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More on meat rationing (Gladys)

1943-03-03Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just had a session with D. He had been asleep but woke up & cried. I went up and got him quieted again. I think his gums bother him some. Doesn’t bother his appetite which is very good. I gave him Gerbers cereal today and he took it better than he takes Pablum or Pabena. We have started to train him for his B. M.’s and if I can be in the room or hear him I usually get him up and save a diaper. I repainted the wheels & frame work on the buggy I bought. It is like the one we had for Mark. It is too cold now to take him out so I am getting the buggy ready for spring weather. I just figured a little on our financial status and have a bal. now of 172⁰⁰ – all bills paid except two (amt. $20⁰⁰) that includes my Mar first check. When I got all the first of the yr bills paid it cut our bal. down. However we have 14 – $25⁰⁰ & 6 – 50⁰⁰ bonds. If the uniform & travel money ever comes will pay off pol. Loan. All the boys Ins is paid for the year and June will end one of the premiums on yours. I am trying to hold expenses down and haven’t done any lavish spending but there are those monthly rent, light, water, telephone, Groc. – and the last is high. Meat is very high in the stores – hamburger .35 lb & steak .48 – I am glad we have our locker. Molters (Sam) are going to sell some hens and I think I’ll buy a dozen & put in the locker. The drawer is about half full now. Meat is to be rationed Apr 1 and probably butter & other shortenings. Have all the lard from the last pork I bought – Since Tom Murphy had his last severe attack they have decided to go to Fla & live. They had bought Vivian’s house but have it up for sale. Ellsworth had been trying to sell that place to Zell’s so Catty can buy Zell’s place but I hardly think Zell’s will sell. They want a larger house but the Murphy place isn’t any larger than this. – Parr’s are in Fla. at present & Ken Wood’s are in Calif. It has been too cold to get out much so haven’t any late news if there is any. We are all fine and hope we can keep from getting the measles.

Love – Mother

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