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Letter from Ira Dixon

1962-07-04-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Memorial Hall IU]
July 4-1962

Dear David –

This letter came and was addressed to Mark. When I saw it was from Federal Home Loan Bank Board I thought I had better call Mark. He said for me to open it and immediately I saw it was for you and was from Ira.

I think the Fields moved today. I didn’t even have the car out of the garage so didn’t get away from home, so can’t say for sure.

Uncle Mutch and Aunt Ruth were here today after having been to Clay City for a reunion. Uncle Mutch had been sick while they were visiting. Daddy gave him a shot of penicillin and after they visited a while went on home. We asked them to stay for dinner but Aunt Ruth said she thought they had better get on home.

Mark’s are coming the week-end of the 13-14-15. Mark seemed to think they wouldn’t be coming down many more times before the baby comes.

1962-07-04-gry-p-2[page 2] Dad did a lot of work in the yard – mowed and trimmed. He had to cut the Russian Olive (west one) off – it looks like a post – the blight had ruined all the leaves.

I checked your bank balance and it was down to $6.00. I will put $50.00 in for you tomorrow.

Love Mother





Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Washington 25, D.C.

June 29, 1962

Mr. Mark Yegerlehner

Dear Mark:

Under separate cover I am sending, by parcel post, the Eisenhower pictures which I mentioned.

You might show one of them to Greta and ask her if she would like to have it. Otherwise, you may use them as you see fit.

Haven’t seen President Eisenhower recently, but everyone tells me that he is really enjoying live and campaigning harder and more effectively than he did when he was serving as our President.

Kindest regards to yourself and family.

Ira Dixon
Member of the Board

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Strings Attached (Gladys)

September 19 (or 20), 1945 envelope

September 19 (or 20), 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 19 (or 20), 1945, p. 1

September 19 (or 20), 1945, p. 1

9-19-45 [sic 20?]

Dear Daddy –

After a warm day yesterday we had a thunderstorm last night. It is sunny today and brisk after the rain. David is playing out in the sunshine and getting along very well by himself. Martha doesn’t come over so much. He is learning to grab and hold on and when he doesn’t give up to her she tells him she will go home if he isn’t nice to her. This morning he didn’t seem to mind her leaving. He stayed with me in the kitchen while I was getting lunch ready. I had to go get groc. before lunch. Saw Dorothy and she was still not so good. She said she needed a good Dr. I also saw Geneva Simons and she said they had all had the flu and I asked if they had ever had the baby’s tonsils taken out – she said no, they were waiting for you to come back.

The Gas Co. sent us our meter refund less the $1.53 – guess they woke up after so long. They hadn’t rec’d my not when this was mailed. The whole amt. was $8.36 – less $1.53 – ck. for $6.83.

Had a letter from your Mother. Our letters crossed too. I had written her Tues. Uncle Wes wrote her that you were coming home so she knew something about it before getting my letter.

Last night Arlene called me and asked if I could come down. Bill was out of town but came home while I was there. He said they got Dale Jones discharged. However he had been in the Army 3½ yrs. with 23 months overseas.

September 19 (or 20), 1945, p. 2

September 19 (or 20), 1945, p. 2

[page 2] Bill had been in Indpls. Yesterday and had called on the Gov. He said the Gov. didn’t get up to the Lodge with Ira Dixon’s party – but Bill said a number of his “Henchman” did. (That’s what he said.) Bill seems to think he could so something. However I told him I didn’t think so. Anyway I would rather just wait – because thinking of the past, people around here didn’t think much of the trips to Wash. to keep certain corn men out of service. I think you have expressed the same feeling in the past – just wait and get out on your gown then no strings attached. I think some people would enjoy reminding you that they had done so much for you. What am I yapping about? You haven’t suggested anything like that.

The Nu-Joy wreckage is getting cleaned up fast. They were burning some of the debris yesterday and there was such a high wind, they had to call the fire dept. So much of the equip. that wasn’t entirely burned was moved up to the Nu-Joy hotel or barn.

David is pestering around so I must go out in the yard with him (as promised).


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Day Trip On A Street Car (Roscoe)

September 4, 1945 envelope

September 4, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 4, 1945, p. 1

September 4, 1945, p. 1

Sept. 4, 1945
S.F. (12)

Dear Mother,

Your letter written Thur. night and Fri. arrived today but still no pictures nor any other package. I suppose over the weekend – what with V-J and Labor day, etc., things got messed up a bit.

