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Gratefully Acknowledged

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The Funeral

1964-09-01-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie –

The past week has been rather full. Mark & Shirley left Kirk with us Monday. He got quite attached to John and John to him. Friday night Aunt Ruth called and told us Uncle Earl had passed away. Floyd came Sat. a.m. and went over to be with Aunt Ruth. Tye & Romaine couldn’t get there until Sat. evening. They drove. Sunday Steve brought Aunt Ruth here and in the afternoon we drove to Wilmington. Friday afternoon Shirley & Mark came back to get Kirk and he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to have anything to do with them. Shirley said she thought he was mad at them for leaving him. Lea & Bob came the same day, so we had a family reunion for a little while. Lea & Bob stayed but M. & S. took Kirk and went to get Becky. They are coming back today. John just left to go to Champaign with his car loaded. He bought about

1964-09-01-gry-p-2[page 2] $200.00 worth of household goods, and took most of his things on this trip.

Yesterday we attended the funeral. Dad & John went to Wilmington Mon. a.m. So many of the Clay City relatives were there, Clarence, Clara, Ralph, Kenneth, Mary Lois, Duane & Joan and a number of Mutchler relatives. Since I had been with Aunt Ruth the better part of one week (Aug. 18 to 21) and had gone over Sunday afternoon, John & I came back home shortly after the funeral was over. Some of the relatives didn’t arrive until just before the funeral so they stayed longer. Ruth & Floyd stopped here on their way home at about 7:30 and they said they were the last to leave. Tye & Romaine were gong to stay in Wilmington a day or two.

I have to give a program at Williamsport tonight and as of this minute haven’t decided what I will give and before Mark & his family get here I think I had better get my program ready. M. & S. are going to be here until Thurs. then they are going back home (to mow lawn, etc.). Mark has a new job with All American Ins. & Casualty in Park Ridge – which will be closer home than his present job.

Love Mother

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A Book

1964-08-18-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Wilmington, Ill. Aug. 18, 1964

Dear David and Bonnie –

This a.m. I drove to Joliet and spent the day at the hospital with Aunt Ruth and am going to stay here (Wilmington) tomorrow and maybe next day – it all depends on developments.

Uncle Earl is still in Intensive Care. Aunt Ruth says he doesn’t know her and has had to be fed thru his veins. However today he was able to take a little milk and juice. The Dr. who is taking care of Uncle Earl doesn’t say too much except his slow progress doesn’t look too good.

John had to go to Syracuse & Ithaca, N.Y., and plans to return home Thurs. He said he would try to call you if possible while he is in N.Y. He has to go to Urbana Friday. He seemed interested in the record club you mentioned if he doesn’t have to buy records regularly.

I bought a book for you and Bonnie today – it is “Our Wedding and Married Life.” I will list the gifts and fill in what other data possible but some of it will have to be filled in by Bonnie or by you. It is quite a book and I hope you like it. Aunt Ruth thought it was quite nice.

It is 9:30 and I am getting sleepy – not that I have done much today but sit, but I started out early this morning. Left home at 8 a.m.

Love Mother


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Grammatical Error

1964-08-13-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

August 13, 1964

Dear David and Bonnie:

The enclosed came here yesterday and we were at a loss to understand what it was all about. We haven’t had an account with Hayden, Stone for several years, but that isn’t the point. This statement is for you. If you are dealing with Hayden, Stone, you should inform them that you are of age and statements do not have to come to us. I am curious however, did you buy Sunset International Petroleum and if so, what did you make of it? It is a low priced stock and listed as a B in our Stock Guide.

Yesterday afternoon John went with me to see Aunt Ruth. We couldn’t see Uncle Earl. He has been in hospital at Joliet (we stopped at Wilmington and talked to Mrs. Johnson and she told us Ruth was at the hospital – where we thought she would be) and has had a stroke. He was quite ill when he was rushed to the hospital and since he reacts unfavorable to sedation, the Dr. had a hard time getting him quieted down. He was sleeping yesterday. We left here at 1:00 and arrived at the hospital at 3:00. We stayed with Aunt Ruth the rest of the afternoon, then took her home. Romaine had not been able to go to Wilmington because Tye was away from home on business and the woman who stays with the children was not available, but Aunt Ruth thought Tye would be back home and Romaine would be able to come any day now. Dad called the Dr. who is taking care of Uncle Earl and his report wasn’t too favorable. At a time like this I wish I could be closer to her so I could furnish transportation for her, but their friends have been very good about getting her to and from the hospital. Tye’s parents live in Wilmington and they have been very helpful.

