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Mark’s Birthday (Gladys)

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 1

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Feb. 15 came today. So glad you finally rec’d David’s Christmas pictures. He does, I think, resemble your baby picture. So many people around here comment on how much he looks like you. Mark has him out now getting some fresh air and some sunshine – however the sunshine is a little pale now. It was brighter this morning. It is very warm and windy. Last night I was awakened by thunder & hail. It was quite a storm while it lasted. The hail was very bad for a while. The north windows showed the effects of the storm – especially the kitchen windows are covered with dirt.

I am having a little party for Mark at 4 P.M. Buddy is here now walking around with Mark while he pushes David around. I tried to keep the party a surprise but John didn’t know it was to be such and began talking about the party. John wanted to play a trick on Mark, so he sent him a birthday card and signed a girl’s name. This girl is in Mark’s room and according to Mark is poison ivy, or something equally unpopular. He says she is very ugly and he dislikes her very much. He suspected John as the sender and was ready to tear him apart. John told Miss Smith about it and she in turn told him about something she did when in high school. There was a girl who wasn’t very popular

February 26, & 27, 1944, p. 2

February 26, & 27, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] and didn’t have dates – a certain boy she admired from afar – Well Miss S. sent her an invitation to the prom and signed this boy’s name. She said the girl wrote him a note accepting his invitation – The boy was very angry – but I don’t know whether he took the girl to the prom or not. I think John felt a little badly about sending Mark the card until Miss S. told her story, then he didn’t think he had done as much as she had.

This rain and warm weather is making things look green. The tulips are up so high. I am afraid they will get nipped yet but can’t keep them from growing in weather like this.

I see in the paper the Barces held a reception for Betty & Paul. They spent a week in Missouri on honeymoon. I think Paul has to return to Panama at the end of his furlough.

Kenneth Wood has been in Calif. since he finished his training at Allison, but has been sent to New York. He was in Kent on his way to N.Y. one day this week. Harlan Parr was in Fla. until last fall then sent to Mich., was there a short time, then sent to N.Y. I see in the paper that Frank Morton is working in Nashville. Mildred & Frank Jr. were down to see him. Frank Jr. will soon be in the Navy.

– – The party was quite a success – Two Zell girls, Buddy, Bobby, Jimmy & David Diedam were here. I made a white cake and decorated it will pink candles. John went to the drug store and got strawberry ice cream which carried out the color scheme. I made a punch with grapefruit & orange juice.

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 3

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] Everybody seemed to have a grand time.

This is Sun. P.M. – I didn’t get to finish this yesterday due to the party, etc. Buddy wanted Mark to eat supper with him after the party and John wanted to go to the show with David Diedam – Mark saw the show Fri. night with Zells – I wanted to take David to the Dr. because of this cough he has had several days. Dr. M. gave him a whooping cough shot and said to bring him back the middle of the week for another. There are so many cough cases and he says the shots are the only thing he has found to help. After seeing the Dr. I went to the restaurant and got my supper. The supper crowd was gone and there was only two or three men at the counter, so I stayed. I wouldn’t have taken David in if there had been a crowd, or several children. David didn’t seem to mind the shot so much. Just cried a few minutes and was able to smile at the Dr. when we left.

According to Dorothy, the reason Doris Wilson didn’t get to the hospital to have her baby (no. 4) she couldn’t find Ellsworth in time. Dorothy said they (several couples) were at Tiltons, after the Bond rally show,

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 4

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] having refreshments (about 2 a.m.) and Doris called inquiring if Ellsworth was there. She didn’t say why she wanted, so no one tried to find him. He didn’t get home in time to get her to the hospital and the Dr. didn’t get there until after the baby was born. He was expecting her at the hospital. I’ll bet Dr. M. was plenty “sore” about the whole thing. I remember how they started to the hospital when Eddie Ray was born and stopped to see a show on the way.