I forgot to tell you about the car. I just had a new distributor put on the day before we left Mo. but the cable leading to it was bad – That is what was wrong with the car when we had the trouble before the welcoming party at the new Ex. Remember – Of course it is too late for me to tell you this now, but in case they didn’t catch the cable trouble you might have it checked.

As I told you before we don’t hear much radio news but as yet there is nothing official on any point systems for the navy. Plenty of men around here are burned up but most of them are just like me waiting a few weeks. So I guess

September 4, 1945, p. 2

September 4, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] the only thing to do is stand put for a few weeks yet. Then I think I’ll write a letter to you that will make the paper ‘sizzle” and I want you to give the content to Ira D. You see it would hardly be proper for me to write directly to him but I could write to you and you could pass it along and no harm would be done.

Yesterday being a holiday another Dr. asked me if I’d like to go down to San Mateo. Just for the ride. The ride was on the trolley. I found that he was out more or less house looking. He lives in Mass. Has three children but his orders read for duty here and not temporary like mine. It would cost us almost $350.00 to get you and the boys here and then about the time you arrived my orders would come thru back to some place near home. And then $350.00 more. Sure I’d like the family to be together but I think we’d better wait a while yet. What am I arguing about? You didn’t ask to come out. If I knew I’d be here a while I’d like to have you and D. come if the other boys could get along. Maybe I can get

September 4, 1945, p. 3

September 4, 1945, p. 3

[page 3] those orders changed to read permanent instead of temporary.

More about our trip. We got on the street car just a few blocks from the hospital. We almost froze walking to the car line and then out of town and past the mountains and very hot sunshine. It really felt good to be in the hot sun. We walked around for a spell then took the bus back to town – Total cost 50₵ – 25₵ each way. The housing situation doesn’t look good – Every place is filled – Trailers & Trailer camps all along the highway.

The Dr. I went with joined the navy in May 1941. Spent about 2 yrs in Cuba and is here for further assignment even though his orders do read permanent. So you can see others are in the same boat we are in. Hope we get out of that boat before long – possibly being an old salt I should say ship, but what ship are we in, hard ship, under slip – no that isn’t right it’s ship and not slip – Don’t pay any attention to the last few remarks. I didn’t

September 4, 1945, p. 4

September 4, 1945, p. 4

[page 4] get them either.

I’m supposed to get my travel money tomorrow PM. That too was slowed down due to the elongated weekend.

You mentioned some time ago in a letter about John going to Chicago on Sat. to take lessons. I’m not too much in favor of that – School all week long and 160 miles on Sat. is a little too much. I’d rather save the money and let him go someplace next summer. I believe he would like it better and possibly get more out of it or just as much. He seemed to think Miss Smith could still teach him and I’m sure he could do something to keep improving himself.

Well, I must get this to the P.O. So Solong –
Lots of love

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Mail Came Today (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Dec. 1 & 2 came today. Thanks for the check. Our bank acc’t is low ($49.00) so that will boost it somewhat. When I can find the time will send you a complete financial statement for 1943. I have the checks listed under their respective distributions (to Dec. 1) but haven’t added the long columns yet. I put a few figures in a letter last week, about Ins., Bonds, etc., but those didn’t take much adding. It doesn’t seem possible I wrote checks to cover all the money I put in the bank in ’43 but I have the checks and they all were essential – with the exceptions of a piano, fur coat, etc. However a goodly amt. went into Ins., the house & bonds.

David is still coughing a little, but hasn’t any temp. I am still giving him sulfadiazine. I haven’t had him anyplace where he could get such a cold but he has one. 37 were out of school today (high). Irene, Mrs. J. & Jimmy are all down with flu. I called Link and talked to him. I told him David was under the weather.

