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Almost Christmas

1963-12-18-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
December 18, 1963

Dear David:

Yours received this (yesterday) a.m. I put it in my handbag and forgot about it then got it out this morning and read it again. I am wondering if the test you have to take for Yale indicates they want you or don’t want you. Time will tell. That element is certainly getting away from me. I just finished wrapping a few gifts. I bought a cooking set for Becky for you. I had a little push toy for Kirk I hadn’t had time to wrap, so used it for you, so that is out of the way. We plan to go there Christmas day if weather permits. We have really had it the past 24 hours. We would have been snowbound this morning, but before six o’clock some kind soul was cleaning our driveway out. He came back this afternoon and gave it another cleaning. I think it was Paul Turnpaugh. He has a snow plow. There was a Christmas party for the ABC (old hens) class last night at May Rieger’s, but I didn’t go. When I came home from the office there was so much wind and continuous snowing, I decided to park the Chevrolet in the garage for the night. We watched the wind swirl the snow around the front door and in front of the garage door from your bedroom window. There was quite a drift early in the evening. There isn’t so much snow, but it keeps drifting. The Torah hasn’t come yet, but since you won’t be here until the 30th you can deliver it yourself if it doesn’t come before Christmas. I have a slip gift wrapped that I am going to take to Mrs. M. before the 25th. I stopped to see her a few minutes this a.m. I asked her if she wanted a tree and she said she didn’t have room for one. I got Dad a very nice (I think) gift for Christmas. It is a book written by a lawyer about his life in court. I took a few minutes to read a few paragraphs and he claims the real thing is much more exciting and fascinating than any TV or movie version of a court case.  Am sure Dad will enjoy it. I think it is one we will take along for reading when we want to relax. Since we have paid for our trip we both said that would be our Christmas gift to each other, but you know we will both have gifts under the tree. I also bought him some more long socks and another telephone to put in the bathroom. I ordered both and neither item has arrived, but I still have a week. Dad was to give a program at Rotary last Monday evening and just when it was time for the program to begin he had to leave on a baby case. I had gone to the meeting just in case, so I had to tell about our trip – that was the program Dad had prepared. So many people are wishing us a happy trip and think it is wonderful that we are going to go. Dad is a little unhappy with the Cadillac people – they didn’t get one in for him, so we are seriously thinking about leasing for next year. Will let you know all about it when you come home. I don’t know why, but as long as we had our order in, the car we were supposed to get went to someone else. You can imagine how Dad felt about that. He keeps saying now is the time that he needs the new tires, but since we will be leaving in three weeks he will have to get along with the ones on the car.

Love Mother

I like the A you received on your paper.

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Cleanest chickens we ever had (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

Sunday evening and W.W. is on (8 P.M.) I want to go to bed early so am trying to write while he talks. I gave David Pablum in addition to his bottle and hope he will sleep all night. Last night I went to bed before time for his 10 P.M. bottle and he slept right thru. About 3:30 he was making a little noise – I got up and warmed a bottle but think he would have slept if I hadn’t taken him up. It was warmer today – the sun was very bright and melted much of the snow of yesterday. Fri. it was so warm and sunny – we went to Laf. – then Sat. there was a blizzard lasting all day – It was cold and snow drifting everywhere – then today warm again. I took the baby out for a while. Haven’t found a buggy yet so carried him – didn’t go far – called on Mrs. Washburn then back home – but David’s cheeks were so rosy when we came back. He really enjoyed the adventure.

[page 2] Today an announcement was made over the radio – shoes are to be rationed – one pr every 4 months – the ticket to be used – #17 – so far sugar, coffee – now shoes on book #1. I suppose meat will be next. Butter is so high I still buy Good Luck. The last I had on creamery it was 60¢ per, oranges are up too – but we use the vit c tablets for D. – so don’t have to buy oranges all the time – usually keep them but don’t use them every day. Canned goods are to be rationed too, but I can only buy 6 cans at a time now and only 2 of a kind. Baby food is to be rationed too we have a ration book for D. so will be able to get his canned food. I am glad we feed him Dextri-M. Sometimes Karo can’t be bought – That reminds me – The Meade Co. is sending us a supply of Pablum, Dextri-M & Vit C tablets. In case you miss the letters I mentioned Christmas gifts – I got the manicure set – comb & brush & flowers. I have enjoyed them very much. Thanks again [in margin]. The flowers were pink carnations. I sent you a registered letter with our pictures last week. Suppose you have it by now – let’s hope so. Alma W. came out this afternoon to get some sulfathiozol nose drops

[page 3] that came as samples – I can’t use “sulfa” – I have found I am allergic to it and Dr. Rumkorf gave her a prescription for this. She goes to Goodland all the time for treatments but says he is awfully rough. She wishes you were here to give her sinus treatments.

I was looking in the Indiana Medical Journal for news – sometimes there is an item about a Dr. we know – well I saw your name & address in this issue. Also saw that Dr. Carl Porter who was in England, now is in the Pacific.

Jack Yost & Bud Egan joined the Marines – also Paul Turnpaugh. They keep going from here. Art Voglund is in Calif – Vivian has gone there too. I saw Helen Heindel in Laf. Fri – She didn’t go to Calif as she had planned to do. The last time I saw her in Laf. she was planning to go to Calif because Dan was stationed there – but didn’t go. He is out somewhere in the South West Pacific. I didn’t have much time to talk to her, but I suppose she is staying with Gertrude & Forrest.

I didn’t get the piano I wrote you about but am going to try

[page 4] and get something better than what we have. John says the tone of this one is good but pitch is off and the tuners all say it can’t be brought up because the strings are rusty. Our living room looks a little full but we really needed the den for a nursery – with the rug up – floor finished – piano out is makes an ideal room for D, is so sunny all afternoon. He weighed 15 lbs this morning (4 ½ mo). Jimmy Ed Jr. weighed 8-11 at birth and 11-1 at one month – He is really a husky. Donnie Funk is 5 mo old and weights 19 lbs. David has done fine and has gained as fast as is necessary. You can figure for yourself from 6-11 to 15 in 4 ½ mo. and you can tell by his pictures he is thriving.

I took some pictures today and Mark took one of me in my new coat & hat. I have 3 more pictures on the roll I want to take of D. a little later on. Films are hard to get too. Will send you a roll or two if I can get them.

Had fried chicken today. Zell’s chickens are ready to eat now so got 2-3 lbs ones. They are probably the cleanest chickens we ever had – their feet never touched the ground and the chicken house was cleaned 3 times every week. I think I’ll get some to put in our locker. Hope this doesn’t make you too hungry. As of now – no uniform money has come.

Love Mother

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