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More Local News (Gladys)

Youth Bill into LawAlthough Gladys makes no mention of it in her letters, Roosevelt’s Teen Age Draft Bill is now officially the law of the land. The new law affected a large number of young men. An estimated 2,500,000 boys were eligible to be drafted into the armed services as well as thousands more who were close to their eighteenth birthdays. One exception to the new draft was for those who were regularly engaged in essential agricultural positions. Producing and harvesting food was considered to be an integral part of the war effort.

Meanwhile in Roscoe’s part of the world, the Navy was engaged in fighting another major series of battles around Guadalcanal Island. For a more in depth breakdown of the battles that occurred during this week in 1942, check out Wikipedia’s page. Or you can watch this military video about the Victory At Sea – Guadalcanal (although it tells more of the story of the first offensive in August 1942). The documentary also includes some great military propaganda, showing everyone working together at home and abroad in the war effort.

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 14 – 1942

Dear Daddy-

Another sunny fall day. However a little crisp. The boys are home today but haven’t worked very much because I did most everything yesterday. Now that Mother has gone back to T.H. [Terre Haute] they have to wash dishes but can’t work together so good – so they take turns. I didn’t receive a letter this a.m. but will probably get two or three Mon. (I hope). This week they have been coming every day. Last week they came in bunches. I have decided to give you the bank balance in every letter & be sure to mention whether or not I received any letters from you. Now the bank bal is around 720 – that includes the birthday gift. I get my allotment checks every month – (now if that everything I should mention?) We have a new mail carrier – Carl Donahue. The Hall boy had to go into service. You said something in one letter about Nick being closed on Sun. He closes Thurs & Sun and Johnny closes Wed. After gas rationing I wonder if there will be as much restaurant business. The traffic certainly has slowed down on 41 – If the baby weren’t so small and gas rationing coming in I would plan to go places this fall but with both I think I’ll stay home (except for the four gal per). I may go to Ruth M’s later on.

laundry-duz-52-swscan04859-copy-copy[page 2] The telephone had to ring this morning just when I was talking a little cat nap before getting up, ant [and] it caused David to give a little cry like he was frightened. So far noises haven’t bothered him. Then the party had the wrong number. Grrr! This being Sat. we weren’t in a hurry to get up. Our neighbor Zell is going into the chicken business – Had a chicken house moved to the north side of his lot this morning. He I think is more “your idea” of what a county agent should be. Louise Glenn came to see me this a.m. She brought Johnny along. He certainly is a live wire. She had to move everything from the coffee table. I had some washing soaking in the lavaratory & Johnny upset the box of Duz over the floor. I showed Louise the shells & coral. She agreed that the coral would be very attractive mounted & set on the coffee table or somewhere. I wouldn’t care if you could send more. The second box hasn’t arrived yet. Will let you know.

Link got a load of wood this afternoon. He tried burning hard coal in his fireplace but couldn’t get it to burn. I told him we had soft coal for ours last winter. He took Jimmies boat bed and set it back of the garage to put coal in. They got a new bedroom suite for Jimmie’s room. I am enclosing the last two months from my desk calendar and hope you get them before Nov is past. Will find a small new one for next year and send to you.

David weighed 8 lbs 10 oz this morning and is 7 ½ weeks old. He took 5 oz milk at 2 p.m. which is an increase of ½ to 1 oz over what he has been taking. John & Mark are both “OK.”

Love Mother

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Halloween (October 31, 1942) – Gladys

Today’s letter features some great re-capping on Gladys’ part. At this point in the letters, Gladys knew that a chunk of letters were missing in action. We learn a bit more about the night David was born and Gladys finally has the news that Roscoe was aware of David’s birth. She provided a lot of answers to questions that Roscoe had been asking over the last month or so. How much money was in the bank account? Who was helping around the house? Who had enlisted and who was still in town?

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Indiana
Oct 31-1942

Dear Daddy-

At last I received a letter from you saying you had the news about David – and the middle name is Anthony – I wrote all the details in a letter while I was in the hospital but just in case it was lost I will try and give you a brief resume .

