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Miss Kitsmiller called (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Apr 3 & 4 came today – but had up to Apr 15th earlier this week – you mentioned the seed again – which I sent out some time ago – also the lawn – and I had an earlier letter about that and gave you a reply which you should have by now. So much for answers. It is wet today. Had a hard rain yesterday & last nite. I was thinking of going to T. H. to get Mother but since it was raining so hard and didn’t clear away I put off going till tomorrow. John is till home from school and feels “O.K.” but I was afraid he might break out with measles any day. In case you have missed earlier letters – He came home Tues. from school having a chill & with a temp of 102. He hasn’t had any temp. since Tues except Wed he had 2/5 degree.) and has felt pretty good – had headache yesterday. Miss Kitsmiller called

[page 2] this morning to find out why he wasn’t in school. I said I hadn’ let him study any in case he was taking measles – she assured me I didn’t need to worry about that. I think he will make all exemptions again because he has an a average.

I wrote a v-mail yesterday and told you about David’s new toy – the “Cradle Gym” – it is a cute trick – just like a trapeze – cross-bar – hand rings, etc. He tries to pull up on it but hasn’t made the grade yet. He sounded a new low note this morning – John and I were watching him and with an appreciable audience he can really perform. He says Da-da all the time. Maybe he will do like John did before he talked.

Jackie Lamb came out this morning and borrowed the shadow box to use in court to show some x-ray’s. She promised to return it as soon as they are thru with it. I think I told you Newell didn’t get into the Navy. They bought the place Shirly Baze had. Baze’s went to Calif. to live. Shirley was ready to have another baby when they left here.

[page 3] The papers came today but I haven’t looked thru them. I didn’t get up very early and put a new top on David’s bath table so didn’t get much else done, except bathe & feed D, read your letters, and get lunch ready. I hope it clears away today so I can get some washing done this afternoon. You know these babies have to have clean clothes whether it rains or not.

Haven’t talked to Lucile since Wed. so haven’t any word about how Jimmy Ed is doing on D. M. A. – just hope it helps him.

Arlene told me they put Bobby in his play yard and saw him get ready to climb out. He found some boards and was fixing them so he could get over the fence. Her brother’s baby has glaucoma – (I think that is right) and they think they might be able to save one eye – They operated on the bad eye first and in 3 weeks will operate on the good eye. He is just 15 mo. old.

[page 4] John has been reading funnies this a-m. – He couldn’t read them while under suspicion of measles, so he is catching up. He has been listening to a lot of radio programs while he has been home.

Mark just started back to school and then came dashing back in for something – I don’t know what – never a dull moment around here.

The lilacs across the street on Kent are getting ready to bloom. They are very slow this year. The trees have just put out leaves the past week. If it stays warm everything will grow fast now.

I haven’t seen Helen Kline for some time but if I get to go to Laf. next week to attend Hospital Day will try to contact her. I tried the last time I was there to call her but couldn’t get the number. I suppose you haven’t seen Dan since you left the last place.

I must get dishes washed so will be ready to feed D. at 2 P.M.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Snow again today (Gladys)

1943-01-29Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of 1-20-43 rec’d today – Snow again today – IT keeps coming – is the soft clinging kind that makes things look picturesque. It was snowing before we got up and it keeps snowing but isn’t very deep yet. Just got the walks & drive cleaned off and now covered again. I can hardly see south or north to 41. It is that white. Such a contrast to your weather. Just had to stop and see about David. I had bathed & fed him put him in bed and he was raising a fuss. He doesn’t stay put any more. Now we have to watch him even in his bed. He gets over to the side and hangs his legs out or gets turned with his head to the side and that hurts him. He is a confirmed thumb sucker but I am not trying to break him of the habit yet. John and Mark think everything he does the smartest ever. He gets tickled sometimes when I change his clothes – must be ticklish like his Daddy. If this weather continues we will have to get some more fire wood – Not that we need the heat but we like a fire on dark days and Bill told me to get all I wanted from his wood pile. Shirley Boze and her family moved to Calif. Ann went along – Lambs bought the Boze property. Shirley was due for another baby about the time she left here. I see in the paper that Link and Mr. Webster (Music teacher) are new Rotary members. Uncle Wes’ picture was in the latest Rotarian. Dorothy White sprained her ankle and Babe Carrol is working for Dr. M. John Krull is in Camp at Atlantic City N.J. Most of the above is from the Enterprize.

