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New Life in Lafayette

Letter transcription:

Monday March 20, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Enclosed find check ($4.18) from Bankers United Life for the balance due you from the stock exchange. I will put your new stock (30 shares – in the Bank in Kentland the next trip we make – which will be the 28th). For your own records it is BANKERS UNITED LIFE ASURANCE COMPANY Stock certificate CU 5801 – 30 shares – David A. and Bonnie Ruth Yegerlehner jt tn.

We are slowly getting our house put in order. D. Schuh is making a couch over for me and we can’t buy carpet until that couch arrives. We are also going to bring the living room furniture to the family room so we can’t do much until he gets the couch delivered. We have the bedrooms just about finished. Dad has to make a headboard for the beds. I bought a new dressing table and chest of drawers and he is going to make the headboard to match. He has finished the shelves in the family room and I have most of the books in place – however not where I want them permanently. Some I am going to give away and if you want the ones I don’t want, you can have them. Dad is at present making a new stereo cabinet. Our living room is so small he is building a cabinet around the piano. Will send you a picture when he gets it finished. The living room is just about 12 x 17. The carpet we buy for it can only be 12 x 14 because of an offset where the piano is placed. We also have to get something else for the kitchen and I haven’t yet decided what I want. The Welcome Wagon caller was here today and told me about a place where rejects from National Homes are sold and that one can furnish a kitchen from the salvage store. We will go take a look (tomorrow I hope).

The McClures are coming Wednesday to attend the I.U. presentation of Parsifal. They are coming at 5 and we are going to have dinner early because the performance begins at 7 PM. I know that is a lengthy opera, so it will be pretty late when it is over. You used to attend it at I.U. did you not? As I understand, they give it in two parts – before dinner and after.

We went to Kentland last Sunday and attended a dinner at the Church given in our honor and a program at the gym in the afternoon. After the program refreshments were served and we stood in a receiving line and it seemed like we shook hands with everyone that attended, some say 300 others 500. I don’t know what the actual count was, but there was a large crowd. We received many well wishes and a beautiful bouquet of red roses from the Funks. The centerpiece was given to us after the affair was over and I took it and gave it to Mrs. Myers. She was ill that day and couldn’t attend. The Church gave us a plant. All in all it was a very nice and I have written twenty or thirty thank you notes. Bob Batton furnished me with a list of people who helped with the program at the gym. I asked Rev. McClure to put a thank-you note in the bulletin.

We are attending church at Trinity. After we decided to go there Floyd (he and Ruth attended our party – also Aunt Ruth M) told us the minister here at Trinity used to be in Lebanon and they liked him very much. His name is Jim Morin. We went to Trinity the first Sunday we were here – Dad, John, Lea and myself. It is an old church but has a large congregation. You remember several years ago when you went to open house for the new parsonage for Trinity – in Vinton Woods? You went with Michels. Rev. Luke (minister at that time) would not live in the parsonage furnished by the church and persuaded the congregation they needed a new one. The old parsonage was torn down and a new educational building – where all the Sunday school classes are now held – was built. It is just across the street. The only difficulty we see about going there to church is parking. We had to walk 2 ½ blocks after we had parked. Sunday that was not bad, the weather being fair, but in weather not so good – well draw your own conclusions.

Dad just called and he is going to be late – something new for here. He has had a student in the hospital who has been quite ill with mono (or complications) and his parents are coming. I think Dad is going to like this new routine. He has so

