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American Embassy and UNICEF

1964-01-23-gyr-envelopeLetter transcription:

1964-01-23-gry-p-1Thurs. Jan. 23, 1964

Dear David,

This is a free morning and we are packed ready to leave at 12:20 from hotel to get train to Nikko. We will have a sight-seeing trip tomorrow morning and return here to Okura Hotel tomorrow evening. We will travel by train to and from Nikko.

Yesterday a.m. we took a tour around city and the traffic here is the wildest. We stopped at the American Embassy, which is just around a curve from this hotel. I wanted to make some inquiries about UNICEF. We met the Chief Information Officer for USIS and he told us the taxi drivers are called by the same name we gave to the Japanese pilots during the war – which means suicide. We haven’t seen any accidents, but our guide told us yesterday there are a number of accidents every day and I think she said 2 people are killed and many more injured every day. The British system of driving is used and it is hard to get used to the driver being on the right side of car or bus. Our tour included the Tokyo TV tower and it is supposed to be the tallest structure of its kind in the world. We went up to observation tower, but there was so much smog we couldn’t see very far. Our tour also included a tea ceremony. To conclude ceremonial drinking tea for tea bowl one to be polite must make a sucking sound to get all the foam from bottom of bowl. There was a beautiful garden where we saw tea ceremony so took some pictures. We are having film developed as we travel. So far we have some very good pictures – taken in Hawaii. We stopped at silk gallery and one woman in group bought 2 kimonos but I thought prices a little high. I want to get some things made in H.K. so have to hold the spending down or pay duty. We rode around (one side) Royal Palace moat. That is as close as you can get – just look at the place from street – no visitors allowed. The King and Queen of Belgium are here and guide told us the extra police we saw all along the way were for security measures. Any policeman with yellow band on arm can speak English.

In the afternoon we went to a Dept. store and saw a lot of interesting things Japanese but also saw Hoover sweepers and other items from U.S. One thing that intrigues me is the way they dwarf plants. We took a picture in Dept. store of a counter full of plants. We saw Flowing Quince in bloom – You remember those enormous bushes you used to growl about just south of our terrace – they were Flowering Quince – but large. These little things we saw in bloom were the same thing only on a very small scale.

1964-01-23-gry-p-2Tuesday night we went

[page 2] Kabuki Theatre. John had said to see it. It is the old traditional play. All the actors are men – but some dressed like women. I wished we could have understood what they were saying. For some reason we didn’t get a program. We met a man from U.S. who was on plane across the isle from us. He is either Japanese or Chinese and is staying in this hotel. He lives in U.S. but is traveling here on business. We have talked to him several times. We have seen a few people who are not Japanese but when we were in store yesterday we, as far as I could see, were the only non-residents present. We leave here Sun. a.m. for Kyoto.

Love Mother

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Okura Hotel

1964-01-21-gyr-envelopeLetter transcription:

1964-01-21-gry-p-1Jan. 21 – 1964

Dear David – Your cable was waiting for us when we arrived at Okura Hotel in Tokyo. I hope you aren’t too disappointed. The only reason I would be is because you would be, but there are so many good theological schools I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. You can never tell what opportunity may be awaiting you elsewhere, and since they said no it must be the Lord’s will that you go elsewhere. Don’t forget that factor in your plans.

We left Honolulu at 5:30 p.m. Sunday and as soon as we were airborne told Tokyo time which was a little past 12:30. When we crossed the International Date Line we lost a day in the time it takes a jet to cross the line. We must have had strong head winds because it was 10 p.m. when we arrived in Tokyo. We had to go thru customs and then what we thought a wild ride to Hotel. It is the British system here and traffic is terrible. I kept thinking we couldn’t get thru without accident but we did. We got to bed at midnight which we figured would have been about 5 a.m. if we were back in Honolulu, so we had a long day. I was awake early this a.m. but have just been writing in bed. Dad is stirring around so I think we will go for breakfast

1964-01-21-gry-p-2[page 2] soon and get some $1’s changed to yen. I gathered those yen & sen John brought home last summer and we had something to use for a tip when we came in last night.

