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Mrs. Glen Hoffman

[Editor’s note: Mrs. Glen Hofmann was born Dorothy “Dot” Salter, the daughter of Denver and and Rita (Huffman) Salter of Clay City, Indiana. Those readers familiar with the letters will know of Floyd & Ruth. Floyd was Roscoe’s youngest brother. Ruth’s maiden name was Salter, and Dot was one of her younger sisters.]

February 23, 1945 envelope

February 23, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

February 23, 1945, p. 1

February 23, 1945, p. 1

Mrs. Glen Hofmann
2032 Bancroft Ave.
San Leandro, Calif.
Feb. 23, 1945

Dear Gladys and all –

Just a few lines to report to the happenings of the “Seabees.” I guess you know by now that my hubby got home on his 30 day leave. He sure did look swell! (to me anyway. Ha!)

When his time was almost up he weakin and said I could come back with him. So here I am sitting in someone’s house writing to you. When Glen first got home he said there was no place out here for me, but as the time got shorter he changed his mind. Glen and his brother Eddie and I all drove back. We have to drive day and night to get here in time. We sure were tired, but now I haven’t gotten anything to do but rest. Yesterday I did our washing and ironing, and to-day I have been working on myself. I shampoo & set

February 23, 1945, p. 2

February 23, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] my hair, and gave myself “the works.”

You should feel honored. This is the second letter I have written. I wrote Mother 1 letter. The rest have all been cards – you know the same old line on every card.

What really brought this on – was the letter I received from you just a few days before Glen got home. I don’t remember whom owed who, so it was OK. I sure was glad to get those hair clamps. I am sitting here with some of them in my hair now.

Glen has not come home yet, and Eddie has been reading all afternoon so I had some extra time to spend. I guess this is as good a way to spend it as any.

Excuse the mistakes, etc. I am still going in circles. We got ready & were here in 4 days (some trip!)

Bye, Bye for now –

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Growing Boys (Gladys)

1944-02-23 (GRY), p. 1Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Feb. 10 & 11 came today. It is a nice sunny day since the fog has cleared. I want to take David out if he will go to sleep and get a nap first. For some reason he didn’t go right to sleep when I put him down after lunch. He is learning more about climbing every day. This morning he climbed up on a kitchen chair and played with the radio on the kitchen table. He climbs up on the couch when he takes a notion and sometimes tumbles off, but that doesn’t discourage him – he goes right back. Dot Salter Hoffman sent me two rolls of film today so will get a picture of David – today being his 17th month. It seems to me the time flies by faster than ever. When I think of David begin 17 months old it somehow doesn’t seem possible yet he has made good use of all these months the way he develops. Of course we think he is advanced and “super” but we would be that way with him. I think he knows how he rates – Just looked in to see if he was covered – he finally went to sleep.

Not having been around where news floats around I don’t know much about current events of Kentland. This being Wed., no weekly newspaper to gather items from.

February 23, 1944, p. 2

February 23, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] You may wonder about Dot sending me film, but she works for Easley and when film comes in she is supposed to send me a roll or two. This is the second time she has sent. I was out and couldn’t get any here so her package was more than welcome. – – I stopped and took a little nap too. Now we are both up and I have a film in the camera and am going to take David out in a few minutes for a snap. He has been a little touchy since he woke up. Maybe he slept too long. I am not going to use the whole roll today – since Sat. is Mark’s birthday will want to take pictures then.

John went to town yesterday and got a new suit. He is growing so fast has just about grown out of the one he has now. His arms are so long and hip legs too. I let the cuffs out on the pants as much as I could and they are still short. He is almost my height (5-2 ½ ) lacking about an inch. If he keeps growing like this at only 13 ½ he will be tall – up in the 6 ft. class. Of course he may quit after this “growing spell” is over but he has a good start. I always thought Mark would be tall but not John. He is developing too – takes a 13 ½ shirt. Not far from his Dad’s size.

I have put David out in the buggy so must go see about him.
Love Mother

YEG1944-02-23 - David, 17 months

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Mail Came Today (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Dec. 1 & 2 came today. Thanks for the check. Our bank acc’t is low ($49.00) so that will boost it somewhat. When I can find the time will send you a complete financial statement for 1943. I have the checks listed under their respective distributions (to Dec. 1) but haven’t added the long columns yet. I put a few figures in a letter last week, about Ins., Bonds, etc., but those didn’t take much adding. It doesn’t seem possible I wrote checks to cover all the money I put in the bank in ’43 but I have the checks and they all were essential – with the exceptions of a piano, fur coat, etc. However a goodly amt. went into Ins., the house & bonds.

David is still coughing a little, but hasn’t any temp. I am still giving him sulfadiazine. I haven’t had him anyplace where he could get such a cold but he has one. 37 were out of school today (high). Irene, Mrs. J. & Jimmy are all down with flu. I called Link and talked to him. I told him David was under the weather.

