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Staycation (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 4 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another 4th and traditionally hot. It was cool this morning after a good rain during the night but this afternoon the heat was so intense and the humidity so high, Mother was all in. She went to bed early. She thought she would go with me to Wilmington to get J. & M. but thinks now the trip would be too tiring. I went down to Clara Molter’s and asked her to come stay with Mother. She can’t come all day but is going to come up several

[page 2] times during the day and come at noon & fix her lunch. Mother has been taking sulfasuxadine a week now but is thru with it. Is still taking Bepron. She said today her stomach & bowels feel better. If she could just get her strength. She ate a pretty good meal at noon. If she doesn’t improve next week I think I’ll take her down to St. E. for a thorough check-up and glucose if necessary.

It is thundering and lightening some. May have rain and storm before morning. It hadn’t rained for a week when it rained last nite. Things were getting dry. A few days like this & Indiana corn sure will grow.

[page 3] Bun Walkup brought Iva Jean & the girls out this evening. Iva Jean had never seen D. I took her upstairs to see him – he was asleep but not too soundly – he woke up and was so hot I brought him down and we compared babies. He is 4 hrs 14 minutes older than their Carolyn. She weighed 8 ½ at birth & D 6-11 – He now weighs more and is quite a bit taller besides having more tan. Susie is a cute little child with curley hair. David’s hair curls when it’s damp but Carolyn’s is definitely straight. She has six teeth to David’s two. However, I think he will have more before long. He was so hard to do anything with today. He misses J. & M. (and so do I). They help so much in taking care of him.

[page 4] I would take him out in the yard & put him in the buggy – most of the time he was standing or trying to hang out head first. Maybe I am a little indulgent with him, but he seems to have such an urge to climb it seems out the question to hold him down. He knows what no-no means – when he want too. If he is in a good mood he laughs at it – if not he trys to cry – and if in a bad mood crys with all stops open.

I called Ruth M. to tell her I would be over to get J. & M. – Earl & Mark are going fishing tomorrow. Both boys said they weren’t ready to come home but I don’t want them to wear their welcome out and I need them here. Link left a $1.25 for John to mow his lawn next Wed. Statons went to Monticello today for a week. I think I’ll spend my vacation at home.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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