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Continued (Gladys)

February 19, 1944, p. 1

February 19, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Sat. Afternoon

Dear Daddy – to continue with the letter I wrote last nite after I came home from the class party. Susan Clark has measles. She went to school long enough to expose the first grade when she was about ready to break out. I thought last year’s epidemic took care of measles for a few years but maybe David won’t get them. The immune globulin we gave him last year was for six months so if he is exposed will probably have them. I haven’t had him out in crowds lately so hope he hasn’t had an exposure. John is a little worried about himself. He says he supposes he should have them before he is grown but doesn’t want them now.

Helen (Kline) and her husband Dan Heindel (Photograph courtesy of Judith Bowen)

Helen (Kline) and her husband Dan Heindel, 1942 (Photograph courtesy of Judith Bowen)

I saw Helen Heindle yesterday. She is taking her children to Calif., so evidently she is expecting Dan to reach the States next month. She says she is going to be there to greet him when he gets in – however she didn’t say anything specific about when she expects him. I would like to do that too but think we had better stay here until we find out where you will be sent when you get back.

We got more coal this a.m. – from Harlans this time and it is much better than what we got from the Lbr. Co. Monday. If

February 19, 1944, p. 2

February 19, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] Chet V. hadn’t said it was Ky. Coal and charged me for same I would have said what he sent was a poor grade of Ind. coal. This load is much cleaner. There wasn’t any dirt I could notice from the unloading. If you didn’t get my letter about the other the whole basement was black from what we got Monday. We have about 4 ½ tons now and won’t have to have any more put in for a while. However as hard as it is to get I think it’s a good idea to get a ton or so when we can.

It has continued cold. We had a little warm spell for a day or so and the snow started to melt then the temp dropped to a little above zero and the streets are very rough from the frozen slush. This snow has been on for more than a week.

A week from today is Mark’s birthday. He is telling me what he wants. In Laf. yesterday I got John a new corduroy cap and that is just what Mark wants. John lost a cap at school so had to have another.

Dorothy told me she went to Billings with Marie Steinbaugh. She goes regularly for X rays checks. She has a spot on her lung that is supposed to be from the cancer on her breast. Doroty said the Dr. said Marie’s case is 35% curable. Marie took X-Ray treatments at St. E. after her operation and the X-Ray supposedly scattered or rather drove the cancer in – that is Dorothy’s interpretation. She as a bad heart, too.

Love Mother

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X-Rays (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Aug. 25 rec’d today. If you remember you were discussing personalities and of course the last one was the best. Went to Laf. today to see Mother – also had a little shopping to do. I went with Mrs. Zell and didn’t try to go see Dr. Cole – I just called him from the hospital and he said they got an x-ray – in fact two – and says she has a bunch of gall stones besides an obstruction in the colon. Finally got barium to stay down – couldn’t give an enema – she couldn’t retain it long enough to get an x-ray. She was very tired from all the x-rays today – had one Mon. & another today. I intend to go back Fri. Juanita will be here and she can go along. I can’t go alone with David and now that school is in session can’t leave him with the boys. I took the taylor tot along today and didn’t have any trouble shopping. While in Loebs baby dept. saw Helen H. and her two. She said to tell you hello – she hears from Dan but he isn’t very hopeful about getting home soon. I think she is still living with Gertrude & Forrest.

[page 2] I saw Marie Steinbaugh in the hospital. She has to go and stay for x-ray treatments. She went yesterday and is coming home Sun. she looks fine. I wonder if the treatments are getting results. You know if you rec’d all my letters she had to have one breast removed in the spring or early summer and goes back every few days or weeks (not certain about the time) for treatments.

It is 9:30 – Just sent Mark up to bed. John is doing homework. We were listening to a bond drive program. The President talked & we wanted to hear him – after he finished John turned the radio off so he could study. We got home from Laf. just in time to feed David & put him to bed. I got him a new suit today. It is light blue, made in sailor fashion. It is very “cute” and has a cord with a whistle around the neck. That’s my birthday present for him. Also got a little gift for Mary McGee Arnott’s baby girl. I think about her and how much I appreciated things last year when David came. I think I rec’d more than 30 cards from friends & lots of your patients when I was in the hospital, besides all the gifts.

