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Barry’s Attitude Now

1964-11-06-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Nov. 6 – 1964

Dear David and Bonnie –

I called United yesterday and their round trip fare from here to Boston is $106- so the enclosed check for $212.00 should get you here and back.

This afternoon I am going to take Mrs. Myers to the office for a check-up. She said she was feeling so weak and thought she needed some attention. This morning I had to help with a program at the Presbyterian Church – World Community Day – in which all three – Presbyterian, Christian & Methodist churches participated.

The workmen came yesterday and got about half of the terrace removed. They had another job this morning so didn’t get back here. I would rather not be here when the air hammer is at work.

1964-11-06-gry-p-2[page 2] We are still having glorious fall weather. There was a heavy frost this morning and heavy fog when I left home at 9 o’clock. These heavy frosts seem to retard the grass growth so Dad hasn’t had to mow for several weeks.

When Dad came home at noon he asked me if I had mailed you a check, so I can say yes the next time he asks. I thought I had better get it in the mail now.

What do you think of Barry’s attitude now? I wish he would go back to his “heaven” and stay there and forget about the Republican party. I am sure there are a number of high ranking Republicans who feel the same way. Did you hear him say he had his “heaven” meaning his home in Phoenix to go back to?

Love Mother

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Making Up For Lost Time

1964-10-21-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

October 21, 1964

Dear David and Bonnie:

Yours received. Your Dad made a remark about the sticker you had on your letter. He doesn’t exactly share your opinion. He think B.G. is the lesser of two evils, but still won’t say who he will vote for. I am in a pondry. I can’t say I approve of your candidate. There are a lot of thinks about the whole family I don’t care about. I think I will do like Dad. I intend to vote, but since it is our privilege to vote secretly, that is the way my vote will remain. I don’t like all the scandals that have been connected with the party now in office. Somehow, I just can’t quite go along with crime or corruption, regardless as to where it is found. I think it is just as bad at a high level as at a lower level. Enough about that.

We went to Clay City October 11 and took our pictures along. Uncle Clarence had invited all the family home and all of his children were there and Paul and his family (they live in Belvedere – a 2 hour drive north and west of here), Earl and his family, and Uncle Ralph and Aunt Faye. Uncle Clarence asked me to come to their church and give a program yet this fall. I wrote him after we returned home and gave him the dates of the meetings we have to attend which will be Oct. 27, Nov. 11, 16, 18. If he can find a date other than those I will probably go. We were in Kenneth’s new home (that is where reunion was held). It is on the site where the old house used to be. It is certainly a far cry from the old one. It is very modern with electric heat. It will be a house to be proud of when it is finished. They still have a few things to do, like finish flooring in the bedrooms and a few other things. We also stopped in Brazil and visited with Marie Mace. She is carrying on the business as usual. She had worked in the store for years. So knows what to do. We had a funny experience on the way to Indianapolis that night. Since we drove the leased Cadillac we were carrying an Indianapolis license number. Dad had said (I forgot to mention that after our reunion we started to Indianapolis and didn’t have any reservations for Sunday night because we thought as many motels as are along that route we wouldn’t have any trouble in finding a room. We were going to Medical convention). Dad had mentioned that we might have trouble getting a room with an Indianapolis license. We kept driving and finally Dad said he was ready to stop any time and I was tired also and said it was OK with me. We saw a AAA sign at a Western Motel, so decided that would do. When we stopped the office was closed, but the man came out after Dad knocked on the door. I made the remark, “just so we can get a room with twin beds.” He took us to look at a room and I also said, “it is clean and warm and I think that is all that is necessary,” so I stayed in the room and Dad went back to pay and sign the register. When the man saw we had Indpls plates, he said he couldn’t keep us. Dad showed him his identifications and told him it was a leased car. He (the man) said he thought it was funny we would want twin beds, if we were on a spree. Dad said the “law” around Indianapolis had been trying to crack down on couples going to motels for immoral purposes. We were just a few miles from a lovely Quality Court when we stopped, but we didn’t have a directory, so didn’t know what was ahead. We drove on the next morning to a Horne’s restaurant and had breakfast and saw the Quality Court across the road. If we had thought about it, we could have had Tri-Way Inn make reservations for us before we started out. The next time, we should think of that in advance. We went on to Indianapolis and stopped at Jim’s office and had a visit with them. Jim had made reservations for us at the Athletic Club. On Tues. evening we didn’t have anything in particular to do, so drove to Shelbyville to see Duane and Joanne. Duane had suggested we come down if we could get away from the convention. He showed us the new church. He also said he was having some trouble getting the people, now that the church is built and the hard work over, to take responsibility. He said not enough people showed up for choir practice the week before, so on Sunday (Oct. 11) there was no choir, because he said unless they had a full choir they wouldn’t sing. He said when it was time for the anthem he told the congregation they would observe 2 minutes of silence and when enough people showed up at choir practice to fill the choir loft on Sunday they would resume having a choir on Sundays. He also said he told them he didn’t have time to prepare a sermon with all the other activities that had been going on, so he sat down again for 2 minutes, then he got up and, you might say, read the riot act to them. They left immediately after services to go to Clay City, so didn’t know what the reaction had been that day. However, we were there on the following Tuesday and he said he had heard that one woman said the pulpit wasn’t the place for what he had said. I ask him, “where else?” He agreed with me. We had dinner with Duane and Joanne and their three sons. Duane had to attend a meeting and we returned to Indianapolis.

