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Midnight Train (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Aug. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

It has turned cloudy & very cool. I did get a washing dry during a brief clear spell and a good breeze. Have to keep the washing done – can’t let it accumulate. Took Mark to Dr. Altier today to have his hand dressed. It is healing in good shape. Should be good as ever in another week. We took Juanita to the train about midnight last night. It was late. He heard an engine coming and started to get out of the car and an engine & caboose whizzed by so fast it left us speechless for a second but when Danny saw the train going by without stopping for him he began to cry. – We had a good laugh over it & Juanita told him it would come back so he was satisfied then. I was so sleepy this morning I could hardly get up. This train goes thru Robinson and that is 7 miles from where Juanita lives. She is the only one of our relatives that can make such good connections in coming our way – and I didn’t know that until she came.

Was looking over the paper for news items – Betty Lohr & her soldier friend (now Sgt.) were married Sat. night. He is still stationed in La. She is going to remain at home with her Dad & brother.

[page 2] Dr. Altier’s office woman said Ed Barce was home last night and went to Laf. today. She thought he was being sent there but didn’t know for sure – and said Betty is working in Laf. at the Aluminum Plant. I didn’t ask her how long – Betty never stayed at any job around here very long at a time – as you know.

The Russell Schultz have another baby girl – Yes, they haven’t paid for the last delivery –

Mr. Webster the band teacher is leaving, going to Middletown (near Muncie) – I’ll bet Al is frothing trying to get a new band instructor by next Wed. – that’s when school starts – Sept. 1.

John Funk has been admitted to Dental School. Under the university’s accelerated program he will graduate in May 46.

The Tuell’s (Mamma & Boys) are back in Kent – rented Nesbitt’s apartment – They have been in Logansport – I think they had sold their house.

I seem to be overlooking something I saw in the paper I wanted to mention – Maybe I will think of it later.

I asked Link to send in a load of stone for the driveway – I asked him for a bill after Holley delivered it this afternoon – Link said it was a load left over from some street work they are doing around town & N.C. – so our driveway is ready for winter. – The way it feels this evening winter is giving us a preview.

Mother is about the same today – not much change.
Love Mother

FOS1940s - Emma & Juanita

Emma Foster and her granddaughter, Juanita

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Ration Book 3 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 28-1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters so far today, but 3 came yesterday – the latest being dated May 17 – The second check hasn’t come yet but will probably come in a day or so. Your letters all come, tho some get delayed. I am sitting on the front step writing so I can keep David in the sun. Mark has gone to 4-H Baking class. He took ingredients for a “one egg wonder cake.” John has to practice on the oboe. He has to play it in the band for the Memorial day ceremonies and he hasn’t played it yet in the band. He just got it a short while before school was out and has been learning to blow it. It doesn’t sound as well alone as the sax. I told him it sounds like a snake charmer. I suppose Mr. Webster thought the best way to break him into the band with it was to tell him he had to play at certain time.

I talked to Dr. Cole Wed. about Mark – in fact took Mark along and he thinks his tonsils should come out. This is a repeat in case the previous letters are lost or delayed.

[page 2] I thought the sooner the better and next week would be as good a time as any. Probably will be over it and entirely recuperated by the time you get this.

David has turned over in his buggy – that is why someone has to watch him all the time. He won’t stay put. His second tooth is about to come thru. I gave him orange juice again this morning and about an hour later he thru it up. I keep trying but he throws it up nearly every time. I still give him vit C and he gets canned fruit. He can’t take tomatoe juice either. His bowels are always more or less loose, so can’t give him prunes or juice. I tried giving him potatoe to tighten things up but he doesn’t eat them so well. He gains about a lb a month now – he is so active he works off his fat. He isn’t thin by any means – weighs 19 lbs now at 8 months – but is 29 inches long. He is very tan now and we keep him in the sun as much as I think he needs to be. Sometimes I manage to get him to take a nap in the sun. I get him out of doors more than Arlene gets Donnie out and yesterday her sister was here and said she couldn’t get over how tan David is – Donnie looks a little pale beside him.

