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Letter from Aunt Jessie

Letter transcription:

January 3, 1946, p. 1

January 3, 1946, p. 1

Dear Gladys and Roscoe –

I am sending, parcel post, a box containing ties, socks and underwear. Now you may not wish to wear such but – if you have any feeling about this please give them to someone. I shall understand. I know you do not need such but I preferred you whom Silvester admired

January 3, 1946, p. 2

January 3, 1946, p. 2

[page 2] so much thru the years to have these.

So hard to go on without Silvester but strength is given and I must carry on as he would wish.

Hope you are all well and that the new office is installed completely.

With love,

Jan. 3, 1946

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Thank You from Aunt Jessie

1945-09-12 (JMS) frontLetter transcription:

Chicago, Illinois
Sept. 12, 1945

Dear Gladys: We arrived at our own door just 4:30 P.M. every thing unpacked, our dinner over, dishes washed a fire in the grate and now to write notes (no cards) thanking all who were so kind to us giving us such a good time. It was splendid to be in your home again and have the visit and admire the blessed boys – only regret that Roscoe so far away yet this moment he is coming closer. We do hope you will have time for a good visit and that soon he will be home to stay. Silvester feels a bit tired but we will retire early and the morning will find him ok. Again our thanks.

Much love,
Jessie and Silvester

September 12, 1945

September 12, 1945

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Toss His Cracker (Gladys)

September 8, 1945 envelope

September 8, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 8, 1945, p. 1

September 8, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

I rec’d two letters yesterday so didn’t get any today. Probably get two or three Mon. They have been coming pretty regularly. Dorothy came out yesterday and said Bobby had gotten some rat poison she had put out for the mice. It was on a cracker and he bit off one corner before she knew he had it. She told me when they came back from their vacation what she was going to do and I wondered at the time if it was wise to put poison out. The cracker he got was in the cabinet under the sink. They tried to get him to throw-up but he never did. She got Babe Carrol & Pauline Dennis and Babe even stuck her finger down his throat but “no go.” Nick went to see Dr. M. and he gave some medicine that should have made him “toss his cracker” but it didn’t work. He seemed perfectly OK when she was here with him in the afternoon. I told her he evidently didn’t get enough to hurt him. She said she knew he got some because she could smell it on his breath. Bernard Funk’s little girl drank iodine and had to be taken to the hospital and have her stomach pumped.

We are having rain today and cool. I am glad we got our washing done yesterday. Mark is trying to finish the lawn. He started this morning but didn’t hurry and had to stop between rains. Sammy has been here and of course he can’t work as fast if he has company.

September 8, 1945, p. 2

September 8, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] Mark went to the fair with Zells yesterday afternoon. They stayed until late – saw the stage show. John didn’t go out and I didn’t either. I couldn’t get up any enthusiasm about any part of it.

Had another letter from Jim. It was written Aug. 19 and he didn’t seem to know the war was over. He said they dropped anchor near an island not long ago (before Aug. 19) and picked up a letter from me. Maybe by now he knows. Don’t they have radios on ships and don’t they keep up on the latest?

Uncle Wes & Aunt J. plan to come back Wed. and be here for dinner. Aunt J. sent me a card. Mom had received the picture of D. I sent for her birthday.

We listened to a Comdr. Crum on a radio program today. Thought he might give out something but it was all about Army discharges. However, he promised the points for Navy overseas duty will be given out soon. He said it would probably be ¼ point for each month, which will give you about 5. He invited anyone to write him on any questions they have and he will answer. He said this is a free country so feel free to ask. Anything you want to know. If I thought I would find out anything I would write the big question in our minds.

Dr. Hungess is gone on a month’s vacation and Irene changed the baby’s feeding this week. She put him on S.W.A. Maybe he told her to do that if he didn’t get along – but he is past 2 months old now – I would think a little advanced for that type of feeding.

Mark is waiting to take this –
So Love Mother

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Pictures from Missouri (Gladys)

September 5, 1945 envelope

September 5, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 5, 1945, p. 1

September 5, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

This being fair week the stores will be closed today, Thurs. & Fri. PM’s. School will be closed Fri. Mark wants to go out for the day with Buddy – but what they can find to do out there a while day is a mystery to me. Mark went yest Monday evening with Statons so he may have changed his mind by now. The mail hasn’t been delivered yet, it being just past 9 o’clock. I finished the dishes and put dough to raise in the sun by the piano – the only place I could find. I promised the boys hot rolls for lunch.

I went to Brook with Norma yesterday – their locker here is full and she had corn to put in, so took it to their Brook locker. I took your brown suit to the tailor at Brook. Lucile said Ed took an overcoat to have a hole repaired and that he did good work. I also stopped at the upholstery place. T seems hard to find the man but I talked to his wife. She said he had enough tapestry material to cover a davenport – someone ordered it and then didn’t take it. It is turquoise (a greenish blue) flecked with a rose flower. I thought if perhaps he would make me a good price on the job I might go ahead with hit. Since he doesn’t have much other material to work with he should be able to get this job done. She (his wife) says he restyles furniture, and from the looks of things I don’t think he is very high in his prices – but I have heard he does good work.

