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Injured Tendon

1966-03-31-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Mar. 31, 1966

Dear David & Bonnie,

Yours received. I will send your intangible tax in and get your assessment on your car corrected. I am sure you have overestimated it. That is done by a descending scale and I am sure your VW has descended to less than $1,100.00. Clarice Hufty is going to take care of it this morning.

I have another injured tendon—my left arm this time. I am having to go to Lafayette for x-ray treatments. Dr. Ferguson saw me last Saturday at the Home Hospital and I took my first treatment. One more trip Apr. 6. He thinks it will not be necessary to do a manipulation. Bonnie probably won’t understand what I am referring to, but David should remember. In getting ready for our trip I had a smallpox vacc., and it took. I had smallpox 39 years ago and I suppose my immunity from that just expired. I am getting quite a reaction. My left arm hurts and my right arm itches. Ordinarily I would have had the vaccination in the left arm. Mark called last night. He was having some difficulty with neck pain. Wanted Dad to tell him what to do. Seems he had a sudden attack and couldn’t get relief from just pain medicine. I hope the treatment helped (what Dad prescribed). They are planning to come Easter. So is John & maybe Lea & Bob.

1966-03-31-gry-p-2[page 2] We should get some good pictures of little David. They tell us he is growing quite fast, so I know he will be changed since we saw him at 6 days of age.

The last time I talked to Mrs. Myers she mentioned going to a nursing home. I told her I would get her the information about Wesley Manor if she is interested. She didn’t seem to think she wanted to go that far from here—at least that was the impression I got from her. I will try and stop this a.m. to see her. I think she hasn’t felt so well this time—I mean since her return from the hospital.

I have several errands to take care of this a.m. so must get along. Marge Janssen had eye surgery last week and is home. I must stop and see her a minute.

Love Mother

I am without a typewriter. The office is using mine while one there is being repaired.

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1965-02-22-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

February 22, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

I hope you have been able to figure your tax. Saturday Marge Janssen went with me to Champaign to see Oliver. Dad was to go, but thought he was too busy to get away. I told him he could go and probably not have a call during that time and that is what happened. However, there was one baby case he felt he didn’t want to leave. Dr. Schoonveld is on vacation and he thought he should stay home. John had gotten tickets for us several weeks ago. Show was held in field house, which looks like a mushroom. I suppose Bob and Lea pointed it out to you when you were there last year. Our seats were near the roof, but I took binoculars along and the sound was good, so I got along fine. We drove home after the show and were back here by 1:15 Saturday AM. John Janssen had washed my car and cleaned it out with a sweeper on the inside. I really felt like I was driving a Cadillac. Then on the way home, about 45 minutes before we arrived in Kent we went through a rain storm and there were several trucks passing and my car looks like I had driven through mud. Lea and Bob had us come to their place for dinner, so Marge and I really had a nice evening.

I stopped to see Mrs. M. last Friday. She was so happy about receiving a valentine and let me read your letter. I make it a point to stop and see her at least once a week. We also were happy to receive a valentine. We had sent valentines to Becky and Kirk and they sent us one. Uncle Jim always sends me a valentine and since that is his birthday, I always send him a card.

I am listening to Das Rheingold. John brought me a record by Anna Russell—the same thing you have on tape. I get a chuckle out of it every time I listen to it.

We have had missionary speakers at our church the past two Sundays. Last night we attended a pot-luck dinner and listened to the missionary speak about her work and show slides. She has been in Chile for a number of years. Last week the speaker was from Korea. He was with us from Sunday through Wednesday.

1965-02-22-gry-p-2[page 2] I think Arvella’s sister has gotten permission to take her vacation in Sept., so all is taken care of. She said if Caroline couldn’t take off in Sept., they would do something else. I rather think Ralph will let her off then. I told Arvella either that, or for her to get someone to work for her and she didn’t seem to think much of that idea.

Dad finished the bedroom unit and is working on a unit for my desk. We moved the desk out of your room and he built a wing for the typewriter and adding machine. He still has two drawers to finish before the unit is complete, but I am using it as it.

Love Mother

P.S. Did the visiting D.S. ever call on you? Did I write you about hearing Joan Fields give your address over the phone? She told me it was Dr. Bailey. He was getting the address for the D.S. from South Bend Dist.

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Mother’s Day 1963

1963-05-13-gryp-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Monday the 13th (May 1963)

Dear David:

Your Mother’s Day gift received Saturday afternoon. I listened to two records Sunday morning before I went to Sunday school, then in the afternoon I listened to the rest of the opera. I think the music is just beautiful. According to the information with the album that opera is considered the composer’s best. Thanks, you couldn’t have given me anything I enjoyed more. Dad had the Goodland florist make me a corsage. One orchid with three pink rose buds. I just should have some place to wear it, since I just had a chance to show it off once. Mark and his family remembered me with a card and I doubt that brother John even knew it was Mother’s day. I think he has probably forgotten most of the things like that. I still haven’t had an answer from my letters asking him to let me know if he is going to be home and when. I finally gave the girls their vacation dates. One is to be gone June 9 thru 23. The other August 18 thru 31. Edna had a dental appointment this past week and was told she should have her teeth pulled. She plan[s] to have that done while she is on vacation. Not a very pleasant thing to look forward to for vacation. Dad has been having some teeth trouble. He is going to see Dr. Logan tonight. I talked to Geo. Dye last week and he said he knew you were planning to be home this summer and he plans to let you take the Sunday school class. He said Rev. Fields was going to write you about it. Rev. Fields has been having some very informative sermons about John Wesley. I think most of the congregation have been impressed. Of course, there is always the element that can’t be pleased. I have a meeting to attend at the hospital today. I went out last Wednesday and Dr. Gery burned the wart off my little finger. Left quite a hole. It is looking better, but is not entirely healed yet. Week before last, Garnett Janssen’s brother passed away and last week Marge’s father passed away. We attended Mr. Cobb’s funeral yesterday. Dad set out the tuberous begonias and then the weather turned cold. We were fooled by that very warm weather the early part of last week. It is supposed to get into the 70’s today, so maybe the little cold spell hasn’t hurt them. I had to have a new tire put on the car. I just got the car back from the garage and the window in the front door dropped down into the door and I had to have that taken care of. The body man at the garage told me I should have the spots touched up with paint, so one day this week I am going to have that taken care of. I am also going to get a new cover put on the front seat, so my car should take on a new look (for you to wear off this summer). Finally got the new typewriter. I am using it here at home. We kept the old typewriter so when it is necessary to use two typewriters at the office we will have the old one.

Love Mother

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I.U. Program

1963-02-15-gr-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Friday, Feb. 15, 1963

Dear David,

Yours received. We tried to get your I.U. program but last Sunday evening I.U. in our area wasn’t good and we couldn’t get Indianapolis. We did get the sound and heard – I.U. panel and then we heard your name and that you were going into the ministry and that was all we could get. The picture was non-existent. Someone told me if we had traveled as far south as Raub or Earl Park we could have gotten the program. Better luck next time.

Glad to know you like your new subjects. I wouldn’t mind taking the Old Testament course and the one on the Reformation. I was asked to have a study class and decided since we are about finished with the study of Acts in Sunday school and have it fresh in my mind would use it. We meet on Wed. mornings at the church from 9:30 to 11:00. We had our first meeting this week and four came but with the roads so hazardous I could excuse some for not coming. Maybe the attendance will pick up when the weather moderates. We are still having 0 and sub 0 here. We can only use the west side of the driveway. There was more snow and wind and there was a drift across the east side of the driveway that looked as high as a car (almost). I had to take food to the church yesterday for the smorgasbord, so Dad furnished my transportation. I had been to Ambia Thursday a.m. to give a program for W.S.C.S. I showed the Indonesian and Thai pictures and talked about Ford Foundation – plus a few other things. Marge Janssen took a group of ladies from Raub and I rode with her to Ambia.

Financially the smorgasbord was a success last nite. Since I was ticket chairman I took charge of the money and banked $500.00 this morning. There was $120.54 in expenses so we realized a $380.00 profit. I said I wouldn’t be in charge of tickets again but I didn’t say why. I hope this time next year we will be enjoying a sunny clime on the other side of the world. Don’t worry about the mode of transportation we choose. Neither of us fear going by air and I am sure we will travel if not all the way by jet, at least half way.

Thru my prodding the repair work on the dining room wall in the church is about to begin. The Board decided to use paneling on the lower half of the wall. We are to entertain the District Woman’s Society meeting in March. I tried to get some painting done in the vestibules, but I doubt if that is done by March. I am not the only one who thinks we should have the church looking its best by the time we have guests from all over the district.

I have a notarized statement as to my birth, in lieu of a birth certificate, but we are having to furnish proof of Dad’s birth thru documents like Navy discharge and application for an

1963-02-15-gry-p-2[page 2] insurance policy in 1923. We have to send photo copies of those papers to the Board of Health to get what is called a Delayed Record of Birth. He has to have that to apply for a passport.

Let me know when you plan to come home. I want to tell Rev. Fields. He will have to have a called meeting of the Board for you.

Luck with your date.
Love Mother

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News from John

1962-07-03-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Memorial Hall I.U. – handwritten by David]
Tues. July 3 1962

Dear David –

I had a therapy treatment yesterday and will get another Thurs. Since the 4th is a holiday won’t go tomorrow. Marge Janssen is going to drive for me Thurs. Joan drove yesterday. The Fields are in the process of moving today and will finish tomorrow. The Bowers moved yesterday.

Rec’d a letter from John this a.m. He hasn’t been getting any fresh news from U.S. – says all the papers there are full of news of New Guinea and he was wondering about the stock market. He said he hadn’t been able to get any U.S. news magazines recently. This letter had been mailed from Singapore by a friend so he was able to say a few things he wouldn’t have said otherwise. He is afraid letters mailed from there (Malang) might be censored.

We have had lots of rain in the past two days and the atmosphere is very oppressive today. Makes my arm ache. I am trying to get myself into the mood to take therapy. Sometimes I have to force myself.

1962-07-03-gry-p-2[page 2] I rather expect Mark & Shirley to come for the week-end.

Love Mother

P.S. a pair of gray pants came back from cleaner. Do you want me to send them? Let me know.

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