Love Mother

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November 17, 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 17 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Rec’d two letters today – the latest one posted Nov 9 – Hope they keep coming like this – I am glad to get them but rather get one each day than in bunches. This afternoon when I was taking David for his airing noticed men working in the Chevrolet building and unless I was mistaken we are going to have a new post office – all new features, etc. I hadn’t heard anything about it or read anything in the papers about it, but I could have missed it. I haven’t done much reading and don’t always read the paper thoroughly. As I have said before – and as you are getting tired of reading, I am pretty busy, and haven’t done much reading since the event of David. After I get housecleaning done maybe I can catch up a little on my literary duties. You remember the Mrs. Morris I visited in Norfolk? Mrs. Swartz told me her son is in Peru now at the Navy Air School. Now I could comment but I am sure you know what I am thinking – but no use going into that. John had to go to band practice again tonite and Mark went with him. They got back just after Fibber & Molly program started. I am listening with one ear and it isn’t so easy to

Fibber McGee and Molly, 1937 (Image via Wikipedia Commons)

Fibber McGee and Molly, 1937 (Image via Wikipedia Commons)

[page 2] write. Mr. Wimple is now whinning.

Yesterday when I was in town saw Shirley Boze and she looked like she needs an O.B. Dr. again. This afternoon saw Lucile Burgee and she was the same – very definitely so. Two cases you would probably have had.

The boys raked some leaves and burned them in the furnace outside. The wind blew a small mountain of leaves over the terrace and I was afraid they would smother the grass. It looked like rain and if there had been a heavy rain on them would have made matters worse. This wind I have been writing about swept the rest of the back yard clean but the wind has ceased at present.

There isn’t any school tomorrow due to students working on the gas rationing, so the boys will be home. I want to get the furnace cleaned good and the clinkers carried out, and a few other things done, as I think of them. Seems like there is always something to be done but as I have said it better to keep busy.

Just read your last two letters over again – and I’ll tell you again in case – I bought each boy a bond. John got his books full and it made Mark feel so badly I had him clean the floors and finished his books so he could get a bond and David had rec’d 9⁰⁰ in gifts so put the difference to a bond for him.

[page 3] Again I’ll tell you – it took the V-mail you sent the boys 3 weeks to come. They have each written you V-mail several times but you haven’t mention receiving.

I sent Lentz’s pictures and the film in your birthday box. Maybe you have some by now. The picture you mentioned surely wasn’t good. I noticed there were several blanks on the film. All his pictures are in the bunch. The only ones I kept were of you. I hope you get all the snap shots I have sent of us. There were some good ones of the baby. I sent several this week – some week we took last week. I have a new roll of film and if there is any sunshine tomorrow will try to get on of David. He will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. He weighed 8-14 this morning so by tomorrow he should be a little heavier. Maybe 9 lbs for his 8th week. We have been home 6 weeks and he has gained about 2 lbs – 11 oz – which is almost an average of ½ lb a week. His face is getting so full and is [his] legs and arms are showing some curves. He measures 22 inches long so when he gets a few pounds added will be an armful.

Wed Afternoon – It is almost time for the 2 P.M. feeding but will try to finish this first. It seems like I am so pokey I can’t get much done. David is still asleep. He has been very good today – but that is the usual thing – He weighed 9 lbs this morning and that was what

[page 4] I told him he should do – so he would be at an even number on his 8th week (8 weeks old today).

John has an eye headache today. He will see Dr. A Sat. and get a check-up. His head bothered him quite a lot this morning – so I gave him an aspirgum to chew – there was a box of samples came thru the mail. It relieved him some but his head is still touchy. Mark has gone with Betty Lou up to the stable. He enjoys being around the horses. He is talking about ice skates for Christmas. I don’t know what the outcome will be.

Had a letter from your Mother this morning. She had gotten your last letter. I suppose it was your last to her – the one you mentioned in the last I had from you. I didn’t get any today but suppose will get two tomorrow. They have been coming rather regular – day by day for some time now. You said you had the bank bal. I don’t remember what it was then but right at 700 now. I haven’t spent anything this fall only what I had to. Somehow I don’t feel much like buying things. I am going to buy two bonds this mo. and two next. I missed Sept & Oct so will catch up.

This is a beautiful warm sunny day. Unusual weather again,

Love Mother

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