The roll of film I took in Mo. turned out about 50%. There was one miss – I forgot to turn the camera

September 5, 1945, p. 2

September 5, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] and lost one picture. I’ll enclose what I think you will care to see. My picture was not good, so I am not sending it. I hope by now you have received the first pictures I sent – David’s & our group.

Yours of Aug. 30 just came – had been misspent to La Fontaine, Ind. I was glad you could get out for a while. We haven’t had much social life since coming back, but that isn’t exactly necessary see we see people we know every day and the boys are in school. I go to town every day or so in the afternoon and visit a little while with the crowd in at Krulls. Lucile called me this morning to give me a bit of news. Arlene had bridge club last night and announced that she is having a baby in 3 months. I don’t believe anyone knew it – however I thought Arlene was looking unusually good and “plump.” She must be different this time because she usually gets very large. She says she is going to have 6. Mark wondered if we could have a little baby girl – not adopted – but one of our own. I said “why” and he said he thought it would be nice. I said “is it because of Karen,” and he grinned and said “yes.” He thinks Karen is tops. I told him to take the matter up with you when you come home.

Uncle W. & J. stopped on their way to C.C. They are to be here for dinner the day they return home – sometime next week. They wanted to know if there was anything they could bring back and I said some evergreens.

Mrs. Capes called me about something and she said Doris is in San F. Her husband, a Dr. in the Navy has ship duty and is out now in the Pacific. Mrs. C. thought you might call Doris (Mrs. Wm. Douglas) W.9718.

David is trying (not too hard) to take a nap. He is on one of his tears today and I doubt if he goes to sleep. If he doesn’t take a nap he will go to bed earlier tonite. It has been very cool, but is getting warm today – the temp. is supposed to get up to 90°.

I’ll try to get a camera and take this other roll and send you some brand new ones – (Hope you get back by then.)

Love Mother

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Silvester Schiele

Letter transcription:

August 16, 1945

August 16, 1945

Aug. 16 45

Dear Folks – Vine wrote me some days ago that Roscoe was leaving for the west coast Aug. 17th. We hope now as Japan has surrendered you will be able to return to private life. It would be a shame if you had to return again to the overseas territory.

We leave for home, Chicago, the 23rd, next Thursday, so don’t write us here, but our home address. It’s beautiful here this time of the year – but we have been away from Chicago 2 months, so we go about one week earlier than usual.

Is John through at Evanston for this year? If he is still there next Friday it would be fine if he would stay with us over Sunday. We would love to have him. Jessie & I are both fine, I am much better, thank the Lord. Jessie’s sister is not so well, arthritis in her back – very painful, we hope to go to Clay City early in September – Hope you will be at Kentland. Our mail is terrible slow here this year. Drop us, even just a line or postal card.

Our love and best wishes


Home address 2028 W. 110th St. – Chicago

[Editor’s note: Silvester Schiele was Roscoe’s uncle. Vine, a nickname for Lovina, was Roscoe’s mother.]

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Holy Terror (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just returned from a Rotary meeting at the Nu-Joy – Rev. Sudah was the main speaker – also a State fire prevention man was present and gave a short talk. Rev. Sudah shook hands with me and said to remember him to you when writing. He said he was going to re-Christen his little boy (born while you were intern) Holy terror. Uncle Wes & Aunt Jessie stopped this noon enroute home & left some things your mother sent. I wanted them to stay and attend the meeting tonight but Uncle has a bad cough and when he gets in crowds coughs a lot. He would have enjoyed the meeting tonight because Sudah spoke about Rotary International. On the other hand the ventilating system didn’t work and the smoke got in my eyes and my sinus got stopped up so I know it would have bothered Uncle Wes. I told Ira Dixon who was sitting across from me at the table about Uncle Wes. He said it would have been something special to have him present. Bart had Helen along tonight and someone asked him who he went with before – he went stag last time and had a hilarious time (I mean the Country Club party). Bart just

[page 2] ignored the inquiry and pretended not to hear. Two new members received pins tonight – Bob Schurtter (ag teacher) and a Jean Lyons – I haven’t been around enough lately to know whose who in the new people.

You have mentioned twice sending messages by men coming back – To date I have not heard from anyone or received any flowers. So after this I suggest you either save your money or send it directly – I don’t want to sound mercenary but – well I think you understand what I mean. But remember if anyone asks a similar favor from you, keep your promise – I am – sure will.

