Pictures from Missouri (Gladys)

September 5, 1945 envelope

September 5, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 5, 1945, p. 1

September 5, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

This being fair week the stores will be closed today, Thurs. & Fri. PM’s. School will be closed Fri. Mark wants to go out for the day with Buddy – but what they can find to do out there a while day is a mystery to me. Mark went yest Monday evening with Statons so he may have changed his mind by now. The mail hasn’t been delivered yet, it being just past 9 o’clock. I finished the dishes and put dough to raise in the sun by the piano – the only place I could find. I promised the boys hot rolls for lunch.

I went to Brook with Norma yesterday – their locker here is full and she had corn to put in, so took it to their Brook locker. I took your brown suit to the tailor at Brook. Lucile said Ed took an overcoat to have a hole repaired and that he did good work. I also stopped at the upholstery place. T seems hard to find the man but I talked to his wife. She said he had enough tapestry material to cover a davenport – someone ordered it and then didn’t take it. It is turquoise (a greenish blue) flecked with a rose flower. I thought if perhaps he would make me a good price on the job I might go ahead with hit. Since he doesn’t have much other material to work with he should be able to get this job done. She (his wife) says he restyles furniture, and from the looks of things I don’t think he is very high in his prices – but I have heard he does good work.

The roll of film I took in Mo. turned out about 50%. There was one miss – I forgot to turn the camera

September 5, 1945, p. 2

September 5, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] and lost one picture. I’ll enclose what I think you will care to see. My picture was not good, so I am not sending it. I hope by now you have received the first pictures I sent – David’s & our group.

Yours of Aug. 30 just came – had been misspent to La Fontaine, Ind. I was glad you could get out for a while. We haven’t had much social life since coming back, but that isn’t exactly necessary see we see people we know every day and the boys are in school. I go to town every day or so in the afternoon and visit a little while with the crowd in at Krulls. Lucile called me this morning to give me a bit of news. Arlene had bridge club last night and announced that she is having a baby in 3 months. I don’t believe anyone knew it – however I thought Arlene was looking unusually good and “plump.” She must be different this time because she usually gets very large. She says she is going to have 6. Mark wondered if we could have a little baby girl – not adopted – but one of our own. I said “why” and he said he thought it would be nice. I said “is it because of Karen,” and he grinned and said “yes.” He thinks Karen is tops. I told him to take the matter up with you when you come home.

Uncle W. & J. stopped on their way to C.C. They are to be here for dinner the day they return home – sometime next week. They wanted to know if there was anything they could bring back and I said some evergreens.

Mrs. Capes called me about something and she said Doris is in San F. Her husband, a Dr. in the Navy has ship duty and is out now in the Pacific. Mrs. C. thought you might call Doris (Mrs. Wm. Douglas) W.9718.

David is trying (not too hard) to take a nap. He is on one of his tears today and I doubt if he goes to sleep. If he doesn’t take a nap he will go to bed earlier tonite. It has been very cool, but is getting warm today – the temp. is supposed to get up to 90°.

I’ll try to get a camera and take this other roll and send you some brand new ones – (Hope you get back by then.)

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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2 thoughts on “Pictures from Missouri (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “find to do out there a while day” should read “whole day”

    “T seems hard to find” should read “It seems”

    “go ahead with hit.” should read “with it.”

    At the end of the second paragraph, there is a sentence missing: “I’ll let you know what I do about it.”

    “had been misspent” should read ” missent”

    “see we see people” should read “since we see”

    “She says she is going to have 6.” !!!!!

    “I told him to take the matter up with you when you come home.” 😦

    Nice photos. I don’t think I’ve seen them before. The one of Mark alone is funny. The double exposure makes it look like he was standing on the roof!


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