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Nu-Joy Restaurant (Gladys)

September 9, 1945, p. 1

September 9, 1945, p. 1

Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy –

We had quite an exciting afternoon. The Nu-Joy Restaurant burned to the ground. The fire started in the kitchen and the fire Dept. wasn’t called soon enough, so the story goes. All the fire trucks around here came but about all the good they did was to keep the garage from burning and the Kentland Café building. John & Gladys are back and getting their place ready to open. I suppose they will step up their work to get opened sooner now that the Nu-Joy is gone. The Harlan Parrs were in town and had come out this way so they took David and me down. J. & M. were already down watching the fire. We parked by Childress Station and watched a while, then I asked them to take be back home. There was such a mob gathering I thought I would rather be home. Traffic had to be re-routed out this way to 24. There were cars parked on 24 out past here. Ed J. took John out for another driving lesson this evening and he told John what the Electric Co. had to do when they knew how the fire was going. Ed was on the scene most of the time – until after the fire was really over. I could see smoke for a long time.

Jimmy Ed is much better. I took David and stayed there while John & Ed were driving. Jimmy seems normal. Lucile says he chokes up some at night, but while we were there I didn’t notice any signs of hay fever or asthma. Maybe what was bothering him a week ago is gone now.

Joe Bill Mullen was in church this

September 9, 1945, p. 2

September 9, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] with Gloria Blanke and his mother. He has to go back to the hospital for more treatment. I have heard there is to be a wedding, but I don’t know when.

The Foulkes were entertaining dinner guests at the Nu-Joy when the fire started. I think they left before they had finished eating. No one was caught in the fire but Katie told me all they could get out was the money. I heard later that some other things were saved – some 5ths. One fireman was supposed to have taken 3 cases of beer.

Olene Miller says Emmett wrote her not to send him any more packages, so she things he will soon be coming home.

Lila called me tonight. She said Joe is still in N. Africa. He got his promotion so is now Comdr. She doesn’t know anything about when he will get home and wondered if you knew anything.

Mrs. Glick was at church this a.m. She asked me how soon you were coming home. I told her I didn’t know. Dr. G. seemed to think it would be soon, or something to that effect.

I got the boys started back on their regular monthly allowance again. Mrs. Koon came out Sat. and paid the bal. of the rent $15.00 – so that helps out the petty cash fund.

The Statons were gone from home today and came in on 24 and turned to come up the short street so didn’t see what had happened. You can imagine their surprise when we told them what had happened.

We were up late last night so in order to get the boys settled down early will go to bed myself. Lucile came out late last night to show us Karen’s pictures. She stayed until 11:30. I made a pot of coffee and we ate some of John’s prize cake he baked yesterday morning.

Love Mother

Photograph of the Nu-Joy fire, from the Kentland-Newton County Centennial, 1860-1960. Note the incorrect date!

Photograph of the Nu-Joy fire, from the Kentland-Newton County Centennial, 1860-1960. Note the incorrect date!

[Editor’s note: A newspaper clipping regarding the Nu-Joy fire can be found here. Note that both Gladys and the newspaper give the date of the fire as Sunday, September 9, 1945, not September 7th as printed in the centennial book.]

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Mark’s Birthday (Gladys)

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 1

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Feb. 15 came today. So glad you finally rec’d David’s Christmas pictures. He does, I think, resemble your baby picture. So many people around here comment on how much he looks like you. Mark has him out now getting some fresh air and some sunshine – however the sunshine is a little pale now. It was brighter this morning. It is very warm and windy. Last night I was awakened by thunder & hail. It was quite a storm while it lasted. The hail was very bad for a while. The north windows showed the effects of the storm – especially the kitchen windows are covered with dirt.

I am having a little party for Mark at 4 P.M. Buddy is here now walking around with Mark while he pushes David around. I tried to keep the party a surprise but John didn’t know it was to be such and began talking about the party. John wanted to play a trick on Mark, so he sent him a birthday card and signed a girl’s name. This girl is in Mark’s room and according to Mark is poison ivy, or something equally unpopular. He says she is very ugly and he dislikes her very much. He suspected John as the sender and was ready to tear him apart. John told Miss Smith about it and she in turn told him about something she did when in high school. There was a girl who wasn’t very popular

February 26, & 27, 1944, p. 2

February 26, & 27, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] and didn’t have dates – a certain boy she admired from afar – Well Miss S. sent her an invitation to the prom and signed this boy’s name. She said the girl wrote him a note accepting his invitation – The boy was very angry – but I don’t know whether he took the girl to the prom or not. I think John felt a little badly about sending Mark the card until Miss S. told her story, then he didn’t think he had done as much as she had.

