Injured Tendon

1966-03-31-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Mar. 31, 1966

Dear David & Bonnie,

Yours received. I will send your intangible tax in and get your assessment on your car corrected. I am sure you have overestimated it. That is done by a descending scale and I am sure your VW has descended to less than $1,100.00. Clarice Hufty is going to take care of it this morning.

I have another injured tendon—my left arm this time. I am having to go to Lafayette for x-ray treatments. Dr. Ferguson saw me last Saturday at the Home Hospital and I took my first treatment. One more trip Apr. 6. He thinks it will not be necessary to do a manipulation. Bonnie probably won’t understand what I am referring to, but David should remember. In getting ready for our trip I had a smallpox vacc., and it took. I had smallpox 39 years ago and I suppose my immunity from that just expired. I am getting quite a reaction. My left arm hurts and my right arm itches. Ordinarily I would have had the vaccination in the left arm. Mark called last night. He was having some difficulty with neck pain. Wanted Dad to tell him what to do. Seems he had a sudden attack and couldn’t get relief from just pain medicine. I hope the treatment helped (what Dad prescribed). They are planning to come Easter. So is John & maybe Lea & Bob.

1966-03-31-gry-p-2[page 2] We should get some good pictures of little David. They tell us he is growing quite fast, so I know he will be changed since we saw him at 6 days of age.

The last time I talked to Mrs. Myers she mentioned going to a nursing home. I told her I would get her the information about Wesley Manor if she is interested. She didn’t seem to think she wanted to go that far from here—at least that was the impression I got from her. I will try and stop this a.m. to see her. I think she hasn’t felt so well this time—I mean since her return from the hospital.

I have several errands to take care of this a.m. so must get along. Marge Janssen had eye surgery last week and is home. I must stop and see her a minute.

Love Mother

I am without a typewriter. The office is using mine while one there is being repaired.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Injured Tendon

  1. davidmadison1942

    I could never get excited about taxes–even today our accountant handles all that. So I was lucky that Gladys kept on top of things for me. The figure $1,600 sticks in my mind as the amount we paid for that VW.

    So she would have been 22 years old when she had smallpox. I guess that would have remained a strong adult memory for her, hence she could date it precisely.


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