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A Stone Fence

1965-11-14-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

November 14, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

Your last “line” received.

Today I had to attend a meeting at the church in the afternoon and since Dad was on a baby case at the hospital and the recorder was on I stopped to see Mrs. Myers for a few minutes. So far she hasn’t worn anything since her return from the hospital but pjs and housecoat. She said she has an appointment for a shampoo Monday, so she will get back into her clothes again. She complains of weakness and I know she isn’t very strong. You don’t need to mention anything in your letters to her about what I write about her, but I think she is going to have to go to a nursing home sooner or later. Mrs. Borman is getting ready to open a home in the place where Krulls used to live (where Funks office used to be). Mrs. M. was asking me about it today. I think she would be much better off to go to a Methodist Home like Wesley Manor. Regardless of where she goes, I think it is going to come to that, simply because she is not able to be alone. You know she has all her eggs in one basket, namely AT & T and there has been some unpleasant news in the papers recently about the company and the stock has declined in price some, however, not enough to alarm a person. She told me today she was upset about it. She even contemplated selling, but I told her the capital gains and taxes would not leave her much. Harold had told her the same thing. I told her if she wanted to secure her future, she could go to a nursing home like Wesley and she would be taken care of, regardless of the stock market. It would cost her something to enter and she would have to pay something to stay there, but if she signed her stock over to the home they would take care of her. There is a home at Earl Park that is very nice and only a person with her means could afford to enter. I don’t know what her decision will be, but I feel she is trying to decide what to do. In the past she has been very adamant about entering an institution, but I think she is beginning to realize that is what she needs. Now don’t mention any of this in your letters to her.

We are still studying the stereo situation. While Dad was at the hospital this evening and after I had had a siesta, I listened to one record of Cosi Fan Tutte—then Dad came home and we had a snack. We decided we didn’t need much to eat today. We have been eating walnuts. The Mercurios gave us canned fruit, fresh apples, almonds and English walnuts and I have been shelling the nuts and the result has been—too many nuts eaten.

Next Sunday the parsonage will be consecrated. Since I am on the Commission of Worship I had to help plan the program. Dr. Bailey will be here to preach in the morning and be present at the open house and consecration service in the afternoon. You know, or you will in time, a consecration service cannot be held until a building is paid in full.

Joy Funk is going to be married Jan. 15. Some of Arlene’s friends had a shower for her Saturday. I saw Nancy at the shower. She and Don are living in Rensselaer. I told her you and Bonnie will be home for Christmas. I suppose you and Jim and Chuck and some of the crowd will want to have a party sometime during the time you are home. Jim tried six times, his mother told me, to call you the day he was in Boston.

The McClures and Bob and Ruth Ford and Dad and I are going to give the Johnson’s a house warming next Thursday night. We have been wanting to have it since they moved, but since we were away the month of Sept. and too busy in Oct., it had to be put off until next week. I suppose you know they live on N. 6th Street (where Jack Spencer used to live).

1965-11-14-gry-p-2Dad bought a new humidifier for his office and brought the old one here to the house. It runs constantly and is quite noisy, but I am getting used to it. Since it makes the air so much better (so they tell me) I won’t complain.

This morning I took my tape recorder and gave R. Zell’s class the first lesson in “Acts, Then and Now.” I couldn’t do much today but that, because there wasn’t any foundation for discussion. I handed out the books and questions today, but if they are as responsive next Sunday as they were today, I may give the tape to Russ and tell him to run the tape or do anything he wants to do with it. When I came home after Sunday School I asked Dad if he had even talked to a stone fence. I said that was the feeling I had talking to that group. They were about that responsive. I could use an hour or more giving those lessons,

[page 2] but while we were away in Sept., someone decided an hour was too long for a S.S. class, so they decided to cut it back to 45 minutes, and have a closing service. When we got the order of service changed to church first, we eliminated the opening of S.S., which to my way of thinking was not necessary—then someone had to get this closing service thrown in, and for what reason I have yet to discover. Had we not been away, I think they would not have succeeded in making that change. I wasn’t here to keep the hour for S.S. lesson.