In your last letter you made a grammatical error, which I hope you know better than to make and which I hope you won’t repeat in anything you hand in to be graded. Your last paragraphs reads, Could you please send a small print of the black and white picture of Bonnie and I leaving the church? As you know it should have been, Bonnie and me.

I suppose this cold wave has reached the east coast by now, but believe it or not, we turned on the furnace last night – at least Dad had turned it on before we came back from seeing Aunt Ruth. The thermometer outside the front door reads 62 at 10:30 AM today.

About your Virgin Birth paper. Last week when I took the Cadillac to Lafayette I took it with me, because I thought I would deliver it in person and had it when I met a friend to have lunch and when she saw what I had asked me if she could take it and read it before passing it on to Mrs. Northacker (the woman who asked for it). Also Mrs. Green’s husband, who is a teacher at the high school in Lafayette was going to read it. Mr. and Mrs. Green are quite active in the Trinity Church in Lafayette.

The picknick basket came from L. Feichter, 113 Conover Kronshage, Univiety of Wisconsin, Madison 6, Wisc. I hope you have received it by now and I also hope you have sent the jacket back to Dad. John had some clothes sent and said if by any chance they got sent to you, send them back here. I was talking to him about how that coat could have gotten sent to you and he said, “You know the Chinese, one big family” and the difference in address didn’t seem to make much difference to them. He said tho, he stressed that they send his things to this address. You see they had your Bloomington address and our address, but evidently were careless about which address they used. John has to go to New York next week. He said he would call you when he gets there. He has to go back for a physical and to wind up his business with Stat University of New York.

Time is getting away from me and since this is Thursday and the bank closes at noon, I must get this finished and get to the office.

Love Mother

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Uncle Earl is Ill

1964-08-10-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie:

Glad to receive yours, posted the 6th. We will send the picnick basket to you and you send the jacket back to us. I don’t remember of having sent a package on to you that came from Hong Kong, but if you received one, it has to be Dad’s coat – the one we have been looking for, for months, in fact the one we were hoping would come in time for Dad to wear to the wedding. John stopped in H.K. and had some clothes made at the same tailor shop and asked about Dad’s suit coat and was told it had been mailed in May. I was just wondering last week if we would ever receive it. Aunt Ruth just called, and from Silver Cross Hospital in Joilet. Uncle Earl is very ill and since he reacts unfavorable to sedation, it has been hard to find something to make him sleep. Aunt Ruth said they couldn’t tell what his trouble was, whether a kidney stone, or what. Just wish we were close enough to help out a little. We did stop there two weeks ago when we went to see Mark. I am glad we did. I will get another print for you to send to David Watson. Dad said (in his usual RSY manner) where did Doctor McGraw get her information about the tablets? He hasn’t had any such information so didn’t think you needed to be too concerned. Will let you know if any such information comes and you should know how much come thru this office all the time – besides the drug salesmen keep Dad posted on all the new drugs, etc.

1964-08-10-gry-p-2[page 2] John is in Bloomington, Indiana today. He went to Urbana last week and in addition to attending a meeting, was able to secure an apartment. His lease begins Sept. 1. All furnished, except for linens, curtains, and such. John had to go to Lafayette one day last week to have his VW serviced and while he waited he went shopping. He bought me an opera – Mozart’s Seraglio. He said that was a commission for his broker. – I have been working for Arvella today – she had to see a throat specialist in Lafayette and she just returned, so I am back at home. John is going to register so he can vote against you know who. He thinks about as much of him as you do. The more I see him (his picture) on TV and in the papers the more I dislike him. I think he is about the worst thing the R party has had for a long, long time. When we were watching the convention on TV, Dad said he thought he acted like he was mad about something. John has his opinions about him from having lived in Arizona three years. He says he represents a group of people who are not concerned about the welfare of anyone but their own small group. I rather think he won’t win anything in the fall. I hope that isn’t just wishful thinking. My new Interpreters Bible and Dictionary came. I ordered from Bookshelf and it cost me about $103.00 including postage for the 16 volumes. I ran into a little difficulty Sunday. Two who have had too much fundamental teaching were questioning the book we are studying. The mother (who goes to Remington church and