[page 2] and I can’t leave him now but could come over after school if I could do anything to help. He said he had gotten them all fed and they were pretty well taken care of then. They had Dr. M. yesterday and today. I didn’t call the Dr. to come I just asked him about giving sulfa & he told me what dosage to give and how often. David is asleep now. Hope he takes a nice long nap. I try to keep him in his bed but he gets tired of being kept up, so have to turn him loose when he gets to dissatisfied. He takes his stuffed toys and loves then, then throws them down. He pulls the lovey stuff on me too when he wants something very much. He certainly understands things we say to him. I told him he couldn’t crawl around the floor. He got down and began to crawl. I said “do you want me to put you back in your bed,” and he quit crawling. I put him on the toidey seat just as soon as he finishes his breakfast and he usually has his first B.M. I am not always lucky enough to get the next, but if I put him on the toidey after his nap he usually saves a diaper. He tries to feed himself, but to keep from wasting Pablum I give him a spoon to work with and at the same time feed him with another spoon.

[page 3] He won’t allow me to help him guide the spoon he holds and doesn’t seem to notice I am feeding him at the same time he is trying to feed himself. He can hold his cup to drink from but is a little awkward so I usually hold the cup.

John was relating some school happenings yesterday. He sounded so much like you in his tone and mannerism I told him you couldn’t have sounded more like yourself. They had to give reports on certain animals and the Dean Davis boy in John’s class gave a report on monkeys. You recall Davises used to have a pet monkey. John doesn’t care for the D. boy and ended the discussion with this observation, I wonder if the Davises were trying to find a twin for Dwane when they got that monkey. He was so droll about it – Just like his Dad.

I see in the paper that Ira Dixon is going to engage in the practice of law. He was admitted to the bar in 1913, according to the paper. As has been the custom the Dem. comes on Thurs. and the Newton Co. usually tags in on Fri.

I told J. & M. their Christmas money would come in a day or two – I also told them they could buy themselves a fresh supply of cod liver oil out of their own money. I don’t know how they could get more benefit from spending on themselves, do you?

[page 4] Mark has been playing football all fall. He came in at noon with a bad thumb. Thought he couldn’t cut his meat and when I pointed out it was hamburger, got along with his fork. He takes the prize about so many things. I tell him he gold bricks. Sometimes he will say, “Now Mother don’t think I am trying to ‘gold brick.’” He was done all his Christmas shopping and has his gifts wrapped and under the tree. He is so full of anticipation for Christmas. It’s good to have someone in the house like that. John is rather matter-of-fact about things. I told both boys our bank acc’t is low right now, so John said, to cut down on Christmas spending (now who is that like?). Not that I was throwing money around on elaborate gifts. I have a few things I think Mark will enjoy, some toys for D. and want to get a record or two for John. He will probably get himself some records with the money you send.

Dot Salter Huffman sent me a roll of film and Lucile sold me one so now I have two rolls and can get some more snaps of D. and the rest of us. Dot works for Easley and knew I wanted film, hence the roll from her. Katie Fletcher works at the NuJoy and gets film for Lucile – You really have to be on the inside track to get film not.

Love Mother

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Holy Terror (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just returned from a Rotary meeting at the Nu-Joy – Rev. Sudah was the main speaker – also a State fire prevention man was present and gave a short talk. Rev. Sudah shook hands with me and said to remember him to you when writing. He said he was going to re-Christen his little boy (born while you were intern) Holy terror. Uncle Wes & Aunt Jessie stopped this noon enroute home & left some things your mother sent. I wanted them to stay and attend the meeting tonight but Uncle has a bad cough and when he gets in crowds coughs a lot. He would have enjoyed the meeting tonight because Sudah spoke about Rotary International. On the other hand the ventilating system didn’t work and the smoke got in my eyes and my sinus got stopped up so I know it would have bothered Uncle Wes. I told Ira Dixon who was sitting across from me at the table about Uncle Wes. He said it would have been something special to have him present. Bart had Helen along tonight and someone asked him who he went with before – he went stag last time and had a hilarious time (I mean the Country Club party). Bart just

[page 2] ignored the inquiry and pretended not to hear. Two new members received pins tonight – Bob Schurtter (ag teacher) and a Jean Lyons – I haven’t been around enough lately to know whose who in the new people.

You have mentioned twice sending messages by men coming back – To date I have not heard from anyone or received any flowers. So after this I suggest you either save your money or send it directly – I don’t want to sound mercenary but – well I think you understand what I mean. But remember if anyone asks a similar favor from you, keep your promise – I am – sure will.