Love Mother

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Sewer Work

1965-11-07-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

November 7, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

Sunday evening and I am alone for the present. Dad had to go to the hospital to give an anesthetic. We have had a restful afternoon, which we needed I think I should be able to face next week.

One night last week the weatherman said we would be able to see the comet at about 4 AM, so Dad set the alarm, but since Chicago is on standard time and we are on eastern time, Dad set the alarm too early. At any rate we started at about 4 o’clock to watch and after going out several times, Dad finally gave it up, but I went out one last time and by standing in the shadows of the trees on the north side of the lawn and looking to the southeast I thought I could discern a faint light, like a beacon, so I came back in and told Dad. We both went out again and decided that must be it. We should have driven out south of town and I am sure we would have gotten a better view. There is a good picture taken of it from a mountain in Hawaii – in Life magazine this week. Also Life has an article about Tillich.

I have been stopping to see Mrs. M. almost every day. I think she is gradually getting back to normal, but she still isn’t quite as strong as she was before.

Last summer when attending School of Mission I took the tape recorder along and recorded the lectures on “Acts-Then and Now.” I used the tape in teaching the book in my S.S. class. I became careless one day and said I would give the lessons to R. Zell’s class and they voted today to have me do just that. Now I have to make arrangements to have someone take my class for the next 5 weeks. I feel a little better about the class today than when I wrote last. The attendance was up today and the group was in a discussing mood, which always helps.

We are back where we started from on the hifi. It was too much trouble to keep the records changed at the office and the record player wasn’t being used enough to keep it there, so we brought it back home. However, we aren’t out of the stereo market yet. I think Dad will build one. Bun tells me that is the best way to get a good stereo. I am not interested in buying an expensive piece of furniture, when we have plenty of cabinets in which to place a record player. We brought all the records back home, including of course the new popular records. If Dad can get the parts, we will probably have a stereo by the time you come home for Christmas.

Joy Funk is going to be married Jan. 8th. Some of Arlene’s friends are having a shower for her Saturday afternoon and I have been invited. It is a linen shower and that means I will probably have to go to Lafayette to get something. Did I write that Don and Nancy were married Oct. 2nd? They are living in Rensselaer and Don is going to school. Jim Johnson had to make a trip east for the Company he works for and we gave him your telephone number. His dad said he tried all day to get you, but without any success. I didn’t know just when he was going or I would have let you know the exact time he would be in Boston.

The company that has been installing the sewer tile is about ready to leave town. They are supposedly putting the street back like they found them, but all it amounts to is a little strip of paving down the center, or in some cases, one side of the street. Our town still looks pretty torn up from the work this past summer. We never did get anything out our way. I think we will probably be hooked up as is. There is quite a story back of why they didn’t work out here. Seems our neighbor to the east wouldn’t give their consent to have the digging machine go near their back yard. Dad says however, they couldn’t have stopped them if the Company would have gone right ahead and dug. Right of eminent domain. I think the trouble was that our Town Board didn’t quite know what to do. They didn’t secure easements. They just took for granted that they had easements all over the town. Quite complicated. The sewage plant is being built and most of the town will be hooked up to it when it is finished, even if our end of town isn’t.

The United Church Women (I am Secretary-Treas.) had a meeting last Friday. World Community Day and one of the projects was to make sewing kits. I have to get those ready to send in the mail today to Napanee, Ind., so must get busy.

Love Mother

Your check received – sorry I forgot to mention it.

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No Mon, No Fun, Your Son

1962-02-08-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Postmark Feb. 8, 1962 Wright 533 – Handwritten by David]

Thanks for sending the paper.

Dear David:

When I dropped in to visit Mrs. Myers and she showed me your letter I was about to disown you because we hadn’t heard from you since you had returned to school and I remember you promised to write weekly. I was reminded of the little “joke” I had once heard – it goes like this – A young man was in college and having such a good time he didn’t have time to write until he ran out of money and this is what he wrote – Dear Dad: No mon, no fun, Your Son. The reply was: Dear Son: How sad, too bad, Your Dad. But since we have received a nice long letter and you made the Dean’s list, we won’t have to resort to such measures. We have marked off May 2nd and plan to visit Bloominton that day and attend the Ceremonies. You know we used to do that when John was in school. Mark and Shirley and Becky were here Sunday (I was showing Mark how to do the book work) and they were quite pleased that you had made the Dean’s list.