It was so nice out of doors yesterday – but it’s not quite so inviting out today. The Zell girls, Virginia (11) & Betty (8) are here playing Monopoly with Mark. Martha Jane is the youngest (3) and is home taking a nap. John has been listening to the radio and David in running around the house getting into everything – Just found some of Mark’s cards, so Mark came running to the rescue. David loves to close doors and will close any door in the house he can find that will close for him.

Harold Portteus came yesterday to tell me he might not be able to get a permit to sell us the beef – but I think he will get the permit. If there is any objection I think, I’ll do a little talking. They had had a lot of hospital & Dr. bills the past year and really need to sell. Ruthie was in the hospital several weeks and Harold is just recovering from a hernia operation. He said he was anxious for you to get back. One reason being Jim’s induction into service. He said he was thinking about shots he would have to take and would like for you

1944-02-26 & 27 (GRY), p. 5

February 26 & 27, 1944, p. 5

[page 5] to give them a statement regarding Jim’s reaction to shots. Dr. M. said he could give them a statement but he knew in some instances the examining Doctors disregarded any such statements. Knowing how Jim is, I would think it would be very risky for him to take shots Army or Navy style. Harold says he thinks they will let Jim remain home until late fall because Harold won’t be able to do much heavy work this summer. Jim will graduate this spring. He is getting thru high school and that is better than some. Romaine’s boy friend will have to enter service this fall and has one more year of school. I would think some provision could be made for those boys who want to finish high school, but since they are taking fathers with several children, maybe it’s better to take some of the younger ones. I still think there are some who should be in and are not – but that’s an old story. I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd is called up for another physical. He is dissatisfied with his job at present and I don’t think it would take much for him to quit. He was rejected, but just between you and me, I think if he wasn’t working for this co. he would be called up for another examination. Do you get what I mean? He was told his rejection was due to his nervousness, but I really don’t think he is that nervous. Well that is my opinion and I may be wrong. This may all sound like I am wanting him to be in Service, but that isn’t the way I feel. If he can do more here raising tomatoes to feed the Army, he should be where he can do the most good. I am about out of space and feel fun down.

“Love Mother”

Mark's Birthday Party (back row: Buddy Krull, John, David Diedam, Mark holding David; front row: Virginia Zell, Betty Zell, Bobby Funk & Jimmy Staton)

Mark’s Birthday Party (back row: Buddy Krull, John, David Diedam, Mark holding David; front row: Virginia Zell, Betty Zell, Bobby Funk & Jimmy Staton)

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Sulfa (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug. 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another Sunday afternoon about gone. Seems I am about as busy as any other day. Last Sun. I didn’t get time to sit down & write. Mark has David out in the buggy now so thought I would take the opportunity to write. It is hot today but there is a cooling breeze most of the time. Mother ate a pretty good dinner but says she doesn’t want any supper. She looks so thin and pale today – Seems to me she looks worse today than usual. I will see Dr. Cole tomorrow and give him a report. If she would go I would take her back to the hospital but she says she couldn’t stand the beds & pillows. She is so thin I can understand why she wouldn’t be able to rest there. I told you a long time ago about the lab finding in her stool (strep, Staph & B-coli). She thinks the sulfa turned her against food and she doesn’t want anything to eat. Of course she can’t get better is she doesn’t eat, but she says she eats all she can.

[page 2] I am going to take David to see Dr. Cole tomorrow. He will probably reinforce the cast around the top – It certainly takes a beating – the way David gets around. I am to meet John. Your Mother & Dad are going to take him to Laf. T. H. & he will come to Laf. on the bus.

Mrs. Roberts was here last night. She said she had word from Joe and he had diahrea & last 7 lbs. She still doesn’t have any idea where he is. He sent his trunk back home and she has it now. She said it had a very musty odor. She said she couldn’t get beef in Watseka and their children wouldn’t eat pork. I had a sirloin steak – (Mark & I decided to be extravagant while John is away) and enough round steak for Mark & I today – so I gave her the sirloin. We don’t have steak very often because it’s hard to get and expensive. I have chicken to fry yet that your Mother brought up so thought I could get by without one steak.

