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Literary Club (Gladys)

October 2, 1945 envelope

October 2, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

October 2, 1945, p. 1

October 2, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

I just wonder if you are on your way home, or if you will be and this letter is being sent without any reason. Well in case you don’t get to the Lakes I think you will want it. I took David and went to Literary Club at Mrs. Tilton’s. It was over by 4 o’clock, then we came home. Dorothy came out with Bobby and visited a while. She said Bobby has a sore throat and wanted to know what to do – I told her it was hard to do anything for a child that young – that had a sore throat.

At Club, I was asked by Mrs. Glick if we were buying out Mathews – they had heard that and Birdie Steele asked me the same thing. I said we were planning to remodel the old office – and knew nothing about the proposed change. Mrs. Glick said Max thought so much of you. Said he spoke very highly of you. He always was friendly, wasn’t he?

October 2, 1945, p. 2

October 2, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] I talked to Mrs. Coaley and she thinks Ellsworth will soon be home. He was transferred at the last minute and didn’t have to go out on the ship he had been assigned to.

Dorothy & Nick are planning to go up to Funk’s lodge Friday until Tuesday. It seems Bill has invited quite a number for this weekend. Dorothy is planning to leave the baby with her mother.

I noted in yesterday’s letter about Clarence Simmons coming to see if you would be interested I going to Mulberry and if so he said they would get you out of the Service – There is no doctor in Mulberry. I told him I didn’t think you would be interested but if so I would let them know.

David still gets up according to the way he did before the time change and it’s too early to suit me. Maybe he will gradually get to sleeping later – (I hope).

Staton’s dog is sick and he acts like he won’t get well. Coco’s brother-in-law is due to arrive somewhere on the coast but he doesn’t know where. He has 57 points.

Love Mother

October 2, 1945, p. 3

October 2, 1945, p. 3

[page 3] Ed has moved across the street so our office is ready to be remodeled.

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Two More Letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Two more letters came from you today but they were back, Jan 1 and Jan 4. I suppose now there won’t be any more mail for days again – Even now the oldest letter is 19 days. That isn’t so bad if we could just keep it coming with any regularity. There is more to it than that but I can’t tell just now why we have difficulty.

You asked questions about the money. I’ve already written that but my advice is to buy bonds. The Bldg. & loan is OK but those are taxable so in the long run bonds are better. About the piano – See what Miss Smith thinks, and I don’t recall any further questions, but there are comments – Sure wish I could have been present at the little

[page 2] party at Funks. I can just see Bill passing the drinks. Tell Ellsworth I have gained some weight but he still has me bested by a large poundage. I hope this new necklace gets there in A-1 condition because I believe you will like it better. There are upward of 200 shells in it and there are 2 holes in each shell. My thumb and index finger are still numb – The color of these may not be right for you but as you said a new dress will have to be bought.

I was surprised and I wasn’t at the Dye family. I think I told you before that you she came to me about him being so hard to get along with and he always seemed so sarcastic with her and I think she was more or less sensitive by nature – and they used to sleep in different rooms. I shouldn’t write that – but I did. You

[page 3] had written me that before and I also had seen it in the Newton Co. E. Don’t write out the last word in any more of your letters because there is a ship by that name and someone might censor it. So refer to it as I have above. Gosh I wish I could remember what I wrote in that letter to Bart – because if it comes back out here I might blush if Dr. P. or Fred read it. I’ll censor the whole letter out before they have a chance to read it.

I hope you and D. are over your troubles entirely but there are several month of cold weather yet and one can expect things like that during those months.

We didn’t have a show last night – too much rain – It’s still cloudy today but not

[page 4] much rain so our show should go on. The Evenings are very long when we don’t have a show. WILL FINISH LATER

After show and mail – Your letters of Dec. 22, 18, 23, Jan 4, Dec 5 and Dec 19 came. I just gave you those as I have them laid out on the table and tell Tony Schub his postmarks of Dec 18 & 19 were incorrect. They were Nov instead of Dec. Your letters are getting pretty well up to date now. That is up to Jan 8th you were better in that letter hope you are continuing so . The picture of the three boys was good and the snow pictures were good. Those small ones must have been taken by Mr. Zell I believe. I still believe I’ve answered all the questions. You say taxes. Do you mean 1941 Federal? That amounts to 80⁰⁰. I believe – The last two installments. I still wish you would

[page 5] pay that or put that much extra in bonds, because I know that that will have to be paid. And possibly interest. So I’d rather it be paid. But don’t pay 1942.

