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Another Lazy Sunday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 6 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another lazy Sunday afternoon. It is inclined to cloud up at intervals and very close & hot. Had David in the buggy but he got tired – the buggy hampers his style too much so put him in his pen. So far the mosquitos haven’t bitten him but they are awfully thick out in the yard around the shrubbery. We have not been bothered much with flies in the house, but every time any one sees a fly we go after it like it is a dragon “or something – “ but as far as the baby is concerned a fly can be as dangerous. The last of the week it was so hot he broke out around his neck and shoulders with heat, but it is better now, and it’s getting hot again.

Mark is coming along nicely from his tonsillectomy. He seems to be hungry all the time – hope that

[page 2] is a good sign. He is so anxious to gain and get big muscles. I should get some myself from the work I do in the garden & flower beds but so far haven’t noticed any.

There is an item in the paper about getting new telephone rates (higher). Our phone has been going dead ever so often. The service man was here one day but it has been out a time or two since then – so we wondered what we would be getting higher rates for, but I suppose it costs the co. more to operate now.

–a pause—went over to Zell’s & fed their chickens – They are away for the day – The chickens are ready for market, but I don’t want many at the present price – however they aren’t as expensive as steak. The ceiling on chickens to dealers – and that is what they would charge me – being a neighbor is .35¢ – I sent to town for sirloin steak yesterday – it was .45¢ a lb. I didn’t want to drive to Sheldon so thought I would try “store meat” once again – It was good enough but not as tender I thought as what we have had.

[page 3] The last quarter of beef I got was cut into roasts & boiling meat mostly so we are out of steaks at present. I ordered another quarter put in the locker – but Brands can only by a limited amount now and I have to wait my turn. Parttens will have a beef ready for fall, but we will need some before theirs are ready. We will have plenty of coupons – with five books. We have plenty for canned goods too. I want to can beans, carrots & tomatoes this summer. The first carrots I sowed are up and I am going to put in more.

Bobby Funk is here – Bill and Arlene left in their car – We heard Bobby crying very loudly – Mark and I were pushing the carriage trying to get David to sleep and Bobby came out – Betty Muscleman [Musselman] came out after him – we told her we would take care of him – since she had to stay with Donnie. Mark is working on a model airplane and Bobby is admiring him very much. Bobby said, “My Daddy is teaching my mommy how to drive, ha! ha!”

That little ha ha he sometimes

[page 4] adds to his sentences sounds like he means more than I know he can.

Joe Bill Mullen has been commissioned a second Lt. at Field Artillery Officers Candidate School at Ft. Sills, Oka. That is where Emmett Miller is stationed. He rec’d a promotion to Capt. Some time ago. Eddie Steinbach is now a second Lt. in the Medical Administration Corps, Camp Barkley, Texas. Pat Mullen is a corporal now – he has a N.Y. address.

There is a new Auto Ins. law – anyone operating a car has to carry $11,000 liability – July 1 – our policy expires in Aug but will have to see about it to make sure we are carrying the correct amt.

Mark just got caught in the closet – the door knob doesn’t turn from the inside – Bobby let him out. John was listening to a musical program but it was so noisy with static I insisted he turn it off – so he went upstairs.

Love Mother

[page 5] Since finishing the letters I started this afternoon had callers, Mrs. Roberts & her children and one of Earl’s. She hadn’t had any recent word from Joe but he isn’t in Noumea now. She doesn’t know where he is. I told her my mail had been slow this week too. She said Joe had written you a note and thought you should have it quite some time ago.

The threatening rain finally came and what a rain. It came down in sheets for a few minutes. It has stopped now but the radio is still noisy and there is thunder. The noise on the radio was more than I cared to listen to so the boys are in their bedroom listening. David of course is asleep – He goes to bed following his 6 P.M. feeding.

–Monday—It turned very cool during the night, following the hard rain. It has been cloudy all day but begins to look like it is clearing away. We have the Bendix going now with David’s clothes.

[page 6] No mail again today – This makes a week without mail – Probably will get a bunch when it does come. David pulled himself up to his feet in his pen this morning. He is in his pen how with one foot sticking out on the floor. Margaret Kruman asked me to give Bud a hypo Wed. She wants to go away for the day and couldn’t find anyone. Since I have given myself shots, I suppose she thought I could give one to Bud. – Well, I’ll try.

Mark is in the baking mood and is mixing a cake now. I think he is coming along nicely from his tonsillectomy. It’s time to get David’s dinner ready so must open a can or two of vegetables.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, Indiana, June 1943

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Souvenir of New Caledonia (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Jan 6, 1942 [1943]
Lt. (jg) Yegerlehner
Receiving Station
U.S. Naval Advanced Base
Noumea New Caledonia
c/o Fleet P.O.
San Francisco Calif

Dear Mother,

Received mail toady – what a thrill. It was dated Oct. 29, 30 & 31. In the 30th letter there were pictures Ruth had taken. It was old mail but I read it as carefully as if I were yesterdays. In one of those you had given me a detailed account of David’s arrival and only today did I learn what his middle name was. I think I know where this mail has been but that isn’t important. The letters were marked clipper and air mail special stamps but that didn’t seem to make any difference. Just plain air mail or V-mail is as good as anything. I was a little surprised at Earl R. coming over because I

[page 2] really didn’t know him very well. Not as well as Joe

I went to town this A.M. with Dr. Porterfield and we had one of our boys along who is a very good French talker. Dr. P. wanted to buy a picture of one of those flamboyant trees. He did but I didn’t. They were photos tinted about 12 in by 12 in. He paid 8⁰⁰ and they had some other for 12⁰⁰. I just figured that was a little and our money could be used to a better advantage. There are lots of things – Lace doileys (sp), arm bracelets, ear rings, coaster mats etc but most are made in America with 3-4 prices so I don’t get the idea. Perfumes are all American (Cotys) so why pay to send things like that back. There were some nice yards goods and dresses but one has to have a ration card to buy those things and after all we aren’t natives so we have

[page 3] no ration cards.

