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International Silver

1965-11-01-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

November 1, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

Thanks for the birthday greeting. Mark and Shirley and the children also remembered me. John brought me Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte. We listened to it on the portable, but that didn’t really do it justice. John thinks I had better get a good record player before you get home for Christmas. I intend to get one, but as I told John not until I see just what I want. Dad gave me a card last night and some $ with a verse. John stayed over until this morning to go home. He said I had all the money I wanted and couldn’t see anything special about a gift of money. Dad said it was the verse that was important. At any rate I was happy. The money was for me to buy a new record player.

Mrs. Myers is home from the hospital. I have stopped to see her twice. She is feeling much better, but still complains from weakness. I have invited her to come to dinner Christmas day.

Last Friday evening I helped (I had directed the organizations of the drive) with the UNICEF drive. We had very good results and I sent a check to UNICEF today for $194.57.

United Church Women of Kentland will have World Community Day this coming Friday at our church. I was given the task of presenting the program. One rehearsal Thursday for a skit and that will be the largest part of my work. Jeannette Batton is going to read a sermon which I heard in Santa Rosa at a Presbyterian Church. Our friends the Mercurios attend there and she sent me a copy.

Dad has finished the beds he was making for John and John slept on one the two nights he was home. He didn’t take them home because he said he has things stored in his spare bedroom while he is getting the painting done in his house. Lea has been helping him by doing the tedious woodwork. He evidently isn’t in any hurry – since he doesn’t have to be about getting the painting finished. He said he was going to do his own bedroom next. He is painting over wall paper and I can’t say I blame him for wanting to get that room painted next. The wall paper is very “busy” and not very restful.

We had a financial statement from International Silver today. They are going to give a 5 for four split to stockholders. Stock has to be held by Nov. 10 and the split will occur Dec. 1. The last time I bought, Jim Beatty wasn’t too happy about us buying more, but I won’t complain. He thought we had enough. I see your stocks (except Echlin, and I think in time it will gain some) are doing well. We bought some bonds from International Silver last May. It was a special offer to stockholders. Today the first coupons were due. I didn’t think to take my key (we keep those in the bank safety box) along to get those coupons out and cash. Will have to do that tomorrow.

Dad has been so very busy since we have been back the past month. I feel like we need another vacation now, but with the baby cases he has booked, he won’t be taking any time off at present. I think we will take a vacation during the summer months in 1966.

The time has changed, but Kentland stayed – as did the rest of Newton co. on eastern time, so the TV shows are one hour later now. Now nearly all of Indiana, except Lake county and a county in the extreme S.W. corner of the state, is on eastern time. Since so many people wanted eastern time, I am glad the town decided to stay with the rest of the state.

I must get this ready to mail. Must stop and see Mrs. M. and also stop at Sanders and see Rozanne’s new baby girl.

Love Mother

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Something Uncle Floyd Would Say

