Genealogy Crowd Sourcing (with family)

One of the tasks in my quest to organize and scan all the hundreds of photographs in my personal collection is to label the photographs as much as I am able. Many of the photographs from the Yegerlehner collection are labeled. Between my father and my grandmother, they did a great job overall. However, there are still hundreds of unlabeled photographs. This is where my genealogy crowd sourcing comes into the equation.

The Yegerlehner family was very good at staying in touch. They regularly had family functions and reunions. They were great about taking group photographs and not necessarily great at labeling all the individuals in the pictures. I have dozens of pictures from family reunions over the decades. Many of the individuals in the photographs are no longer living. There are children and grandchildren still living who can still identify them. While I don’t know many of my Yegerlehner second and third cousins, I am trying to connect with them. Facebook has been a great tool for finding long lost cousins and I have been relatively successful with this strategy.

After scanning the original photographs for preservation, I made a second copy in which I numbered all the people. Since I had two pictures from differing viewpoints, I numbered the people the same between them. People shifted and moved around (or left the photo). In one picture, it was easier to see an individual and in the other not.

This weekend I posted a few photographs on Facebook in an effort to start identifying the people in the photographs. It was great to see the various family members agreeing as to “who was who.” To reach a broader audience, I am going to share some of the pictures here as well.

These four photographs were taken in November 1940 when Roscoe and Gladys celebrated their housewarming party for the house on E. Dunlop street in Kentland. All of the Yegerlehner siblings came with their families.

For those readers who have been following along with the letters, here are some of the faces that go with the familiar names.

#1 – Caroline Mary Yegerlehner
#2 – Mark Yegerlehner
#3 –
#4 –
#5 – John Yegerlehner
#6 –
#7 –
#8 – Ruth Yegerlehner (Floyd’s wife)
#9 – Dolores Yegerlehner?
#10 – Silvester Schiele
#11 –
#12 –
#13 –
#14 –
#15 –
#16 – John Henry Yegerlehner
#17 –
#18 – Jesse Schiele
#19 – Emma Foster
#20 – Floyd Yegerlehner
#21 – Romaine Mutchler
#22 – Gladys Yegerlehner
#23 – Clarence Yegerlehner
#24 – Ruth Mutchler
#25 – Earl Mutchler
#26 – Lovina Yegerlehner
#27 – Ralph Yegerlehner
#28 – Samuel Yegerlehner
#29 – Roscoe Yegerlehner


Photographs from the private collection of Deborah Sweeney.

© Deborah Sweeney, 2014.
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