Upcoming Vacation

Letter transcription:

1960-09-25 (GRY)[Kentland to Wright 521 Postmark Sept. 25 (?) 9- AM 1960 – in David’s handwriting]

Dear David:

I am sending this reminder on to you, but I rather think you will have enough to do without taking Briefs again.

Dad has been moving the lawn this evening after office hours, but due to an accident he had to go back to the office. He didn’t quite finish the east lawn. The grass just keeps growing, but I don’t mind, because I would rather have the warm weather. Jerry is out shooting at the sparrows again this evening.

I understand Nancy came home for the week-end. Julie’s mother was talking to me Sunday about whether Julie would come home this next week-end. Dad was talking to Mr. Molter about your registering. Mr. M. said for you to go to the draft board in Bloomington and register and have them send it here. He forgot to tell me that when I talked to him one day last week. This draft board’s number is 58 (Newton County Draft Bd.)

We are planning to go to Florida on our vacation. We will leave here Saturday October 22. We will come to Bloomington and spend Saturday night there and after breakfast Sunday the 23rd, we will start south. If you want to come home before that time it is OK, but in case you can’t make it, we will get to see you before we leave for Fla.

We had a robbery in town one day last week – two negros walked into the Kentland Hdw. Store and got $30.00 from Wayne. I am very careful to keep our doors locked all the time. One evening not long ago the man next door (in the little cottage) said he saw someone prowling around here. The prowler came to their house and tried to get in the back door. Our neighbor was a Marine and knows how to use a gun. He took his gun and went out into the yard and asked the visitor what he wanted. He said he was looking for cottage #14. I think when he saw the gun he probably thought he had better get away from there. He said something about wanting cottage 13 and it was rented. I told Mr. Banner the motel didn’t have a #13.

We received a wedding invitation from DeDe and Jerry. I wanted Mary B. and Marge Janssen to go with me. The wedding is at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Oct. 8th. It is 150 miles to Canton, and they think it is too far for them to go. I haven’t talked to Esta, but they said she was just going over and back. I may go with her and I may not go. I haven’t decided yet what I will do.

Mr. Polk said to tell you the flags you ordered came. Jerry Harris said to tell you he is the official flag raiser.

N.I.P.S. is working in town now on the pipeline. We should be using that kind of gas by Christmas, or sooner. We don’t know just what the gas line will do to our driveway. The line will be put down by the street instead of back of our house.

We moved the peonies and they were so large we made 16 plantings. We are getting all the work taken care of around here. There won’t be anything for you to do when you come home, but wash windows. The neighbors got the spirea, so all Dad has to do now is fill the holes. He should be able to finish mowing the lawn tomorrow evening, then Thursday, if it doesn’t rain, he can fill holes.

My class (12 of them) went to Chicago Sunday to see Ben Hur. I talked to Dorothy Donaldson Monday about the trip and she said they thought it was worth going that far to see. Peggy and Howard didn’t go, but she said they were sorry afterwards they didn’t order tickets. There were 20 in my class Sunday. Rev. and Mrs. Fields are on vacation for a week. Rus Zell and Mel Fisher did the talking in church Sunday. There was a large crowd at Sunday School, but not so many stayed for church.

I am going to Boswell for a meeting tomorrow. Have to leave here at 8 O’clock. I should be back home by 3:30 (I hope).

You call the Stony Crest Motel and reserve us a room for October 22nd. Tell them we won’t be in until late and if necessary make a deposit. You had better take care of that right away. Sometimes you can’t get a reservation there for just one night if there is a ball game scheduled for the week-end. If you can’t get us room there, get one at the Union Building or the University Hotel.

Dad has gone to a School Board meeting. We watched the debate last night. I have listened to some comments on it today. I suppose you watched it.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/09/06/upcoming-vacation/

1 thought on “Upcoming Vacation

  1. davidmadison1942

    “without taking Briefs again.” I don’t have a clue. Somehow I don’t think she’s talking about underwear.

    I was glad to be away from the mowing! “Jerry is out shooting at the sparrows again this evening.” I have no idea.

    The Kentland crime wave. 😦 And mother’s choice of words. 😦

    “There won’t be anything for you to do when you come home, but wash windows.” 🙂

    “My class (12 of them) went to Chicago Sunday to see Ben Hur.” I could make a John-like comment, but I will refrain. 🙂

    How funny! The mention of presidential debates…right at the same time as the debates now!


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