My water broke at 11 P.M. – without any pain. I called Dr. Cole & he said to come to the hospital. I called Bob & then Dorothy – Clarice also went along. After we started I began having hard pains and Bob drove as fast as he could. We were on 4th floor by midnight. David was born at 2:03 and I had ether as soon as they got me strapped down so didn’t know much about the pain at the last. I was just beginning to get very hard pains when they took me in to the delivery room (1:30) so you know I got thru in fine shape and of course no tears inside or out because the little fellow only weighed 6-11. I suffered more with my breasts than I did having him. I tried to nurse him and he kept losing weight – he went back to 6 lbs – and my breasts were well stimulated. They gave me stilbestrol and I had to take twice as much as I did the last time. Dr. C. made me stay in the hospital two weeks. When we came home David weighed 6-3 ¼ and now weighs almost 8 lbs and he will be 6 weeks old Wed (Nov. 4). When I left the hospital I sent for my bill and the nurse came in and said it had already been taken care of. We are feeding David Carnation, Dextri-Maltrose – orange juice & Oleum Per.

Everything here is going along pretty good now that I am able to be up and doing again. The furnace is O.K. So far the boys have been taking care of it with help from the neighbors now & then. Link has taken the clinkers out and Mr. Zell cleaned the soot & clinkers out once. I think the boys & I will be able to keep it in shape now. Joe got the storm windows put up and after the leaves all fall I will have the guttering cleaned. I think everything has been attended to. I had antifreeze put in the car & winter oil put in. I keep the tires checked. The bank acct. at present is around 700⁰⁰ that includes the birthday gift. I have paid the coal bill and of course ins. as it comes due. There are a few drug bills to pay but altogether they won’t amount to 100⁰⁰. I will pay those one day when I take a

[Written on side margin] Jim’s address is still Camp Bradford Norfolk but he is moving to another location so don’t know what it will be.

[page 2]notion. They don’t bother me much with statements maybe if they did I would pay them.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Mrs. P. sent me 5⁰⁰ and a gift to David (3⁰⁰). Dorothy Krull sent me a potted plant. Mother brought me a gift when she came in Sept and gave it to me then – a set of bowls. She is still here and I don’t know when she is going home. Nothing has been said about it lately. I tried to get help with housecleaning but “no go.” I will do it myself as I have time & feel like it. I am not going to make myself sick doing it however.

The boys (John & Mark) are taking Sherman oral vaccine. Maybe that will keep them from taking cold. John had a slight head cold when he started taking the pills & after two his cold was gone. He had a sneezing all thru hay fever tie. I was of the opinion he had some allergy.

If all my letters get to you, you will get all the local news because I tried to put all of interest in my letters. So many have gone into service – here is a list – Art Kenney – Paul Bruck, Kenny Jones, Emery J. Jr., Eddie Britton, Leo Yose, the two Mullen boys, the Myers twins (Al didn’t enlist). There are many others but I can’t think of them now. I think I told you Newell Lamb has the office. He was appointed Prosecuting Attorney due to the present one going to service. Clifford S. as you know is running for election on the Dem. Ticket. He didn’t do much with our collections. I saw A. Taylor yesterday & he gave me a check for 9⁰⁰. He said he thought that was all he owed. I told him I would send him an itemized statement. He said if I was right he would pay the rest.

I talk to Mrs. R. rather often. She calls me or I call her. I told her you hadn’t had news for a long time & didn’t know about the baby. Earl stopped there en route to an Army Camp in Pa. and she told him. He came to see me and was going to help me get word to you when I got your letter saying you at last had my V-mail letters. I sent several while I was in bed at home and in the hospital. I don’t believe you rec’d all. If you get my previous letters this will be a rehash.

I tried to call Mrs. Ash while in Laf. But didn’t get an answer. I haven’t talked to her since she saw me in the hospital. I didn’t write to Mrs. W. Sorry he had to go, because I know you enjoyed his company from your letters.