1964-08-10-gry-p-3[page 3] thinks one has to believe literally every word – which proves she hasn’t read too extensively on the matter – ) had a fit – in the words of her son when they took the study book home for her to read. My class members, Pat and Keith Alberts, were a little upset about the reaction of his mother and I think she has had some influence on their thinking. The sad part is, it is such a good book and has a message so timely, but I think she has bogged down because she has been impressed about the parts she doesn’t agree with and can’t see what the book is trying to say. However, I haven’t detected the same feeling from any of the rest of the class. If I thought you would have time to read the book, I would send you a copy. Genesis, Beginnings of the Biblical Drama by Charles F. Kraft. Fields are on vacation this week and next and the minister from Raub, Rev. Rahn was in our pulpit Sunday. I think the Raub people are very lucky to have him, and when he gets his degree, they won’t be able to keep him very long I am sure. He sounds like the kind who will make progress. From what Marge tells me, he is not a fundamentalist. I stopped to see Mrs. Myers and she had received your gift. She was quite pleased. It was thru her letter that I learned you plan to come home for Christmas. We are going to keep Kirk the last week in August. He is quite a character. I am sure we will have a lot of fun with him. Time is getting away from me, so I had better wind this up and get to the P.O. Excuse fancy writing paper.

Love Mother

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Heat Wave

1964-08-03-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Monday August 3, 1964

Dear David & Bonnie:

Long time, no letter. There is a package here for you and since it was large and light of weight and not very securily wrapped I looked in to see if I should send it on – it is a picknic basket. Do you want it sent on? If you do I will send it. John has gone to Urbana today on business. He had to make a trip over last Thursday. We had planned to go to Chicago. Dad got the baby-case out of the way (he has a little time now until the next one scheduled) so we (Dad and I) went and stopped at Aunt Ruth’s. Romaine and her children were there (Tye had to make a trip to Chicago on business, so we missed seeing him). We had a nice visit with them, then went on to Mark’s. Becky came home with us and Friday evening Mark and Shirley stopped for her as they were going to Wards. She seemed to have a very nice time and yesterday when they stopped on their way back home she didn’t want to go with them, but wanted to say here. It has been very hot here – in fact I think we have set some kind of record again. You know the Midwest is always having some kind of first in weather. Mr. Harris told me this morning that every window fan and air conditioner they have has been sold. I think from the way he talked every dealer has sold out. I talked to Mrs. Myers one day last week and she was having a bad time with the heat. She said it was the first time it had bothered her. She told me she had tried to buy a window fan and couldn’t get one. The weather forecast is for cooler this evening. I hope so for all the people who do not have air conditioners. We are going to give a program for the Nurse Association at the Hospital tonight and I think it will be a rather warm evening. The air conditioner at our office wasn’t functioning properly and the repair man from Sears was working on it this morning. Dad told me at noon if he didn’t get it fixed he was going to cancel out the afternoon appointments. He hasn’t come home, so I presume it has been put in order. I decided to buy myself the Interpreter’s Bible and Dictionary. The dictionary came today, but I haven’t had time to look it over. I brought back 23 Genesis study books and have distributed all but two. I am in a dilemma. I still have 3 families. I just didn’t bring enough copies back with me. However, I know some of those books will not be opened. – Yesterday afternoon Dad had a telephone call from one of his Commanding Officers (in South Pacific). He was stopping at Tri-Way so Dad asked him to stop and see us. He told us how much he thought of Dad and what a morale booster he had been during the war. Mark and Shirley and children came just as he was leaving so he got a chance to see them. Of course John was here too, so he got to see all of us but you and Bonnie. Please excuse lack of paragraphs, but I got so used to writing this way to John, I hope you don’t mind. Last week (Sat. to be exact) John helped me and we sent out the statements. Isn’t such a bad job when there is some help. He even used my old typewriter. He has his work spread out all over your room. He is doing some work on Indonesian language (I think). His work at U of I will be in Linguistics and with graduate students. He may try to find something in housing on this trip. At present he will be staying at Bob & Lea’s. He asked me if I knew what Bob taught. I replied, “Business English.” He said, “He teaches people how to write junk mail.” I suppose it needs to be well written because once in a while someone will read it. My afternoon is getting away from me, so must bring this to a halt. I want to stop and see Mrs. M. before I go to the office.