[page 2] more time at home and can you believe, he will stay in bed until 8 o’clock when he doesn’t have to be at the Health Center until 9. I was afraid he had such a habit of getting up at 6 it might be hard to break that habit. At any rate we are beginning to enjoy more leisure time and enjoy some of the fringe benefits. We attended a special Easter Convocation at the Music Hall yesterday afternoon. We also have a color television set. A new store had a special offer for their opening and we probably got a $600 for $500, or maybe we didn’t. At any rate, we have seen several good programs so far on it. This house is not air-conditioned, so we bought a room air conditioner for next summer when we get one of those mid-west heat waves. John said he tried to get one last summer when a heat wave set in – we were in Europe at the time – and he couldn’t buy one – there wasn’t one to be had anywhere in Urbana-Champaign. We thought we would just buy one now and have it. We may not need it, but this is a frame house and I can imagine it gets pretty hot in the summer. One little tree out in front. This is a new addition to the city of West Lafayette and all the houses were built by a company that sells pre-cut houses. Some are rather nice looking. Ours is one of the rather plain looking types and the owner hasn’t done much to add to its charm. We are comfortable enough, but I still would like to have a house on one level. We haven’t discovered yet how to make the floor warm in this family room – this is one the lower level. We have signed a lease for one year, so we may be looking for something to buy by next March. However, prices are terribly high here and we may be just as well off in the long run to stay here and pay $165 a month. At least we don’t have to pay any taxes or insurance. We sold our house in Kentland. The Harris family has moved to Portsmouth, Ohio. John is going to stay in Kentland until school is out. They haven’t sold that property, or hadn’t when we were in Kentland a week ago Sunday. Mr. Harris is the manager of a Sears store – six stories high. Quite an advancement from the Kentland store. The young MD who took over our office (from what information we get from E & A) isn’t too happy with the situation. He told someone there was more work than he thought there would be. Edna receives payment for us every day and once or twice a week sends us the deposit slips and any information necessary. She and A. are both quite disturbed about (now don’t write about this to Mrs. M. or anyone – we think it is best for us just to keep quiet about things for the time being) the way he is doing things. He is slow, which is just the opposite from RSY. He also has to get acquainted with people and won’t let the girls dispense medicine like they did when Dad was there. I can see his point of view on that, but he is butting off quite a tidy little income when he quits dispensing. He has to see everyone who comes into the office and he won’t let Arvella go ahead to take off people like she used to do. We get a little note from Edna every time she sends deposit slips. Her last note was to the effect that Arvella was about ready to quit. He cut their salaries back to about half of what we were paying them. They may both quit and I wouldn’t blame them if they did. When Dad interviewed him he seemed to be quite intelligent, but some of the things he has done since taking over the office makes me wonder about his good judgment. He told the girls he followed Dad around several days and that everything he did was right, but he seems to want to change everything in the office. Edna seemed to think he was not going to stay. Of course, he signed a lease – which he can break, but he can’t set up in practice within 25 miles of Kentland. Edna seemed to think he was trying to get his job at the Health Center at I.U. back. However, she may just been imagining things on that score. He was in the Air Force several years and has been with I.U. since last July so he has not really had any real experience in General Practice. Will let you know further developments as they develop.

Write when you have time and let us know what your situation will be this summer. Of course, you know we would like for you to come back to Indiana for the summer, but if Bonnie gets a job other than school teaching, we know you won’t come back for the entire summer. The McGraws are coming here to spend the night April 5th. They are speakers for the District meetings. They have 5 meetings to attend from the northern part of the State down to near Indianapolis, to Terre Haute, then to Fowler and last to Hammond.

Dad won’t get a vacation (one month) until he has been here a year, so we won’t be taking any trips until 1968. We are planning to go to Switzerland again and probably to Lebanon. The Georges are in Beirut and we want to visit them.

John is coming home next Friday (just before Easter) and I think Mark and Shirley and the children are coming. Mark’s whole family has had stomach flu and he called here one day for Dad to give a druggist a Rx for him and the children. I talked to Shirley and Mark one day last week. I had to attend a meeting in Indianapolis. I was with a group and riding with someone else, so couldn’t go see them. At that time Shirley hadn’t gotten the bug, but that day all three children were down with it.

Write when you can find time.

Love Mother

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The Doctor is Sick

[Editor’s note: While organizing more of Gladys’ correspondence, I found a envelope of letters from the spring of 1966.]

Letter transcription:

Dear David & Bonnie –

11 a.m. Thurs. After running a temperature for at least 24 hours, the Diclomycin must have chased the bugs away – at 10 o’clock the temperature was normal. I had called Dr. Gery this morning and we were ready to send Dad to a hospital in Lafayette, but after the temperature break we decided it wasn’t necessary. However I am to take a specimen to the laboratory when I go for my therapy in the morning. The cause of his trouble is a kidney & bladder infection. He had not told me he was having any difficulty, but I learned all about it when I got home yesterday and found him home and in bed. He isn’t going to do anything until next Tuesday – all appointments have been cancelled for the rest of this week. I went to bed late – got to sleep at about midnight and was taking temp and getting him some breakfast by 6 – which as you know is a little early for me – so now by 11 o’clock I feel a little done in, so think I will have myself a little siesta to restore some of my (pep – vigor – you name it) so called strength. Arvella is going to bring mail, etc., to me at noon. So I should get an hour in if the telephone doesn’t disturb me. Dad has not answered the telephone so you know he doesn’t feel good. Will keep you informed as to his progress. Save that article, and when you translate the letter return to me.