1964-10-21-gry-p-2[page 2] Wednesday evening Jim & Thelma had dinner with us at the Athletic Club and we had planned to attend an affair planned for the Doctors and guests. When we got to the door we were told there were three tickets left. Since there were 4 of us, we went back to Jim & Thelma’s and showed them some of our pictures. They want us to come to Indianapolis and show pictures for their S.S. class next April. We promised we would. Aunt Thelma said they hadn’t sent you a wedding present yet. She intimated it would be $, which I presume will be acceptable at any time.

We had a letter from Aunt Ruth last week. She had finally gone to Romaine’s to spend a few weeks and since Romaine lives close to the airport, they had gone out to see, guess who, B.G. Aunt Ruth didn’t see the curb and stepped off and twisted her left ankle and broke her right knee cap. She has her right leg in a walking cast and left ankle bandaged. She said she was so mad at herself, because Romaine had so many things planned for them to do and there she sits. Well, as she said, if it had to happen, it was a good thing she was with Romaine. She said I know you will say, what were you doing out watching G. for anyway, but Romaine usually goes to watch celebrities come in and they thought it would be something to do. I had asked Aunt Ruth to come here for Thanksgiving if she is home, but with her injury I don’t know whether she will be back home.

We went to Chicago Sunday the 18th to celebrate Kirk’s birthday (Oct. 19) and Becky wanted to come home with us. We would have brought her, but Mark had to drive his car all this week and we didn’t know how she would get back home. Dad has too many baby cases for us to promise to get away for a while now. When we were in Indianapolis I bought some pants and a shirt for Kick and had them sent out. The package hadn’t arrived yet and neither had his birthday card. Becky wanted to know where his happy birthday card was. I had taken a green plastic turtle filled with “soaky bath,” so he at least had one gift. He had a birthday cake and blew out his candles, so all in all he had a very nice 2nd birthday. He can say hello and a few other words when he wants to, but doesn’t try to talk too much. However, Becky talks enough for both of them. I think in another six months he will probably be as talkative as she is.

Mrs. Addie Padgett has moved into the cottage where Peggy and Howard used to live. Her family thought she shouldn’t try to spend the winter alone in the country. I stopped to see her this morning and she seems very comfortable. However, I am afraid when the temperature gets down in the zeros she will feel a draft or two. The man who runs the Ford sales owns the place and wants her to buy it. If it had another layer of covering, like aluminum siding, it might be made more comfortable, in cold weather. She said to tell you hello. She recently had to have a cataract operation in one eye, but now wears special lenses and is painting again. Esta and Albert have made three apartments out of the rooms across the front motel building and since there is a demand for such apartments, have them rented all the time. They keep adding things and have improved the looks of the place quite a bit.

