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A Split Lip (Gladys)

April 27, 1944 envelope

April 27, 1944 envelope

April 27, 1944, p. 1

April 27, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

The fall David had Monday was minor compared to one he got this morning. I was upstairs and sewing in the little room. He would play around the machine then go into J. & M.’s room – was closing their door, etc. He came in where I was then ran into their room and the next thing I knew I heard a crash and ran in to see – He was lying under the radio. I don’t know how it happened, but he must have climbed up on one of the beds and then over to the radio and pulled it over on him. I suppose there was something on the radio he wanted. He sustained a jagged gash across the upper lip that took two stitches to close. The cut almost went thru. The inside was cut, both upper and lower but no teeth loosened. There was a small place on the left eye lid but not bad. I noticed this afternoon one finger on the left hand is bruised at the end. He was bleeding and crying and I couldn’t take him in the car by myself

April 27, 1944, p. 2

April 27, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] so we called Dorothy. She came out and we took him down to Dr. M. Dorothy W. had the table ready (I had called the Dr.) and she wrapped a sheet around him to keep his arms down and started to work cleaning the places and finding the extent of the cut. After finishing with the stitches Dr. M. examined him all over for possible broken bones, but found nothing else wrong. When I got back to the house J. & M. were home for lunch. They had gone thru the house looking for me and found the overturned radio. David went to sleep and slept until about 1:30 – I tried to feed him but he wouldn’t eat much. The bandage got wet and when I put a dry one on I thought Dr. M. had done a pretty good job closing up the opening. After his nap I took him out for a walk. He seems to feel pretty good in spite of everything. His upper lip is swollen at least twice its normal size. He keeps drooling and I have to keep a bib on him. He isn’t sucking his thumbs – but he

April 27, 1944, p. 3

April 27, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] had quit the thumb habit before his fall. I decided to give “Thum” a try. Arlene said she used it once on Donnie and he quit. She had the bottle she bought for Donnie and wanted to send it up so I thought it was worth a try. I profited from her experience. She told me not to put as much on as she had (she had coated both thumbs) so I just put a small spot on both thumbs and that was enough for a taste – David got one small taste and kept his thumbs out. I put the first on one evening when I was getting him ready for bed. The next morning I heard him sucking his thumb – I got up and took him to the toidey and told him I would put more stuff on his thumbs so he didn’t put them in his mouth again. Yesterday noon I spotted both thumbs and he wouldn’t get his hands near his face – Last night after his bath I

April 27, 1944, p. 4

April 27, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] put a spot on each thumb again and this morning he wasn’t sucking his thumbs or hadn’t been until his fall. I hadn’t mentioned the Thum experiment because I wanted to wait and see what the results would be.

Seems this letter has been mostly about David, but he had a lot to talk about. Mark has gone over to the High School to a track meet and John has been busy getting things assembled for a party his class is having. He is Treas. And has to spend the class money for them.

I am enclosing a V-mail that came from Ed Lentz.

About that $150.00 house – I hope we don’t have to pass up many offers. Was it a furnished house? Could we have kept roomers? Did you talk to Joe about sharing the house? This sounds like a lot of questions in a row but I am interested in finding a house – and I am ready to move anytime. – Of course the boys should get a least two more weeks of school but could miss the last few days.

Love Mother

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Snow again today (Gladys)

1943-01-29Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of 1-20-43 rec’d today – Snow again today – IT keeps coming – is the soft clinging kind that makes things look picturesque. It was snowing before we got up and it keeps snowing but isn’t very deep yet. Just got the walks & drive cleaned off and now covered again. I can hardly see south or north to 41. It is that white. Such a contrast to your weather. Just had to stop and see about David. I had bathed & fed him put him in bed and he was raising a fuss. He doesn’t stay put any more. Now we have to watch him even in his bed. He gets over to the side and hangs his legs out or gets turned with his head to the side and that hurts him. He is a confirmed thumb sucker but I am not trying to break him of the habit yet. John and Mark think everything he does the smartest ever. He gets tickled sometimes when I change his clothes – must be ticklish like his Daddy. If this weather continues we will have to get some more fire wood – Not that we need the heat but we like a fire on dark days and Bill told me to get all I wanted from his wood pile. Shirley Boze and her family moved to Calif. Ann went along – Lambs bought the Boze property. Shirley was due for another baby about the time she left here. I see in the paper that Link and Mr. Webster (Music teacher) are new Rotary members. Uncle Wes’ picture was in the latest Rotarian. Dorothy White sprained her ankle and Babe Carrol is working for Dr. M. John Krull is in Camp at Atlantic City N.J. Most of the above is from the Enterprize.

Love Mother

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Wholesome and American (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dear Mother,

Almost evening chow time and though possibly I’d better get started before it became too late. It’s been too hot today to do much but I’ve been destringing shells and sitting around on time off. I’ll have a bunch of shells and things ready to send in a few days or weeks. I’ll send things in smaller bunches like I have been so if they get lost they won’t all be lost at once.