I didn’t go to the hospital today. Glenn & I plan to go tomorrow. Glenn got the storm windows all hung and is going to clean the furnace. Pauline has cleaned (and I mean clean) the upstairs and cleaned the stairway with steel wool. She wants to work on the nursery tomorrow. I think I’ll take David with us. He was so fussy today I hate to leave him. – He must be cutting more teeth. He drools so much. I fed him before I left for the Rotary dinner but didn’t get him to bed but John puts him to bed. He was sound asleep when I came home. After his 7 P.M. meal he gets tucked in for the night. However he woke me up about – I would say 5:am and was wet & cold – I changed him & put him

[page 3] in bed with me. He woke me again abut 7: I can’t leave him in bed with me anymore and go back to sleep after his bottle (which habit is about over) because he crawls right off. He was so restless today about the only place he would be satisfied was to play in the stove drawers with the pans. I used to allow J. & M. to do the same thing so why not D. Mary P. came for the meat points today & I gave her 988. She says they are going to butcher a hog soon & we can have half of it. Mary said Ruthie isn’t getting along so well. Her ankles swell when she trys to walk & seems she doesn’t walk naturally now – Mary has to have some gall-bladder work done. She went with me to see Cole one time when I took David & Cole ordered her to have X-Ray done. She isn’t feeling so good but says she wants to get Ruthie on her feet before having anything done.

John Krull is home again & he & Gladys were at the meeting tonight. I didn’t ask them anything about where he is stationed or when he is going back.

I am enclosing pictures of Jim, Glen, Pauline, babies & I taken the day Jim & Glenn started back to Norfolk. You can compare babies in the pictures and see our boy is tops.

There is a light frost predicted for tonight. There isn’t much left in our garden it can hurt. I must close so this can be dropped in the mail box.

“Love Mother”

Yours of Sept. 4-7-9 & 11 came today.

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Tuesday and partly cloudy (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 18 – 1943

Dear Daddy – Tues and partly cloudy. Had another hard rain last nite. Had a clear sun set and thought it would be dry today – It hasn’t rained so far and I hung clothes out that are about dry but it may rain any minute. We have a lot of garden stuff up but haven’t been able to get any beans or corn planted. Mark will have a good job getting weeds out when it gets dry enough to work. Mark is planning a big summer. He decided he wanted to take piano lessons again so went with John this morning to get started again. I do hope I can keep him at it this summer. He needs a lot of supervision and I should be able to give him more

[page 2] now. John is still taking his lesson. Mark came back home when he finished. I am to dialate John’s eyes today – have an appointment with Dr. Ade 9:45 tomorrow. This isn’t such a good time – with the recital the 28th of this month but he had to have his eyes checked – due to the recurring headaches – – I see John coming and I waited to eat lunch with him. Mark & Mother were too hungry to wait – so will finish this later. – – Some hours later –

After lunch I went out and took clothes down. Took David out withme in his buggy so he could get a good sun bath. I then went to the green house and got snaps, asters & daisies to set out. I was getting tired and Mrs. Foulkes (Harold’s mother) came along, and visited a while – After she left I went back to work and just got three packages of seeds sown when it started to rain – but it was time to feed David so after getting him fed

[page 3] and put to bed we had supper, so you can see I missed the mail today but maybe it will catch the midnight train from the hotel.

The summer kintergardens have started and Statons are sending Jimmy. That gives Mrs. James some relief – She had to do police duty about all day long during fair weather – because Bobby would usually be around and when he & Jimmy play together they have to be watched. Last summer they would quarrel but it has developed to actual fighting this summer. Link is putting up two rose trellises. They keep putting more flower beds in their back yard. Their backyard grass is like ours so they are trying to eliminate it with flower beds.

I see Mark is out in the driveway so the rain must have stopped. He is doing some running and jumping so I must do put a stop to that (too hard on shoes)

[page 4] So far this week no letters but I always look for something tomorrow. Last week had letters as late as Apr. 30. – now getting behind again. Got the pictures today we took last week. I am enclosing two – the one with John standing on the step, I am standing on the flag stones and makes him look taller than me but I still stand half a head above him. He has a very sober expression and Mark has on the uniform that I bought for a Navy Officers uniform but about the only thing that looks like it is the color – After you wrote what you did he quit wearing the strap across his shoulder.