Mother rec’d a card from Ruth M. today with a dollar for flowers or anything needed. I took some flowers from my astors, etc., & Mrs. James sent her a potted plant. Mrs. Zell ordered flowers sent out in the morning – so I just put the dollar in Mother’s purse until some later date.

Love – Mother

P.S. my hands are better

Emma Foster, circa 1940s

Emma Foster, circa 1940s

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Left A Hankie (Gladys)

1943-06-21Letter Transcription:


Dear Daddy – Five letters today. One May 27 – the rest in June – latest June 6. I repeat rec’d all the cks – Paid off J. H. Ins. loan and have receipt. It is a beautiful June day – had a hard rain that cooled things off yesterday. Have lots I want to do today but not getting much done. Just wrote an answer to a letter from Helen H. I stayed there the night I took Mark to St. E. and left a hankie so Helen returned it in a letter. Said she wasn’t hearing from Dan so much at present & doesn’t know his location. The Readers Digest came and John has it going from cover to cover. I think he reads it thru every month. Mark just got up and has had breakfast. Since his tonsillectomy I let him sleep as long as he wants to sleep. I think he is much better – in the way of nervous habits. I think if I can get him to eat & sleep enough he will get over twitching. John said he thought Mark is better & he watches him rather closely. David supposed to be taking a nap but I hear him singing. It will soon be time for him to have a bath. I woke at 5 a.m. to see him walking around his bed – I got up at 5:30 & got his bottle – I feel sleepy from waking so early – Maybe I can get a nap some time but I doubt it – I sent you several pictures June 12 – let me know when you get them. Will send more next week.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Tonsillectomy (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

St. Elizabeth Hospital
June 3, 1943

Dear Daddy –

Well here we are – Mark is sleeping – went thru his tonsillectomy in fine shape. Has thrown up some but has been very good – There is a little girl in the next bed who went up to surgery following Mark and she has been having herself a, the nurses and her mother a time. She has quieted down now but cried and tossed about an hour after she came down. After we got the blankets off Mark, he turned over on his stomach and went to sleep. The nurse said that was the best thing for him to do. – We are in Pediatrics and as usual there is a lot of activity, but I would rather be here than in a large room. Dr. Cole said he thought we could take Mark home tomorrow. We came down last night and I spent the night at Klines. Helen doesn’t know where Dan is now, but says he is on board ship somewhere. Gertrude came over to the hospital with me and stayed until they brought Mark back to the room. A friend of hers was waiting for her girl (the above mentioned)

[page 2] I will go home this evening and come back tomorrow & get Mark. Dr. Cole came in to see him before he left. Said there wasn’t much adnoid but that the tonsils were bad. I was pretty sure of that from the way he had been feeling. I will try and find a funny book for him to look at when [change from ink to pencil] he feels like looking at something – Pardon the change in writing, but the pen went dry and rather than bother to refill it will finish with pencil. Mark brought this and paper along to draw with. I tried to tell him he wouldn’t feel like doing anything but he couldn’t believe me. Dr. Romberger came in to see him. I told him Mark thought he was coming on a picnic. He said, “Mrs. Y. I am ashamed of you, telling him that.” I said I hadn’t told him anything of the kind. He said to give “Roscoe” his regards. Said his son is in India.

It is hot today and I have to wear a white hospital gown over my dress and I am getting warmer all the time. The window by Mark’s bed has to be closed so I can’t get much help from the breeze. There seems to be a good wind today.

[page 3] After all the rain, summer seems to have come all at once and hot. We have taken off David’s clothes and he now wears a sun suit.

I went out to see Lucile Burgee’s baby girl – she had shirt, flannel gown, flannel diaper and long stockings on her. She looks like the Burgees. They are living in the house Reynolds made out of their store. Lucile said Gerhart would have to go for a physical in Aug.

John, Mark and the two older Zell girls have been playing croquet a lot between rains. They said the season would officially open Sat., but I told them Mark wouldn’t be able to play then, so don’t know when they intend to open “formally.”

I am going to try and keep Mark quiet for a while. He has several model airplanes to work on so I think that will hold him for a while. Since he got a bike I told him he couldn’t get a new horn, but he didn’t care. Said he would rather have a bike. I have been trying to get a better piano

[page 4] for John but so far haven’t succeeded. Ours can’t be tuned up right, but I won’t get another one till I can do better than we have now.