Becky was cut as a bug Sunday. Mark and I were back here at my desk trying to get something done and she kept wanting me to hold her. Usually she doesn’t want to be held, but Sunday she just wouldn’t leave us alone. Finally Shirley put her to bed for a nap. They came down at just about 12 o’clock and we went out to the Nu-Joy for dinner. They stayed for supper and we had a few thinks I had on hands, like ham, eggs, etc. I don’t think anyone was really too hungry, because we all had such a huge dinner.

I have been so busy this week, it seem like I have been on a tread mill. Monday I attended a meeting in Lafayette that last from 10 AM until 3 PM. Monday night there was a Bd. of Education meeting at the church and since I am Chairman of that Commission I thought I had better attend. I think things are not going so well in the MYF on Sun. mornings. Rev. Fields told us that the MYF’ers are thinking about going back into the worship service with the rest of the S.S. in the Sanctuary. I really think it is due to their leader not being equal to his job. Rev. Fields has intimated to me that the young people do not care for him. Incidentally Rev. Fields did have a bone broken in his ankle, and Dad put a walking cast on his leg yesterday. Now that I have mentioned it, you didn’t know about his fall. One day when Joan drove for me to go to Lafayette to get an x-ray treatment, he fell on the back step at the parsonage and Dad thought he had sprained his ankle. He kept walking on it and how he could do that is more than I can figure. Tuesday night there was a meeting at the Church for the solicitors for the parsonage fund to report on their work. The week before Dad and I both attended the meeting to get our assignments. We took 8 names and of course, I did the soliciting. Out of about 120 names 76 cards were returned this week with the result of $14,700.00 pledged. We need 23,000.00, but since all the contacts haven’t been made we feel sure the balance will be met. Twenty-five persons at least have been working on the project and at least 65 families have made pledges in spite of the fact that Nev. did a lot of talking against it. Some of the workers thought she influence some people against it, but I don’t think she did too much damage (except showed a few people what she really is) since we have accomplished what we have so far. The WSCS is going to do something on the project, since we have about $2,000 in the bank. We gave $1,000 before Christmas to get the think going and pledged $1,500 for the next three years ($500 a year). Ours, I am sorry to say was the only one that large. Rus A. had hoped to get several $1,000, but so far the only one next to ours is $750. Dad said with our initial $1,000 and the additional $1,5000 making more than a tenth of what they need, he thought they should be able to raise the rest.

Dad got one set of shelves built in the work area for me – on the west wall. We have taken out the old washing machine and dryer (temporarily they are stored in the garage) and as soon as the new combination comes and we get it installed, Dad is going to build a cabinet around on the wall above it, so when not in use, will look just like another cabinet. He at present is working on shelves to be built on the east wall, just under and south of the wall safe. I said I wanted to get rid of this desk, because I want to get a new unit to use back here, but Dad thought you might want to keep this desk, so I won’t do anything about it at present.

1962-02-08-gry-p-2Next Thursday we are going to have the annual smorgasbord at the Church and I am ticket chairman, so have a few tickets to get distributed today. I sold tickets amounting to $31 yesterday, but have to sell many more than that to make the thing a success. I am not going to do much more selling myself, but put them out for others to sell for me.

I had to have the car worked on again and they couldn’t get it finished the day I took it in, so drove a Buick for an evening and morning. I have my car back not and had a wash job done and it looks pretty good again.

Love Mother

Keep up those good grades, and don’t forget to write, Rec’d a long letter from John yesterday & he described a Muslim wedding he had attended. Let me know when to deposit for you again. I have love track.