Love Mother

Letter from F. Ryser [translated via google translate – errors are my own]:

Dear Mrs. Yegerlehner,

Thank you for writing from March 19, 1966.

I am glad for them that they have succeeded in doing a European trip. I will gladly meet your wishes and provide you with supplemental brochures such as hotel price lists of Basel. I hope you will enjoy it in Switzerland.

With great respect
F. Ryser

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The Big News

Letter transcription:

November 9th 1966

Dear Bonnie and David:

In the morning I am going to send y parcel post a package containing pills (you know the kind Dad said he would send) and the dress material which I purchased in Damascus. I do hope it will be enough for a dress. If not, perhaps you can buy some plain silk and make a two piece affair. Since that was the last of that bolt it would do no good to send back for more of that particular piece. The material is wrapped (for Christmas) and on top of the box. The box was so full of “that other stuff” I couldn’t get the package inside.

Tomorrow we are going to entertain Arvella and Edna at a dinner at Colonial Inn and come out here afterwards to break the news to them. We had Bob Batton come out Monday evening and told him. He said he didn’t blame Dad, but said he hated to see us go. When he first sat down and had his cigar going, Dad said “we are going to leave Kentland,” and his mouth dropped open (the cigar was saved) and he uttered something I won’t quote. We said it would be impossible for us to retire here and he agreed with us. He said he had been thinking about this, but just hadn’t done anything. He is going to start looking and see if it is possible to get someone to come in and take over the office. He even suggested that Sarah Shirk should buy this house. As to that – well she should, since she has been wanting a new modern house for years without going through the fuss of building one and Bob says she has the money – but – if she would spend the money is something else. I said she has the “nutty” idea – and that is just the phrase I used, that she has to sleep on the second floor because of her sinus trouble. He said, “if she would have an air conditioned house it wouldn’t make any difference which floor she slept on.”

It is 10:30 and I am getting a little tired, so am going to go to bed. Hope you get the box without too much delay.

Love Mother

P.S. Bonnie – I think this tag was on the coat.

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Should Have Known Better

1965-08-16-gry-card-frontLetter transcription:

Dear B & D:

After you left, I noticed the garage door was open, so I went to close it and found these screws, so thought you might like to have them when you put your bed together. Also found the knife which I will return to Sears tomorrow.

After resting a while I started the washing of sheets, etc., and before coming to the office was about half through.

I was wondering what to mail these screws in, when I found the box from the calendar which you received from LeBeau.

When I came to the office, Arvella said someone was going to “catch it”—and he did. A patient had taken a cast off because it was too hot. Dad put a tension bandage on and dismissed him. I told Arvella this was

1965-08-16-gry-card-interior[page 2] the wrong day for him to have done that—and she replied any day would have been the wrong day for such a thing. I heard Dad tell him he was an adult and should have known better than do what he did. I sure will be glad when we get started on vacation. I will be glad to get away for a month.

Good luck in finding an apartment.

Love Mother


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1965-02-22-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

February 22, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

I hope you have been able to figure your tax. Saturday Marge Janssen went with me to Champaign to see Oliver. Dad was to go, but thought he was too busy to get away. I told him he could go and probably not have a call during that time and that is what happened. However, there was one baby case he felt he didn’t want to leave. Dr. Schoonveld is on vacation and he thought he should stay home. John had gotten tickets for us several weeks ago. Show was held in field house, which looks like a mushroom. I suppose Bob and Lea pointed it out to you when you were there last year. Our seats were near the roof, but I took binoculars along and the sound was good, so I got along fine. We drove home after the show and were back here by 1:15 Saturday AM. John Janssen had washed my car and cleaned it out with a sweeper on the inside. I really felt like I was driving a Cadillac. Then on the way home, about 45 minutes before we arrived in Kent we went through a rain storm and there were several trucks passing and my car looks like I had driven through mud. Lea and Bob had us come to their place for dinner, so Marge and I really had a nice evening.

I stopped to see Mrs. M. last Friday. She was so happy about receiving a valentine and let me read your letter. I make it a point to stop and see her at least once a week. We also were happy to receive a valentine. We had sent valentines to Becky and Kirk and they sent us one. Uncle Jim always sends me a valentine and since that is his birthday, I always send him a card.

I am listening to Das Rheingold. John brought me a record by Anna Russell—the same thing you have on tape. I get a chuckle out of it every time I listen to it.

We have had missionary speakers at our church the past two Sundays. Last night we attended a pot-luck dinner and listened to the missionary speak about her work and show slides. She has been in Chile for a number of years. Last week the speaker was from Korea. He was with us from Sunday through Wednesday.