We are to see travel agent at 10 a.m. so I think I am going to have to get up soon. Today is a free day so I think I will buy pearls. Tomorrow we take a 3 hour tour of city and the next day go to Nikko by express train. We have a nice room looking out over city. Let us know how you come out on application to Drew. Remember there are other schools, even Northwestern.

Love Mother

[Editor’s note: The Okura Hotel is where James Bond stays when he goes to Tokyo.]

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Heading to Tokyo

Letter transcription:

1964-01-19-gry-p-1Dear David –

Sun. the 19th. We have just checked out at Reef Hotel and have to wait a little while for transportation to airport. Our plane leaves at 5:20 – We have to be there for customs inspection by 4:30 – the Gray line will come for us at 4:00. We had to check out at 2:00 or pay for half a day (to stay in room another 2 hrs.) so decided to wait in lobby. It is so pleasant here I don’t mind at all, and will get some letters written besides.

We went out to Dick Ward’s again yesterday afternoon – or I should say he came here and picked us up in his car. We took a short tour of Bishop Museum, then went to their home for dinner. They like to play bridge, so after the children were in bed we had a bridge session. They are so far away from any relatives they seemed to enjoy our visit, last Sunday & yesterday.

We had three letters when we returned from outer island tour yesterday – yours, one from Art & one from Janssens. All told the same story – that there had been a blizzard and 1500 people stranded in Kentland. Art sent us a picture he had taken of the snow piled up at 3rd & Graham. It is hard to believe there could be that kind of weather anywhere, sitting here enjoying the sunshine and balmy breezes.

We enjoyed our tour of outer islands very much. It is hard to believe there were so many people taking vacations, but we met quite a few.

We attended First Methodist Church this morning. There are two services and we attended the 11:00 a.m. We were trying to get all of our packing done so didn’t get to earliest service. We sent a package home and when to get to Indonesia I think we will give some of Dad’s pants to John. Dad doesn’t like the tight look – so we will have some made to suit his tastes in H.K. [Hong Kong].

We will arrive in Tokyo – according to plane ticket at 9:30 tonight – after losing a few hours and one day – we will leave here Sun. & arrive there Monday although it is just a 7 hour flight.

Love Mother

We have two days in Tokyo before to go on an out of town tour.

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Rainbow Falls

Dear David:

I am writing on plane – we are going back to Honolulu to pack for departure to Japan tomorrow. This outer island junket has been very refreshing. The weather here is just about perfect. I haven’t used hand lotion since we have been here. We are going out to see the Dick Wards this evening. Love Mother

P.S. I just rec’d your letter.

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Capt. Cook’s Monument

Dear David –

We are on our way to Island of Kauai – we are told it is the most picturesque. Spent last night at King K. Hotel. Took a boat cruise this morning and saw Capt. Cook monument and rode in glass bottom boat. Saw coral formations. We are having a wonderful trip and have met a lot of friendly people.

Love Mother

Captain Cook National Landmark in Kauai, Hawaii

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Writing on the Plane

1964-01-16-gry-frontDear David –

We are flying from Maui to Hawaii so this is a little bumpy at times. The orchids here are so plentiful we saw some growing in a yard today. In spite of all the movement we are getting a good rest and I have gained 3 1/2 lbs since leaving home. Will write you a letter later.



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Reef Hotel

Letter transcription:

1964-01-13-gry-p-1Monday Jan. 13 – 1964

Dear David –

We went to the oldest protestant church on the island yesterday – Central Union Congregational. We visited Shirley’s brother & family in the afternoon and evening. We are really enjoying the climate. I thought you would be interested in this newspaper sheet. We are about ready to go out here in Honolulu on our own today. Will begin outer island tours tomorrow. Will be back here Friday and leave for Japan Sat.

Love Mother

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