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Overdrawn Account

1961-02-18-gryLetter transcription:

[Wright 533 – in David’s handwriting]
February 18, 1961

Dear David:

I was informed by the bank yesterday that your account was overdrawn, so I put in $100.00 and got your statement today. You have a .50 charge for overdrawn account and .65 monthly charge, so subtract $1.15 from your balance. According to your statement you have a balance of $95.47. All your checks thru 36 (Feb. 11 IGA for $5.00) have been returned.

We had a letter from John this week. He is starting home June 29th and returning to Indonesia – leaving here August 1. Plan to be home the month of July if possible, because that is as long has he will get to be with us. Had you made any plans for working this summer?

Mrs. Simons told me yesterday that Chuck is planning to come home for Julie’s birthday (I think it is the first week-end in March) and wondered if you would be interested in coming home to help with a surprise party for Julie. Let me know.

I made a trip to the hospital this morning and stopped on the way to take a plant to Mrs. Littlejohn for her birthday. I think she is 95. I also stopped to see Edna’s mother and took her a plant. She was in the hospital two or three weeks ago and I was out to see her, but forgot to take her anything, so I told her this morning the plant was supposed to have been for her while she was sick. She said she would be able to enjoy it more now.

It is so warm today it is just like spring, but the forecast is for a drop in temperature tonight. My S.S. class is having a party at Alberts (east of Goodland) tonight. I hope the cold doesn’t catch up with us until after tonight. It is 62° now on the north side of the house. It has been so mild all week I was able to get all the windows washed on the outside Wednesday. You know that was supposed to be your job while you were home, but it was too cold then.

We went to Monticello Thursday evening to a dinner given by the Bankers Mortgage and Banks Insurance Company and Bankers Growth. We have stock in Mortgage, and Insurance and now we have opportunity to buy in Growth. Haven’t decided yet. I think we will buy your Sperry next if you want to sell to us.

I am listening to opera this afternoon.
Love Mother

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Strings Attached (Gladys)

September 19 (or 20), 1945 envelope

September 19 (or 20), 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 19 (or 20), 1945, p. 1

September 19 (or 20), 1945, p. 1

9-19-45 [sic 20?]

Dear Daddy –

After a warm day yesterday we had a thunderstorm last night. It is sunny today and brisk after the rain. David is playing out in the sunshine and getting along very well by himself. Martha doesn’t come over so much. He is learning to grab and hold on and when he doesn’t give up to her she tells him she will go home if he isn’t nice to her. This morning he didn’t seem to mind her leaving. He stayed with me in the kitchen while I was getting lunch ready. I had to go get groc. before lunch. Saw Dorothy and she was still not so good. She said she needed a good Dr. I also saw Geneva Simons and she said they had all had the flu and I asked if they had ever had the baby’s tonsils taken out – she said no, they were waiting for you to come back.

The Gas Co. sent us our meter refund less the $1.53 – guess they woke up after so long. They hadn’t rec’d my not when this was mailed. The whole amt. was $8.36 – less $1.53 – ck. for $6.83.

Had a letter from your Mother. Our letters crossed too. I had written her Tues. Uncle Wes wrote her that you were coming home so she knew something about it before getting my letter.

Last night Arlene called me and asked if I could come down. Bill was out of town but came home while I was there. He said they got Dale Jones discharged. However he had been in the Army 3½ yrs. with 23 months overseas.

September 19 (or 20), 1945, p. 2

September 19 (or 20), 1945, p. 2

[page 2] Bill had been in Indpls. Yesterday and had called on the Gov. He said the Gov. didn’t get up to the Lodge with Ira Dixon’s party – but Bill said a number of his “Henchman” did. (That’s what he said.) Bill seems to think he could so something. However I told him I didn’t think so. Anyway I would rather just wait – because thinking of the past, people around here didn’t think much of the trips to Wash. to keep certain corn men out of service. I think you have expressed the same feeling in the past – just wait and get out on your gown then no strings attached. I think some people would enjoy reminding you that they had done so much for you. What am I yapping about? You haven’t suggested anything like that.

The Nu-Joy wreckage is getting cleaned up fast. They were burning some of the debris yesterday and there was such a high wind, they had to call the fire dept. So much of the equip. that wasn’t entirely burned was moved up to the Nu-Joy hotel or barn.

David is pestering around so I must go out in the yard with him (as promised).


©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/05/27/strings-attached-gladys/