Had to stop and put D. back in his

[page 3] Buggy – he was crawling out. Mrs. Zell loaned me a harness to secure him to the buggy and I think I’ll have to use it. John had a “fit” at such an idea but I asked him if he wanted David to fall out on his head – then he decided it would be better to use the harness. It sounded a little horsy to him.

Mark just reported home with his cake – came home proudly reporting he made it entirely without help from the instructor (Mrs. Rupp). It was a success and he is so thrilled. It is nearly time for the next sugar coupons and it’s a good thing with all the baking the boys want to do. They are cake eaters. I have managed to save from our sugar enough to make some preserves & jelly. The boys really missed their spreads this year and I want to get some made this summer. There won’t be much fruit to can I am afraid. The winter was so long and hard there probably won’t be any peaches at all around here. Clara M. has a strawberry patch and we are to get our berries there if she has any.

We have to apply for the third ration book. It has to be in by June 30 but I am going to mail ours today. I don’t

[page 4] know what book 3 will be for but tickets from no. 1 are about gone.

I had John put some clothes to wash and I think they are probably ready to hang up now. The sun is so hot today they will soon dry. I want to get our storm windows taken down. It has turned so warm we need the screens in the bedroom windows. The storm windows have been so swollen from all the rains we haven’t been able to pry them open but this heat will soon do the trick. I think we are going to have summer all at once.

I hear the boys coming up from the basement – sounds like I will have to get busy and hang up clothes or see about something for lunch. We are out of potatoes. The last I bought cost .75¢ ½ peck, but I think I’ll have to break down and buy more. We can’t do without meat and potatoes both – not that we are trying to do without meat but have been trying to use less.

My head feels like it is baked so think I’ll have to go in the house. David has decided to climb out of his buggy again – will have to take him in and put him to bed.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Raining Again, Buckets Full (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 17 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Raining again, buckets full. The Music Dept had their annual May breakfast this morning and since Mother was here to oversee thing I went to the meeting. Cocoa & I were going to walk but it was pouring down when we were ready to start – so I drove. Harold’s Mother is here so she went with us. It was still raining when we came home and now at 12:15 there is a slow drizzle. Zells went to Laf. today so John Mark went over and fed their chickens. They are big enough now to fry, so we will probably have one soon.

[page 2] I thought the way the weather was yesterday e would be able to work outside today but not so. It is so wet in the flower beds I am afraid I would mire down. Well I have to get Mother’s things put away – (the back porch is full) so maybe it’s just as well to have rain today.

Mark wrote you about getting a bike – I haven’t mentioned it because I wasn’t sure about it and the ration board won’t let him get it because he doesn’t have a paper route. He was awfully disappointed because he didn’t get it but I think he is getting over it. The band teacher has a good cornet to sell and he brought it over this morning for Mark to try. He wants $75⁰⁰ for it. The old trumpet is so hard to do anything

[page 3] with. He really can play the pieces much better on the cornet. I told Mr. Webster to leave it here a few days and we would consider it. I was going to pay 31⁰⁰ for the bike but since he is reconciled over that I think it would be better to put that much toward a horn.

We need to go to town to mail this and get David some food for his next feeding. He is much better about his eating. Eats his vegetables & cereal now without a fuss. He got such a good tan yesterday but can’t go out today. I saw Pauline Dennis this a.m. and asked her about Jimmy Ed. She said he is getting better. Dr. M. gave them a salve to put on him and it soothes so he isn’t so cross.

I thought I would get to write this in a little quiet, but John is playing for Mark and he is blowing the cornet.