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City Gas

1961-01-31-gryLetter transcription:

[to Wright 513 – handwritten by David]
Kentland, Indiana
146 W. Graham Street
January 31, 1961

Dear David:

We are enjoying a little warmer weather. If we didn’t still have snow on the ground we might think it is spring.

I worked on statements last night and this morning. I thought about running the total up on the adding machine, but didn’t have you here to do it, so just didn’t take the time.

We now are using city gas. The plumbers and Public Service men came Saturday and made the change over. Our furnace had to be turned off about two hours, but the house didn’t get too chilly. Dad goes out and looks at the meter once in a while and says the needle travels awfully fast. Walter Small and John came yesterday and took the tank away. John is home for between semester vacation.

Pres. Kennedy was on Dave Garraway’s program this morning. We listened to his State of the Union message yesterday. Did you? The commentators pointed out the striking difference between his message and the one Ike gave recently. The Democrats applauded, but the Republicans say he has painted a picture that isn’t quite true. I will agree with him on his view on physical fitness.

There is a meeting tonight at the Church for members of the finance committee and others to discuss what our church is going to do about the Capital Funds drive. R. Zell came out last night and talked to us about getting the ball rolling for a new parsonage. I found the program for Jan. 1. Here it is in case you still want it.

Have some book work to do, so must get at it.
Love Mother

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Upcoming Vacation

Letter transcription:

1960-09-25 (GRY)[Kentland to Wright 521 Postmark Sept. 25 (?) 9- AM 1960 – in David’s handwriting]

Dear David:

I am sending this reminder on to you, but I rather think you will have enough to do without taking Briefs again.

Dad has been moving the lawn this evening after office hours, but due to an accident he had to go back to the office. He didn’t quite finish the east lawn. The grass just keeps growing, but I don’t mind, because I would rather have the warm weather. Jerry is out shooting at the sparrows again this evening.

I understand Nancy came home for the week-end. Julie’s mother was talking to me Sunday about whether Julie would come home this next week-end. Dad was talking to Mr. Molter about your registering. Mr. M. said for you to go to the draft board in Bloomington and register and have them send it here. He forgot to tell me that when I talked to him one day last week. This draft board’s number is 58 (Newton County Draft Bd.)

We are planning to go to Florida on our vacation. We will leave here Saturday October 22. We will come to Bloomington and spend Saturday night there and after breakfast Sunday the 23rd, we will start south. If you want to come home before that time it is OK, but in case you can’t make it, we will get to see you before we leave for Fla.

We had a robbery in town one day last week – two negros walked into the Kentland Hdw. Store and got $30.00 from Wayne. I am very careful to keep our doors locked all the time. One evening not long ago the man next door (in the little cottage) said he saw someone prowling around here. The prowler came to their house and tried to get in the back door. Our neighbor was a Marine and knows how to use a gun. He took his gun and went out into the yard and asked the visitor what he wanted. He said he was looking for cottage #14. I think when he saw the gun he probably thought he had better get away from there. He said something about wanting cottage 13 and it was rented. I told Mr. Banner the motel didn’t have a #13.

We received a wedding invitation from DeDe and Jerry. I wanted Mary B. and Marge Janssen to go with me. The wedding is at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Oct. 8th. It is 150 miles to Canton, and they think it is too far for them to go. I haven’t talked to Esta, but they said she was just going over and back. I may go with her and I may not go. I haven’t decided yet what I will do.

Mr. Polk said to tell you the flags you ordered came. Jerry Harris said to tell you he is the official flag raiser.

N.I.P.S. is working in town now on the pipeline. We should be using that kind of gas by Christmas, or sooner. We don’t know just what the gas line will do to our driveway. The line will be put down by the street instead of back of our house.

We moved the peonies and they were so large we made 16 plantings. We are getting all the work taken care of around here. There won’t be anything for you to do when you come home, but wash windows. The neighbors got the spirea, so all Dad has to do now is fill the holes. He should be able to finish mowing the lawn tomorrow evening, then Thursday, if it doesn’t rain, he can fill holes.