I rec’d two letters yesterday and six today which brings things pretty much up to date for me. Hope you get the Christmas boxes being sent. We sent one. I am sending another for your birthday but don’t know when you will get it.

Mother & Boys

[written on side margin] I wrote yesterday explaining the radio-gram.

©2013, copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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Halfway Point!

Yegerlehner, Roscoe & Gladys - Wedding picture with attendantsAt the end of this last week, my blog hit a quiet milestone. With this post, I have been posting for 184 days, just over half a year. I can hardly believe that I have been at this for six months. Yesterday (May 25th) was my grandparents’ 84th wedding anniversary. I would like to thank everyone who has been following their correspondence for the last six months and to welcome those who have recently followed their story. Here’s to the next six months!

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct 29 – 1942

Dear Daddy-

Another day and no letters from you but maybe they will come tomorrow. There were two Mon and this Thurs so still Fri & Sat.

Our weather has changed a little. It was raining so hard this morning I took ours & Zell’s children to school. John had tow horn cases to carry and books so he could hardly manage walking. He brought the large saxophone home yesterday and had to take both horns back this a.m. He likes the regular sax much better than the straight one he had. David is sleeping now. He seems to like the 4 hr schedule as well as the 3 hr. He didn’t wake up until 3:30 this am for the 2 am bottle. I think maybe he will soon sleep right through although I don’t mind feeding him at 2 until he is some heavier. He weighed 7-9 on Dr. Coles’ scales Monday and will no doubt be

[page 2]past the 8 lb mark by Sat. He takes his cod liver oil & orange juice every day and so far both agree with him.

If you ever get the letters I wrote while in the hospital and letters others wrote, you will know we tried to send you a cable – well in your letters to me you said you hadn’t had any news for so long, so Bob Hufty contacted the Red Cross field man and he said he would get a radiogram to you if it was possible – I suppose by this time you will have received it and know why it was sent. I would have done that in the first place had I known we couldn’t send a cable – and that you wouldn’t get our letters – but we all thought you would surely get our letters in at least two weeks. After they told us we couldn’t cable you I thought the only thing left was a letter and when your letters kept coming and you weren’t getting your mail Bob decided it was high time something should be done.

Mrs. R called me this morning just to talk and wanting to know if I had any late news. She rec’d a cable three weeks ago

[page 3] but no news since then. Before the cable he had written three letters on board ship. He was detailed to the Southwest Pacific fleet, so she hasn’t the faintest idea where he is other than the S.W. Pacific.

There is a high wind today and we had a casualty. The west storm window in the boys room blew off and broke the bottom pane. I hadn’t gotten them all fastened and that particular one seems to be in a current that flips it off. Link is coming over this evening and help me get the rest fastened. I can’t even get some of the windows up. Joe should have fastened those the day he put them up but he was in a hurry to finish by noon and I haven’t felt strong enough to wrestle with the windows – but will get it done before any more blow out.

John has filled two stamp books so I am going to buy him a bond (as pledged) and he is going to get

[page 4] it at school so his grade will get credit. Mark still has a few stamp to buy before he fills his book but I will get him a bond before the year is over. I should buy David a $5⁰⁰ stamp with his gift from D. Mace.

I see in the paper that Bethel Wilson has been sent to Daytona Beach, Fla to a new camp. The Mullen boys are being sent to Ft. Bragg, N.C.

Harlan’s had Chuckie operated on for his eyes. They took him to Indpls but I don’t know who did the operating.

John Byrne is the man operating Art’s drug store. I knew his face but not his name. His family will occupy the Ross property on West Carroll St. (if you know which property that is – I don’t).

Mother had a head cold – started yesterday evening – so I made her take some Rhinitis – all I had was the child size so have her 4 last night – got a bottle at the drug store this morning and gave her a full size one – her cold is better now.

I must sign off-
Love Mother

©2013, copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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