Last day for regular air mail (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

Today is the last day for regular air mail to men overseas, so after this I will probably use mostly V-mail. However at the rate you have received my letters I don’t believe they went by air. I will write a few regular & the rest V-mail. Will have to use regular for pictures. It was announced over the radio that the restriction to send boxes out is for Army & does not apply to Navy or Marine.

We are having more “weather.” It began to snow then sleeted a while now it is clear but we have more snow to shovel.

Mark went back to school today but John is still lying around with stiff neck. He has missed two days of school. He seems to feel well otherwise.

[page 2]Dorothy White called this morning and wanted to know if Dr. M. could borrow your microscope. She came out and got it. Dr. M. is buying a new one and has turned his old one in and is temporarily out of one. She said Dr. sent you a box and was wondering if you would get it. I told her now that the Christmas mail is delivered I thought you would get it.

Dorothy wanted me to ask you what it was you used to give Nick when he had the pain in his elbows, etc. You told him it was caused from going out in the cold from the hot kitchen. It was a white tablet. If you can remember let me know and I’ll tell them. So far the Johnson baby has been doing some night crying. Of course coming home in a week doesn’t help matters.

[page 3] I suppose they will get the little fellow regulated after a while. They are a little late with their child experience. We had ours before we had time to settle into a “groove.” Of course David has been good and staying in the hospital 2 weeks I think helped. He seemed to know when to sleep. I see Link is driving their car around with Irene & Jimmy on a sled in back. Bobby Funk has his sled out too. We have had plenty of sledding & skating weather. We just get rid of one snow when another one comes along. I suppose this kind of weather will last till spring since it started at Thanksgiving. I think Thanksgiving was the last time I hung clothes out in the yard. Probably will be some time before I do again.

It is about time for D. to have a bottle & the rest of us to eat too.


P.S. These letters the boys wrote somehow didn’t get mailed when written.

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Last day for regular air mail (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Different time: “Of course coming home in a week doesn’t help matters.” !!!

    ” I think Thanksgiving was the last time I hung clothes out in the yard.” 🙂


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