This rain and warm weather is making things look green. The tulips are up so high. I am afraid they will get nipped yet but can’t keep them from growing in weather like this.

I see in the paper the Barces held a reception for Betty & Paul. They spent a week in Missouri on honeymoon. I think Paul has to return to Panama at the end of his furlough.

Kenneth Wood has been in Calif. since he finished his training at Allison, but has been sent to New York. He was in Kent on his way to N.Y. one day this week. Harlan Parr was in Fla. until last fall then sent to Mich., was there a short time, then sent to N.Y. I see in the paper that Frank Morton is working in Nashville. Mildred & Frank Jr. were down to see him. Frank Jr. will soon be in the Navy.

– – The party was quite a success – Two Zell girls, Buddy, Bobby, Jimmy & David Diedam were here. I made a white cake and decorated it will pink candles. John went to the drug store and got strawberry ice cream which carried out the color scheme. I made a punch with grapefruit & orange juice.

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 3

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] Everybody seemed to have a grand time.

This is Sun. P.M. – I didn’t get to finish this yesterday due to the party, etc. Buddy wanted Mark to eat supper with him after the party and John wanted to go to the show with David Diedam – Mark saw the show Fri. night with Zells – I wanted to take David to the Dr. because of this cough he has had several days. Dr. M. gave him a whooping cough shot and said to bring him back the middle of the week for another. There are so many cough cases and he says the shots are the only thing he has found to help. After seeing the Dr. I went to the restaurant and got my supper. The supper crowd was gone and there was only two or three men at the counter, so I stayed. I wouldn’t have taken David in if there had been a crowd, or several children. David didn’t seem to mind the shot so much. Just cried a few minutes and was able to smile at the Dr. when we left.

According to Dorothy, the reason Doris Wilson didn’t get to the hospital to have her baby (no. 4) she couldn’t find Ellsworth in time. Dorothy said they (several couples) were at Tiltons, after the Bond rally show,

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 4

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] having refreshments (about 2 a.m.) and Doris called inquiring if Ellsworth was there. She didn’t say why she wanted, so no one tried to find him. He didn’t get home in time to get her to the hospital and the Dr. didn’t get there until after the baby was born. He was expecting her at the hospital. I’ll bet Dr. M. was plenty “sore” about the whole thing. I remember how they started to the hospital when Eddie Ray was born and stopped to see a show on the way.

It was so nice out of doors yesterday – but it’s not quite so inviting out today. The Zell girls, Virginia (11) & Betty (8) are here playing Monopoly with Mark. Martha Jane is the youngest (3) and is home taking a nap. John has been listening to the radio and David in running around the house getting into everything – Just found some of Mark’s cards, so Mark came running to the rescue. David loves to close doors and will close any door in the house he can find that will close for him.

Harold Portteus came yesterday to tell me he might not be able to get a permit to sell us the beef – but I think he will get the permit. If there is any objection I think, I’ll do a little talking. They had had a lot of hospital & Dr. bills the past year and really need to sell. Ruthie was in the hospital several weeks and Harold is just recovering from a hernia operation. He said he was anxious for you to get back. One reason being Jim’s induction into service. He said he was thinking about shots he would have to take and would like for you

1944-02-26 & 27 (GRY), p. 5

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 5

[page 5] to give them a statement regarding Jim’s reaction to shots. Dr. M. said he could give them a statement but he knew in some instances the examining Doctors disregarded any such statements. Knowing how Jim is, I would think it would be very risky for him to take shots Army or Navy style. Harold says he thinks they will let Jim remain home until late fall because Harold won’t be able to do much heavy work this summer. Jim will graduate this spring. He is getting thru high school and that is better than some. Romaine’s boy friend will have to enter service this fall and has one more year of school. I would think some provision could be made for those boys who want to finish high school, but since they are taking fathers with several children, maybe it’s better to take some of the younger ones. I still think there are some who should be in and are not – but that’s an old story. I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd is called up for another physical. He is dissatisfied with his job at present and I don’t think it would take much for him to quit. He was rejected, but just between you and me, I think if he wasn’t working for this co. he would be called up for another examination. Do you get what I mean? He was told his rejection was due to his nervousness, but I really don’t think he is that nervous. Well that is my opinion and I may be wrong. This may all sound like I am wanting him to be in Service, but that isn’t the way I feel. If he can do more here raising tomatoes to feed the Army, he should be where he can do the most good. I am about out of space and feel fun down.