My class (12 of them) went to Chicago Sunday to see Ben Hur. I talked to Dorothy Donaldson Monday about the trip and she said they thought it was worth going that far to see. Peggy and Howard didn’t go, but she said they were sorry afterwards they didn’t order tickets. There were 20 in my class Sunday. Rev. and Mrs. Fields are on vacation for a week. Rus Zell and Mel Fisher did the talking in church Sunday. There was a large crowd at Sunday School, but not so many stayed for church.

I am going to Boswell for a meeting tomorrow. Have to leave here at 8 O’clock. I should be back home by 3:30 (I hope).

You call the Stony Crest Motel and reserve us a room for October 22nd. Tell them we won’t be in until late and if necessary make a deposit. You had better take care of that right away. Sometimes you can’t get a reservation there for just one night if there is a ball game scheduled for the week-end. If you can’t get us room there, get one at the Union Building or the University Hotel.

Dad has gone to a School Board meeting. We watched the debate last night. I have listened to some comments on it today. I suppose you watched it.

Love Mother

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A Tussle with the Weather (Gladys)

September 28, 1945 envelope

September 28, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 28, 1945, p. 1

September 28, 1945, p. 1

Fri. morn.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of the 25th came this morning. If you do get to bring another draft to G.L. I will meet you as before, but I think I can make it by myself or with the family – Since 45 takes us up that way I wouldn’t have to drive 41 – however since 41 is  lane part of the way it isn’t bad, but I think I would rather just go on over to 45 from here. I think if you want me to meet you alone J. & M. can get along here with David, but if you think you would get as much time as before I could bring them along – let me know. I am having a tussle with the weather. I hung the drapes from our bedroom out yesterday with the idea of getting them just dry enough to iron, but it rained before they got dry so I just left them out all night. This a.m. the sun was shining so I changed the beds as usual and washed. I hung one tub full out then decided to bring the drapes back in because it was lightly sprinkling then. I hung them and the next washer of clothes in the basement. When I came up it looked like it was clearing but now it’s cloudy again so I am leaving everything hanging where it is.

Last night I went out to Taylors to the A.B.C. class meeting. I didn’t particularly want to go because it was raining but I wanted to see Freda McCarty about some Sunday School business. They usually play Bunco at those parties and that in my estimation is a waste of time. I figured we could transact our business while the rest played and we were doing that when John called

September 28, 1945, p. 2

September 28, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] me and said Ruth & Earl were here. I hurried home of course. Ruth said Elder Oberholtzer had died from a heart attack and they were going down. They decided to come this far and spend the night with us. After visiting a while we decided to go down to the Kentland Café – it was opened for the first day – Earl said he didn’t want to eat anything so he stayed here – David being in bed. Ruth & I took J. & M. and went down. The place was pretty full but we got hamburgers & coke (Mark wanted 2 hambs. But I said at that hour one would do). We saw quite a few people we knew. Lucile, Katie and two other women were there. I think it’s going to be a good thing for the high school group. That is really a nice place for them to go. John was cooking – their night cook got sick (or something) and John had to take over. Gladys was cashier but said only after 9 o’clock. I heard her tell Mr. & Mrs. Kiifner that she had lost 40 lbs. I knew she had lost a lot of weight.

– – We have had lunch since I started this. It is still uncertain – that is the weather. One minute I think it will clear then it looks cloudy. Ruth & Earl slept in the den and got up early this a.m. and left without disturbing anyone. David was up early and downstairs before I was awake. After I got up he said why are the “netion blinds” pulled down. I didn’t know exactly what he meant at first, then I said, “Have you been down in the den?” He said he dad. The binds were closed but he had opened them.

I had a letter from the Moores & one from Van Soyc.

September 28, 1945, p. 3

September 28, 1945, p. 3

[page 3] Mrs. M. answered my letter the day she rec’d it. She says the school is going to be out Dec. 15, but Van & Dr. W. are leaving now on points. J.B. is going back to school when he gets out to get his Drs. He is now studying French. Barbara was gone last week to visit Mother Moore and J.B. had a boil on his neck. B. said J.B. spent most of the time in sick bay. Had to have the boil lanced. McClard will leave Liberty when the Navy leaves. He has a job with Stevens College in Columbia. I also had a letter from Jane V. – guess I mentioned that on the last page. She gave me their Kalamazoo address. She said, “Van has applied for discharge since he’d like to enroll the first semester at college.” So sounds like he intends to study more too. The officers are eating Sun. dinner at the galley again.