I found last winter that I am allergic to sulfa – when I had the sinus infection – The other day I skinned my thumb on the furnace door – and by the way had been indulging in new tomatoes so had some breaking out on my fingers – and the

[page 3] place I skinned was broken out – I put sulfa powder on it and got a minor complication – the sore healed but that sulfa powder made my exczema so bed I can’t bend my thumb yet. It is better but I know now not to put sulfa powder on an irritated place again.

Eddie Ray Wilson sat down on a piece of broken glass and cut himself – It was so bad they had to give him ether to sow it up. He has had a time this summer. Margaret Kruman was here today & said Susan Clark caught her heel in the bike sprocket & injured her heel to the extent that she may not be able to walk on it. – Now I shouldn’t have written that because I didn’t have first hand information and when Ruth Parttens was injured the story was she wouldn’t walk again & Dr. M. said there was nothing to that. I didn’t mean to cast any reflection on Margaret but I don’t know where she got her information.

Dorothy keeps promising to bring their movie camera out to take some pictures of D. but so far she hasn’t shown up with it. Floyd & Ruth have taken pictures of him twice – at three & six months. They wanted to get him at 9 months but couldn’t make connections –

[page 4] I think you can almost see him grow in the pictures I have sent. I can’t weigh him until we get the cast off his leg – and that will be two weeks yet. He weighed 20 ½ at 10 months – I don’t know whether he will gain or lose by his 11th month – I thought he might gain – but he is about as active as he was before – I think he works just as hard – Maybe harder. He is a busy little fellow most of the time.

I told you once before – Arlene is having another baby in Dec. She has Donnie off the bottle and he isn’t a yr. old yet. She says he eats more than Bobby does. Mark has been building planes for Bobby. Bobby was up here this afternoon – He is as cute and witty as ever. Arlene thinks Donnie will soon outgrow Bobby – and at the rate Donnie is going he may.

David’s two upper front teeth are so near thru I think one edge on both will make it thru today or tomorrow.

The cricket are singing all the time now – I think the old saying is “6 weeks till frost when they begin to sing” – but you can’t always depend on old sayings – as hot as it is today I can hardly think of frost.

Love Mother –

YEG1943-07-26 - David with broken leg

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We Scored Again (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 10 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

We scored again on mail today – Yours of May 20 & 21 came with the travel check. I am sending John to the bank to dep. it and mail this when I finish. Your letters were very refreshing – you had had some from me and answered some questions and commented. First I’ll talk about the furnace & coal situation. Up to now the furnace has been doing “OK.” We keep it well cleaned and Mr. Monroe keeps a record on the oiling and comes every 60 days to go over the oiling job. I have kept coal put in and have a standing order for coal. When I paid the cast coal bill yesterday Chet said he had me down for a fill up the next car that comes in. I was going to have Harlans

[page 2] bring a load but since coal is getting to be so hard to get thought I had better let the order stand at the Lumber co. I can get some later from Harlans. I think you would be proud of our job taking care of the furnace. When we came home from Ruth’s (May 24), I cleaned the furnace out before I started a new fire. It will have to be cleaned again soon because day before yesterday when John & I cleaned the basement we burned a lot of papers & bones.

About Johnson’s baby – he seemed some better last week when Lucile went to Laf. with me to get Mark. However they had to keep his arms & legs covered with long stockings to keep him from digging. I haven’t seen or talked with Lucile since then but will in a day or two. They are giving him S.M.A. and did give him lamp treatments. Ellsworth Wilson’s baby had eczema so bad but it finally left and Lucile is hoping Jimmy Ed will outgrow it too – I saw Ellsworth yesterday – He

[page 3] had Eddie Ray with him. I think they keep him home all the time, or take him with them when they go – He looks pretty good, but after a fracture like he had, I suppose they have to keep a close watch on him (my own observation).