1965-02-22-gry-p-2[page 2] I think Arvella’s sister has gotten permission to take her vacation in Sept., so all is taken care of. She said if Caroline couldn’t take off in Sept., they would do something else. I rather think Ralph will let her off then. I told Arvella either that, or for her to get someone to work for her and she didn’t seem to think much of that idea.

Dad finished the bedroom unit and is working on a unit for my desk. We moved the desk out of your room and he built a wing for the typewriter and adding machine. He still has two drawers to finish before the unit is complete, but I am using it as it.

Love Mother

P.S. Did the visiting D.S. ever call on you? Did I write you about hearing Joan Fields give your address over the phone? She told me it was Dr. Bailey. He was getting the address for the D.S. from South Bend Dist.

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The Smorgasbord

1965-2-13-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

February 13, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

I am enclosing the 1964 instructions for (Federal) preparing income tax returns. We took David as a dependent, so you won’t be able to take him. As far as State taxes are concerned I am sure you don’t have to bother with that because you don’t have to pay the State tax if you do not reside in the State. We also used David as a deduction on our State taxes, but since you are living in Mass. and were not making any income while you were in Indiana I am sure you need not bother with it.

The little piece of thread is the yarn I am using to make myself a dress. I am following instructions and using size 2 or 3 needle and it is going so slow that I am about to change patterns and use a larger needle. The size needle I used to make Bonnie’s dress was #8 and it makes a lot of difference.

John Janssen is here today cleaning and waxing the bedroom and bathroom floors. He washed windows last Tuesday evening while we were still having warm weather. We are having a cold wave again, but without snow, for which I am very thankful.

We have decided to go to the west coast in September and have told Arvella she will either have to take her vacation then, or get someone to work for her. I think she has about decided to take Sept. All I know is that I am not going to work for 2 weeks in the office, unless I have to.

There is a missionary speaker from Korea who is going to be at our Church tomorrow morning for the worship service. In the evening there is to be a fellowship dinner. After the service tomorrow morning my class is going to furnish a coffee. I have been on the telephone for the last hour (more or less) getting help lined up to prepare for the serving.

The smorgasbord was somewhat of a failure this week. All I had been asked to do was bring a casserole (lima beans), which I was glad to do since I wasn’t asked to do anything else. Food had been prepared for 450 and 350 (or near that figure) were there, so food for about 100 had to be disposed of after the dinner was over. I had Cosmopolitan Club yesterday afternoon and told them I was going to speak my piece, like it or not. I told them I thought it is time the Church “grew up” and quit trying to raise the Church budget by giving dinners. Mrs. Chidester said if everyone tithed we wouldn’t have to worry about the budget. I told them that was the answer. Well maybe it was a good thing it flopped this year, because they said there wasn’t going to be another, the main reason being they can’t find anyone who will take charge of it. If as much effort was put into getting people to come to Church as was put into the preparation of the smorgasbord I am sure we would have much better attendance.

It is getting late and since the bank closes at noon, I will have to get this wound up and in the mail.

Love Mother

P.S. David’s razor came back and I sent it to you. Hope it arrived in good condition.

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Uncle Earl is Ill

1964-08-10-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie:

Glad to receive yours, posted the 6th. We will send the picnick basket to you and you send the jacket back to us. I don’t remember of having sent a package on to you that came from Hong Kong, but if you received one, it has to be Dad’s coat – the one we have been looking for, for months, in fact the one we were hoping would come in time for Dad to wear to the wedding. John stopped in H.K. and had some clothes made at the same tailor shop and asked about Dad’s suit coat and was told it had been mailed in May. I was just wondering last week if we would ever receive it. Aunt Ruth just called, and from Silver Cross Hospital in Joilet. Uncle Earl is very ill and since he reacts unfavorable to sedation, it has been hard to find something to make him sleep. Aunt Ruth said they couldn’t tell what his trouble was, whether a kidney stone, or what. Just wish we were close enough to help out a little. We did stop there two weeks ago when we went to see Mark. I am glad we did. I will get another print for you to send to David Watson. Dad said (in his usual RSY manner) where did Doctor McGraw get her information about the tablets? He hasn’t had any such information so didn’t think you needed to be too concerned. Will let you know if any such information comes and you should know how much come thru this office all the time – besides the drug salesmen keep Dad posted on all the new drugs, etc.