Our church had Methodist Renewal Mission last week, but since we were in Indianapolis, I didn’t get to attend but one meeting. Rev. Fields had gone to South Bend to conduct services at a church just outside the city his week. We finally got a carpenter to get the remodeling done on the parsonage. I think the work is about finished. It has changed the looks of the house entirely.

I have so much work piled up to be done, I should not be sitting here writing, but since I have neglected to write the past two weeks, am making up for lost time. One time we saw a W. C. Fields movie and he had a filing system all his own. Everything was piled on his desk and when he wanted to find something he would estimate the year and go down to the estimated layer and of course, always could put his finger on the letter he was looking for. I told Dad at noon my desk looked like W. C. Field’s and that I need some more filing space. Well, I must make myself, and that is exactly what I am going to do, make myself do some filing. I have two or three projects I am working on – such as the UNICEF drive next week, and World Community Day Nov. 6th and have to attend sub-district meetings 4 days next week, so must get to that filing.

1964-10-21-gry-p-3Love Mother

P.S. 1 If you want to come home during Christmas vacation, don’t let the expense of the trip keep you from coming. That could be our Christmas gift to you.

P.S. 2 – why don’t you drop a line to Audrey and tell her you did not have her book? But do be tactful about it.


You shouldn’t fret yourself so much about the outcome of Nov. 3. I can remember when H.S.T. won, I went into the Rexall store and Art was ready to commit hara-kiri (almost). He thought the country would go to the dogs for sure. At the last bridge club meeting it was like attending a wake. Everyone was sure B.G. would lose – of course there were a couple who get their living in the court house and it might mean a change of jobs for them. Regardless of the outcome things have a way of adjusting so don’t be so disturbed.

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Uncle Earl is Ill

1964-08-10-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie:

Glad to receive yours, posted the 6th. We will send the picnick basket to you and you send the jacket back to us. I don’t remember of having sent a package on to you that came from Hong Kong, but if you received one, it has to be Dad’s coat – the one we have been looking for, for months, in fact the one we were hoping would come in time for Dad to wear to the wedding. John stopped in H.K. and had some clothes made at the same tailor shop and asked about Dad’s suit coat and was told it had been mailed in May. I was just wondering last week if we would ever receive it. Aunt Ruth just called, and from Silver Cross Hospital in Joilet. Uncle Earl is very ill and since he reacts unfavorable to sedation, it has been hard to find something to make him sleep. Aunt Ruth said they couldn’t tell what his trouble was, whether a kidney stone, or what. Just wish we were close enough to help out a little. We did stop there two weeks ago when we went to see Mark. I am glad we did. I will get another print for you to send to David Watson. Dad said (in his usual RSY manner) where did Doctor McGraw get her information about the tablets? He hasn’t had any such information so didn’t think you needed to be too concerned. Will let you know if any such information comes and you should know how much come thru this office all the time – besides the drug salesmen keep Dad posted on all the new drugs, etc.

1964-08-10-gry-p-2[page 2] John is in Bloomington, Indiana today. He went to Urbana last week and in addition to attending a meeting, was able to secure an apartment. His lease begins Sept. 1. All furnished, except for linens, curtains, and such. John had to go to Lafayette one day last week to have his VW serviced and while he waited he went shopping. He bought me an opera – Mozart’s Seraglio. He said that was a commission for his broker. – I have been working for Arvella today – she had to see a throat specialist in Lafayette and she just returned, so I am back at home. John is going to register so he can vote against you know who. He thinks about as much of him as you do. The more I see him (his picture) on TV and in the papers the more I dislike him. I think he is about the worst thing the R party has had for a long, long time. When we were watching the convention on TV, Dad said he thought he acted like he was mad about something. John has his opinions about him from having lived in Arizona three years. He says he represents a group of people who are not concerned about the welfare of anyone but their own small group. I rather think he won’t win anything in the fall. I hope that isn’t just wishful thinking. My new Interpreters Bible and Dictionary came. I ordered from Bookshelf and it cost me about $103.00 including postage for the 16 volumes. I ran into a little difficulty Sunday. Two who have had too much fundamental teaching were questioning the book we are studying. The mother (who goes to Remington church and