I didn’t go to the hospital today. Glenn & I plan to go tomorrow. Glenn got the storm windows all hung and is going to clean the furnace. Pauline has cleaned (and I mean clean) the upstairs and cleaned the stairway with steel wool. She wants to work on the nursery tomorrow. I think I’ll take David with us. He was so fussy today I hate to leave him. – He must be cutting more teeth. He drools so much. I fed him before I left for the Rotary dinner but didn’t get him to bed but John puts him to bed. He was sound asleep when I came home. After his 7 P.M. meal he gets tucked in for the night. However he woke me up about – I would say 5:am and was wet & cold – I changed him & put him

[page 3] in bed with me. He woke me again abut 7: I can’t leave him in bed with me anymore and go back to sleep after his bottle (which habit is about over) because he crawls right off. He was so restless today about the only place he would be satisfied was to play in the stove drawers with the pans. I used to allow J. & M. to do the same thing so why not D. Mary P. came for the meat points today & I gave her 988. She says they are going to butcher a hog soon & we can have half of it. Mary said Ruthie isn’t getting along so well. Her ankles swell when she trys to walk & seems she doesn’t walk naturally now – Mary has to have some gall-bladder work done. She went with me to see Cole one time when I took David & Cole ordered her to have X-Ray done. She isn’t feeling so good but says she wants to get Ruthie on her feet before having anything done.

John Krull is home again & he & Gladys were at the meeting tonight. I didn’t ask them anything about where he is stationed or when he is going back.

I am enclosing pictures of Jim, Glen, Pauline, babies & I taken the day Jim & Glenn started back to Norfolk. You can compare babies in the pictures and see our boy is tops.

There is a light frost predicted for tonight. There isn’t much left in our garden it can hurt. I must close so this can be dropped in the mail box.

“Love Mother”

Yours of Sept. 4-7-9 & 11 came today.

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Another Chilly Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 15 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another chilly day. The sun did shine and we got a washer of clothes dry. We have to wash every day with 2 babies in the house. James L. is so different from David. James L. will stay put any place. He can be left on the bath table, couch, bed, play chair, Taylor Tot or anywhere – David climbs out of anything but his bed & play pen and has for months. This evening Pauline was holding David and said James L. is much easier to hold. David won’t sit still – just wants to climb all over a person. I often wonder what his Daddy would do about his urge to move around all the time – Maybe just like we do – just try to keep him from getting a fall. I put a pr. of corduroy overalls on him today and J. & M. thought he looked like a boy should look. He still has long hair, but it curls up around his neck & his Mother can’t cut

[page 2] it off – she keeps saying she will give him a hair cut when he is a yr. old. I think I know what Daddy would say – “give that boys a hair cut.”

Uncle Wes & Aunt J. were here enroute to C.C. this a.m. – Uncle has lost 30 lbs. & doesn’t look so good. Has had a bronchial cough that has taken him down.

J. & M. have gone to the fair tonite with Zells. They had grand stand seats. I made them wear wraps. It is so cool they need heavy coats – but didn’t want to wear anything. It’s hard to think it is so cool this early in the fall. Mrs. Zell said today it looked like snow. Of course it didn’t snow but the clouds would look like snow clouds sometimes.

I have to meet Glenn in Laf. tomorrow & see Mother. David seems to have a little cold or it may be an allergy – I can’t tell and I want Dr. Cole to see him. Since John has his fall allergy too or it may be just a cold. This cool weather so early is a good excuse for colds.

Arlene called me today. She hasn’t any help yet and it  keeps her busy doing everything. I asked her to go to Laf. with me but said

[page 3] it was so hard for her to get away now. She has to have everything prepared for meals before she leaves. I really feel sorry for the girl because she isn’t too strong and with this other baby coming has her hands full.

I havne’t had time to get John & Mark down to writing you again but will try over the week-end to get them to. John has a teacher (Band) Clements from Jasonville – He knows Floyd & says he knew of you. He and John had quite a chat one evening after school. I know only a few teachers so far – Al had to hire so many new ones this fall.

My hands are all over the “spell” they had but are tender and burn this evening from running out to the clothes line today. Pauline is cleaning house for me while they are here. She got the little bedroom cleaned today & wants to clean the boys’ room tomorrow. She is a hard worker & clean. A lot different from Norma. She wasn’t much on the work order. She says Glen will take the screens down & put on the storm windows. He wants to wait a few days to see about Mother before they start back. He is much heavier than he used to be. His asthma isn’t as bad now that is it cooler.

It’s about time for the boys to come home from the fair.