David is in his bed following his his bath & cereal. He can pull up to his feet now. He is so much to climb I can hardly hold him on my lap – he wants to climb right up. Tries to climb out of anything that offers the opportunity – like his buggy or play chair. It is raining today so he can’t go out of doors. His two lower teeth show up very good now. He is due for his last shot but I am going to wait until tomorrow evening – the last one he had in the morning and he was cross all day. I used to leave him in bed with me after he had his 6 a.m. bottle and he would take a nap but he won’t be still now – Just as soon as he gets thru – he turns over and tries to climb up on the head of the bed – Mother gets up about the time he finishes

[page 4] his bottle so she brings him downstairs. Sometimes we wake him up when we go to bed but he just smiles, turns over, takes his thumb and goes back to sleep.

I went down to Funks last night. Arlene had been to Laf. and had a wisdom tooth pulled. She has learned to drive so she drove their car down. Don’t worry, about a gift for Carl’s baby – I gave “Tommy” a present. I haven’t seen him yet but Arlene & I are to go one afternoon soon and see him.

John is practicing a lot this morning – The recital is tonight – – Buddy came out before Mark was up this morning – I didn’t let him disturb Mark – he just waited until he did get up. They are around the house some place now playing. I think Buddy has been out here every day except Sun. since Mark came home from the hospital. I think Mark’s throat is about normal again. He doesn’t chew quite so much aspergum. He has a good appetite and says he has gained back all he lost while in the hospital. Last night when we were ready for bed he weighed 61.

Had a letter from Ruth M. today

[page 5] She was going to Tat Coan’s wedding. Tat went into the Catholic Church and had quite a large wedding. When we were over there they were having several showers for her. Ruth had been invited to one. Tat and Helen came to see us while at Ruth’s – of course they wanted to see D.

I just looked at the clock and see it’s 11:30 so must get busy and stir something for lunch. I bought potatoes again yesterday. We don’t buy by pecks anymore. It’s by the 10 lb. – (73¢ for 10 lbs). I got 2 lbs hamburger and it was 31¢ lb. I ran out of meat – still have chickens, bacon (and the strawberries I put in Tues). Brands said they had a quarter I could have but it didn’t materialize. Parttens have promised me a quarter but they won’t butcher till fall, so I got caught with my locker almost empty. However Zells’ frys are ready and I am going to put a dozen in the locker. I must stop and write your Mother a line.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, Indiana, June 1943

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Croquet (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 30 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

This is a lazy Sunday. It was warm & humid this morning and about 1 o’clock the rain started. The first since last Tues. The farmers have had a chance to do a little plowing if not all. Last night the Funks were plowing corn ground. I drove Bill’s car and Arlene took him a lunch to the field. He was plowing close to his father’s house. I wanted to drive our car but they insisted I drive theirs. It seemed harder to handle – and I still prefer a Ford. Arlene’s sister Loray has been here visiting, so she went with us. Also John went with us, tho it was late for him (10:30 when we left). I was a little sleepy myself this morning when I had to get David’s

[page 2] 6 a.m. bottle. He was right with the Sunday morning bells. After I had fed him I wanted to sleep and Mother was up by then so they she took him down to the ‘nursery.’ I didn’t get up until time for the family to go to church. I was tired from yesterday’s activities. I helped some in the garden, but it was cloudy and the garden needed cultivating and Mark needs supervision when he works in the garden. John helped too so we got along fine. Mr. Zell helped then Mark helped him in his garden. We planted some corn & beans & set out 12 tomatoe plants. I didn’t think it was necessary for us to raise so many tomatoes, but do want to can a few quarts. We will soon have lettuce & spinach. Are having radishes & onions now. Now that is [it] has rained today there won’t be any garden work for a few days, but the lawn will need to be mowed tomorrow or next day.

[page 3] Since Mark couldn’t play out this P.M. he decided to bake a cake. He is now cleaning up the mess & sampling his product. I am afraid there won’t be much left if he keeps on tasting.

