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Gladys – July 9, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
July 9, 1969

Dear David and Bonnie,

Just hope those pictures get here before we leave, your letter came yesterday. Dad got the schedule rearranged for this week, so we are going to be leaving on Friday instead of Saturday. I asked the travel agency about flying from Boston, but was advised against that since there has been some difficulty with planes getting into airports. They thought we had better just leave from O’Hare. Dad doesn’t have to work tomorrow, but since July 10th is the last day of the special rates for tours, all seats were taken, but we did get seating for the 11th. The lab report on Dad’s skin was OK. His face has just about recovered and his black eye is entirely gone. However, he did have some discoloration for about two weeks.

We went to Champaign Thursday evening and to Indianapolis Sunday morning, since we had a long weekend. We wanted to see Mark before leaving – he has power of attorney for us and John and Lea and Bob wanted us to come over before leaving. I am beginning to feel like I am about ready to go. Have the bags just about packed and hope I have thought of everything we will need while we are away. Since it has been so cool here most of the time and I had a letter from the woman I have been corresponding with in Switzerland telling me that it has been cold and rainy there, I am taking two wool suits with me. I remember three years ago I was not quite warm enough while we were there, so this time I am going prepared. This morning it was rather cool here, but by noon I had the air conditioner upstairs on and now we have both on. It is so humid and since we are on daylight (Eastern – that is) savings time, it stays light here until about 9:30. It is eight o’clock now and the sun still has some distance to go before setting.

I am enclosing a copy of our itinerary for your information. We will write to you from time to time, or send you cards. I found the cards after you left that were misplaced on my desk. I had put everything on the basket behind the adding machine and the cards being slick, had slipped off and were behind the filing cabinet.

Sandy Corbin was married last Saturday, but we didn’t go to the weeding since we were in Champaign. Her picture is in the Journal-Courier tonight. She was quite a beautiful bride. From the account in the paper, it was quite a large affair. Had an invitation to attend a shower for the bride to be of Jim Johnson, Nancy Dickman. They are to be married the weekend after we return and the wedding will be in Michigan, so I rather think we will not be going.

We plan to return August 18th, so we can talk to you before you leave about money. When you will need it and how much. Will you keep your checking account in Rockport, or how will you handle your money? If you won’t need it until after the first of the year, how will we handle that?

The enclosed letter was opened by Dad by mistake. I am sending it on, though I hardly think it would be necessary. It has been on my desk for some time. Forgot to send it the last time I wrote.

Love Mother

Ck. for $5.00 – the extra $5.00 is for something for Debbie’s birthday

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A Stone Fence

1965-11-14-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

November 14, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

Your last “line” received.

Today I had to attend a meeting at the church in the afternoon and since Dad was on a baby case at the hospital and the recorder was on I stopped to see Mrs. Myers for a few minutes. So far she hasn’t worn anything since her return from the hospital but pjs and housecoat. She said she has an appointment for a shampoo Monday, so she will get back into her clothes again. She complains of weakness and I know she isn’t very strong. You don’t need to mention anything in your letters to her about what I write about her, but I think she is going to have to go to a nursing home sooner or later. Mrs. Borman is getting ready to open a home in the place where Krulls used to live (where Funks office used to be). Mrs. M. was asking me about it today. I think she would be much better off to go to a Methodist Home like Wesley Manor. Regardless of where she goes, I think it is going to come to that, simply because she is not able to be alone. You know she has all her eggs in one basket, namely AT & T and there has been some unpleasant news in the papers recently about the company and the stock has declined in price some, however, not enough to alarm a person. She told me today she was upset about it. She even contemplated selling, but I told her the capital gains and taxes would not leave her much. Harold had told her the same thing. I told her if she wanted to secure her future, she could go to a nursing home like Wesley and she would be taken care of, regardless of the stock market. It would cost her something to enter and she would have to pay something to stay there, but if she signed her stock over to the home they would take care of her. There is a home at Earl Park that is very nice and only a person with her means could afford to enter. I don’t know what her decision will be, but I feel she is trying to decide what to do. In the past she has been very adamant about entering an institution, but I think she is beginning to realize that is what she needs. Now don’t mention any of this in your letters to her.