1964-08-10-gry-p-2[page 2] John is in Bloomington, Indiana today. He went to Urbana last week and in addition to attending a meeting, was able to secure an apartment. His lease begins Sept. 1. All furnished, except for linens, curtains, and such. John had to go to Lafayette one day last week to have his VW serviced and while he waited he went shopping. He bought me an opera – Mozart’s Seraglio. He said that was a commission for his broker. – I have been working for Arvella today – she had to see a throat specialist in Lafayette and she just returned, so I am back at home. John is going to register so he can vote against you know who. He thinks about as much of him as you do. The more I see him (his picture) on TV and in the papers the more I dislike him. I think he is about the worst thing the R party has had for a long, long time. When we were watching the convention on TV, Dad said he thought he acted like he was mad about something. John has his opinions about him from having lived in Arizona three years. He says he represents a group of people who are not concerned about the welfare of anyone but their own small group. I rather think he won’t win anything in the fall. I hope that isn’t just wishful thinking. My new Interpreters Bible and Dictionary came. I ordered from Bookshelf and it cost me about $103.00 including postage for the 16 volumes. I ran into a little difficulty Sunday. Two who have had too much fundamental teaching were questioning the book we are studying. The mother (who goes to Remington church and

1964-08-10-gry-p-3[page 3] thinks one has to believe literally every word – which proves she hasn’t read too extensively on the matter – ) had a fit – in the words of her son when they took the study book home for her to read. My class members, Pat and Keith Alberts, were a little upset about the reaction of his mother and I think she has had some influence on their thinking. The sad part is, it is such a good book and has a message so timely, but I think she has bogged down because she has been impressed about the parts she doesn’t agree with and can’t see what the book is trying to say. However, I haven’t detected the same feeling from any of the rest of the class. If I thought you would have time to read the book, I would send you a copy. Genesis, Beginnings of the Biblical Drama by Charles F. Kraft. Fields are on vacation this week and next and the minister from Raub, Rev. Rahn was in our pulpit Sunday. I think the Raub people are very lucky to have him, and when he gets his degree, they won’t be able to keep him very long I am sure. He sounds like the kind who will make progress. From what Marge tells me, he is not a fundamentalist. I stopped to see Mrs. Myers and she had received your gift. She was quite pleased. It was thru her letter that I learned you plan to come home for Christmas. We are going to keep Kirk the last week in August. He is quite a character. I am sure we will have a lot of fun with him. Time is getting away from me, so I had better wind this up and get to the P.O. Excuse fancy writing paper.

Love Mother

To read more about the presidential election of 1964 and Barry Goldwater, click here.

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New Suits in Hong Kong

1964-02-04-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Feb. 4, 1964

Dear David:

We talked to John today but didn’t get name of hotel where we will be staying so unless it is something urgent send our mail after we leave here to Bangkok. I suppose you could send it to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, General delivery. We took a tour of Hong Kong Island today and saw quite a few sights. Our guide took us into a Chinese market. You wouldn’t believe it unless you see it. We snapped a few pictures. We ate lunch at Floating Restaurant and had so much we weren’t hungry enough to eat dinner tonight. Dad did have a sandwich at about 10:30. We are going to get a tour of Wesley Village tomorrow. I brought my Prayer Calendar along so looked up the Methodist people here. I called a Rev. Kenneth McIntosh. He was very accommodating and has arranged several things for us. He invited us to church Sunday. When I first talked to him I told him we were planning to attend, so he thought we would be interested in attending the original Methodist church in H.K. We have another agency tour Thursday. I ordered a suit made for you and I hope it fits and that you will like material I selected. I hope it is satisfactory on both counts because it wasn’t cheap. Dad is having a suit made and I am having a suit & coat. I sent Shirley a hand decorated sweater and skirt material. Since I measured her, I wasn’t too sure and thought best not to try to have anything made for her. We have been hearing from people at the hospital regularly. Had letters from Edna & Arvella yesterday. Arvella had to get glasses to wear when she reads. She said Edna is still having trouble with her teeth. I wrote to Bonnie’s mother today and told her when we would be in Malacca.

1964-02-04-gry-p-2[page 2] Give the Kings my regards and remember what I said about not wearing your welcome out. The Chinese New Year is Feb. 13 and to celebrate we heard on news today water will be turned on several hours that day. We have to take a bath either between 6:30 & 7:00 p.m. or 7:30 & 8:00 a.m. That is when water is in pipes in hotels. In the homes here they get water once every 4 days. Our guide says they have to store water in cans to have enough to get along between the 4 day periods. The rainfall has been short here the past year and reservoir is low. They depend on rainfall for all their water supply. A new reservoir is being built but isn’t ready yet. There is a carrier “parked” in harbor which we have seen since we have been here. It makes a pretty sight when it is lighted at night. The lights on Hong Kong Island across harbor also affords us a beautiful view day and night. It is getting late, so will have to finish this.