1964-08-10-gry-p-3[page 3] thinks one has to believe literally every word – which proves she hasn’t read too extensively on the matter – ) had a fit – in the words of her son when they took the study book home for her to read. My class members, Pat and Keith Alberts, were a little upset about the reaction of his mother and I think she has had some influence on their thinking. The sad part is, it is such a good book and has a message so timely, but I think she has bogged down because she has been impressed about the parts she doesn’t agree with and can’t see what the book is trying to say. However, I haven’t detected the same feeling from any of the rest of the class. If I thought you would have time to read the book, I would send you a copy. Genesis, Beginnings of the Biblical Drama by Charles F. Kraft. Fields are on vacation this week and next and the minister from Raub, Rev. Rahn was in our pulpit Sunday. I think the Raub people are very lucky to have him, and when he gets his degree, they won’t be able to keep him very long I am sure. He sounds like the kind who will make progress. From what Marge tells me, he is not a fundamentalist. I stopped to see Mrs. Myers and she had received your gift. She was quite pleased. It was thru her letter that I learned you plan to come home for Christmas. We are going to keep Kirk the last week in August. He is quite a character. I am sure we will have a lot of fun with him. Time is getting away from me, so I had better wind this up and get to the P.O. Excuse fancy writing paper.

Love Mother

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Update on John’s Arrival

1964-07-15-gry-2-p-1Letter transcription:

July 15, 1964

Dear David and Bonnie:

I had my letter to you ready to mail when yours came today. I received a cable from John that he would be arriving in N.Y. July 19. Cable came after I had sealed your letter and since you made two requests thought I should write another letter to tell you I mailed the pillows this afternoon. I have two enlargements – one from my collection and one from Alma’s – of the exit from the chapel. I will send the ones I have and have more made for us.

The T.V. set is on and I have been listening to the nomination and seconding speeches. Looks like Barry is in. You never can tell – he may win in Nov.

Dad is at the hospital for surgery. I have finally finished the waxing and buffing. I haven’t decided yet what to do about going to School of Missions. Since John was delayed almost a week in leaving I thought he wouldn’t be arriving home before the 25th but since he will be arriving in N.Y. the 19th I have no idea now as to when he intends to arrive in Chicago. Will be able to tell you better

1964-07-15-gry-2-p-2[page 2] about what I do after I hear from John again. He is supposed to call me when he gets to N.Y.

I was able to get rid of one of the old worn out pianos in the church basement today – I mean the piano tuner hauled it away. I secured 3 other tuning jobs for the tuner here. If word gets around he may have to make another trip back. Seems tuners are scarce.

Love Mother

P.S. Congratulations on Bonnie’s success in getting a contract.

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1964-09-18 (RM) envelope

September 18, 1964 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 18, 1964, p. 1

September 18, 1964, p. 1

Kentland, Sept. 18, 64

David, My Dear One

It seems too bad to start out with asking you to forgive me, but I must. First I want to thank you two darlings for the dear little spinning wheele. I just adore it, and please accept my belated thanks. I just love it.

At the time of my birthday, Aug. 4th, we had a heat wave to end all heat waves. Back in the old days in Mattoon we used to have much higher temperatures, but I guess this was the first time I have been 75 years old, and I did “suffer with the heat” this year. Then, I have had company, you know the woman I told you about who is a real democrat, my husband’s cousin. Then I had another, my own cousin, who is one of the few relatives I have left, and she became ill while here, and I had to employ a man and wife to take her home. She lives in Pekin, Ill. and is a friend of Everet Dirkson. I have been having a little more than I am able to cope with.

I want you to know how much I did appreciate your two letters David, more than I can say. You and Bonnie are very dear to me, and I hope you will forgive me for not writing to you.

David, you have always been a bright spot in my life, and I miss you this summer. I am so thankful you have your dear Bonnie.