We are still studying the stereo situation. While Dad was at the hospital this evening and after I had had a siesta, I listened to one record of Cosi Fan Tutte—then Dad came home and we had a snack. We decided we didn’t need much to eat today. We have been eating walnuts. The Mercurios gave us canned fruit, fresh apples, almonds and English walnuts and I have been shelling the nuts and the result has been—too many nuts eaten.

Next Sunday the parsonage will be consecrated. Since I am on the Commission of Worship I had to help plan the program. Dr. Bailey will be here to preach in the morning and be present at the open house and consecration service in the afternoon. You know, or you will in time, a consecration service cannot be held until a building is paid in full.

Joy Funk is going to be married Jan. 15. Some of Arlene’s friends had a shower for her Saturday. I saw Nancy at the shower. She and Don are living in Rensselaer. I told her you and Bonnie will be home for Christmas. I suppose you and Jim and Chuck and some of the crowd will want to have a party sometime during the time you are home. Jim tried six times, his mother told me, to call you the day he was in Boston.

The McClures and Bob and Ruth Ford and Dad and I are going to give the Johnson’s a house warming next Thursday night. We have been wanting to have it since they moved, but since we were away the month of Sept. and too busy in Oct., it had to be put off until next week. I suppose you know they live on N. 6th Street (where Jack Spencer used to live).

1965-11-14-gry-p-2Dad bought a new humidifier for his office and brought the old one here to the house. It runs constantly and is quite noisy, but I am getting used to it. Since it makes the air so much better (so they tell me) I won’t complain.

This morning I took my tape recorder and gave R. Zell’s class the first lesson in “Acts, Then and Now.” I couldn’t do much today but that, because there wasn’t any foundation for discussion. I handed out the books and questions today, but if they are as responsive next Sunday as they were today, I may give the tape to Russ and tell him to run the tape or do anything he wants to do with it. When I came home after Sunday School I asked Dad if he had even talked to a stone fence. I said that was the feeling I had talking to that group. They were about that responsive. I could use an hour or more giving those lessons,

[page 2] but while we were away in Sept., someone decided an hour was too long for a S.S. class, so they decided to cut it back to 45 minutes, and have a closing service. When we got the order of service changed to church first, we eliminated the opening of S.S., which to my way of thinking was not necessary—then someone had to get this closing service thrown in, and for what reason I have yet to discover. Had we not been away, I think they would not have succeeded in making that change. I wasn’t here to keep the hour for S.S. lesson.

Love Mother

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Sewer Work

1965-11-07-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

November 7, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

Sunday evening and I am alone for the present. Dad had to go to the hospital to give an anesthetic. We have had a restful afternoon, which we needed I think I should be able to face next week.

One night last week the weatherman said we would be able to see the comet at about 4 AM, so Dad set the alarm, but since Chicago is on standard time and we are on eastern time, Dad set the alarm too early. At any rate we started at about 4 o’clock to watch and after going out several times, Dad finally gave it up, but I went out one last time and by standing in the shadows of the trees on the north side of the lawn and looking to the southeast I thought I could discern a faint light, like a beacon, so I came back in and told Dad. We both went out again and decided that must be it. We should have driven out south of town and I am sure we would have gotten a better view. There is a good picture taken of it from a mountain in Hawaii – in Life magazine this week. Also Life has an article about Tillich.

I have been stopping to see Mrs. M. almost every day. I think she is gradually getting back to normal, but she still isn’t quite as strong as she was before.

Last summer when attending School of Mission I took the tape recorder along and recorded the lectures on “Acts-Then and Now.” I used the tape in teaching the book in my S.S. class. I became careless one day and said I would give the lessons to R. Zell’s class and they voted today to have me do just that. Now I have to make arrangements to have someone take my class for the next 5 weeks. I feel a little better about the class today than when I wrote last. The attendance was up today and the group was in a discussing mood, which always helps.