1964-02-20-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David: I just reread Mark’s letter and still wonder what this car thing is all about. Why don’t you write me in detail just what the scare is on the whole thing. We took a tour this a.m. and saw the Royal Palace and Temple of Emerald Buddha. Those two places are the show places of Bangkok. Dad attended Rotary at noon. We took another tour this afternoon and saw the great reclining Buddha which is covered with gold and looks like it is a block long. I took a picture of the bottom of two toes – couldn’t get the whole figure in our camera. We also viewed the Marble Temple and Temple of solid gold Buddha. At one time of he[?] the figure was covered with plaster to disguise it from enemy then people forgot about it. Only in recent years did the plaster begin to peal off and was discovered they had a Ft. Knox here in Bangkok. We also visited UNICEF office and received some literature on their work here. Drove thru Chinatown section. We have tickets to attend Thai dance performance tonight at 9 p.m. We are just loafing around before going to eat dinner. We had some nuts and a drink about 5 o’clock and I am not too hungry. There is a swimming pool with a terrace for watching and that was where we loafed and had our refreshments. There are no Methodists here – or at least couldn’t find any listed in Prayer Calendar. There are some Catholics. Dad said the Rotary Club was quite international and there is a Masonic Lodge here. Fri. a.m. – Had breakfast with a couple from Philadelphia – they have left now on a tour we are waiting for. We are going to pack this afternoon for our departure tomorrow a.m. It is 18 miles to airport and we had to be there an hour or two before flight since we have to go thru customs, I will be glad when we get to Malacca. We will be there about 1 ½ days. It is so hot here it has a tendency to make one a little lazy. However the hotel where we are staying has air conditioning and I have to wear a light wrap when we dine. Our room is too cold for me but Dad likes it. We sleep under wool blankets – real crazy isn’t it. – Fri. a.m. – later almost noon. We have had another tour in a motor boat. Yesterday Dad said if he saw another Temple he thought he would throw-up – however he wasn’t quite that nice – just translate into something Uncle Floyd would say and you will have his words. We went to one today but it didn’t seem to have an ill effect upon him. The one we saw – or one of the ones we saw had a stairway on outside with 59 steps – and steep too. We didn’t go to the last step – just about 1/3 of the way, and took some pictures. We keep snapping and we are to run out of film today but can get all we want here at their price which is much more than in Singapore Hong Kong. We should have bought more while we were there. Everything but food is very expensive here. We are thru sightseeing and just intend to loaf around the rest of today. I called U.S.I.S. Mon. – Mr. Robert Lasker about going into Cambodia. He said it was safe for us to go. Woman at Travel Agency said the hotels there are booked full until April, so people keep going to see the sights. We have been told the accommodations aren’t so good but I think we can put up with it one night. We saw water people again today – something akin to what we saw in Hong Kong. Floating markets. We were on a river this morning and saw how the people live on edge of river and canals. They use the river for everything but drinking. They have large jars rain water is kept in for drinking but they wash their dishes in the river. We saw so many children in their birthday suits. When we were in Bali we saw something and

1964-02-20-gry-p-2[page 2] although government has decreed the women must wear something above waists we saw many – of all ages – with just sarong. John said only filthy minded foreigners stared at Bali women who go bare breasted. I took one picture of a group of children in Bali in their birthday clothes but we were in a shady spot so it may not be any good. I think most of the Bali pictures should be good. We sent a box of Dad’s things back home today – his overcoat and a jacket and pr. of pants. We decided we didn’t need the radio so put it in and the large collection of literature we have gathered as we have traveled. It certainly gets heavy, but there is so much I want to show you when we get home. We collected quite a load of Methodist literature in Hong Kong. We were up early this a.m. for our motor trip and since we ate light breakfast are ready for something substantial. Let us have details of why you can’t drive the car.

Love Mother

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American Embassy and UNICEF

1964-01-23-gyr-envelopeLetter transcription:

1964-01-23-gry-p-1Thurs. Jan. 23, 1964

Dear David,

This is a free morning and we are packed ready to leave at 12:20 from hotel to get train to Nikko. We will have a sight-seeing trip tomorrow morning and return here to Okura Hotel tomorrow evening. We will travel by train to and from Nikko.