I saw Ira Dixon driving his car today so he must be getting along OK. Dr. M. said Eddie Ray is going to be alright. They brought him home from the hospital.

Haven’t much news from about town – Haven’t had David in his buggy for a walk for it seems like weeks – but can’t take him walking in the rain. Maybe some of the Rotarians are writing and giving you the low down on things around.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-05 Gladys, John, Mark & David


YEG1943-05 David

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The Dionne Quintuplets (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon – It is cloudy and a little cool so we are all in the house. John is listening to musical programs. We all listened to the Quintuplets – they were in Superior, Wis., at a ship launching ceremony – they spoke and sang in French & English. There were five Merchant ships launched and the quints christened them.

I wrote you yesterday and if you get my letter will think I am a little mixed up – well I read your letter in a hurry and wrote to you before I re-read it – It was about the box you got & the chicken bones – It sounded like the bones had been taken out of the tin can, until I read it again and it was the candy in wrappers you meant the ants got into – so much for the chicken bones. I had four letters from you to read – hence the hurry –

[page 2] David seemed to have quite a cold yesterday and didn’t sleep so good last night – I’ll have to put that down against him – the first night he was disturbed me in the wee hours of the morning, but I think his gums are bothering him – He feels fine today and very little evidence of a cold. I think he had what John had earlier in the week. John seems to be alright now except for headaches, so I am going to take him to Dr. Ade this week and have his eyes checked. Mark had a slight cold too but didn’t lose any of his pep. There are a lot of colds around, but these didn’t last long so can’t complain. It has been raining or cloudy since Thurs. so David hasn’t had a sunning since last Wed. He was getting so tan – and it was very becoming. I think he will tan like Mark does & you. I don’t know whether Donnie Funk gets in the sun as much but he is very fair and maybe doesn’t tan as readily as David.

The dandelions are in full bloom now. Our lawn looks very yellow as well as all the lawn around here.

[page 3]Tonight is the Baccalaurate service at the high school. If I had someone to go with and someone to stay with the boys I would go – so I think I’ll save the trouble and stay home.

I see in the paper that Ira Dixon is home from the hospital. He has been sick for about two months. Gretchen lives here now since her husband is in the Army. Her baby is about 3 mo. old now. He was a little fellow – smaller than D. when he was born, but is coming along nicely.

Bethel Wilson is in Florida – you know she is in the W.A.A.C. – Ethel went to see her and had to stay longer than she had planned – couldn’t get reservations on the train to come home when she planned. Travel has been curtailed a lot – Mrs. P. said they had to stand part of the way back from Fla. They came back and both got sick from the change in weather. Mrs. Dixon & Nettie said they had noticed the chilly weather a lot this time. They went down last fall & spent the winter. People shouldn’t come back so soon – when we have this kind of a spring. Every time it gets warm for a day or two we think cold weather is over, then we have a cold snap – so much for weather.

[page 4] Of course you remember Roscoe Kenoyer – they have a baby girl – they live near Otterbein now. Tommy Thompson’s have stored their furniture and rented their house – He is going to work on his Dad’s farm this summer. At present Mary is living with her mother. Fuells have moved out of town & Chas. Dienhart bought the Fuell house. Ellsworth bought Dienhart’s house for a rental. I haven’t heard anything about Eddie Ray in the past few days so he evidently is getting better.

I stopped to see Jimmy Ed Fri eve and it is almost too soon to tell whether the S.M.A. is going to help his skin condition. Dr. M. is using light treatments on him too. Besides the white flakes, there is a little seepage. – like my hands get when I eat something I shoudn’t.

David has had a nap and is making a noise so better go see what he needs – without looking I know – The same story – dry pants.

I have Mark reading a book – he brought 3 home from the library and I told him he had to read them.

Love, Mother

P.S. Your last letter was of Apr 21 – so that is pretty good time – I got it May 8 –

P.S. no. 2.

Had two “sets” of callers this afternoon – You remember the Luce man, who had the smashed arm – he stopped in – thought you might be home on week-end leave – but I told him you were on foreign duty – well he wanted to show you his arm – he has fairly good use of it now and is going to marry one of the nurses he met while in the hospital so long. The arm is not straight – and is bumpy in places but from the shape it was in when you got to him – I would say it’s a pretty good arm. He still gives you credit for saving it –

The other callers were Forrest & Gertrude, Chas (the sailor at Pern) and his wife, which I think must be recently acquired, Helen & her two children. Helen said Dan is still in Noumea but she thinks he wno’t be long. Mrs. R. called me this evening. She had a letter from Joe & he said he thought he might possibly see you before long.

