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The Big News

Letter transcription:

November 9th 1966

Dear Bonnie and David:

In the morning I am going to send y parcel post a package containing pills (you know the kind Dad said he would send) and the dress material which I purchased in Damascus. I do hope it will be enough for a dress. If not, perhaps you can buy some plain silk and make a two piece affair. Since that was the last of that bolt it would do no good to send back for more of that particular piece. The material is wrapped (for Christmas) and on top of the box. The box was so full of “that other stuff” I couldn’t get the package inside.

Tomorrow we are going to entertain Arvella and Edna at a dinner at Colonial Inn and come out here afterwards to break the news to them. We had Bob Batton come out Monday evening and told him. He said he didn’t blame Dad, but said he hated to see us go. When he first sat down and had his cigar going, Dad said “we are going to leave Kentland,” and his mouth dropped open (the cigar was saved) and he uttered something I won’t quote. We said it would be impossible for us to retire here and he agreed with us. He said he had been thinking about this, but just hadn’t done anything. He is going to start looking and see if it is possible to get someone to come in and take over the office. He even suggested that Sarah Shirk should buy this house. As to that – well she should, since she has been wanting a new modern house for years without going through the fuss of building one and Bob says she has the money – but – if she would spend the money is something else. I said she has the “nutty” idea – and that is just the phrase I used, that she has to sleep on the second floor because of her sinus trouble. He said, “if she would have an air conditioned house it wouldn’t make any difference which floor she slept on.”

It is 10:30 and I am getting a little tired, so am going to go to bed. Hope you get the box without too much delay.

Love Mother

P.S. Bonnie – I think this tag was on the coat.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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