Another Chilly Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 15 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another chilly day. The sun did shine and we got a washer of clothes dry. We have to wash every day with 2 babies in the house. James L. is so different from David. James L. will stay put any place. He can be left on the bath table, couch, bed, play chair, Taylor Tot or anywhere – David climbs out of anything but his bed & play pen and has for months. This evening Pauline was holding David and said James L. is much easier to hold. David won’t sit still – just wants to climb all over a person. I often wonder what his Daddy would do about his urge to move around all the time – Maybe just like we do – just try to keep him from getting a fall. I put a pr. of corduroy overalls on him today and J. & M. thought he looked like a boy should look. He still has long hair, but it curls up around his neck & his Mother can’t cut

[page 2] it off – she keeps saying she will give him a hair cut when he is a yr. old. I think I know what Daddy would say – “give that boys a hair cut.”

Uncle Wes & Aunt J. were here enroute to C.C. this a.m. – Uncle has lost 30 lbs. & doesn’t look so good. Has had a bronchial cough that has taken him down.

J. & M. have gone to the fair tonite with Zells. They had grand stand seats. I made them wear wraps. It is so cool they need heavy coats – but didn’t want to wear anything. It’s hard to think it is so cool this early in the fall. Mrs. Zell said today it looked like snow. Of course it didn’t snow but the clouds would look like snow clouds sometimes.

I have to meet Glenn in Laf. tomorrow & see Mother. David seems to have a little cold or it may be an allergy – I can’t tell and I want Dr. Cole to see him. Since John has his fall allergy too or it may be just a cold. This cool weather so early is a good excuse for colds.

Arlene called me today. She hasn’t any help yet and it  keeps her busy doing everything. I asked her to go to Laf. with me but said

[page 3] it was so hard for her to get away now. She has to have everything prepared for meals before she leaves. I really feel sorry for the girl because she isn’t too strong and with this other baby coming has her hands full.

I havne’t had time to get John & Mark down to writing you again but will try over the week-end to get them to. John has a teacher (Band) Clements from Jasonville – He knows Floyd & says he knew of you. He and John had quite a chat one evening after school. I know only a few teachers so far – Al had to hire so many new ones this fall.

My hands are all over the “spell” they had but are tender and burn this evening from running out to the clothes line today. Pauline is cleaning house for me while they are here. She got the little bedroom cleaned today & wants to clean the boys’ room tomorrow. She is a hard worker & clean. A lot different from Norma. She wasn’t much on the work order. She says Glen will take the screens down & put on the storm windows. He wants to wait a few days to see about Mother before they start back. He is much heavier than he used to be. His asthma isn’t as bad now that is it cooler.

It’s about time for the boys to come home from the fair.

Love – Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Another Chilly Day (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “David won’t sit still – just wants to climb all over a person.” I’ve calmed down a lot since then.

    “give that boys” should read “boy”

    “J. & M. have gone to the fair tonite with Zells. They had grand stand seats.” I have only vague memories of the county fair….I don’t recall grandstands.

    “She says Glen will take the screens down & put on the storm windows.” That was always an odious task…I remember having to be involved in that.


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