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Oboes and trumpets (Gladys)

1943-04-21Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters so far this week but had several last week. After all the wind rain & snow of yesterday it is sunny today and not much wind. I have a line of clothes soaking up some vitamins (I hope). Hadn’t hung anything out so far this week – due to cloudy and rainy weather. I looked over our garden this morning and we have some radish lettuce & onions peeking through. I have more potatoes to plant when the ground dries enough. The neighbor children are out playing – we have quite an assortment now. Bobby has on his overshoes. He always manages to get in the mud puddles. He is as cute & clever as ever. I intend to go to T. H. one day this week or next to get Mother. She is coming up to stay. I am going to find someone to go with me. I don’t want to drive that far alone. Servies go down quite often and I am going to see if they want to go. I will see Watsons when I go. John is to play an oboe in the band. Carol Josserand had it and decided it was too hard to play so gave it up and Mr. Webster wants John to take it. I had to buy a reed for it – (1.50) I told John that was pretty high but he doesn’t spend much on shows, tec. Mark is to play a trumpet solo Thurs nite at the Jr. Band concert. I am going to either have his horn rebuilt or get him a better one. I can take some pictures of David today – Have 3 more of this roll to take. He is about to go to sleep – after his bath & vegetables – he takes them instead of cereal at 10 – and potatoe at 12. – then cereal at 6 P.M. 18 lbs now will be 7 mo Fri (23).

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Snow again today (Gladys)

1943-01-29Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of 1-20-43 rec’d today – Snow again today – IT keeps coming – is the soft clinging kind that makes things look picturesque. It was snowing before we got up and it keeps snowing but isn’t very deep yet. Just got the walks & drive cleaned off and now covered again. I can hardly see south or north to 41. It is that white. Such a contrast to your weather. Just had to stop and see about David. I had bathed & fed him put him in bed and he was raising a fuss. He doesn’t stay put any more. Now we have to watch him even in his bed. He gets over to the side and hangs his legs out or gets turned with his head to the side and that hurts him. He is a confirmed thumb sucker but I am not trying to break him of the habit yet. John and Mark think everything he does the smartest ever. He gets tickled sometimes when I change his clothes – must be ticklish like his Daddy. If this weather continues we will have to get some more fire wood – Not that we need the heat but we like a fire on dark days and Bill told me to get all I wanted from his wood pile. Shirley Boze and her family moved to Calif. Ann went along – Lambs bought the Boze property. Shirley was due for another baby about the time she left here. I see in the paper that Link and Mr. Webster (Music teacher) are new Rotary members. Uncle Wes’ picture was in the latest Rotarian. Dorothy White sprained her ankle and Babe Carrol is working for Dr. M. John Krull is in Camp at Atlantic City N.J. Most of the above is from the Enterprize.

Love Mother

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Teen Age Draft Bill (Gladys)

Teen Age Draft Bill - 1942-11-13The Teen Age Draft Bill was working its way to President Roosevelt’s desk on November 13, 1942. The bill that required men to register for the selective service lowered the age requirement from twenty to eighteen. The war effort needed assistance from men as well as women, persons of color, and individuals of every age. A month previously on October 12, 1942, President Roosevelt returned from a two week tour of the country. He shared his new hopes and visions with the nation in a Fireside Chat. In this speech, he spoke of lowering the age requirement.  He felt that this was necessary for a more speedy victory of the war. A month later, Roosevelt signed the Teen Age Draft bill into law.

I am including two links to audio recordings of this speech:
The first link is to the Miller Center in Virginia which includes a rough transcript of the speech. The link to the audio is on the right hand side of the page.
The second link is to My Old Radio which has many of Roosevelt’s other speeches in its archives as well as many old radio shows and commercials. http://www.myoldradio.com/old-radio-episodes/fdr-set-prejudices-aside/16

Letter transcription:

Kentland Indiana
Nov 13 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Got up early this am (but went back to bed) David slept thru the 2 a.m. feeding then woke up at 5 – and then Mother wanted to get up at 5 because she was going to T.H. [Terre Haute] with Servies and they were coming for her at 6. I got part of washing done yesterday & finished today. With a little “fellar” there is always a washing to do. I am still able to hang things out but when it gets too cold I will put them in the basement.