Say I just happened to remember or it just came to me – I send you a belt buckle and you say you have to buy a new dress to go with it. And I send you a necklace and you say you have to have a new dress. Suppose I sent you a pair of Step inns – Well I haven’t bought any yet so you won’t have that problem to consider – I really got a kick out of your new dresses to go with the things I sent. Hope you’ll get them. And that “my day,” don’t put that in parenthesis because it makes me think of where it came from.

The weather which has been so pleasant except for the brisk breeze has turned very hot without much breeze and just seems like rain. This has really been dry for rainy season but I think it’s too early to be saying anything yet. Our P.M. mail delivery isn’t up yet so don’t know what or if anything

[page 4] will come. During this season there are apt to be storms in this area and travel by air is uncertain so I imagine both our mails will be slow. So write V-mail rather frequent write both. I’ll finish later – have work to do yet just now.

Almost 10:00 P.M. The show is over and no mail on the P.M. delivery so it is now about one month again – sure is disheartening but there isn’t much to be done as far as I can see.

The show is over and it was too sad for out here – “How Green Was My Valley.” I don’t know if you saw it there or not but I do remember hearing that title back some years ago.

We had hot – very hot chilli for supper with rice and green beans and all I ate was a bowl of rice with milk. You are supposed to mix the chilli with the rice but I still don’t like it too hot. So I just ate the rice. Had to do something – My space and time is up so solong love Daddy

P.S. Sending a little souvenir

Souvenir Roscoe included in the letter

Souvenir Roscoe included in the letter

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Three months old (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 23 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

David is 3 months old today and weighs 11 lbs 10 oz –

Baby Book, p. 7

Well I had to have a round like John & Mark had – John is upstairs in bed and I am on the davenport. My throat got very sore so started taking sulfathiazole about 6:30 last night and have taken 10 tablets now. My throat is much better and if I have any temp. is very slight. Clara Molter stayed with us last night so she could take care of the baby and is staying today. Floyd called last night from Napanee about going home but I told him we were staying home due to present circumstances. I feel pretty good today but will keep quiet and try to get up tomorrow. This sulfathiazole is much easier to take them nilamide. The way I felt yesterday and last night I would have expected to feel much worse today but on the whole and everything considered I feel fair. School has been

[page 2] dismissed until Jan 4. The roads were so slick yesterday the busses couldn’t go out and evidently it isn’t much better today. This little upset of mine has kept me from getting my Christmas shopping finished, but somehow I don’t care a lot. Arlene & Bill went to Chicago and shopped before gas rationing and had their things mailed and they got lost in the mail so they are in a worse shape than I am because I haven’t spent anything & they have. I mean I haven’t spent for certain gifts. I sent for a pin for Mother and when it came is was about the size of a peanut. I had seen several of those Navy pins like Thelma has and thought that was what I was ordering but this one is so small I am afraid she won’t want it. I had Mr. Reinard order it so I think I’ll send it back and try for a larger one.

Mrs. Zell came over last night and swabbed my throat and Mr. Z. took out clinkers for me. I have been doing that job myself. I think that is more than the boys can manage. Mr. Z. has been classified as 3-B so there isn’t much chance of his going.

[page 3] and Mrs. Zell says they feel like they should help us out when we need it, because you are in service and he isn’t. They come over and ask if there is anything they can do. You know there is a difference in asking someone to do something and having someone offer to do without being asked.

No letters today but there were three yesterday so didn’t expect any today. I am afraid your Christmas boxes got wet. The one I sent especially for Dec 25th was packed in a shoe box then I put that inside a heavy corrugated box and tied it firmly with heavy cord. I thought I wrapped all the packages well enough but I suppose they get rough handling.

Mark has gone to town on an errand. He was detailed to amuse David and it soon got tiresome. He like to play with him if I am there but if it looks like work he doesn’t like to do it.

I told you we received the yen note, also the Hawaii & Noumea money. The children like to show the money. I wonder if you are learning any French from the lessons in your newspaper or do you have to know French when you shop?

Yegerlehner, David - 1942-12-23 #1Yegerlehner, David - 1942-12-23 #3

[page 4] We took some pictures Sunday in the house with our camera and two fotoflood lamps. It was very bright outside from the sun & snow so the pictures turned out very good. I’ll put one in this letter & one in Tomorrows etc., so you will get one of them in case some of my letters are lost. If we had a candid camera we could do better, but for outdoor pictures you know what good pictures we have had.Yegerlehner, David - 1942-12-23 #2

Dorothy sent your birthday greeting on your birthday but didn’t say anything about sending two, but since they came at the same time she must have. Birdie Steele called for your address this week so she could send you a greeting – but I think she was a little late for Christmas. Coke Foulkes also got your address yesterday.

Wayne Walker had been in Australia and is home on a 30 day furlough – maybe I mentioned that before. I haven’t seen him but I haven’t been out much lately. Mrs. Roberts called me Sunday to wish me Christmas greetings. We were wondering if the Doctors would be sent home or kept for the duration. Earl Roberts seemed to think you would get to come home after one year out – but does he know?

Here’s hoping –

Love Mother

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