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What’s the Matter with Irene? (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Sun. evening – listening to the radio and sitting by the fire. John and Mark are out in the kitchen eating cake. They went to youth fellowship and didn’t have time to eat before going. I have the radio tuned in on the Henry Ford Sunday evening church service – it’s held in the early American village Ford had rebuilt. John wants to listen to Charlie MC so he has the kitchen radio tuned in on that. David is in bed and I hope asleep. He does something new almost every day. Yesterday, Betty Zell showed him how to talk over his telephone. Now he acts like he is talking over the phone. I took him to church this a.m. He didn’t do

[page 2] as good as the last time, but J. & M. sat with us and I think he is better when they aren’t with him.

Zells asked us to go out to see Portteuses this afternoon. When we got near their place discovered they had company. Five or six cars were parked so we drove on past. We drove down past the new Kirkpatrick house. The old one burned to the ground and they have a very modern looking new shingle house. Mary P. said some time ago that it is a well planned house. They could only get a certain amount of material but must have made good use of what they could get.

I saw Irene and Link get into their car this morning with a traveling bag. I suppose

[page 3] Irene is back in the hospital in Chicago. She certainly looks the picture of health. She also looked like the latest word from Vogue. You might think I am being a little catty, but I think if her mother would quite over there and leave her with the responsibility of Jimmy and everything else she wouldn’t have so much time to think of herself. So many people say, “What’s the matter with Irene? She doesn’t look sick.” If ever I have seen a case of imaginary illness, she has it, but I believe her makeup is such that she craves attention and she goes thru different phases to get it and I think this is a phase. I wonder what she would do if Link had to leave and go into the Army – Maybe if she had to buckle down she would. I think I have philosiphised enough for the present.

Mark has a scare since the rabies in Krull’s dog. He is afraid

[page 4] to go out. I allowed him to remain home from school Fri. because he was so upset. He was talking a little while ago about being afraid to go to school tomorrow. I told him he has a bike and most of the children don’t have. I think he will get over this as time goes on. I just hope this will help get rid of stray dogs but that is a lot to hope for. The people who own dogs are ordered to keep them in but the stray dogs are still at large. The Town Board should take care of the strays but they won’t do that – you know what I mean, Bang, bang, dead dog.

The pin in the stoker broke today. Had to rebuild the fire and told John to watch it while I was gone but he didn’t so had to take the coal out and start the fire again. I have a bucket of coal & clinkers mixed. I will have to feed in by the door. I think there is a little Ind. coal mixed in that was on the floor when the better coal was put in. That Ind. coal is hard on pins.

Love – Mother

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Holy Terror (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just returned from a Rotary meeting at the Nu-Joy – Rev. Sudah was the main speaker – also a State fire prevention man was present and gave a short talk. Rev. Sudah shook hands with me and said to remember him to you when writing. He said he was going to re-Christen his little boy (born while you were intern) Holy terror. Uncle Wes & Aunt Jessie stopped this noon enroute home & left some things your mother sent. I wanted them to stay and attend the meeting tonight but Uncle has a bad cough and when he gets in crowds coughs a lot. He would have enjoyed the meeting tonight because Sudah spoke about Rotary International. On the other hand the ventilating system didn’t work and the smoke got in my eyes and my sinus got stopped up so I know it would have bothered Uncle Wes. I told Ira Dixon who was sitting across from me at the table about Uncle Wes. He said it would have been something special to have him present. Bart had Helen along tonight and someone asked him who he went with before – he went stag last time and had a hilarious time (I mean the Country Club party). Bart just

[page 2] ignored the inquiry and pretended not to hear. Two new members received pins tonight – Bob Schurtter (ag teacher) and a Jean Lyons – I haven’t been around enough lately to know whose who in the new people.

You have mentioned twice sending messages by men coming back – To date I have not heard from anyone or received any flowers. So after this I suggest you either save your money or send it directly – I don’t want to sound mercenary but – well I think you understand what I mean. But remember if anyone asks a similar favor from you, keep your promise – I am – sure will.

I didn’t go to the hospital today. Glenn & I plan to go tomorrow. Glenn got the storm windows all hung and is going to clean the furnace. Pauline has cleaned (and I mean clean) the upstairs and cleaned the stairway with steel wool. She wants to work on the nursery tomorrow. I think I’ll take David with us. He was so fussy today I hate to leave him. – He must be cutting more teeth. He drools so much. I fed him before I left for the Rotary dinner but didn’t get him to bed but John puts him to bed. He was sound asleep when I came home. After his 7 P.M. meal he gets tucked in for the night. However he woke me up about – I would say 5:am and was wet & cold – I changed him & put him

[page 3] in bed with me. He woke me again abut 7: I can’t leave him in bed with me anymore and go back to sleep after his bottle (which habit is about over) because he crawls right off. He was so restless today about the only place he would be satisfied was to play in the stove drawers with the pans. I used to allow J. & M. to do the same thing so why not D. Mary P. came for the meat points today & I gave her 988. She says they are going to butcher a hog soon & we can have half of it. Mary said Ruthie isn’t getting along so well. Her ankles swell when she trys to walk & seems she doesn’t walk naturally now – Mary has to have some gall-bladder work done. She went with me to see Cole one time when I took David & Cole ordered her to have X-Ray done. She isn’t feeling so good but says she wants to get Ruthie on her feet before having anything done.

John Krull is home again & he & Gladys were at the meeting tonight. I didn’t ask them anything about where he is stationed or when he is going back.

I am enclosing pictures of Jim, Glen, Pauline, babies & I taken the day Jim & Glenn started back to Norfolk. You can compare babies in the pictures and see our boy is tops.

There is a light frost predicted for tonight. There isn’t much left in our garden it can hurt. I must close so this can be dropped in the mail box.

“Love Mother”

Yours of Sept. 4-7-9 & 11 came today.

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/02/21/holy-terror-gladys/