We are back where we started from on the hifi. It was too much trouble to keep the records changed at the office and the record player wasn’t being used enough to keep it there, so we brought it back home. However, we aren’t out of the stereo market yet. I think Dad will build one. Bun tells me that is the best way to get a good stereo. I am not interested in buying an expensive piece of furniture, when we have plenty of cabinets in which to place a record player. We brought all the records back home, including of course the new popular records. If Dad can get the parts, we will probably have a stereo by the time you come home for Christmas.

Joy Funk is going to be married Jan. 8th. Some of Arlene’s friends are having a shower for her Saturday afternoon and I have been invited. It is a linen shower and that means I will probably have to go to Lafayette to get something. Did I write that Don and Nancy were married Oct. 2nd? They are living in Rensselaer and Don is going to school. Jim Johnson had to make a trip east for the Company he works for and we gave him your telephone number. His dad said he tried all day to get you, but without any success. I didn’t know just when he was going or I would have let you know the exact time he would be in Boston.

The company that has been installing the sewer tile is about ready to leave town. They are supposedly putting the street back like they found them, but all it amounts to is a little strip of paving down the center, or in some cases, one side of the street. Our town still looks pretty torn up from the work this past summer. We never did get anything out our way. I think we will probably be hooked up as is. There is quite a story back of why they didn’t work out here. Seems our neighbor to the east wouldn’t give their consent to have the digging machine go near their back yard. Dad says however, they couldn’t have stopped them if the Company would have gone right ahead and dug. Right of eminent domain. I think the trouble was that our Town Board didn’t quite know what to do. They didn’t secure easements. They just took for granted that they had easements all over the town. Quite complicated. The sewage plant is being built and most of the town will be hooked up to it when it is finished, even if our end of town isn’t.

The United Church Women (I am Secretary-Treas.) had a meeting last Friday. World Community Day and one of the projects was to make sewing kits. I have to get those ready to send in the mail today to Napanee, Ind., so must get busy.

Love Mother

Your check received – sorry I forgot to mention it.

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Local News

1964-11-12-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Thurs. Nov. 12 – 1964

Dear David & Bonnie –

Yours received. Now let’s hope the weather will be fair Dec. 23.

Yesterday I went to Lafayette and bought evergreens to finish the around the house planting. I drove from Lafayette to Attica and gave a program for W.S.C.S. I showed pictures from Bali. It was guest day so a number of women were in attendance from other towns. Dad got one of the evergreens set out last night. He finished this afternoon. Last week Bill Stenz had his workmen take out the terrace. We have stone all around the house now, so no more weeds to pull. Dad is making stepping stones out of cement at the back living room door. John Janssen is here now cleaning windows. The breaking up of the cement made a lot of dust. Today we had a terrible wind most of the day but by the time John was ready to work the blowing had stopped. This afternoon we made a quick trip to Morocco to get our driver’s license renewed and the fields where corn had been but – along the fences it looked like someone had been decorating for Halloween or a fall festival – the fences were so covered with corn cuttings. It is so dry everywhere – there was a prediction for rain today but so far only wind. We have been watering the new evergreens once a week, but after this fall that shouldn’t be necessary.

I have read about the anchor Bible. The Chicago Tribune had an article about it. I took the paper to Sunday school and showed it to my class. They didn’t seem too impressed, but after reading about it I was quite interested.

I am hoping the whole family will be home for Christmas. Don’t worry about sleeping arrangements – as suggested we can use the motel. If I could find some air mattresses I would make a dorm in the living room.

I have been invited to a shower for Patricia (Cookie) Franklin, who is to be married to Jerry Carlson Dec. 8. I can’t attend the shower since

1964-11-12-gry-p-2[page 2] I have to serve on a committee for a vesper circle meeting that evening (next Wednesday). Monday Dad and I are to give a program for Sheldon P.T.A. – Tues. Dad is planning to go to Lafayette to a meeting and I am to entertain a BC class. Wed. afternoon I have promised to give a program for Raub W.S.C.S. and Wed. evening help at Marge Fisher’s for above mentioned meeting. I half way promised to take Mrs. Myers to Lafayette a week from tomorrow.