Rec’d a letter this morning – and you were somewhat out of sorts when you wrote. Well maybe by this time you have a few more letters and know I am receiving yours and have all you have written to date. That is, the one I rec’d this a.m. was dated Nov. 4 & this is the 13th so that brings it to date. Now that you have rec’d some of those “back numbers: maybe you will get all or most of them. Remember you asked for your comm. & I sent it. Sorry, those two letters I wrote Oct 24 & 25 didn’t mention receiving your letters regularly, because I did mention it in most of my letters.

About Mark – I couldn’t get him a bike unless I found one second-hand – because you have to have a requisition from the ration board and I am afraid I wouldn’t have any reason for getting him one. I think I could get him a Jr. bike but that would be foolish because he wants a full size. He is learning to play the cornet and Mr. Webster says he is doing fine. That he has a better tone range than most of the band children. The only thing he lacks is perseverance. I have been bragging on him and he has been practicing a little better this week. I told him if he learned to play the cornet I would buy him a better horn but I didn’t want to invest anything is a horn if he wouldn’t stick with it. He can blow Taps & Silent Night. I am going to get him a tool set for Christmas and fix him a work shop in the basement. He would do something worthwhile I am sure if he had some help. That is what he says he wants and has one picked out in the Sears holiday book. John is doing as usual. He is playing a large Sax now and still takes piano lessons. He was in a play that is a ”stunt” by the 7th grade. When he came home last night I had to clean make-up off his face. Mother went to see it and said the 7th grade stunt was the best. Now I wonder why she thought that (or do I wonder so much)

[page 2] By Mother getting to go home before her birthday I had to go to town and get her something yesterday evening since she left at 6 a.m. today. While in town I saw Lucile Johnson and she said I could use the baby carriage she has until she is ready for it. The one Zell’s have will require so much work however I may fix it up so I can use it when L. wants hers. I saw Ira D. and he said he had another letter from you. I told him he could keep you posted on the local gossip – and he promised to do that. Ellsworth [Wilson] was in the drug store at the time and I talked to him about the Ins. policy for David and he is going to write it in the Laf. Life. He said that was a good company. Hope that meets with your approval.

Had a letter from Henry R. – Jr. today and he wanted to know about you. Evidently he is still at Moffett Field because his letter came from there. Here is his address – you write to him. his address is H. W. Reinhard, Ylc, CUB Two, Moffett Field Calif. He said “would like very much to know something about Jake.”

I sent you a birthday box and put the Lentz pictures & films in it. By getting Boonies candy as soon as you did you should get the box I sent. Again I’ll quote the present bank bal (721). I get my checks each month. It comes in two since you made the additional after you reached Calif. I haven’t done any spending yet this fall. Got the boys some new clothes, but haven’t paid that bill yet (50⁰⁰). That includes some things I got for Mother. I also gave her 10⁰⁰ this morning when she left. The bank bal. of course includes the birthday money. If you get all the letters I have made repeats in you may be sorry you asked for “rehash.”

The baby had a crusty formation in his eyebrows and I was afraid it might be impetigo – how he could get anything at all is beyond me because you know my “mania” for keeping clean. I had been using water on his face but but he got a rash or something so just used oil and the rash cleared but this thing started in his eyebrow – so decided to use some samples I rec’d – “Pragmusal” I applied it three nights in succession and it cleared up. I read the label on the tube carefully and decided it would not be too strong for his skin even if it didn’t help – but it did the trick. Of course if it had gotten worse & spread would have taken him to Dr. C. but didn’t want to make an unnecessary trip. I am not due to go back for more than a week yet. I want to make the trip just before gas rationing but then after that will have to make trips because will have to get David started on his shots when he is old enough.

The Myers twins were just sent to Laf. to the Naval Station there. They had enlisted in Aug. – 18 went from Newton Co. Nov. 6 – Jim Fletcher’s widow [Emma Fletcher] is working at Sharps. Just put in the above from glancing at the Enterprize. You should be getting it soon as Bart is sending it every week.