Mark has been awake and had a piece of ice but it made him spit so didn’t want more than two pieces – is asleep again. The little girl in the next bed is crying again – her mother left her for a while, to go home and get lunch.

I don’t know what the mail is today if any, but haven’t rec’d the $100⁰⁰ ck. yet. Maybe it’s there now. You will be ready to spend more for clothes by the time we get that all in the bank. I think the idea of the new color in uniforms is good – I believe that will be better looking than khaki, at least you won’t be mistaken for Army.

Mrs. Zell is coming down to shop today and is going to leave one of their girls to ride home with me so I won’t have to drive alone. I want to stay with Mark as long as I can.

Hope you have the seed by now.

Love Mother

St. Elizabeth's Hospital

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The Dionne Quintuplets (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon – It is cloudy and a little cool so we are all in the house. John is listening to musical programs. We all listened to the Quintuplets – they were in Superior, Wis., at a ship launching ceremony – they spoke and sang in French & English. There were five Merchant ships launched and the quints christened them.

I wrote you yesterday and if you get my letter will think I am a little mixed up – well I read your letter in a hurry and wrote to you before I re-read it – It was about the box you got & the chicken bones – It sounded like the bones had been taken out of the tin can, until I read it again and it was the candy in wrappers you meant the ants got into – so much for the chicken bones. I had four letters from you to read – hence the hurry –

[page 2] David seemed to have quite a cold yesterday and didn’t sleep so good last night – I’ll have to put that down against him – the first night he was disturbed me in the wee hours of the morning, but I think his gums are bothering him – He feels fine today and very little evidence of a cold. I think he had what John had earlier in the week. John seems to be alright now except for headaches, so I am going to take him to Dr. Ade this week and have his eyes checked. Mark had a slight cold too but didn’t lose any of his pep. There are a lot of colds around, but these didn’t last long so can’t complain. It has been raining or cloudy since Thurs. so David hasn’t had a sunning since last Wed. He was getting so tan – and it was very becoming. I think he will tan like Mark does & you. I don’t know whether Donnie Funk gets in the sun as much but he is very fair and maybe doesn’t tan as readily as David.

The dandelions are in full bloom now. Our lawn looks very yellow as well as all the lawn around here.

[page 3]Tonight is the Baccalaurate service at the high school. If I had someone to go with and someone to stay with the boys I would go – so I think I’ll save the trouble and stay home.

I see in the paper that Ira Dixon is home from the hospital. He has been sick for about two months. Gretchen lives here now since her husband is in the Army. Her baby is about 3 mo. old now. He was a little fellow – smaller than D. when he was born, but is coming along nicely.

Bethel Wilson is in Florida – you know she is in the W.A.A.C. – Ethel went to see her and had to stay longer than she had planned – couldn’t get reservations on the train to come home when she planned. Travel has been curtailed a lot – Mrs. P. said they had to stand part of the way back from Fla. They came back and both got sick from the change in weather. Mrs. Dixon & Nettie said they had noticed the chilly weather a lot this time. They went down last fall & spent the winter. People shouldn’t come back so soon – when we have this kind of a spring. Every time it gets warm for a day or two we think cold weather is over, then we have a cold snap – so much for weather.

[page 4] Of course you remember Roscoe Kenoyer – they have a baby girl – they live near Otterbein now. Tommy Thompson’s have stored their furniture and rented their house – He is going to work on his Dad’s farm this summer. At present Mary is living with her mother. Fuells have moved out of town & Chas. Dienhart bought the Fuell house. Ellsworth bought Dienhart’s house for a rental. I haven’t heard anything about Eddie Ray in the past few days so he evidently is getting better.

I stopped to see Jimmy Ed Fri eve and it is almost too soon to tell whether the S.M.A. is going to help his skin condition. Dr. M. is using light treatments on him too. Besides the white flakes, there is a little seepage. – like my hands get when I eat something I shoudn’t.

David has had a nap and is making a noise so better go see what he needs – without looking I know – The same story – dry pants.

I have Mark reading a book – he brought 3 home from the library and I told him he had to read them.

Love, Mother

P.S. Your last letter was of Apr 21 – so that is pretty good time – I got it May 8 –

P.S. no. 2.

