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Mother’s Day 1963

1963-05-13-gryp-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Monday the 13th (May 1963)

Dear David:

Your Mother’s Day gift received Saturday afternoon. I listened to two records Sunday morning before I went to Sunday school, then in the afternoon I listened to the rest of the opera. I think the music is just beautiful. According to the information with the album that opera is considered the composer’s best. Thanks, you couldn’t have given me anything I enjoyed more. Dad had the Goodland florist make me a corsage. One orchid with three pink rose buds. I just should have some place to wear it, since I just had a chance to show it off once. Mark and his family remembered me with a card and I doubt that brother John even knew it was Mother’s day. I think he has probably forgotten most of the things like that. I still haven’t had an answer from my letters asking him to let me know if he is going to be home and when. I finally gave the girls their vacation dates. One is to be gone June 9 thru 23. The other August 18 thru 31. Edna had a dental appointment this past week and was told she should have her teeth pulled. She plan[s] to have that done while she is on vacation. Not a very pleasant thing to look forward to for vacation. Dad has been having some teeth trouble. He is going to see Dr. Logan tonight. I talked to Geo. Dye last week and he said he knew you were planning to be home this summer and he plans to let you take the Sunday school class. He said Rev. Fields was going to write you about it. Rev. Fields has been having some very informative sermons about John Wesley. I think most of the congregation have been impressed. Of course, there is always the element that can’t be pleased. I have a meeting to attend at the hospital today. I went out last Wednesday and Dr. Gery burned the wart off my little finger. Left quite a hole. It is looking better, but is not entirely healed yet. Week before last, Garnett Janssen’s brother passed away and last week Marge’s father passed away. We attended Mr. Cobb’s funeral yesterday. Dad set out the tuberous begonias and then the weather turned cold. We were fooled by that very warm weather the early part of last week. It is supposed to get into the 70’s today, so maybe the little cold spell hasn’t hurt them. I had to have a new tire put on the car. I just got the car back from the garage and the window in the front door dropped down into the door and I had to have that taken care of. The body man at the garage told me I should have the spots touched up with paint, so one day this week I am going to have that taken care of. I am also going to get a new cover put on the front seat, so my car should take on a new look (for you to wear off this summer). Finally got the new typewriter. I am using it here at home. We kept the old typewriter so when it is necessary to use two typewriters at the office we will have the old one.

Love Mother

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Draft Status

1962-07-27-gryLetter transcription:

[Memorial Hall I.U. – 7/27/62 – Handwritten by David]

Dear David:

I thought you might like this card. I asked Al and he said there would be time to see about whether you need a ticket when you get back from I.U. I haven’t asked the Draft Board about your status. You can do that when you get back. (or maybe I will inquire tomorrow – I am getting ready to go to Lafayette now). I told George Dye you would take the class from August 12. He said he was glad. Dad got the incinerator built yesterday (with my assistance). He had built a form and poured cement into it. It should last for a while and it looks like it is large enough to take care of our needs. The men are working on the office and the front looks like an entirely new building. They had the outside just about finished. They are going to tear out the waiting room partition today I think. It will be a mess for a while, but we will just have to put up with it. I think the worst will be over before I have to work for Arvella (I hope). I am leaving town at 9:30 and it is 9 now, so must get along.

Love Mother

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Like Brothers (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran.
July 10, 1943

Dear Mother,

This is one of those days when writing seems a hard job to do but as time goes along maybe I’ll think of something.

Another one of our friends was transferred – left this A.M. That seems to be the way things go just like I’ve written before – make friends and then part. This friend I’m writing about this time is Commander Fredricks who was the boss man around here for some time. We spent many hours together and talked lots about the facts of live.

[page 2] There really are only a few of the pioneers left here – I mean of those that came to this place, and part of that bunch was from our original group so we almost feel like brothers.

When one fellow leaves we often wonder who the next will be and then we also wonder who will be the last. I don’t think any of us will have a chance to go back to the States together.

Up to now this letter has sounded like a last will or something so better get off of that line.

This is the regular day for inspection – in the Navy one

[page 3] can always be sure of Sat. because that means beans for breakfast and inspection. Don’t know if the combination is necessary or whether it’s a custom. I’d think either one or the other should be put off a day.

Another Newton Co. E. came yesterday but there didn’t seem to be much startling news. Just the regular fellows home on leave and others leaving. I noticed a few issues ago that Geo. Dye left. Is that the Geo. of the Lumber co. or same is there another Geo.?

Well, I’m all run down.
Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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A new milk program (Gladys)

1943-03-05Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another day without any mail from you but everyday I look for a letter just the same. Our weather has calmed down a little but it is clouding up like we might get some snow. Clarice asked me if I would help solicit in the Red Cross campaign so I had to attend a meeting last night at the court house to get the material. I am to solicit east of 41. They had divided the township & town among so many that no has so much to do. We are to start Monday and I hope to finish same day. So many in this neighborhood don’t have to be solicited because of business connections. The fewer the better. Coco Foulkes is having Cosmopolitan Club this afternoon. I think I’ll go and “show off” our David. He is certainly getting showy. The boys talk to him so much he likes attention. It has been so cold this week I haven’t had him out of the house but I think it is warm enough today to take in that far. – The schools are trying to introduce a milk program in the grade school. Each child to get 1 pt a day for 1 cent. I signed up. Mark has milk with his meals but I thought the extra might do him some good. I see in the paper tha John Cassidy has gone to Arizona for his health. I also see in the court news that Velda Dye got the divorce on a cross complaint – also $5⁰⁰ a week for the support of Linda and 600⁰⁰ alimony – Geo sued and she filed a cross complaint. The boys are home and eating their lunch. John says the boys in his class are learning to knit – Miss Kitsmiller is teaching them. Mark is so full of pep he doesn’t act like he could take the measles and I hope he doesn’t. If he does he will be over them I suppose by the time you will know.