Howard Fisher was going to Bob Jones College (I think it is in Tenn.) He was expelled. According to what his parents tell I would think he would be glad. He says they have informers and the first rule of the college is “no griping” and if anyone complains about not liking anything there is always an informer around to run and tell and that was what happened to Howard. He talked to his roommate about something and the roommate was one of the “informers” and in a very short time he was called to the office and told to leave immediately.

I saw Janice Ross this week. She and Bill had been to visit Nancy at Indiana State and Sara and a friend had driven from Bloomington (Sara is going to I.U.) to join them. Joy Funk dropped out of Marquette and has applied for work in Peace Corps. Don is going to St. Joe at Rensselaer and according to his mother has settled down. Jim Johnson was home two weeks ago. His mother says he is getting interested in a girl he has met in Midland Michigan. He works for Dow chemical. He has met a Methodist minister who seems to be making quite an impression on Jim. Karen is back at Hanover and so is Margaret Krull. Bob is still at I.U. and Bud Krull is doing graduate work at Harvard.

Dad had to go to the office to take care of an emergency and he wasn’t too happy about it. He as so “fed up” with a certain case one day this week I think he was ready to take off for a prolonged vacation. He just came in and from what he has said it wasn’t much of an emergency.

Love Mother

Will take some pictures all around the house, now that project is finished.

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Selective Service

1963-11-13-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Mrs. R.S. Yegerlehner
146 W. Graham Street
Kentland, Indiana
Nov. 13-1963

Dear David –

You received a card from Selective Service today – You have a Student deferment to Nov. 1, 1964. Dad just finished writing letters for Jim Johnson & John Saiall, to get them deferred for medical reasons.

I have to give a program for W.S.C.S. in Goodland tonight. I am going over this afternoon to arrange background.

I had my last cholera shot today and have a sore arm. The first one made my arm awfully fore and this shot feels like it is going to be just as bad, if not worse. The first one was 5/10 c.c. and this was a full 1 c.c.

I talked to Dad today about the car and he didn’t think much of the idea.

Love Mother

P.S. I looked at our itinerary and we will return to Chicago Mar. 29, so you won’t be back

1963-11-13-gry-p-2[page 2] in school after all. I think you will be able to meet us.

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Election Day

1960-11-14 (GRY)Letter transcription:

[Kentland Wright 521 – in David’s handwriting]
November 14, 1960

Dear David:

I have been intending to write since Election day, but somehow I didn’t get around to it. Mark and Shirley and Becky came Thursday evening and the rest of the week I was pretty busy. Had to attend Myra’s wedding Saturday and the reception in the afternoon. Mark and Shirley went home (also Becky) yesterday afternoon. Becky is certainly a well trained baby. About the only time she is taken up is when she has to be fed. She has gained and weighs 10 lbs. 15 ounces – with her clothes on – which would be about 10-8 without. We measured her and she is 23” long, which indicates she may grow up to be tall like her uncle David. I suppose you are a little unhappy over the election. Now they are talking about doing away with the electoral college. I think it is about time. I hope now that the election is over that you can get down to some very serious studying. Lucile and Ed came out to see the baby Saturday evening. They said Jim was home. He comes almost every weekend, but since it is so close I can’t blame him. Mark invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them, so you will get a chance to see the baby. We took several pictures of her. She has grown so much she has changed since the last pictures we took of her. The baby bed Phyllis gave us fits in the NW corner of your room. Of course, when they move into a house they will take the large (it is much larger bed than the one they have now) bed with them. Please excuse this letter, but I am so used to writing to John in this fashion, it seems to come naturally. – Just an afterthought- even though the Democrats had a full slate in Newton County, none of them won anything. Everything in the county still in the hands of the Republicans. I am going to make a trip out to the hospital this afternoon. I have taken over the job of seeing that the gift cart is supplied and I have to go out and check merchandise. I plan to take Mrs. Myers along. I haven’t talked to her since the election. I know she feels the same way we feel about things. Mrs. Fields came out to see Shirley and the baby Saturday and when Mrs. F. saw Shirley, she said “I know you.” They were at I.U. and worked in the dining hall at the same time. Mark said he could remember her also, since she was on campus when he was. Small world. Mark Fields is walking now, but he still would rather crawl. He had a ball crawling around in our living room.

