinks straightened but in a few days the coal dust on the floor is thick enough to write in.

[page 4] Lucile came out with J.E., for a little visit again today. We were in the nursery talking and David came into the dining room. I called to him and he had my fountain pen and ink bottle – the lid wasn’t on and you can see what happened to the paper. Should see the floor. I have most of it up but ink goes right in this floor. I had been filling my pen and hadn’t fastened the lid down enough. I didn’t spank – I should have had the bottle tightly closed. I know he shouldn’t take things but I am working on that all the time. Maybe I haven’t spanked hard enough when I did spank. Just so he doesn’t do any more damage than spilling ink. I must get this finished and see if I can get D. quieted down – he is on a little rampage now.

Love – Mother

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Aunt Minerva Died (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Rec’d yours of Jan. 16, 17 & 19 today. David is taking a nap just now, I have lunch cooking and thought I would write the daily line while I have time to sit and think. That is quite a job when David is awake and going. It seems to me he is much more restless than either J. or M. Before this last cold I could pen him up in the nursery and get something done in the mornings, but last week when he had a temp I kept him on the couch and was with him constantly, consequently he doesn’t want to be alone now. This morning I finally put him in his bed and he went to sleep. I was getting along fine on the thumb business until last week and not wanting him to cry when it caused him to cough, let down on the breaking business and the past two days he has been keeping a thumb in his mouth almost constantly. I pin his sleeves shut at night so he can’t get to them at night but the first thing he does when I take his sleepers off if to stick either one or both thumbs in his mouth. I have one thumb guard on today so he is using the other thumb. I took him out for a long walk yesterday. It was so warm out I knew it wouldn’t hurt him. He still coughs but so many people do. There must be a cough bug around this year.

[page 2] John is coughing now. He told David he got a cough from him. I think John’s cough may be an allergy. He had one such last fall. When I took him to Dr. V. he said it was hay fever. John went back to school this a.m. after taking yesterday p.m. off. He had a terrible headache but it was due to reading a book & writing a review – working too constantly on it. He reads all the time but not quite as steadily on this book. The way he like to read it, is too bad his eyes bother him. However, I wish sometimes he would get out a little more. I think he would be happy just to study all the time without any activity and that isn’t normal. I am glad he has to take physical ed. in school. Mark on the other hand studies just as little as possible and is always ready to play something out of doors. He gets out in the yard and kicks his football around if he doesn’t have anyone to play with.

It has been so warm the past week, yesterday was just like a spring day. It is too dry for the good of crops in the spring. The government is already predicting crop shortages next summer, or if not shortages, the crops won’t come up to last years. We haven’t had much snow or rain either this winter. Of course this is easy on the present coal supply but that isn’t all to think about. I do hope they get in more of the better coal but am afraid they won’t. I think we have enough yet to run us thru the coldest part of the winter, providing we don’t have an unusually cold March, which we may have since it is so warm now.

[page 3] The Democrat had the acc’t of Mrs. Kindall’s death. I didn’t know she was ill but the paper says she had been down two weeks. She used to stop and visit with me once in a while, and had been here not so long ago. I suppose it was her diabetes.

Bun Walkup hauled the clinkers yesterday. I had been trying to get him to get them for weeks. We had quite a pile, due to that Ind. coal we used in Nov. He says he will have to go in Feb. for his physical. He thinks he won’t pass. I told him he probably would. He seems to think he has enough wrong with him to keep him out but apparently he is enjoying good health.

Had a letter from Juanita. Ralph is in the Navy now. He was due to go in the Army but joined the Navy instead. She also told me Aunt Minerva had passed away – I don’t know when – the family didn’t let me know. I sent Aunt M. a birthday card (Nov. 14) and I had a letter from her after that but that was the last I heard from her.

– – It is afternoon now. David is awake, has been fed and in and out of everything he can find. I finally penned him up in the nursery and he is now dragging his bath towel around to amuse himself. His favorite place to play is the downstairs bathroom. He had his nap this morning so is full of pep for the afternoon.

[page 4] It is raining now. I hope we have more and tho I don’t care for cold weather, would rather have it now than later in the spring.

While walking yesterday met Mrs. Krull. She had been with Louise, but Father Krull died and after attending the funeral in Ohio, Mrs. Krull decided to remain home. I told her D. had a cough – She said “Are you greasing him?” I said “What good would that do?” She said “You young mothers.” – She related some experiences at Louise’s about using some home remedies on the new baby – of course on her own – Louise doesn’t share her mother’s belief in the curative powers of goose grease, etc. She said I should use goose grease on David.