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It is still a jabber to me (Gladys)

1943-04-26Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Monday morn and no mail – The last dated was Apr 6 – Maybe some will come tomorrow. Will hope. It is bright sunny warm day – after the rain of yesterday – The ground is very wet so can’t do any work outside – I have the drapes down – cleaned some and airing the rest. Trying to get house cleaning done this week. Everything is dirty after such a long cold winter. I heard this morning that Mr. Steinbaugh died. I didn’t know he was ill, except he always looked pale. Ira D. is still in the hospital – They are giving him sulfa – He needs an appendectomy but has a kidney infection (or something) and they can’t operate yet. I’ll bet he has lost lots of weight since he has been sick. John wrote you a v-mail last night – I told him I doubted if you would be able to read it. He says he can’t write good – he has too much to do – I’ll be glad when he learns to play the oboe so it will sound like something – if it ever does. David is taking a nap – I will take him out this afternoon – He loves to be out in his buggy. He can sit alone now but can’t get up when he topples over. He reaches for things and has a good grasp so we have to be careful where we park him. J. & M. say that he says words – but it is still a jabber to me. He makes lots of sounds so maybe he will talk early. It is about time for J. & M. to come bounding in for lunch. School will soon be out (May 12) – and that should give me lots of help around here. I think I will be able to get along without Clara by then. They are going to help clean house after school this evening.

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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He certainly does show off (Gladys)

1943-04-15Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Two letters came this a.m. (Mar 20 & 24). I am getting that missing week I told you about. I have Mar 31 & Apr 1 – came the first of this week. Had a letter from Jewell – she said Bill had written you and they had a letter from you. She said Dottys’ baby will be 6 mo old the 28th of this month & weighs 14 -10 so our David is some larger. He balances the scale around 18 and isn’t quite 7 mo. He certainly does show off – but why shouldn’t he – the boys are always fussing around him. When we were in C.C. they said Carolyn Mary wanted to follow them around – I said ‘just wait David will to when he can get around.” D. has just awakened from a short nap (I think they get shorter all the time) and is trying to tear his bed down. – – I went to Chapter last nite and Cecil D. said they brought Ira home from the hospital but had to take him back – I didn’t get to ask her what is trouble is. Maybe someone else has written you about him. – – After all the snows and wind yesterday it is calm & sunny today. I have a washing out to dry (baby things) and if it keeps warming up want to work on my flower beds and get them ready for seeds. I have sown some grass seed but think I’ll sow more. The fall grass left large areas in our back yard that are bare and the side yard too. The front wasn’t so bad, but there was so many weeds down by the front walk. It is time for D.’s bath & feeding and he is getting a little whine in his voice so I’ll have to give him the “works.” Have a roll of film so will get some pictures for his 7th month (next Fri)

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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A Real Spendthrift (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 19, 1943
Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner MC USNR
A.P.O. 43
% P.M. San Fran. Calif.

Dear Mother,

I felt real spendthrift like today and wrote each of the boys a letter and sent each a small souvenir (don’t know if that is spelled correctly). I think if you look it over carefully and use your imagination you can piece a story together. Those things are made to be arm or wrist bands. Those I made myself and you can see they aren’t so fancy but things to send home from here are very few in number. We could send cocoanuts but on second thought you can buy them there as good and as cheap.

Last night we heard some news and also Kay Kaiser. In the news they told of the great league ball teams having their spring workouts at Lafayette and Bloomington

[page 2] Indiana and after all those towns are pretty close home.

You mentioned that Statons had written and Funks but other than Ira, Geo, Bob & Bonnie I have had no mail for ever so long – your letters are mostly missing since Jan 25. Just those came that I wrote of yesterday. Of course we always have high hopes.

We are getting real civilized – Even have a few candy bars now and then but no refrigeration so know that means – Spam corned beef and canned hash bless the stuff – oh yes we still have powdered eggs and some bacon.

Well, I’ll not use any more paper this time – we have a pretty good supply but one never knows if more will come – So

Lots of Love Daddy

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