Had two “sets” of callers this afternoon – You remember the Luce man, who had the smashed arm – he stopped in – thought you might be home on week-end leave – but I told him you were on foreign duty – well he wanted to show you his arm – he has fairly good use of it now and is going to marry one of the nurses he met while in the hospital so long. The arm is not straight – and is bumpy in places but from the shape it was in when you got to him – I would say it’s a pretty good arm. He still gives you credit for saving it –

The other callers were Forrest & Gertrude, Chas (the sailor at Pern) and his wife, which I think must be recently acquired, Helen & her two children. Helen said Dan is still in Noumea but she thinks he wno’t be long. Mrs. R. called me this evening. She had a letter from Joe & he said he thought he might possibly see you before long.

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Miss Kitsmiller called (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Apr 3 & 4 came today – but had up to Apr 15th earlier this week – you mentioned the seed again – which I sent out some time ago – also the lawn – and I had an earlier letter about that and gave you a reply which you should have by now. So much for answers. It is wet today. Had a hard rain yesterday & last nite. I was thinking of going to T. H. to get Mother but since it was raining so hard and didn’t clear away I put off going till tomorrow. John is till home from school and feels “O.K.” but I was afraid he might break out with measles any day. In case you have missed earlier letters – He came home Tues. from school having a chill & with a temp of 102. He hasn’t had any temp. since Tues except Wed he had 2/5 degree.) and has felt pretty good – had headache yesterday. Miss Kitsmiller called

[page 2] this morning to find out why he wasn’t in school. I said I hadn’ let him study any in case he was taking measles – she assured me I didn’t need to worry about that. I think he will make all exemptions again because he has an a average.

I wrote a v-mail yesterday and told you about David’s new toy – the “Cradle Gym” – it is a cute trick – just like a trapeze – cross-bar – hand rings, etc. He tries to pull up on it but hasn’t made the grade yet. He sounded a new low note this morning – John and I were watching him and with an appreciable audience he can really perform. He says Da-da all the time. Maybe he will do like John did before he talked.

Jackie Lamb came out this morning and borrowed the shadow box to use in court to show some x-ray’s. She promised to return it as soon as they are thru with it. I think I told you Newell didn’t get into the Navy. They bought the place Shirly Baze had. Baze’s went to Calif. to live. Shirley was ready to have another baby when they left here.

[page 3] The papers came today but I haven’t looked thru them. I didn’t get up very early and put a new top on David’s bath table so didn’t get much else done, except bathe & feed D, read your letters, and get lunch ready. I hope it clears away today so I can get some washing done this afternoon. You know these babies have to have clean clothes whether it rains or not.

Haven’t talked to Lucile since Wed. so haven’t any word about how Jimmy Ed is doing on D. M. A. – just hope it helps him.

Arlene told me they put Bobby in his play yard and saw him get ready to climb out. He found some boards and was fixing them so he could get over the fence. Her brother’s baby has glaucoma – (I think that is right) and they think they might be able to save one eye – They operated on the bad eye first and in 3 weeks will operate on the good eye. He is just 15 mo. old.

[page 4] John has been reading funnies this a-m. – He couldn’t read them while under suspicion of measles, so he is catching up. He has been listening to a lot of radio programs while he has been home.

Mark just started back to school and then came dashing back in for something – I don’t know what – never a dull moment around here.

The lilacs across the street on Kent are getting ready to bloom. They are very slow this year. The trees have just put out leaves the past week. If it stays warm everything will grow fast now.

I haven’t seen Helen Kline for some time but if I get to go to Laf. next week to attend Hospital Day will try to contact her. I tried the last time I was there to call her but couldn’t get the number. I suppose you haven’t seen Dan since you left the last place.

I must get dishes washed so will be ready to feed D. at 2 P.M.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Calf Liver and Onions (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Apr. 22, 1943

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR

Navy 60

Fleet Post office

San Francisco Calif.


Dear Mother,

Got three letters yesterday all v-mail dated the latter part of Mar. Mar 27 was the latest – Mark’s letter (air mail) of Mar 30 was the last received in it came 2-3 days ago.

Several things have happened which are of interest and also surprise. I was hit in the ear with a snowball the other evening – no I’m OK. The snow was made artificially and a bucket full was brought in and it was such a thrill


[page 2] that a commander picked up a handful made a snow ball and said, “Look out Jake here is comes” and wham he hit me in the ear – Really it felt good.