Ruth took 6 towels and wanted to pay me but I told her I didn’t know what they had cost and that I would find out from you (if you remember) and let her know. She was so glad to get them. We still have enough to last a long time. I don’t dare for white towels so I think some of the white ones are going to get a dye bath.

David has gone out to play with Martha. He is pretty good about staying home. He is getting so he will call Martha to come over and play with him and she runs back and forth between yards but he stays in our yard. Do you remember what Mr. Z. said to me that day

September 28, 1945, p. 4

September 28, 1945, p. 4

[page 4] in their yard about David going to the ditch? He hasn’t gone yet – – – I went out to check up and decided to see if the clothes were dry – some were and while I was out the weather finally came to a head – we are having a rain shower with some thunder & lightening. Maybe after this rain is over we will get some clear weather. Martha was with us when the rain started so we brought her into the house with us. She is doing things on the magic slate for David. This has been the wettest week we have had in a long time. Just wish we would had had our new shrubbery in last week so it could have had the rain this week to give it a good start. – – I hope now to get this letter finished. I stopped to run the things thru the ironer I bought in and now they are ready to put away. It stopped raining so Martha went home. It is pouring again but not so dark. In fact it is getting very light.

Dick Bower came home yesterday – he has been discharged – He is to be married soon. He was in the P. O. yesterday when I went in the mail your letter. I wonder if he will get his job back.

Shorty Davis and the woman (Frances Smith) work for Arlene were married Sept. 5. Arlene said she heard they had been married but Frances hadn’t said anything the last time I talked to Arlene. Tues. when Arlene attended club she had Louise staying with the children so maybe she had quit then. Arlene has her ups & downs with help. This has been a long drawn out letter and I think I’ll stop now and do something else for a while.


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Release Clause (Roscoe)

June 9, 1944 envelope

June 9, 1944 envelope

Letter transcription:

June 9, 1944, p. 1

June 9, 1944, p. 1

June 9

Dear Mother,

Just wrote a letter to Geo. inviting him to come thru our town on his trip East. I told him we would be here after June 15 or 16.

I did all my talking with the mother of the lady who owns the house when I rented it. And today I got a call from the owner relative to a lease. The reason she wanted that was because her husband is in the Navy and in case he would come home she would want her home in 30 days – the lease is for 3 month. I’m taking it to a lawyer here at the station to see if it is OK. There is a clause in it which releases me in case orders come thru. I haven’t signed and won’t

June 9, 1944, p. 2-3

June 9, 1944, p. 2-3

[page 2] until I get advice from this fellow tomorrow.

The piano will stay in the house and she has an ironer which she if going to leave. The boys will like this – She has had an old colored man take care of the lawn in summer and the snow in the winter and she is going to have him continue at her expense. She is afraid if she lets him go she won’t be able to get him back again.

The drain board around the sink as I recall is a composition substance and isn’t in good condition. That is about the only thing not nice and of course the color of the outside isn’t anything to shout about in fact I think

[page 3] it yells right back at you. I now know why your letters were slow. You missed Tue. because of Zell and the train schedule. You’ll let me know more definite later as to time & place.

My Free letters go just as fast as your air mail letters so I’ll just save my money.

I don’t know what to advise you about the trip. There is a train from Chicago leaving there at 7:00 PM, arriving here at 7:00 AM and the bus trip to Quincy isn’t good. That is about a 5 hour trip from here. I believe the train would be much more comfortable for all concerned.

June 9, 1944, p. 4

June 9, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] I mean 5 hours each way. Of course I’ll make the trip if necessary.

I ate plenty of green onions for dinner today hope you can’t smell them from this letter. I thought I’d get all those things out of my system before you came down.

Well, Dear I hope this letter writing will soon be over –
Love Daddy

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