Love Mother

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Thanksgiving Plans


Letter postmarked the day Kennedy was killed 11-22-63

Letter transcription:

1963-11-21-gry-p-1Mrs. R.S. Yegerlehner
146 W. Graham Street
Kentland, Indiana
Nov. 21 – 1963

Dear David –

I banked $200.00 for you this week (so you can keep your accounts straight).

Floyd, Ruth & Steve are coming up, for Thanksgiving and Ruth and Earl will come over if someone can go get them. I thought since you and Bonnie would be coming home on Wed. evening you could go over to Wilmington Thurs. morning and get them. I hope that is agreeable with you.

Dad has gone to the hospital on a baby case and I should be getting to bed but want to do a few things yet.

I am to take Mrs. Myers to the dentist tomorrow afternoon and told her I would take her grocery shopping after she gets through. I think she seemed a little disappointed when I told her we wouldn’t have anyone here for Christmas. Maybe we can plan to bring her here for dinner sometime before Christmas. If possible we will go to Chicago for the day.

1963-11-21-gry-p-2Clarence & Clara and two of Kenneth’s girls came last Thurs. so Clarence could hunt pheasant. He hunted but didn’t

[page 2] have any luck. This morning a beautiful cock pheasant strutted around our front yard. Too bad Clarence wasn’t here today.

We will be looking for you Wed. evening.
Love Mother

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Letter from Ira Dixon

1962-07-04-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Memorial Hall IU]
July 4-1962

Dear David –

This letter came and was addressed to Mark. When I saw it was from Federal Home Loan Bank Board I thought I had better call Mark. He said for me to open it and immediately I saw it was for you and was from Ira.

I think the Fields moved today. I didn’t even have the car out of the garage so didn’t get away from home, so can’t say for sure.

Uncle Mutch and Aunt Ruth were here today after having been to Clay City for a reunion. Uncle Mutch had been sick while they were visiting. Daddy gave him a shot of penicillin and after they visited a while went on home. We asked them to stay for dinner but Aunt Ruth said she thought they had better get on home.

Mark’s are coming the week-end of the 13-14-15. Mark seemed to think they wouldn’t be coming down many more times before the baby comes.

1962-07-04-gry-p-2[page 2] Dad did a lot of work in the yard – mowed and trimmed. He had to cut the Russian Olive (west one) off – it looks like a post – the blight had ruined all the leaves.

I checked your bank balance and it was down to $6.00. I will put $50.00 in for you tomorrow.

Love Mother





Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Washington 25, D.C.

June 29, 1962

Mr. Mark Yegerlehner

Dear Mark:

Under separate cover I am sending, by parcel post, the Eisenhower pictures which I mentioned.

You might show one of them to Greta and ask her if she would like to have it. Otherwise, you may use them as you see fit.

Haven’t seen President Eisenhower recently, but everyone tells me that he is really enjoying live and campaigning harder and more effectively than he did when he was serving as our President.

Kindest regards to yourself and family.