“Love Mother”

Mark's Birthday Party (back row: Buddy Krull, John, David Diedam, Mark holding David; front row: Virginia Zell, Betty Zell, Bobby Funk & Jimmy Staton)

Mark’s Birthday Party (back row: Buddy Krull, John, David Diedam, Mark holding David; front row: Virginia Zell, Betty Zell, Bobby Funk & Jimmy Staton)

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Local News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No mail today but two letters yesterday. Rec’d a letter from Jewell with a picture of Dot’s baby Janey – she is about a month younger than D. Jewell and Uncle Geo. had been to Roscoe Snedeker’s funeral. They had seen mom & dad. Jewell said she thought mom didn’t look so good but mom had the flu pretty hard so I imagine she doesn’t look so good as she did last fall. I wish we have gone there for Christmas but I was afraid to risk the trip at this time of the year.

No school today due to exams being over and teachers grading papers. J. & M. have been steel wooling the floors today. Buddy was here to spend the night and at breakfast Mark began to make plans for the day when I told him what I had planned. In “nothing flat” Buddy decided he must go see his mother and off he went to the restaurant. After he left Mark said, “Did you notice how quickly he decided to go when you mentioned working on the floors?” We have been doing the house today. After changing the beds, I cleaned the upstairs and John started the washing and after doing the lunch dishes I decided I needed a little rest so am writing to catch up so I can clean up the mess on the floors the steel wool makes. This job is pretty monotonous but seems to be necessary ever so often. – – Pause. I stopped writing to help with the floor work – we have stopped cleaning for the day. David woke up so I wrapped him up and put him out in his buggy – It has turned so much warmer. Mark is out in the yard entertaining David with his football. Bobby

[page 2] is out there now so David should be well entertained. It is so much warmer today I didn’t have to wrap David up so much. He have has a large blanket that was given to him last year that I kept nice and when I take him out on very cold days I wrap the blanket all around him up to his chin. – Mark just brought him in – Mark saw the others going to the pond to skate and couldn’t stand it. It’s much warmer but not warm enough yet to melt the ice yet. However if this keeps up it won’t take long.

I was looking over the Newton Co. E. for news items to include but see none I think would interest you. However I heard that Harold Portteus had an operation for hernia this week. I suppose he is in the hospital at Watseka. Clarice is there and I had thought about driving over to see her. Have to go to Sheldon for meat and it wouldn’t take much longer to run on over to Watseka.

I have never thought to mention about Bair’s niece Mary Eldeen, the girl they raised. She had a new baby last Oct. and is just now out of the hospital. Had to have a few blood transfusions. She has a baby about two years old and her trouble this time dates back to the first birth. I don’t know just what the trouble was but for a while she didn’t improve and Bair’s were awfully worried about her. Her husband is in Service and she is living with Bairs.

You wondered about Dr. Van. I mentioned him a time or two but you must have not rec’d those letters. I don’t know whether he knows me or not but I know him when I see him. One day I was downtown and saw Laura Milligan. She and John were in town visiting – John was enroute to the West Coast and I understand he is now in the Pacific someplace, but that is beside the story. I was chatting with Laura – I had been to the P.O. and she was going

[page 3] toward the highway and we happened to meet in front of Dr. V. office – While we were talking he came out and when he saw Laura he spoke to her – he gave her the once over and said something about her figure. – It rather amused me – I just thought he evidently is just like the stories depict him to be. Always an eye open for a good looking woman. I do think Laura is attractive. She seemed so glad to see me and asked about you. I asked what John’s work is and I understand he is boss of the ground crews – mechanics, or whatever they are called. I think that is the same work Harlan Parr does. The Parrs spent the summer in Fla. Were sent to Michigan in Dec. and now are in N.Y. – or were. I really couldn’t say where they are now.

Maybelle Towers wondered if you might be near Emery – however they aren’t sure of his location – except in the S.W. Pacific. She said they thought he was in Samoa.

Bill Schuh had pneumonia and now has rheumatic fever. Babe is taking care of him at her home in Brook. He & Tony were in the hospital at the same time. Tony had a gall bladder operation.

Here I sit and write when I should be out of doors – should do my writing at night. I have been having headaches again. I think it’s partly due to being inside so much. I still like warmer weather best. At least I can get out for a breath of fresh air without chilling in warmer weather. Well I think I would like the winter here if you were home, but I seem to tire of winter this year more than usual. So much for the weather, as you used to say, took a good beating.