Have to register for gas ration card next week. Hope this finds you with all the letters you should get

Love Mother
(hope you can read all this)

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More on the Klines (Gladys)

In this letter, Gladys briefly mentioned Inez. The only Inez that I am aware of at this point in the extended family was Roscoe’s cousin, Inez Kline. She was the daughter of Nancy (McCoy) Walker Kline and the wife of John Ley. I don’t know if John’s nickname was “Bud”, but John and Inez did have a son John Ed[win] Ley. John Ed was the correct age to have served in World War II. In fact, according to his obituary, John Ed served in the Army Air Corp during World War II.

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Oct 28 – 1942

Dear Daddy-

I am listening to a symphony – by David. He is a good baby most of the time but as Geneva Simons said about her baby he has his moments and when he decides to cry he just has to cry for it seems nothing we can do will get him to stop. Of course I always see if he is comfortable – that is, if his clothes are dry. For the moment he has stopped and seems to be going to sleep but – I spoke too soon – music started again. He seems to be doing “OK” on his new 4 hr schedule. Yesterday I mixed his formula in such a hurry I put in 10 oz water & 8 oz milk then gave him his bottle. When I went back to bottle the rest of it I discovered my mistake – but the increased milk content didn’t seem to bother him – in fact he seemed more satisfied after that first feeding than later on. However I mixed a new 24 hr feeding and

[page 2] didn’t give him but one feeding from the first mixture. You remember when you were home Geneva S. talked to you about her baby. Well she told me yesterday what the trouble had been. She said she had never told anyone and only she and Bob knew – but when she mixed the baby’s formula when she got home from the hospital she was a little nervous and made the mistake of putting in ½ cup Karo instead of ½ tbsp – Do you can understand why he was so upset. She didn’t catch her mistake until he had taken the entire 24 hr mixture. She said they had to put him on SMA to get him straightened out but have him back on milk now.

Mary Parttens was here a few minutes this morning. She was going to school to get Jim and couldn’t stay long. She has been busy and I think has been helping Harold do farm work, since both Jim & Ruth are in school.

Had a letter from Inez this A.M. She said Bud had finished a course at Chanute Field and is somewhere in Ten. now. John Ed enlisted

[page 3] in Army Air Corps but hasn’t been called yet.

Floyd went to Blue Island again this week but Ruthie didn’t come over, said she had a cold and didn’t think she should be around the baby or me. Floyd is trying to sell his shop equipment and Mr. Zell is talking about buying it. Mr. Zell has taken quite an interest in Mark. He told Shirks he felt so sorry for our boys – the fact that you have to be away – that he was going to do all he can for them. Mark is taking his horn rather seriously. He said Mr. Webster got so disgusted with all the junior band he told them their music “stunk.” Mark said they all admitted they didn’t practice enough so he timed himself last night and claimed he put in 30 minutes. John said today Mr. W. is going to give him a regular sax now. He is doing good enough with this one that he can have a better one. David has dozed off again but don’t suppose it will last. It seems like

[page 4] I can’t get anything done except take care of him. Haven’t got any fall cleaning done yet but I haven’t felt well enough yet to plunge into much work. I am afraid if I don’t take care of myself I might have to go back to bed like Arlene did – and I wouldn’t want that to happen. Mother fell and hurt her right wrist a week ago Sunday and is just getting now so she can use it again. Of course she doesn’t feel like doing much any time so we just do what has to be done and let the rest go.

I have several letters to answer. I didn’t write to your Mother last week- Ruthis was here and she wrote but I must get a letter out this week. I have a letter from Dolores and one from Esther I must answer. I am going to try this week and get some statements out. (I think I told you that before).

If you get this before Christmas – I want you to know we sent you a box – Just hope you get it and all the other boxes and letters being sent.

I haven’t had any mail now for two days but hope I will get some tomorrow – Also hope you get some too. Just wish you could get yours as regular as I get.

Love – Mother

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