Love Mother

Kent High School yearbook 1948 teachers, including Miss Kitsmiller

Kent High School yearbook 1948 teachers, including Miss Kitsmiller

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Scanning the news (Gladys)

1943-02-19 #1Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It was so nice and warm today we took the baby out for an airing – went over to Lucile’s and took some pictures of Jimmy Ed and David. The pictures L. had taken of Jimmy when he was a month old weren’t good. He is better – that is the rash is leaving. She didn’t give him lactic acid as Dr. M. prescribed and hope she won’t have to. She didn’t want to take him out in air today – was afraid it would make his rash worse. We have been listening to “Joey Brewster.” Mark went to the show, wanted to see “Arabian Nights.” I wanted him to wait until tomorrow evening but you know when he gets an idea about going anything or going any place and since this is Fri – I let him go. John is composing again. When Glen wired us about their baby we sent them a boxes – a sweater set and blanket – and today we rec’d a box from him with two suits for D. and a silver dollar for each boy. Also a baby pillow. Gretchen Dixon Wilson has a baby boy – Feb 17 – “Donald Scott” 5-15 not as big as D. was. Seems like the new babies are mostly boys. Tom Murphy has been in the hospital since Tues but Mrs. M. told me today he is coming home tomorrow. The operations noted in the paper this week are Marj Cast at Methodist, John Simons St. E. & F. Troup – the last was a kidney removal but don’t know what the first two were. The court news has the Dye divorce listed. No dates given. The grain elevator at Brook burned last Sunday – Most grain lost. Have been scanning the paper for news items as you can tell. Finally bought a baby buggy for D. It’s a used but was glad to get it – they are hard to find. Not many new ones to be had. I think Dolores is coming home in April and we will try to go down then for a visit. Will take Ruth M. along if she can go then.

Love Mother

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Two More Letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Two more letters came from you today but they were back, Jan 1 and Jan 4. I suppose now there won’t be any more mail for days again – Even now the oldest letter is 19 days. That isn’t so bad if we could just keep it coming with any regularity. There is more to it than that but I can’t tell just now why we have difficulty.

You asked questions about the money. I’ve already written that but my advice is to buy bonds. The Bldg. & loan is OK but those are taxable so in the long run bonds are better. About the piano – See what Miss Smith thinks, and I don’t recall any further questions, but there are comments – Sure wish I could have been present at the little

[page 2] party at Funks. I can just see Bill passing the drinks. Tell Ellsworth I have gained some weight but he still has me bested by a large poundage. I hope this new necklace gets there in A-1 condition because I believe you will like it better. There are upward of 200 shells in it and there are 2 holes in each shell. My thumb and index finger are still numb – The color of these may not be right for you but as you said a new dress will have to be bought.

I was surprised and I wasn’t at the Dye family. I think I told you before that you she came to me about him being so hard to get along with and he always seemed so sarcastic with her and I think she was more or less sensitive by nature – and they used to sleep in different rooms. I shouldn’t write that – but I did. You

[page 3] had written me that before and I also had seen it in the Newton Co. E. Don’t write out the last word in any more of your letters because there is a ship by that name and someone might censor it. So refer to it as I have above. Gosh I wish I could remember what I wrote in that letter to Bart – because if it comes back out here I might blush if Dr. P. or Fred read it. I’ll censor the whole letter out before they have a chance to read it.

I hope you and D. are over your troubles entirely but there are several month of cold weather yet and one can expect things like that during those months.

We didn’t have a show last night – too much rain – It’s still cloudy today but not

[page 4] much rain so our show should go on. The Evenings are very long when we don’t have a show. WILL FINISH LATER

After show and mail – Your letters of Dec. 22, 18, 23, Jan 4, Dec 5 and Dec 19 came. I just gave you those as I have them laid out on the table and tell Tony Schub his postmarks of Dec 18 & 19 were incorrect. They were Nov instead of Dec. Your letters are getting pretty well up to date now. That is up to Jan 8th you were better in that letter hope you are continuing so . The picture of the three boys was good and the snow pictures were good. Those small ones must have been taken by Mr. Zell I believe. I still believe I’ve answered all the questions. You say taxes. Do you mean 1941 Federal? That amounts to 80⁰⁰. I believe – The last two installments. I still wish you would

[page 5] pay that or put that much extra in bonds, because I know that that will have to be paid. And possibly interest. So I’d rather it be paid. But don’t pay 1942.

Letters also came from Ruth M. Sam & Esther – Dave & Marie and a Christmas greeting from Berdie Steele. I’ll make out a list of your letters up to date in a day or two and you can see how many are missing. Lots of your letters have the same date post marked on the outside. Must be early in A.M. and late P.M.

I’ve gotten so many letters from you in the past 2 days that I’ll have to re-read and rewrite but for today I’ll say Lots of Love – and thanks for all those letters. I know it’s a burden for you to write as much as you do as often.

Love again

Mrs. Fred Williams
1012 Root St.
Flint, Michigan} Fred’s wife’s address

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