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Neighborhood News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 26 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another hot sultry day. It looks like rain and once in a while there is a breeze but days like this makes Mother awfully weak. I stopped in to see Dr. M. and asked him about her and he said Bepron was a fine tonic and for her to keep on taking it. While I was there he asked me if I wanted to see the X-Ray of Ruthie Parttens – He showed it to me and was he mad – Mary wanted a bone specialist to see her a few days after Dr. M. had taken care

[page 2] of her and that insulted him but he told them to get someone else – they had Berkhiser from Chicago and he said everything had been done that could be – Dr. M. said he got so sick and tired of people spending their money on specialists. At any rate he says Ruthie is getting along first rate and the rumor that she wouldn’t walk again was rumor there was nothing to it. She is so lively they can hardly keep her in bed. I want to go over and see her but the car is in the garage today. Couldn’t start it yesterday so we pushed it and got it started and stopped at Sondergrath.

[page 3] Will report later on the trouble.

Had a letter from Ruth M. and she wants me to send J. & M. over for a week or so and then the rest of us come for the 4th but Mother doesn’t feel well enough to go any place now and as hot as it is I really would rather stay home with David. Zell’s are going away Wed. for a week and they want J. & M. to mow the lawn while they are gone. However if they want to go to Ruth’s I won’t keep them home. Ruth & Floyd are going to C.C. for the 4th & wanted us to got too so they could take some more movies of David, but I don’t want to go on such a long trip when it’s so hot, and I can’t plan to go

[page 4] any place while Mother doesn’t feel so well. She said for us to go ahead & go but I wouldn’t want to leave her alone.

Glenn called us yesterday. He talked and his wife talked – he talked to all of us. Had the baby by the phone and we could hear him. I wrote and told him Mother didn’t feel so well and I think he was pretty worried about her. He wanted your address; you may hear from them. His wife’s name is Pauline. The picture enclosed is I think good of David but John says David is better looking than the picture. However I think you can get a good idea what he is like because he laughs so much. After his bath he

[page 5] has curls but after a while they fall down. There are two teeth in front but one show plainer than the other. He is in his bed now singing a song. It is time for him to take a nap so he is in the nursery alone.

Parr’s were in town yesterday. Harlan is having a vacation but has to be back in Tuscola July 4 for work. He is very tan and so is Carolyn, more so than Dorothy & Nancy. They thought David was a pretty fine boy. Harlan still wants a boy. Dorothy said she thinks she has all she can do to take care of two girls.

[page 6] Dorothy Krull said yesterday that Bill Funk wants them to go on a vacation trip together. Dorothy said they would have to close the restaurant and she doesn’t know whether they will or not. I told her if they go to be sure Bill knows where he is taking them.

Had to stop and take baby clothes off the line – a storm was brewing and what a storm – this one took a good portion of the tree by Statons driveway – They have gone to Indpls. And will have to get the tree off their driveway before they can get in when they come back.

[page 7] Mrs. James & Jimmy went along and Bobby was sent home from Zells for misdemeanor so before the storm the neighborhood was rather quiet. It vibrates at times when things get going good.

After the rain started Mark put on his bathing trunks but he didn’t stay out long. It is cooler now since the rain – something we all appreciate. If this summer continues like this we have a lot of hot weather to look forward to. I had to repot a cactus plant – It was on the window sill and the strong wind blew it over and knocked the cactus out of the pot.

[page 8] The storm has let up and the Zell girls & J. & M. are out playing hide & seek. There is still a lot of thunder so maybe it will rain more.

Your mention of the shells makes me think of the box you sent from Noumea that didn’t come. The one that had the necklace you thought prettier than the one I rec’d. I doubt if it ever comes now – it has been so long.

I must get this ready to mail, so John can do to the P.O.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Summer Vacation (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 25 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another hot day – No mail today but have had several letters this week latest being June 12, We are doing our weekly wash – have half out on the line – It’s is nearly time to fix lunch – Mark has gone to Baking class – They are having a farewell party for Rupp. She is getting married. So many new teachers next fall – John just discovered he would have a man math teacher.

[page 2]I think he prefers women teachers. I don’t know why. Maybe they favor him – however he wouldn’t like to hear that.

David has been asleep and sounds like he is waking up – I hope not because he hasn’t slept long enough & it’s so hot today I know the afternoon will be hard for him if he hasn’t slept long enough. He is good up to a certain point but there are so many around him all the time he doesn’t play alone as well as J. & M. did – but that isn’t his fault. He is getting pretty handy with getting around his pen – Mother

[page 3] thinks he will soon walk alone but John did like he does and didn’t walk alone so soon.

Mother is still feeling not so good – She was feeling better with a few cooler days but it is so hot again and seems to take all her pep. She has taken nearly all the Bepron I got for her. I thought it was helping her but she doesn’t seem much better now.

Parr’s are coming to Funk’s for dinner this evening. I don’t know whether they are just on vacation or if he is being transferred again. They have been in Fla since Jan. I suppose I will see them while they are in town.

[page 4] When people around here complain about the weather I remind them you have to take it all the time and we do get relief now & then. Statons are going to Monticello for a week’s vacation – I think I’ll just stay home with David & let the boys go vacationing if they want to. Mark is planning to go to 4-H camp. He wants to go to Earl’s & fish sometime. Ruth wants us to come over for a week but the way Mother feels I am not going to plan anything.