Ira Dixon
Member of the Board

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Visiting Relatives

1961-03-20-gryLetter transcription:

[Wright 533 – in David’s handwriting]
March 20, 1961

Dear David:

I think I forgot to tell you to add another $2.00 to your bank account, (GM dividend). I deposited it for you when it came, but haven’t written since then. I am a little tired today, but not as tired as I thought I would be. I have just about replaced everything and have washed all the extra bed clothes, so by tomorrow I should be ready for the club luncheon and meeting in the afternoon. The only thing left is food. I put the steak into several packages and put it in the freezer and the ham also. For some reason my apple pies didn’t get eaten and now we are working on them. The Clay City relatives and the Mutchlers left around 4:30. Uncle Floyd and Aunt Ruth and Steve stayed a while longer. When they got ready to leave Floyd told Ruth she had to drive home. He had taken a long trip on Saturday and only had two hours of sleep Sat. night. Mark and Shirley stayed long enough to feed Becky her supper. I put her in her pajamas and when they left Shirley had a bottle to give her on the way.

I have some tax business to work on, so must get with it. Can’t keep them waiting (they gave us ten days to answer a question and it has been almost a week since we received the letter).

Love Mother

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David & Martha (Gladys)

October 4, 1945 envelope

October 4, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

October 4, 1945, p. 1

October 4, 1945, p. 1

Oct. 4, 1945

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Oct. 1 came with your latest office plans. I think that is a better model than with a hall thru the center. I think I’ll go down and get the exact measurements before Nick & Dorothy go away. There are to go Fri. or Sat. to Bill’s lodge for the weekend. Since you aren’t sure about the trip to G.L. I’ll keep on writing until I get word you are on your way. I have been thinking how convenient it would be it you would get a trip about the time the points are lowered to your figure.

It’s crisp and clear today. The furnace has a good fire so the house is comfortable. David is out on his trike. Martha goes over on Staton’s driveway to skate and he wants to be there with her, of course. Yesterday her mother came over to see about her and I had gone out to see about David and we were talking. David pushed Martha and made her fall – however he was playing and I am sure didn’t intend

October 4, 194,5 p. 2-3

October 4, 194,5 p. 2-3

[page 2] to hurt her (his momma’s point of view – but I was watching and saw the whole thing). She got up and with fire in her eyes knocked him down. Her mother saw it all too, and couldn’t overlook the fact that Martha struck him in anger. Anyway Mrs. Z. was a little embarrassed and made M. go home. I made D. come over to our yard. This morning he has been riding his trike down as far as Coke’s, but Martha came over to skate so he went right over to Staton’s but I called him back. I allow him to ride on the front walk as far as Coke’s but I am trying to keep him off the driveway next door. I know Staton’s don’t care, but I think it will be better if he stays off. When Martha is out skating he wants to go out and I think it is good for him to learn to play with other children. I have been watching them rather closely and when one picks up a stick I insist they throw it down. I think M. started the stick business but I correct her the same as David if she picks one up.

[page 3] I got my pages a little mixed up but maybe you can follow.

I wrote you yesterday about the Nu-Joy being located up by us at the hotel. It seems they have to have a place to be able to keep their liquor license so this up here is to be a cocktail lounge and dining room but not a bus stop. They are to rebuild down at 24 & 41, but it will be some time before that place is ready. So maybe the traffic won’t be so bad up this way. At least the repaired the street up that way – it was in a bad shape.

My coat just came from the Michigan cleaners. It smells slightly of moth balls, but looks good otherwise. John will never get thru teasing me about it. He still wants me to go back and raise a fuss – but what’s the use – I have had three good winter’s wear and it still looks good. Maybe you will help me select the next one – (one look at the inside of the lining).

October 4, 1945, p. 4

October 4, 1945, p. 4

[page 4] Your mother sent a chicken by Ruth & Earl last Sun. and I have been saving it but I think if you don’t get that trip soon we had better eat it.

Paul Yost is back working at B & B. I went in there yesterday to get John a shirt & some sox. We tried in Laf. Sat. to get him some things but Loeb’s didn’t have his size.

– – – It’s 3 p.m. and in about half an hour J. & M. will be home from school. The school time has been changed – 8:30 a.m. instead of 9 and they get out earlier. I haven’t done much today except odds and ends. I think we will have to clean out the furnace this evening. It is warm enough today to let the fire go out. – – Just went out to check up on David – he was over on Staton’s porch with Martha, so I made him come in. Maybe I am being a little too severe on him but I want him to learn a few rules.

I am going to look up the heats bills for the office and do some work on that sketch.
Love Mother

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