The other thing was fresh calf liver smothered in onions for nord noon day chow yesterday when I was invited out and fresh steak at our own mess for supper last night. And that wasn’t all we looked at and were able to bum some onions. We sliced them and ate them just as was. That was the first raw onion since leaving the U.S.A. I’m now yearning for a raw potato because


[page 3] the dehydrated have that well known something taken away. I’m not griping about the food but am elated at the addition.

I saw Helen Kline’s husband the day I left but could tell him nothing since I knew nothing at that time. He may have learned later – I’m sure Dr. P & W. are informed by now but you probably know as much by now as they.

Heindel, Dan & Helen (Kline) - Cambridge, MA 1942

Dan and Helen (Kline) Heindel, 1942 (Photograph courtesy of Judith Heindel Bowen)

Our length of stay is only a conjecture and I don’t think about it because if my thoughts were incorrect then I might be disappointed so we will just be patient


[page 4] and look forward and I believe the more content the quicker the time will pass.

If I can get the tools and material today I’m going to try to build a shelf to store my clothes so things won’t be so mussed up as they are most of the time.

Your vegetable garden idea sounds good but don’t overdo because after all that is hard work and the little extra that you might get won’t compensate for your overworking –

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)


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Gardening & children (Gladys)

1943-03-27Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letter today but so far this week I have 16. I sent a regular air mail yesterday (3-26) so let me know when you get it. I put in several pictures of us and hope it doesn’t get lost. I was going to reg. it but they told me it wouldn’t do any good so just sent it regular. Sat. and John has gone to take a lesson. Mark is dusting. David is going to sleep. Has been playing since his bath & 10 a.m. meal . It is cooler today but could hang out clothes. The boys had that job today. Mark is going to help Mr. Zell this afternoon. He is giving the ground plowed and we are going to have a little space for garden. Instead of rank growth between Zells & the corn patch that will all be in garden. (I mean corn field) Lucile came out with Jimmy Ed yesterday and we walked with our young sons. Jimmy is very fat – will soon be three mo. old. He has a very sensitive skin and has a rash much of the time. Ed is very fond of the baby. Lucile says he plays with him on the bed every evening – in fact I think Ed has spoiled him much more than Lucile would. She would have him better regulated. I had a letter from Helen. She had heard from Dan and he told her you had departed for parts unknown. I want to see her the next time I go to Laf. – you know why. I can’t tell her in a letter. We heard Anthony Eden last night. He is in this country on a mission – I suppose you get some news. Wish I could send you the papers regularly. I have been watching the papers for pictures and listening to news broadcasts. Bobby Funk is out in garage begging admittance but his Mother doesn’t want him to come in. He hasn’t anyone to play with this morning and has been wandering around our yard. His Mother just called so he has to go home.

Love – Mother

Helen with her brothers, Forrest (aka Bud) and Charles, 1942 (Photograph courtesy of Judith Bowen)

Robert Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon Image from Wikipedia ( Wikipedia Commons)

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Three letters today (Gladys)

1943-02-10Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Three letters today – yours of Jan 30 – Feb 1 & 2. Also Mark’s birthday money. He will write you a reply. You had seen Dan Heinkle – I saw Helen in Laf. last Fri. of course didn’t have your letter then. I will write a registered letter and give you all the info you ask for. It always makes me feel better when I get a letter saying you have had mail of any kind, and especially from here. I am anxious to get your reaction to the pictures I sent by registered letter last week. The weather has turned on us again and from the spring we have had Sun Mon & Tues it is raining & blowing and a forecast for cold again. It was pouring down when the children went to school. Mr. Zell took all 4 to school – their two & our two. Had a valentine from Jim – he is still at Camp B. and I told you before Thelma is there now. Just re-read your letters to help me write things you asked about, but will send reg. air – registered full of details. The boys are going to the father & son banquet tonight. Warren Unger and Powell are taking them. John saved enough and I advanced Feb allowance so he got another bond yesterday at school. Mark isn’t as careful with his money so doesn’t put as much in stamps as John. David slept all night – after his 6 P.M. bottle until time for his 6 o’clock bottle this morning. I hope he makes that regular. He is getting vegetable soup now. The Mead J.[Johnson] Co. sent me a 5 lb. can of D.M.[Dextri-Maltrose], a large box of Pab. [Pablum] and a bottle of Vit C tablets besides the 50 c.c. bottle of Oleum Percomorph. Mother is hanging up some of D’s clothes so I must get lunch started and formula mixed. Telephone just rung but it was a false alarm. There is a little storm in the air and makes the line pop. Same old telephone service – if you know what I mean. Had the coal bin filled again ($34) this time.