Love Mother

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Women’s Club 50th Anniversary Year (Gladys)

September 25, 1945 envelope

September 25, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 25, 1945, p. 1

September 25, 1945, p. 1

Tues. Eve Sept. 25

Dear Daddy –

As I noted on the last letter I mailed, I went to the P.O. to mail that letter and was handed the one you wrote the 22nd while you were listening to the football game – We listened too – or rather Mark listened and I heard it only as background, because I was busy otherwise. I attended club opening with Arlene, Norma, Pauline Dennis and Mrs. Egan. There was quite a crowd, this being opening. There was a guest speaker from Chicago who reviewed the book “Anything Can Happen.” This is the club’s 50th year. The usual opening luncheon wasn’t held because of the lack of eating places, but that is planned for sometime in the spring – a luncheon to observe the 50th anniversary. I left David with Lucile. She let Jimmy skip his nap so he could play all afternoon with David. They were having a good time when I stopped to get David. When Lucile wrapped the telephone to bring to the party, Jimmy said he didn’t have a telephone like that, so I had David take it along so Jimmy could play with it. I stopped at Loughridge and paid the radio bill while I was uptown this evening. I think the gas & oil business will be settled before we get our burner. So far the strike, which was in the process of being settled, has not bothered Kentland – at least I was able to get the tank filled yesterday.

I saw Bertha Smith at club today. I asked about her husband and she said he was fine. I knew he was back in school.

September 25, 1945, p. 2

September 25, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] She said he walked out of the bathroom and must have fainted because he passed out and fell down the stairway. Their bathroom is at the head of the stairway.

My thumb is gradually getting back to normal. The skin on the underside has to peel and it is a little slow in coming off – I think that is what is keeping it stiff. (I hope.)

So far this has been a cloudy week. It looked for a little while this afternoon like it was clearing but that didn’t last long. I hope it is clear tomorrow so David can go out and pay. He gets so tired staying in the house. I wasn’t in a very happy mood this morning – due to the gloomy weather and no letter in the morning delivery and with him getting unhappy quite often because he couldn’t go out – well let’s hope for sunshine tomorrow (I want to wash some clothes, too.)

I wish I could tell people when you are coming back – you know every time I go to town or attend a meeting, like today, that seems to be the stock question, “When is your husband coming back?” Of course, I know you would like to answer that one too. I heard over the radio that the 3rd Fleet is leaving Pearl Harbor today (I think.) I understand it is to be here, I mean in, for Navy Day – that is, it will be in before that but will be in for the occasion. This pen doesn’t do so well on this paper. I feel like I have been pushing a heavy load to get this written. Mark has gone up for his bath. John is at a school party and David has been in bed for some time.

Love Mother

September 25, 1945, p. 3

September 25, 1945, p. 3

(over) a Courier Journal was left on our step and I looked at the wishing well – for my name it read “Your aim nears.” Of course, I took that to mean your home coming.

September 25, 1945, p. 4

September 25, 1945, p. 4

Wed. a.m. I turned David out this morning, tho’ it is still cloudy & foggy – it isn’t raining. He just came in and handed me the mail. Yours of 23 & 24 and a letter from your mother. Also a digest – I’ll mail it on to you. It gives a little “light” to think of the points being lowered. If you can get a draft to bring to the Lakes, I’ll meet you at the gate as before, gladly. I think you are right in your opinion about the “power throwing” & “backfiring on you later.” I felt rather low Mon. & Tues. about our situation but I still didn’t feel like we should seek aid from the aforementioned party. I really think he is a little “punch drunk” from associating with political big wigs. I don’t say I wouldn’t ask others but I haven’t done that yet. After all it’s best to wait a little while and not have any strings attached. Let’s hope you get another trip home soon, if just for the weekend.

I am hoping it will clear today so I can wash the clothes accumulated.

My thumb is almost normal this morning. I can bend it almost as far as the other one.

It’s 9:30 and I was on the hunt of a roach when the mail came. I saw one yesterday but had my hands in dough at the time. I am afraid they will get started so I am going looking for it now.

Love Mother

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