I find it hard to sit in a straight chair to write letters. I had Harold take me to Dr. Curtis this afternoon to have my glasses adjusted.

I feel the same as you do David, about Goldwater, but it hurts me to have you cast your first vote for a dem., but I can’t blame you. This time I am thankful that I have lost my right to vote. Please forgive my poor typing, my hands are very crippled. I am so confused about the political situation; I don’t know what is right.

I would love to hear from you when you have time, and please I want you and Bonnie to know how much it means to me to hear from you.

God Bless You

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49th Wedding Anniversary

April 3, 1963 envelope

April 3, 1963 envelope

Letter transcription:

April 3, 1963, p. 1

April 3, 1963, p. 1

Kentland, April 3, 1963

David Dear

Forgive me for not writing last week, as I did so much appreciate your letter of March 20th, which I received on the 21st, being my 49th wedding anniversary. I, too, love the psalm 27. I feel comforted and unafraid of the future.

I long since gave up any idea of making the hotel into apartments. It would require more money than I care to take a chance with at my time in life, also huge job of merely doing it leaves me weak to contemplate. My one desire now is to dispose of it.

I am going to take an apartment this spring while there is a downstairs one available. I will tell you all about it when you are home. I have been going through a trying time, sorting out a burdensome accumulation of one sort and another. It is appalling what one has on hand to dispose of after living many years in one place. I am trying to do such a good job of it this time that it will not be such a chore the next time.

I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and loved your letter, and I won’t try to write again until after I have seen you.

Your mother was in for a few minutes yesterday. She wanted to take me for a ride, but Harold was out so I couldn’t leave the office unattended.

I also saw your Dad last week, I was at the office and have been taking some medication. Hope all is well with you. Did you see Goldwater on the Jack Paar Show? I did. Didn’t quite know what to think.


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Jackie and Carolyn Dolls

October 11, 1962 envelope

October 11, 1962 envelope

Letter transcription:

October 11, 1962, p. 1

October 11, 1962, p. 1

Kentland, Oct. 11, 62

David Dear

At long last I thank you for your two good letters and enclosures. I, too, feel sorry about Goldwater’s statements. I happened to catch him on a film in a late news cast while the Miss trouble was going on, and heard him say that he thought Gov. of Miss had every right to do what he did, although he did not approve of his actions and was sorry he had done it. He did not even look like he did on film a couple of years ago. I still have your book by Goldwater, and have been going through it again.

I am enclosing the clipping on Jackie, and share your feelings exactly. I sometimes think she is not really very bright. I heard on the Tonight show last night, there is a Jackie and Carolyn doll coming out for Christmas, and the two dolls and their complete wardrobe cost $400. I wonder if it was a gag?

A week ago tonight I saw a TV program Alcoa Premier and it was a baseball story, shown at this time on account of the World Series I suppose, and it starred Jimmy Stewart as an old worn out player, who sponsored and coached a young chap who of course went on to become a star and win a World Series. Jimmy turned in his usual flawless performance.

I have been ailing, really kinda bad this time. I have had a spell of acute pain and disability with arthritis and my lameness. For the first time in five years I was not able to do for myself. I almost decided to go to the hospital, but then Nettie Fitzgerald came and stayed with me during the day for several days, until I was able to be around again. The medication has made me listless and dreamy like, although it has taken the edge off my misery and helped me sleep.

I have heard nothing from your mother, and I too, am anxious to know about the new baby when SHE arrives. I hope it will be Julie.

Your description of the tasks before you sounds like you have too much. I don’t see how you can do it all, but I know of course that you will. I wish you had time to take one of your wonderful books and sit in the woods under the beautiful trees and read for a whole day. Yesterday I went to Watseka to have my feet taken care of, and enjoyed the little drive. We are having real Indian Summer, and I love it. I like warm weather, and would like to go where it is always warm.

Hope you enjoy the football game, and whatever else you can find time to do that isn’t work. I enjoy your letters and appreciate your writing when you are so busy.


[Disclaimer: The views of Ruth Myers are not necessarily my own. My task as a historian is to present documents in their true and unedited form.]

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