Margaret Kruman is taking her yearly vacation in Fla. I see in the paper that Mrs. Shandy & son have gone to Miami to join Cliff. I imagine Marg. went with Mrs. S. – They both left Monday. Also Mrs. Dixon & Nettie have gone and I saw in last week’s paper that Mrs. Dye, son Ross & Gladys Webber had gone to Fla. together.

Lucile just called and while we talked D. went from one thing to another, the last thing he did to get me to stop talking was get some bread out and scatter it over the floor. Lucile was having similar trouble with J.E. David is being unusually – whatever you want to call it today.

“Love Mother”

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Cooking Utensils (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Nov. 4 came yesterday but none today. I had a little throat bug, so in order to nip it as soon as possible went down to Dr. M. He swabbed my throat & told me to take sulfadiazine. I am allergic to sulfa at times but decided I could itch a little in order to get my throat well. So far I have taken 5 tablets & no reaction. My throat is better today but still feels scratchy. I have been lying down this afternoon because of taking the sulfa. I feel pretty good but know one should go slow when taking any kind of sulfa. This morning John stirred up a choc. Cake, a batch of oatmeal cookies and I made two pumpkin pies. I sent

[page 2] one pie to Zells. I used their cookie sheet & baking pan. The cookie sheet I have makes things burn and there is such a scarcity of cooking utensils now doubt if I could find a new cookie sheet.

Mark has gone over to Zells now to help Mr. Z. load trash on his trailer. He is going to haul for both of us. Bun Walkup was supposed to come weeks ago & haul clinkers and they have piled up now to the place we have to have them hauled. I haven’t started putting them in the furnace yet – there are so many by spring I hate to start that so soon.

Had a letter from your Mother. She had rec’d yours and told me your new address & was hoping you would see Herschel. I had written her two days ago telling her about receiving your message and she no doubt rec’d it about the time I rec’d hers. She said Carolyn had a bad throat & that Clarence was going

[page 3] to have her tonsils out in the spring. I knew when we were down there she needed something done – she has such a nasal tone.

John is listening to Notre Dame & North Western foot ball game. He understands it. He & Mark talk foot ball a lot. That being the big game here they are interested.

David is in his bed playing with his toy kitten. Trys to say kitty – does pretty good job too. The way he drools, he keeps his front wet if he doesn’t have a bib. Now he is throwing everything out of his bed. Betty Zell came over and he waved bye-bye to her. He does that sometimes. I got some Libby baby food – a combination of vegetables – pumpkin, tomatoe & green bean – believe me it doesn’t taste bad – any way he eats it. Mark took him out for a while after his dinner. It is nice & sunny, cut pretty crisp. Mark hung some things out on the line & they froze so it has to be below freezing for that.

[page 4] Mark has been planning our Thanksgiving dinner – (on your birthday). Wants us to bake a chicken and pumpkin pie. Other than that I don’t know what he has on his mind. So many people now say David looks like Mark. Mrs. Zell says he looks just like “David.” I think so too however at times I can see he looks like John, the Mark – but mostly like you.

John’s class made up a box of gifts to send to Ina May Walkup. She just returned from a hospital in Chicago where she had surgery done on her neck. Her head was drawn to one side.

I understand Bill Zimmerman had to take his physical Oct. 1 – he is still in the store – I don’t know whether he was rejected – but haven’t the “nerve” to ask them – I have an idea he was – don’t you? Bob Schurrter (ag teacher) was to have joined to Navy but he is still teaching.

I think David needs dry clothes both top & bottom so will take care of our young son.
Love Mother

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Armistice Day 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 11 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No mail but had your message Nov. 9. The last letter I had was of Nov. 2. It came the 7th. I suppose it will be several days before I get any more letters.

I didn’t go to the school program for Armistice Day. Instead I was busy watching the furnace. It got a little off with this new coal, but Mr. Monroe came out this morning and adjusted the feeding gauge and seems to be doing as usual now. I washed and it was nice enough to hang things out, after our preview of winter yesterday. Had quite a snow storm for a few minutes. It didn’t last long but was quite a snow for a little while.