Love Mother

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A Small Christmas Tree

1963-12-09-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

December 9, 1963

Dear David:

I am sending the pants. I mended them with a small patch and stick on mending tape underneath. I hope you can still get some wear out of them, but the patch is very obvious. Maybe you can wear them to loaf around in. I also found a pair of black sox which I have included in the package. Did you by any change get a pair of Dad’s long sox? I can’t find one pair.

We had the girls from the office come to dinner last night – that is, we met them at the Nu-Joy and had dinner, then came home and talked about things that we needed to talk about before we leave. I left it up to them as to when they will take their vacations. Just so they take a vacation each before we return. I don’t know whether they like the idea of a winter vacation, but they will have to get used to the idea because after this I think we will take a month or two each winter and that is when they will have to take their vacations.

Saturday was like spring and today we have real winter. A little blizzard hit here yesterday but didn’t leave too much snow. I t seems awfully cold after all those warm breezes Saturday.

We plan to go to Chicago Thursday to pay for our trip. If we have time we will go on out to Mark’s and while there I will try to buy you another pair of pants at the R. Hall store where Mark works.

We made a small Christmas tree. We took branches and wired them onto the white candelabra (the one Kreslers gave us for Christmas two years ago) and made a tree for the coffee table. I think it is not bad for two amateurs (decorators, that is). I decorated it this morning with little things and have the gifts I have wrapped for Kirk and Becky stacked around it, so it looks a little like Christmas around here.

Love Mother

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Not A Word

1963-09-18-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Wed. Sept. 18, 1963
Dear David –

I really shouldn’t bother to send this card to you, since it is almost 2 weeks since you have been gone and not a word from you.

I suppose this heat wave has reached Bloomington, and just when you are beginning to get started in your studies – which I hope you don’t neglect for other activities.

So far Dad has been able to keep the mowing done without too much rushing. He had intended to mow yesterday evening but was in the hospital instead getting a boy for Joe Bob Hiestand’s wife. He had to go on another baby case at noon. I haven’t checked with the office as to whether he has returned.

I got a vaccination a week ago and much to my surprise I am getting a reaction – I had smallpox when I was 21, so thought I would never get a positive reaction. I had Arvella give me a flu shot day before yesterday so last night I didn’t feel so good.

1963-09-18-gry-p-2[page 2] I went to a church board meeting which got rather tiresome before the chairman adjourned. Mr. Oscar Hopkins (he and his wife are members of my Sunday school class) has taken the high school group. Mr. Vineyard is to give him some assistance – also Rosemary Murphy. Mr. Hopkins is with the Soil Conversation Dept. and I found him a very interested member of my class. I hated to lose him but think he can do more good helping in the high school group.

You wouldn’t recognize the garage. We are really getting it cleaned and cleared. Dad is putting all his tools in holders – and by the way – some wrenches are missing – do you have them? You room is getting some attention also. I sent the drapes to the cleaner and Dad put new rope in the fixture. He is about to get the lamp in the ceiling repaired. He needed two parts which I got for him yesterday, but since he wasn’t home couldn’t finish the lamp. I also took the desk lamp back to J. Yost and he is going to get new parts for it. I cleaned and waxed the kitchen and work area floor. I used Johnson’s (supposedly one step deal) but found on reading the directions I had to water mop the whole area before applying the wax. We have a janitor

1963-09-18-gry-p-3[page 3] for the office. He first said he would take the job (we offered $50.00) then said he wouldn’t unless it was $60.00. I said no we wouldn’t pay more than $50.00 so he came back and said he would take it. He is to clean three times a week and when we have snow to clean the walks.

Mrs. Shoal is doing the ironing again. I went to get it this a.m. and she said it had made her pretty tired. However, she asked me for the job. I went to see her one day and she said she was tired of not doing anything and would like to do my ironing again.

There is a magazine here from your friend in South Africa. Do you want it? I won’t send it unless you let me know.

What is Bonnie’s address?

Don’t get so busy you can’t think of us once in a while.
Love Mother

P.S. There is some kind of 2nd or 3rd class mail here for Gary. I think it is an ad from Book-Month-Club. You can take it to him when you come home.

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