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Jackie and Carolyn Dolls

October 11, 1962 envelope

October 11, 1962 envelope

Letter transcription:

October 11, 1962, p. 1

October 11, 1962, p. 1

Kentland, Oct. 11, 62

David Dear

At long last I thank you for your two good letters and enclosures. I, too, feel sorry about Goldwater’s statements. I happened to catch him on a film in a late news cast while the Miss trouble was going on, and heard him say that he thought Gov. of Miss had every right to do what he did, although he did not approve of his actions and was sorry he had done it. He did not even look like he did on film a couple of years ago. I still have your book by Goldwater, and have been going through it again.

I am enclosing the clipping on Jackie, and share your feelings exactly. I sometimes think she is not really very bright. I heard on the Tonight show last night, there is a Jackie and Carolyn doll coming out for Christmas, and the two dolls and their complete wardrobe cost $400. I wonder if it was a gag?

A week ago tonight I saw a TV program Alcoa Premier and it was a baseball story, shown at this time on account of the World Series I suppose, and it starred Jimmy Stewart as an old worn out player, who sponsored and coached a young chap who of course went on to become a star and win a World Series. Jimmy turned in his usual flawless performance.

I have been ailing, really kinda bad this time. I have had a spell of acute pain and disability with arthritis and my lameness. For the first time in five years I was not able to do for myself. I almost decided to go to the hospital, but then Nettie Fitzgerald came and stayed with me during the day for several days, until I was able to be around again. The medication has made me listless and dreamy like, although it has taken the edge off my misery and helped me sleep.

I have heard nothing from your mother, and I too, am anxious to know about the new baby when SHE arrives. I hope it will be Julie.

Your description of the tasks before you sounds like you have too much. I don’t see how you can do it all, but I know of course that you will. I wish you had time to take one of your wonderful books and sit in the woods under the beautiful trees and read for a whole day. Yesterday I went to Watseka to have my feet taken care of, and enjoyed the little drive. We are having real Indian Summer, and I love it. I like warm weather, and would like to go where it is always warm.

Hope you enjoy the football game, and whatever else you can find time to do that isn’t work. I enjoy your letters and appreciate your writing when you are so busy.


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