[page 2] I took David out of doors for a while this afternoon – The sunshine was so nice I puttered around in the garage and parked the Taylor Tot just outside so he would be satisfied – He is a wee bit spoiled about having company, but I needed fresh air too & the garage needed attention so it all worked out. I worked around the driveway a little trying to cover up the coal spilled the last time I had coal put in. The sky looks like it is clouding again. Not much sunshine this week.

I took David to have his picture taken yesterday. There were several there with groups, Doris Wilson with their three, Jean Ford with their three, Mary Childress with Blanchard Jr. – and others going after I left. The photographer wasn’t my idea of a person to work with children. He expected David to sit still & then stand

[page 3] still while he fiddled (sp) around getting ready to snap the camera. Well, David doesn’t sit or stand still for anyone. He finally got some poses but I have my doubts about how good they will be.

Boonie is sending the Democrat to all men & women in service from Kentland, so you should start receiving it soon, if not already.

Had a letter from Jim and his rating has been changed to Chief Steam Fitter and expects to be sent to a Ship Yard soon. Said the quota at Norfolk was full. He will have to take a 6 mo. course wherever he goes, so won’t be leaving the county for a while, unless he had his information wrong when he was home last.

It’s about time for J. & M. to come home from school and

[page 4] raid the cookies. I made some two days ago. Put them in the oven in a tin box and they couldn’t find them yesterday when they came home – that is why there are some left today.

I have to have a clinker can emptying this evening. This Ind. coal seems to produce more than the other did. Bun Walkup was supposed to come weeks ago & haul away what has accumulated but he hasn’t been here yet.

Joe Woodruff is home on furlough. He is from Camp Peary but says he will soon be sent out. He told John he got thru boot camp pretty easy because he could play the trombone – However he said he discovered when he was told to learn so much music by the next day – the officer in charge meant business – He didn’t learn it the first time and found himself doing K.P. so after that learned what he was told to learn.

Love – Mother

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Indiana Coal (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct. 25 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

About all I have done today besides get lunch is write letters. I baked a cake and John & Mark assured me I am the best cake baker. John came in & when he saw the cake & steak hugged & kissed me. I told him he was like Dagwood in the funnies. He saw what was “cooking” before he embraced me. However I appreciated the gesture anyway. Had a letter from Jim & Pauline (she writes for Glen & Co. now) this a.m. and an Ins. receipt. Also rec’d a jar of Morruguant I ordered from Massengill salesman last week. That is the best ointment, bar none, I ever saw for burns. I give “dabs” to the neighbors when they have burns & thought I had better get a new supply. I smeared it over a place on my arm I touched on the hot grill & presto! No burn. It works like magic.

It is blowing today & cloudy. I was going to take David out in the sunshine but don’t see any now. There was some around noon but he was asleep and I was busy getting lunch ready. It feels like winter is blowing its cold breath the way it comes in around even the windows & storm windows. I am going to try a stoker full of Indiana coal. Chet says he has some that is pretty good. I have had our order in since last spring & no Va. Coal has been rec’d here. Floyd said Bluffton was the same way. I saw a load of stoker coal going out at Garrison’s, Earl Pack. I called Bun Walkup about getting me some there but he said he wouldn’t have it so it must be like the kind McCartney had that time. Now I wish we had an oil burner because there seems to be plenty of oil around here. But wishful thinking won’t do any good, so will do the next best thing & try Indiana coal.

David is taking a nap. He is some tired from his visiting. He doesn’t walk alone yet, gets tired of his pen and has too many spills out in the broad open spaces, so little fellow has a hard time once in a while. He certainly has a mind of his own about what he wants to do. I just wonder if Daddy wouldn’t spank a little more than Mother does. So far he hasn’t gotten very many but I think he will get them in time.

[page 2] I have a roll of film so will get some pictures in a day or so, depending on the sunshine. I would take the whole roll & send them this week but don’t know when I can get more so will make this roll last longer.

Today was music club but hardly felt up to social gatherings. Thought I would take David for a walk & mail the letters I have written but it seems so chilly, don’t know whether to take him out or not. He is still asleep – his second nap toady – but I think he was pretty tired from all our visiting around.

J. & M. can write you about their grades. John is getting ready for stunt night. He has a part in the 8th grade play. Mark plays football all the time. He is trying so hard to get a muscle & get heavy – by the way he is in the 5th grade this year.

Love Mother

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