“Love Mother”

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Neighborhood News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 26 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another hot sultry day. It looks like rain and once in a while there is a breeze but days like this makes Mother awfully weak. I stopped in to see Dr. M. and asked him about her and he said Bepron was a fine tonic and for her to keep on taking it. While I was there he asked me if I wanted to see the X-Ray of Ruthie Parttens – He showed it to me and was he mad – Mary wanted a bone specialist to see her a few days after Dr. M. had taken care

[page 2] of her and that insulted him but he told them to get someone else – they had Berkhiser from Chicago and he said everything had been done that could be – Dr. M. said he got so sick and tired of people spending their money on specialists. At any rate he says Ruthie is getting along first rate and the rumor that she wouldn’t walk again was rumor there was nothing to it. She is so lively they can hardly keep her in bed. I want to go over and see her but the car is in the garage today. Couldn’t start it yesterday so we pushed it and got it started and stopped at Sondergrath.

[page 3] Will report later on the trouble.

Had a letter from Ruth M. and she wants me to send J. & M. over for a week or so and then the rest of us come for the 4th but Mother doesn’t feel well enough to go any place now and as hot as it is I really would rather stay home with David. Zell’s are going away Wed. for a week and they want J. & M. to mow the lawn while they are gone. However if they want to go to Ruth’s I won’t keep them home. Ruth & Floyd are going to C.C. for the 4th & wanted us to got too so they could take some more movies of David, but I don’t want to go on such a long trip when it’s so hot, and I can’t plan to go

[page 4] any place while Mother doesn’t feel so well. She said for us to go ahead & go but I wouldn’t want to leave her alone.

Glenn called us yesterday. He talked and his wife talked – he talked to all of us. Had the baby by the phone and we could hear him. I wrote and told him Mother didn’t feel so well and I think he was pretty worried about her. He wanted your address; you may hear from them. His wife’s name is Pauline. The picture enclosed is I think good of David but John says David is better looking than the picture. However I think you can get a good idea what he is like because he laughs so much. After his bath he

[page 5] has curls but after a while they fall down. There are two teeth in front but one show plainer than the other. He is in his bed now singing a song. It is time for him to take a nap so he is in the nursery alone.

Parr’s were in town yesterday. Harlan is having a vacation but has to be back in Tuscola July 4 for work. He is very tan and so is Carolyn, more so than Dorothy & Nancy. They thought David was a pretty fine boy. Harlan still wants a boy. Dorothy said she thinks she has all she can do to take care of two girls.

[page 6] Dorothy Krull said yesterday that Bill Funk wants them to go on a vacation trip together. Dorothy said they would have to close the restaurant and she doesn’t know whether they will or not. I told her if they go to be sure Bill knows where he is taking them.

Had to stop and take baby clothes off the line – a storm was brewing and what a storm – this one took a good portion of the tree by Statons driveway – They have gone to Indpls. And will have to get the tree off their driveway before they can get in when they come back.

[page 7] Mrs. James & Jimmy went along and Bobby was sent home from Zells for misdemeanor so before the storm the neighborhood was rather quiet. It vibrates at times when things get going good.

After the rain started Mark put on his bathing trunks but he didn’t stay out long. It is cooler now since the rain – something we all appreciate. If this summer continues like this we have a lot of hot weather to look forward to. I had to repot a cactus plant – It was on the window sill and the strong wind blew it over and knocked the cactus out of the pot.

[page 8] The storm has let up and the Zell girls & J. & M. are out playing hide & seek. There is still a lot of thunder so maybe it will rain more.

Your mention of the shells makes me think of the box you sent from Noumea that didn’t come. The one that had the necklace you thought prettier than the one I rec’d. I doubt if it ever comes now – it has been so long.

I must get this ready to mail, so John can do to the P.O.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Summer Vacation (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 25 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another hot day – No mail today but have had several letters this week latest being June 12, We are doing our weekly wash – have half out on the line – It’s is nearly time to fix lunch – Mark has gone to Baking class – They are having a farewell party for Rupp. She is getting married. So many new teachers next fall – John just discovered he would have a man math teacher.

[page 2]I think he prefers women teachers. I don’t know why. Maybe they favor him – however he wouldn’t like to hear that.