John is begging me to get lunch so will stop this which doesn’t seem to be much today –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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More on meat rationing (Gladys)

1943-03-03Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just had a session with D. He had been asleep but woke up & cried. I went up and got him quieted again. I think his gums bother him some. Doesn’t bother his appetite which is very good. I gave him Gerbers cereal today and he took it better than he takes Pablum or Pabena. We have started to train him for his B. M.’s and if I can be in the room or hear him I usually get him up and save a diaper. I repainted the wheels & frame work on the buggy I bought. It is like the one we had for Mark. It is too cold now to take him out so I am getting the buggy ready for spring weather. I just figured a little on our financial status and have a bal. now of 172⁰⁰ – all bills paid except two (amt. $20⁰⁰) that includes my Mar first check. When I got all the first of the yr bills paid it cut our bal. down. However we have 14 – $25⁰⁰ & 6 – 50⁰⁰ bonds. If the uniform & travel money ever comes will pay off pol. Loan. All the boys Ins is paid for the year and June will end one of the premiums on yours. I am trying to hold expenses down and haven’t done any lavish spending but there are those monthly rent, light, water, telephone, Groc. – and the last is high. Meat is very high in the stores – hamburger .35 lb & steak .48 – I am glad we have our locker. Molters (Sam) are going to sell some hens and I think I’ll buy a dozen & put in the locker. The drawer is about half full now. Meat is to be rationed Apr 1 and probably butter & other shortenings. Have all the lard from the last pork I bought – Since Tom Murphy had his last severe attack they have decided to go to Fla & live. They had bought Vivian’s house but have it up for sale. Ellsworth had been trying to sell that place to Zell’s so Catty can buy Zell’s place but I hardly think Zell’s will sell. They want a larger house but the Murphy place isn’t any larger than this. – Parr’s are in Fla. at present & Ken Wood’s are in Calif. It has been too cold to get out much so haven’t any late news if there is any. We are all fine and hope we can keep from getting the measles.

Love – Mother

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Last day before gas rationing begins (Gladys)

Kentland Ind
Nov 30 – 1942

Dear Daddy,

Monday and the last day to buy all the gas without limit. I have the tank full so am that much ahead. Mrs. Roberts just left. She wanted to come yesterday but couldn’t. She still doesn’t know where Joe is, but thinks he is in the same area as you are in. He wrote to her not long ago that he saw a Dr. from Chicago that used to go to Watseka & operate for Wiseman – can’t remember his name – but he is in the Army. I think she said he is a Gynocologist, but he was in a jeep and drove up to hospital where Joe is. She says Joe has to wear his blue – and of course white shirts, so he is where he must “Dress.”

I wrote you some time ago that when I left the hospital I was told that my bill had been taken care of – Don’t know whether you ever got that letter – but this is what I have been thinking of – I think it would be fitting and

[page 2] proper for you to write the Sisters of St. E and thank them – (or do you think you should?) I am going to send them a Christmas greeting and add a note of thanks myself, but thought they would also appreciate a word directly from you. Dr. Cole took your address so I suppose you will hear from him sometime soon.

The Parrs were in Kentland yesterday and stopped here a few minutes. I didn’t ask Harlan whether he thought he would be sent abroad but Dorothy told me last summer they expected he would be (I think that last was bad grammar).

The heavy snow on the trees and shrubs fell off and left a coating of ice. Looks very scenic. I took a picture of the house yesterday. I should take another today as thinks look a little different. The evergreens in front of the house look like they are decorated for Christmas.

I rec’d two letters this A.M. – one dated Nov 19 & 22. The letters you sent the money in – and the way I have it figured from previous letters – were mailed Nov 17 – haven’t come yet I hope you sent money orders,

[page 3] so if they get lost – we won’t lose the money – I am not being mercenary but after all you haven’t enough to lose, and I feel like I must be as saving as possible while you are away because you will need plenty to start on again when you come back. As I have said before – don’t have much desire to spend money while you are away. I have about given up on collections – Seems like all those acct’s are so many names with amounts after them. I wish I could find a collecting agency. It is a funny thing that the people left here at home making regular salaries and enjoying their regular home life routine are so thoughtless of obligations of this kind. I certainly would enjoy telling some of them off – but don’t suppose that would do any good either. I don’t understand how they have the nerve to speak to me (some don’t) Some few seem to have a guilty look – or maybe that is my imagination.

The baby has been tossing his orange juice to some extent, but I keep giving it to him every day. Some days he keeps it down. I suppose if he keep on losing it I will have to give him

[page 4] vitamin C in tablet form. He has such strong odor from his diapers. Dr. Cole gave me instructions on the washing. He has a little pamphlet printed that tells why the ammonia odor and what to do. I am supposed to put baric acid in the rinse water. I am going to town this afternoon and get some baric acid in bulk if I can because it takes 2 tbsp to the qt of water.

It is 4 P.M. and the boys (John & Mark) will soon be coming in. Mark has enjoyed the snow very much. To John it is something to look at and admire but to Mark it means snowballs, etc. They wrote you last week about their report cards. Mark promised to raise his grades next time. I hope he does – since he had a drop this time.

I must get this finished so I can get ready to go to town. “My Day” seems so short I never get all done I want to do but I get David taken care of and that is the most important.

Love Mother

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