Letters also came from Ruth M. Sam & Esther – Dave & Marie and a Christmas greeting from Berdie Steele. I’ll make out a list of your letters up to date in a day or two and you can see how many are missing. Lots of your letters have the same date post marked on the outside. Must be early in A.M. and late P.M.

I’ve gotten so many letters from you in the past 2 days that I’ll have to re-read and rewrite but for today I’ll say Lots of Love – and thanks for all those letters. I know it’s a burden for you to write as much as you do as often.

Love again

Mrs. Fred Williams
1012 Root St.
Flint, Michigan} Fred’s wife’s address

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Three months old (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 23 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

David is 3 months old today and weighs 11 lbs 10 oz –

Baby Book, p. 7

Well I had to have a round like John & Mark had – John is upstairs in bed and I am on the davenport. My throat got very sore so started taking sulfathiazole about 6:30 last night and have taken 10 tablets now. My throat is much better and if I have any temp. is very slight. Clara Molter stayed with us last night so she could take care of the baby and is staying today. Floyd called last night from Napanee about going home but I told him we were staying home due to present circumstances. I feel pretty good today but will keep quiet and try to get up tomorrow. This sulfathiazole is much easier to take them nilamide. The way I felt yesterday and last night I would have expected to feel much worse today but on the whole and everything considered I feel fair. School has been

[page 2] dismissed until Jan 4. The roads were so slick yesterday the busses couldn’t go out and evidently it isn’t much better today. This little upset of mine has kept me from getting my Christmas shopping finished, but somehow I don’t care a lot. Arlene & Bill went to Chicago and shopped before gas rationing and had their things mailed and they got lost in the mail so they are in a worse shape than I am because I haven’t spent anything & they have. I mean I haven’t spent for certain gifts. I sent for a pin for Mother and when it came is was about the size of a peanut. I had seen several of those Navy pins like Thelma has and thought that was what I was ordering but this one is so small I am afraid she won’t want it. I had Mr. Reinard order it so I think I’ll send it back and try for a larger one.

Mrs. Zell came over last night and swabbed my throat and Mr. Z. took out clinkers for me. I have been doing that job myself. I think that is more than the boys can manage. Mr. Z. has been classified as 3-B so there isn’t much chance of his going.

[page 3] and Mrs. Zell says they feel like they should help us out when we need it, because you are in service and he isn’t. They come over and ask if there is anything they can do. You know there is a difference in asking someone to do something and having someone offer to do without being asked.

No letters today but there were three yesterday so didn’t expect any today. I am afraid your Christmas boxes got wet. The one I sent especially for Dec 25th was packed in a shoe box then I put that inside a heavy corrugated box and tied it firmly with heavy cord. I thought I wrapped all the packages well enough but I suppose they get rough handling.

Mark has gone to town on an errand. He was detailed to amuse David and it soon got tiresome. He like to play with him if I am there but if it looks like work he doesn’t like to do it.

I told you we received the yen note, also the Hawaii & Noumea money. The children like to show the money. I wonder if you are learning any French from the lessons in your newspaper or do you have to know French when you shop?

Yegerlehner, David - 1942-12-23 #1Yegerlehner, David - 1942-12-23 #3

[page 4] We took some pictures Sunday in the house with our camera and two fotoflood lamps. It was very bright outside from the sun & snow so the pictures turned out very good. I’ll put one in this letter & one in Tomorrows etc., so you will get one of them in case some of my letters are lost. If we had a candid camera we could do better, but for outdoor pictures you know what good pictures we have had.Yegerlehner, David - 1942-12-23 #2

Dorothy sent your birthday greeting on your birthday but didn’t say anything about sending two, but since they came at the same time she must have. Birdie Steele called for your address this week so she could send you a greeting – but I think she was a little late for Christmas. Coke Foulkes also got your address yesterday.

Wayne Walker had been in Australia and is home on a 30 day furlough – maybe I mentioned that before. I haven’t seen him but I haven’t been out much lately. Mrs. Roberts called me Sunday to wish me Christmas greetings. We were wondering if the Doctors would be sent home or kept for the duration. Earl Roberts seemed to think you would get to come home after one year out – but does he know?

Here’s hoping –

Love Mother

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