[page 2] and I can’t leave him now but could come over after school if I could do anything to help. He said he had gotten them all fed and they were pretty well taken care of then. They had Dr. M. yesterday and today. I didn’t call the Dr. to come I just asked him about giving sulfa & he told me what dosage to give and how often. David is asleep now. Hope he takes a nice long nap. I try to keep him in his bed but he gets tired of being kept up, so have to turn him loose when he gets to dissatisfied. He takes his stuffed toys and loves then, then throws them down. He pulls the lovey stuff on me too when he wants something very much. He certainly understands things we say to him. I told him he couldn’t crawl around the floor. He got down and began to crawl. I said “do you want me to put you back in your bed,” and he quit crawling. I put him on the toidey seat just as soon as he finishes his breakfast and he usually has his first B.M. I am not always lucky enough to get the next, but if I put him on the toidey after his nap he usually saves a diaper. He tries to feed himself, but to keep from wasting Pablum I give him a spoon to work with and at the same time feed him with another spoon.

[page 3] He won’t allow me to help him guide the spoon he holds and doesn’t seem to notice I am feeding him at the same time he is trying to feed himself. He can hold his cup to drink from but is a little awkward so I usually hold the cup.

John was relating some school happenings yesterday. He sounded so much like you in his tone and mannerism I told him you couldn’t have sounded more like yourself. They had to give reports on certain animals and the Dean Davis boy in John’s class gave a report on monkeys. You recall Davises used to have a pet monkey. John doesn’t care for the D. boy and ended the discussion with this observation, I wonder if the Davises were trying to find a twin for Dwane when they got that monkey. He was so droll about it – Just like his Dad.

I see in the paper that Ira Dixon is going to engage in the practice of law. He was admitted to the bar in 1913, according to the paper. As has been the custom the Dem. comes on Thurs. and the Newton Co. usually tags in on Fri.

I told J. & M. their Christmas money would come in a day or two – I also told them they could buy themselves a fresh supply of cod liver oil out of their own money. I don’t know how they could get more benefit from spending on themselves, do you?

[page 4] Mark has been playing football all fall. He came in at noon with a bad thumb. Thought he couldn’t cut his meat and when I pointed out it was hamburger, got along with his fork. He takes the prize about so many things. I tell him he gold bricks. Sometimes he will say, “Now Mother don’t think I am trying to ‘gold brick.’” He was done all his Christmas shopping and has his gifts wrapped and under the tree. He is so full of anticipation for Christmas. It’s good to have someone in the house like that. John is rather matter-of-fact about things. I told both boys our bank acc’t is low right now, so John said, to cut down on Christmas spending (now who is that like?). Not that I was throwing money around on elaborate gifts. I have a few things I think Mark will enjoy, some toys for D. and want to get a record or two for John. He will probably get himself some records with the money you send.

Dot Salter Huffman sent me a roll of film and Lucile sold me one so now I have two rolls and can get some more snaps of D. and the rest of us. Dot works for Easley and knew I wanted film, hence the roll from her. Katie Fletcher works at the NuJoy and gets film for Lucile – You really have to be on the inside track to get film not.

Love Mother

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Thirteenth Month (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Clay City, Ind.
Oct. 23, 1943

Dear Daddy –

Today is David’s 13th month. We are visiting with Esther & family today. When Leanna was ready to come Imogene, Ruthie, John, Mark, David & I went down and brought her & Linda. Linda is a very healthy looking young lady. Is on pasteurized & Karo. It seems funny for them to go to town and buy pasteurized milk since I have been here but your Dad just milks one cow and she is a Jersey and since David is sensitive to rich milk I thought it would be better to get the pasteurized. However I boil it – remember you said to boil it until the baby is old enough to boil his own. Ruth & Floyd brought their movie camera & want to take some pictures tomorrow if it’s sunny. It is raining now. Ruth took some of J. & M. & Sam’s new dog but David was taking a nap & didn’t get in that picture. They (R. & F.) are coming out tonite and show all their movies. Mom asked all the families to come tonite & see them so we will probably have a house full. After dinner Imogene showed us their wedding gifts. Her brother is in Hawaii and sent her a luncheon set from there.

– – – We have been to town, stopped at Clarence’s on the way home & now back home. J. & M. stayed to play monopoly with Dwane. Clarence’s went to T.H. today to get Wilma. She gets every week-end off so far. She likes her work. I asked her when she would get her cap and she said Feb. We are to go to Clarence’s for dinner tomorrow, then start home soon after dinner. I want to stop in Brazil on the way & see Dave & Marie. So far we have visited all the relatives (except Clarences & them tomorrow). Everyone thinks David is quite the boy. I saw several people in town – I thought I would see more but we were too early today & it was raining.

[page 2] Dot Salter Hoffman had a roll of 116 film she sold me so now I can take some more pictures of David & the rest of us. Ruthie said she would try & get me some so maybe I can manage pictures once a month now for a while.

David is in the baby bed playing with two sauce pans grandma gave him, having quite a time & jabbering like he really is saying things.

I must get this finished and get busy – Have to get David’s milk boiled for supper,
Love Mother

YEG1940 - Sam, Esther, Earl, Paul & Leanna

Samuel Yegerlehner with his wife, Esther, their sons, Earl and Paul, and Paul’s wife Leanna, circa 1940 (Photograph courtesy of Don Yegerlehner)

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