Yesterday a.m. we took a tour around city and the traffic here is the wildest. We stopped at the American Embassy, which is just around a curve from this hotel. I wanted to make some inquiries about UNICEF. We met the Chief Information Officer for USIS and he told us the taxi drivers are called by the same name we gave to the Japanese pilots during the war – which means suicide. We haven’t seen any accidents, but our guide told us yesterday there are a number of accidents every day and I think she said 2 people are killed and many more injured every day. The British system of driving is used and it is hard to get used to the driver being on the right side of car or bus. Our tour included the Tokyo TV tower and it is supposed to be the tallest structure of its kind in the world. We went up to observation tower, but there was so much smog we couldn’t see very far. Our tour also included a tea ceremony. To conclude ceremonial drinking tea for tea bowl one to be polite must make a sucking sound to get all the foam from bottom of bowl. There was a beautiful garden where we saw tea ceremony so took some pictures. We are having film developed as we travel. So far we have some very good pictures – taken in Hawaii. We stopped at silk gallery and one woman in group bought 2 kimonos but I thought prices a little high. I want to get some things made in H.K. so have to hold the spending down or pay duty. We rode around (one side) Royal Palace moat. That is as close as you can get – just look at the place from street – no visitors allowed. The King and Queen of Belgium are here and guide told us the extra police we saw all along the way were for security measures. Any policeman with yellow band on arm can speak English.

In the afternoon we went to a Dept. store and saw a lot of interesting things Japanese but also saw Hoover sweepers and other items from U.S. One thing that intrigues me is the way they dwarf plants. We took a picture in Dept. store of a counter full of plants. We saw Flowing Quince in bloom – You remember those enormous bushes you used to growl about just south of our terrace – they were Flowering Quince – but large. These little things we saw in bloom were the same thing only on a very small scale.

1964-01-23-gry-p-2Tuesday night we went

[page 2] Kabuki Theatre. John had said to see it. It is the old traditional play. All the actors are men – but some dressed like women. I wished we could have understood what they were saying. For some reason we didn’t get a program. We met a man from U.S. who was on plane across the isle from us. He is either Japanese or Chinese and is staying in this hotel. He lives in U.S. but is traveling here on business. We have talked to him several times. We have seen a few people who are not Japanese but when we were in store yesterday we, as far as I could see, were the only non-residents present. We leave here Sun. a.m. for Kyoto.

Love Mother

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Vacation Plans

1961-10-19-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – Handwritten by David]

Dear David,

We bought 50 shares of National Homes B – (an over the counter stock) at 8 ½. With the comm. the total was $434.25. You had 400 so as of today you have a part of your Christmas gift. I think you will realize something from this stock. It doesn’t pay a cash dividend but stock, which we consider better than cash. In the long run I think it amounts to more.

Dad is working on Mark’s record player, but so far he hasn’t been able to do it much good.

I made a trip to Valparaiso yesterday. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed seeing the Valpo campus. I drove – went by way of 16 and then thru Rensselaer. The strain on my arm must have been too much – I had difficulty in getting to sleep

1961-10-19-gry-p-2-3[page 2] last night because of the pain. I read until 2 p.m. Finally with the aid of the heating pad I got quieted down and was sleeping beautifully when at 9 a.m. Rev. Fields called me. If he hadn’t disturbed me I might have slept all morning. We are having a typical Indiana fall day with rain and much lower temperature. I went to the office this morning and took a diathermy treatment on my arm.

We (several different organizations) are getting ready for a UNICEF drive (instead of trick and treat) – Oct. 30. I am getting the thing organized but hope we are always on vacation when the 30th rolls around. Dede hasn’t had her baby yet. According to the schedule she was due the 6th. Another one is past due. I hope they cooperate. We plan (if they have their babies) to go to Indpls. Monday to the convention.

[page 3] There is a meeting at the high school gym tonight – a Dale Carniege meeting and all Rotary members are supposed to take guests. We have planned to go and have asked Janssens to be our guests. The new land bank building is having open house today also and we are planning to go there before the day is over.

Due to the change in weather Dad isn’t mowing today. This is the first week since you have been away that he hasn’t had to mow. He got the sodding done around the house and I will agree it looks better than the flower bed around there.

We may come to Bloomington but can’t promise anything for sure as of now.

Edna has the Johnson apt. across the street from the office.

1961-10-19-gry-p-4[page 4] (Richard & Janet moved) and she thought her brother would get some of her things moved today. Jo Wenger said since Esta wound’t have enough work for her this winter she wanted another job where she would have a steady income.

Love Mother

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