David has been asleep and sounds like he is waking up – I hope not because he hasn’t slept long enough & it’s so hot today I know the afternoon will be hard for him if he hasn’t slept long enough. He is good up to a certain point but there are so many around him all the time he doesn’t play alone as well as J. & M. did – but that isn’t his fault. He is getting pretty handy with getting around his pen – Mother

[page 3] thinks he will soon walk alone but John did like he does and didn’t walk alone so soon.

Mother is still feeling not so good – She was feeling better with a few cooler days but it is so hot again and seems to take all her pep. She has taken nearly all the Bepron I got for her. I thought it was helping her but she doesn’t seem much better now.

Parr’s are coming to Funk’s for dinner this evening. I don’t know whether they are just on vacation or if he is being transferred again. They have been in Fla since Jan. I suppose I will see them while they are in town.

[page 4] When people around here complain about the weather I remind them you have to take it all the time and we do get relief now & then. Statons are going to Monticello for a week’s vacation – I think I’ll just stay home with David & let the boys go vacationing if they want to. Mark is planning to go to 4-H camp. He wants to go to Earl’s & fish sometime. Ruth wants us to come over for a week but the way Mother feels I am not going to plan anything.

John is begging me to get lunch so will stop this which doesn’t seem to be much today –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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14th Anniversary (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 25 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Today marks our 14th. Just hope we can celebrate the 15th together.

It is still on the rainy order here. Last nite we had a clear sunset but by the time we went to bed it was beginning to storm. It is undecided this a.m. Right now the sun is shining & Mark is out with David getting some Vit C. In spite of the rainy weather we get David out between showers enough to keep him tanned. He will certainly be well tanned if he keeps on the way he is going. He has skin like his Daddy – Mark was helping with his both this morning and commenting on how handsome he is because

[page 2] he looks like Daddy. Ruth called David “little Jake” while we were over there. He is 8 mo old, weighs 19 lbs and has a tooth. He was as glad to sleep in his own bed again as the rest of us. The bed Ruth had borrowed for him was just a small crib and it cramped his style.

This letter and other things encl. came this morning from St. E. I think I covered the situation in my letter after I attended the ceremony but they requested it be forwarded so here it is. When we went to the P.O. to mail your letter last nite (6 P.M.) Parr handed John four letters from you. So far the latest is May 10 and one check for 150⁰⁰ is here. You said in your latest you would wait a few days to send the other.

Mr. Zell said every member at Rotary last night wrote you a letter so your mail should pick up.

[page 3] I am going to take John to Dr. Ade this week for a final exam, and also I want to take Mark to Dr. Cole. He has been showing signs of nervousness again – He was doing pretty good until, since school has been out. He shakes his head so much. I put him to bed early last night and am going to try and keep him from playing so hard. He seems to feel good and has a good appetite but shakes his head. Dr. M. looked at his tonsils after he had measles and said they looked bad, however I think I’ll take him to Dr. C. for a going over. If he needs his tonsils out I would rather leave him in the hospital a day or two. He thinks he is going to have a picnic having an operation – you know him – he is really anticipating it with relish. Mark was so tired & worn out from our trip I didn’t send him for a piano lesson this morning. Don’t worry about him because I am sure with rest and a little less excitement he will soon be over this condition. He plays so hard and last week was the first week of vacation. I think he

[page 4] tried to cram too much into the first week.

Our garden is still too wet to work in and the weeds are growing more daily. I got radishes & onions yesterday after we came home and Mark got such a thrill out of his first garden stuff. The potatoes are up about a foot high. They have done better than Zells in the same patch. Mr. Z. said he thought theirs had rotted from so much rain. He got theirs planted before we got ours out.

John has gone to take his music lesson this morning. The recital is to be next week. He got to play on Johnson’s new piano while we were there and of course kept busy at Ruth’s a good bit of the time.

It is time to start lunch so must get busy.
Love Mother

YEG1943-05-24 #3

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More on meat rationing (Gladys)