Love – Mother

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Such A Climber (Gladys)

1943-06-15Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy –

No mail today – but 8 letters came yesterday – The $100⁰⁰ ck hasn’t come yet. The 150 & 32⁶⁰ came some time ago. It is a warm humid day – we are still having so much rain – It hasn’t rained yet today but we had hard rains Sun. & Mon. Mother is out in the yard with David. After he has his bath & 10 – feeding if the weather permits he goes out in his buggy. He is such a climber – stands up in his buggy & hold to the top. Dorothy is going to get some film for their movie camera & take some pictures of D. Floyd has taken him at 3 & 6 months. John is taking a piano lesson this morning. Mark and I are going to Laf. this afternoon with Arlene & Rosemary. I think Dr. C. should see Mark after his tonsillectomy and this is almost two weeks after. John is going to stay home and help take care of David. John baked an angel food cake yesterday. He is getting to be quite a baker. He does a good job – He is very exacting. Had a note from Aunt J. They got your letter of May – June 12. Uncle W. isn’t very well – they haven’t gone north yet but intend to. Glad you got the seed from your Mother. I sent mine some time before she sent – Maybe you will get them some time. It is getting late so I must get ready to go.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 David #1

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Genealogy Crowd Sourcing (with family)

One of the tasks in my quest to organize and scan all the hundreds of photographs in my personal collection is to label the photographs as much as I am able. Many of the photographs from the Yegerlehner collection are labeled. Between my father and my grandmother, they did a great job overall. However, there are still hundreds of unlabeled photographs. This is where my genealogy crowd sourcing comes into the equation.

The Yegerlehner family was very good at staying in touch. They regularly had family functions and reunions. They were great about taking group photographs and not necessarily great at labeling all the individuals in the pictures. I have dozens of pictures from family reunions over the decades. Many of the individuals in the photographs are no longer living. There are children and grandchildren still living who can still identify them. While I don’t know many of my Yegerlehner second and third cousins, I am trying to connect with them. Facebook has been a great tool for finding long lost cousins and I have been relatively successful with this strategy.

After scanning the original photographs for preservation, I made a second copy in which I numbered all the people. Since I had two pictures from differing viewpoints, I numbered the people the same between them. People shifted and moved around (or left the photo). In one picture, it was easier to see an individual and in the other not.

This weekend I posted a few photographs on Facebook in an effort to start identifying the people in the photographs. It was great to see the various family members agreeing as to “who was who.” To reach a broader audience, I am going to share some of the pictures here as well.

These four photographs were taken in November 1940 when Roscoe and Gladys celebrated their housewarming party for the house on E. Dunlop street in Kentland. All of the Yegerlehner siblings came with their families.

For those readers who have been following along with the letters, here are some of the faces that go with the familiar names.

#1 – Caroline Mary Yegerlehner
#2 – Mark Yegerlehner
#3 –
#4 –
#5 – John Yegerlehner
#6 –
#7 –
#8 – Ruth Yegerlehner (Floyd’s wife)
#9 – Dolores Yegerlehner?
#10 – Silvester Schiele
#11 –
#12 –
#13 –
#14 –
#15 –
#16 – John Henry Yegerlehner
#17 –
#18 – Jesse Schiele
#19 – Emma Foster
#20 – Floyd Yegerlehner
#21 – Romaine Mutchler
#22 – Gladys Yegerlehner
#23 – Clarence Yegerlehner
#24 – Ruth Mutchler
#25 – Earl Mutchler
#26 – Lovina Yegerlehner
#27 – Ralph Yegerlehner
#28 – Samuel Yegerlehner
#29 – Roscoe Yegerlehner


Photographs from the private collection of Deborah Sweeney.

© Deborah Sweeney, 2014.
Post originally found: http://genealogylady.net/2014/04/28/genealogy-crowd-sourcing-with-family/

Diphtheria Shots (Gladys)

1943-04-12 #2Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – I wrote one letter today telling you I had your of Mar 16-17-22 – Uncle W & Aunt J stopped at noon a while. Ralph is better so evidently the adjustment helped his back – or something did because he was working again. John played 2 numbers at Music Club this afternoon and got a lot of compliments – however he insists he didn’t play well. Arlene had a good picture of she & Bill & boys and is sending you one. Donnie now weighs over 21 and D. is about 18 – so considering their starts D. is going all right. Rosemary has gone to Laf. to stay with her mother until time for her to go to the hospital. Jimmy Funk fell off the bed and broke his shoulder – but is getting along very good. I heard today Nick has joined the Army but I didn’t get the information from D. She wasn’t at Music Club today. He has been talking about it for some time. John is in Fla. at present and Gladys has gone down there for a visit. Sure looks funny to see Kent Café boarded up and all the filling stations closed at night. The filling St. men can catch up on their home life now – or make victory gardens. Mrs. Williams asked me today if you gave Darlene (the little girl you & Dr. Cole operated on when 6 wks old) Diphtheria shots. They thought that was what she had – but has a bad throat now and didn’t know if it could be diphtheria or strep. They were to bring her back for whooping cough shots then for smallpox so I told her it must have been diphtheria shots.

Love – Mother

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