Love Mother

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Cleanest chickens we ever had (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

Sunday evening and W.W. is on (8 P.M.) I want to go to bed early so am trying to write while he talks. I gave David Pablum in addition to his bottle and hope he will sleep all night. Last night I went to bed before time for his 10 P.M. bottle and he slept right thru. About 3:30 he was making a little noise – I got up and warmed a bottle but think he would have slept if I hadn’t taken him up. It was warmer today – the sun was very bright and melted much of the snow of yesterday. Fri. it was so warm and sunny – we went to Laf. – then Sat. there was a blizzard lasting all day – It was cold and snow drifting everywhere – then today warm again. I took the baby out for a while. Haven’t found a buggy yet so carried him – didn’t go far – called on Mrs. Washburn then back home – but David’s cheeks were so rosy when we came back. He really enjoyed the adventure.

[page 2] Today an announcement was made over the radio – shoes are to be rationed – one pr every 4 months – the ticket to be used – #17 – so far sugar, coffee – now shoes on book #1. I suppose meat will be next. Butter is so high I still buy Good Luck. The last I had on creamery it was 60¢ per, oranges are up too – but we use the vit c tablets for D. – so don’t have to buy oranges all the time – usually keep them but don’t use them every day. Canned goods are to be rationed too, but I can only buy 6 cans at a time now and only 2 of a kind. Baby food is to be rationed too we have a ration book for D. so will be able to get his canned food. I am glad we feed him Dextri-M. Sometimes Karo can’t be bought – That reminds me – The Meade Co. is sending us a supply of Pablum, Dextri-M & Vit C tablets. In case you miss the letters I mentioned Christmas gifts – I got the manicure set – comb & brush & flowers. I have enjoyed them very much. Thanks again [in margin]. The flowers were pink carnations. I sent you a registered letter with our pictures last week. Suppose you have it by now – let’s hope so. Alma W. came out this afternoon to get some sulfathiozol nose drops

[page 3] that came as samples – I can’t use “sulfa” – I have found I am allergic to it and Dr. Rumkorf gave her a prescription for this. She goes to Goodland all the time for treatments but says he is awfully rough. She wishes you were here to give her sinus treatments.

I was looking in the Indiana Medical Journal for news – sometimes there is an item about a Dr. we know – well I saw your name & address in this issue. Also saw that Dr. Carl Porter who was in England, now is in the Pacific.

Jack Yost & Bud Egan joined the Marines – also Paul Turnpaugh. They keep going from here. Art Voglund is in Calif – Vivian has gone there too. I saw Helen Heindel in Laf. Fri – She didn’t go to Calif as she had planned to do. The last time I saw her in Laf. she was planning to go to Calif because Dan was stationed there – but didn’t go. He is out somewhere in the South West Pacific. I didn’t have much time to talk to her, but I suppose she is staying with Gertrude & Forrest.

I didn’t get the piano I wrote you about but am going to try

[page 4] and get something better than what we have. John says the tone of this one is good but pitch is off and the tuners all say it can’t be brought up because the strings are rusty. Our living room looks a little full but we really needed the den for a nursery – with the rug up – floor finished – piano out is makes an ideal room for D, is so sunny all afternoon. He weighed 15 lbs this morning (4 ½ mo). Jimmy Ed Jr. weighed 8-11 at birth and 11-1 at one month – He is really a husky. Donnie Funk is 5 mo old and weights 19 lbs. David has done fine and has gained as fast as is necessary. You can figure for yourself from 6-11 to 15 in 4 ½ mo. and you can tell by his pictures he is thriving.

I took some pictures today and Mark took one of me in my new coat & hat. I have 3 more pictures on the roll I want to take of D. a little later on. Films are hard to get too. Will send you a roll or two if I can get them.

Had fried chicken today. Zell’s chickens are ready to eat now so got 2-3 lbs ones. They are probably the cleanest chickens we ever had – their feet never touched the ground and the chicken house was cleaned 3 times every week. I think I’ll get some to put in our locker. Hope this doesn’t make you too hungry. As of now – no uniform money has come.

Love Mother

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