1943-03-03Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just had a session with D. He had been asleep but woke up & cried. I went up and got him quieted again. I think his gums bother him some. Doesn’t bother his appetite which is very good. I gave him Gerbers cereal today and he took it better than he takes Pablum or Pabena. We have started to train him for his B. M.’s and if I can be in the room or hear him I usually get him up and save a diaper. I repainted the wheels & frame work on the buggy I bought. It is like the one we had for Mark. It is too cold now to take him out so I am getting the buggy ready for spring weather. I just figured a little on our financial status and have a bal. now of 172⁰⁰ – all bills paid except two (amt. $20⁰⁰) that includes my Mar first check. When I got all the first of the yr bills paid it cut our bal. down. However we have 14 – $25⁰⁰ & 6 – 50⁰⁰ bonds. If the uniform & travel money ever comes will pay off pol. Loan. All the boys Ins is paid for the year and June will end one of the premiums on yours. I am trying to hold expenses down and haven’t done any lavish spending but there are those monthly rent, light, water, telephone, Groc. – and the last is high. Meat is very high in the stores – hamburger .35 lb & steak .48 – I am glad we have our locker. Molters (Sam) are going to sell some hens and I think I’ll buy a dozen & put in the locker. The drawer is about half full now. Meat is to be rationed Apr 1 and probably butter & other shortenings. Have all the lard from the last pork I bought – Since Tom Murphy had his last severe attack they have decided to go to Fla & live. They had bought Vivian’s house but have it up for sale. Ellsworth had been trying to sell that place to Zell’s so Catty can buy Zell’s place but I hardly think Zell’s will sell. They want a larger house but the Murphy place isn’t any larger than this. – Parr’s are in Fla. at present & Ken Wood’s are in Calif. It has been too cold to get out much so haven’t any late news if there is any. We are all fine and hope we can keep from getting the measles.

Love – Mother

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Protected: The Day After Christmas (Gladys)

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Last day before gas rationing begins (Gladys)

Kentland Ind
Nov 30 – 1942

Dear Daddy,

Monday and the last day to buy all the gas without limit. I have the tank full so am that much ahead. Mrs. Roberts just left. She wanted to come yesterday but couldn’t. She still doesn’t know where Joe is, but thinks he is in the same area as you are in. He wrote to her not long ago that he saw a Dr. from Chicago that used to go to Watseka & operate for Wiseman – can’t remember his name – but he is in the Army. I think she said he is a Gynocologist, but he was in a jeep and drove up to hospital where Joe is. She says Joe has to wear his blue – and of course white shirts, so he is where he must “Dress.”

I wrote you some time ago that when I left the hospital I was told that my bill had been taken care of – Don’t know whether you ever got that letter – but this is what I have been thinking of – I think it would be fitting and

[page 2] proper for you to write the Sisters of St. E and thank them – (or do you think you should?) I am going to send them a Christmas greeting and add a note of thanks myself, but thought they would also appreciate a word directly from you. Dr. Cole took your address so I suppose you will hear from him sometime soon.

The Parrs were in Kentland yesterday and stopped here a few minutes. I didn’t ask Harlan whether he thought he would be sent abroad but Dorothy told me last summer they expected he would be (I think that last was bad grammar).

The heavy snow on the trees and shrubs fell off and left a coating of ice. Looks very scenic. I took a picture of the house yesterday. I should take another today as thinks look a little different. The evergreens in front of the house look like they are decorated for Christmas.

I rec’d two letters this A.M. – one dated Nov 19 & 22. The letters you sent the money in – and the way I have it figured from previous letters – were mailed Nov 17 – haven’t come yet I hope you sent money orders,

[page 3] so if they get lost – we won’t lose the money – I am not being mercenary but after all you haven’t enough to lose, and I feel like I must be as saving as possible while you are away because you will need plenty to start on again when you come back. As I have said before – don’t have much desire to spend money while you are away. I have about given up on collections – Seems like all those acct’s are so many names with amounts after them. I wish I could find a collecting agency. It is a funny thing that the people left here at home making regular salaries and enjoying their regular home life routine are so thoughtless of obligations of this kind. I certainly would enjoy telling some of them off – but don’t suppose that would do any good either. I don’t understand how they have the nerve to speak to me (some don’t) Some few seem to have a guilty look – or maybe that is my imagination.

The baby has been tossing his orange juice to some extent, but I keep giving it to him every day. Some days he keeps it down. I suppose if he keep on losing it I will have to give him

[page 4] vitamin C in tablet form. He has such strong odor from his diapers. Dr. Cole gave me instructions on the washing. He has a little pamphlet printed that tells why the ammonia odor and what to do. I am supposed to put baric acid in the rinse water. I am going to town this afternoon and get some baric acid in bulk if I can because it takes 2 tbsp to the qt of water.

It is 4 P.M. and the boys (John & Mark) will soon be coming in. Mark has enjoyed the snow very much. To John it is something to look at and admire but to Mark it means snowballs, etc. They wrote you last week about their report cards. Mark promised to raise his grades next time. I hope he does – since he had a drop this time.

I must get this finished so I can get ready to go to town. “My Day” seems so short I never get all done I want to do but I get David taken care of and that is the most important.

Love Mother

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