Fred and I went to the shore and picked up a few shells this A.M. He at last is started on a neclace but where I bore two holes he is using a type where he just uses one hole – of course I think mine is best and he thinks his is – so that’s the way things stand. It’s a pretty good attitude – wholesome and American. We got some shells that

[page 2] still have stuff inside and the smell in warm weather and of course they draw flies also – guess something will have to be done about this. I put some in acid this A.M. to eat out the inside but it ate the whole shell in some instances for I forgot and left them too long and the acid was stronger than I thought. It must seem to you that all we do is play but since I can’t write about the work all I can write about is play. Hence you hear about that.

Just finished taking a bath and changing clothes and it sure makes one feel different – we have a little shower up on the hillside- just big enough for one person at a time and head and shoulders stick out when inside. So truly one can say an open air job – and with the wind blowing

[page 3] one hardly needs use a towel because of the drying affect of the sun & wind combination.

Bonds build Ships. Buy More Bonds, 1943 Artist: George Picken  Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

Bonds build Ships. Buy More Bonds, 1943
Artist: George Picken
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

Some hours later- The mail came and there were three letters and a Christmas greeting – Two letters from you dated Dec. 30 & 31 and one from Boonie dated Dec. 9 and the greeting from Dr. M. and Dorothy. Of course you had no way of knowing that those 2 would come thru and no more. In them you told me the amount of money for the year and that you had bought the Bonds. Your judgment was very good I think and in a letter or two ago I suggested something to that affect. Was very sorry to hear you had a cold and do take care of yourself. Evidently you have heard nothing from the uniform money yet or was that the money you used for the bonds? Also I didn’t get anything about your Christmas since you

[page 4] didn’t know those other letters didn’t make it. You will just have to repeat in a few letters, and write a few V-mail letters also.

The  I’m not sure if I got all the packages. There was so much confusion. I got candy & chewing gum in the box with the mess. The camera and peanuts in another. Was it a box of chewing gum? If so I haven’t received it. It’s been some time and I got boxes from Boonie, Ruth M., Ruth & Floyd (birthday), one from Mom. So I’m not sure now I just thought everything came and so dismissed the whole thing. Possibly they all came – The coke in one – The flash light in the other and the camera in the other – Was that all of them?

Since you didn’t say anything about Christmas I don’t know if all yours arrived or not. Then was three items – Finger nail set. Comb & brush & Flowers. You mentioned two of them but nothing about the third I mean I haven’t letters to that affect. Possibly the other letters will arrive in due time. I hope.

[page 5] I wrote you about the finances debts etc. So do what you wish about what is left, and if things hold up buy a bond each month either 18 or 37 – depending on the cash you have – and get that safety deposit box if it isn’t too expensive.

And remember what I said about the liver shots – have a Dr. give them to you after a period of time without them.

Well, I always feel better after mail and always have more to write about and really feel more like writing.

The grand total as I have it figured for the year for taxes less deductions is 1985.52 but from that deductions can be made. I really don’t know what is given for dependents etc. so do what you think best about them. If not much pay it because the greater amount was made before I joined the Navy. So that will have to be paid even if the other should be canceled. However, you might pay only on the 3667.73 less deductions and play like that was the whole amount until after the duration. Well, dear it’s really good to hear from you and so long lots of love


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Last day for regular air mail (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

Today is the last day for regular air mail to men overseas, so after this I will probably use mostly V-mail. However at the rate you have received my letters I don’t believe they went by air. I will write a few regular & the rest V-mail. Will have to use regular for pictures. It was announced over the radio that the restriction to send boxes out is for Army & does not apply to Navy or Marine.

We are having more “weather.” It began to snow then sleeted a while now it is clear but we have more snow to shovel.

Mark went back to school today but John is still lying around with stiff neck. He has missed two days of school. He seems to feel well otherwise.

[page 2]Dorothy White called this morning and wanted to know if Dr. M. could borrow your microscope. She came out and got it. Dr. M. is buying a new one and has turned his old one in and is temporarily out of one. She said Dr. sent you a box and was wondering if you would get it. I told her now that the Christmas mail is delivered I thought you would get it.

Dorothy wanted me to ask you what it was you used to give Nick when he had the pain in his elbows, etc. You told him it was caused from going out in the cold from the hot kitchen. It was a white tablet. If you can remember let me know and I’ll tell them. So far the Johnson baby has been doing some night crying. Of course coming home in a week doesn’t help matters.

[page 3] I suppose they will get the little fellow regulated after a while. They are a little late with their child experience. We had ours before we had time to settle into a “groove.” Of course David has been good and staying in the hospital 2 weeks I think helped. He seemed to know when to sleep. I see Link is driving their car around with Irene & Jimmy on a sled in back. Bobby Funk has his sled out too. We have had plenty of sledding & skating weather. We just get rid of one snow when another one comes along. I suppose this kind of weather will last till spring since it started at Thanksgiving. I think Thanksgiving was the last time I hung clothes out in the yard. Probably will be some time before I do again.

It is about time for D. to have a bottle & the rest of us to eat too.


P.S. These letters the boys wrote somehow didn’t get mailed when written.

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