David was out so much yesterday, but has to stay in this afternoon. I had him out this morning a while. He is so tan – his hands and feet are as dark as his face – Mary Parttens stopped a while yesterday and said he was the best looking baby she had ever seen. I said she had had two but she said they were fair and she thinks a dark skinned baby the best looking. She said he looks like you. He is a little hard to handle this afternoon – he wants to go out in his buggy.

John and Mark had to work most all day yesterday and were planning to play croquet this afternoon, now the rain has changed their plans. They can play with partners – The two

[page 4] older Zell girls like to play too so they have games all the time.

I saw Ellsworth taking Eddie Ray for a ridge one evening. Irene took Jimmy to see him while he was still in bed. He doesn’t remember anything about his fall or why he has been in the hospital. I think he seems normal otherwise.

Oleva Cupp Hobby - 1942

Oveta Culp Hobby, 1942 (Image from the Library of Congress)

There is a radio program on now taking a group of W.A.A.C.’s into Service – They just took the pledge. Mrs. Cal Hobby just gave a short talk.

I think Nick’s idea of joining the Navy must be out – because he was to take a final exam – and I don’t think he took it. Also they are having some remodeling down on their house – Having a bathroom put in downstairs. They got the buffet & china closet we had in the basement to put their dishes in – due to tearing out that pantry to make room for the bath.

The rain is still coming down rather fast – like it may last for a while. It is 4 P.M. – and I can’t figure where the time went (or how).

Love – Mother

William E. Funk family - c1960

William E. Funk family – c1960

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Something to write about (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

May 20, 1943
Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran

Dear Mother,

I feel I really have something to write today before I got your v-mails of 5-1, 4-26, 4-29 and your air mail of 5-3 and 5-5 – so you see our mail is better and the air mail is best. However, write a v-mail now and then because there is always a chance that that will be good. In your letter of May 3 – there was a picture of D. It of course wasn’t as good as others but I appreciated it just the same. I’d like to have a good picture of the house. Those I left behind were good but I left them as you know.

It seems to me a $100 bank balance isn’t too much and I don’t believe I’d buy too many bonds unless the balance is larger. I’m going to send a $32 check for your travel

[page 2] expenses to Norfolk. They wouldn’t allow the trip home because you came before I had orders and I didn’t know that. I could have storied [?] about the date but I didn’t so that is $32 we don’t have to worry about. The first check I sent I forgot to indorse or rather sign but since you have power of attorney you shouldn’t have any trouble.

I received an announcement of the arrival of Carl Funks baby and can think of nothing to send unless it would be a cocoanut and I’m afraid it would spoil before arrival. I may think of something as time goes along.

While talking of babies – you have mentioned several times about Johnson’s baby having eczema. I would be all for trying some of the deproteinated milk which

[page 3]several companies 3 put out. Really I believe the little fellow is sensitive to milk and then I’d have them use only olive oil on his skin with a good application of sulfathiazole ointment 5% about every 2 days. I mean the olive oil every day instead of soap and water – No advertised baby oil will do. If olive oil is not obtainable, I’d use a good grade of mineral oil but the olive oil is better. The thing for them to do however is to see their Dr. because long distant treatment and diagnosis isn’t so good and this is really long distant.

Too bad about Eddy Ray but things like that do happen. I’m just wondering if Mr. Steinbaugh had cancer of the lungs.

It seems your mail is slow and spotty like mine – really mine has been faster than yours – It took only 14 days for your last letter to come and that is really good considering.

I’d try to buy a bond now and then

[page 4] but pay off the note on my insurance if possible and that will cut down that interest. If I could get my back pay that would help but at present I see no hope for that.

You probably have thought of it but just to remind – The next winter’s coal supply should be thought of now, and too the furnace has to be cleaned during the summer because if there are too many ashes the feeder pin will break in the hopper as it did once when I was taking care of the thing.

Well, I think I’ve said my say for today and tried to answer questions and give advice but it’s funny how one forgets things in a year’s time and it’s a year today since I joined up. You sometimes write out a person first name and give only the last initial and I have a deuce of a time figuring who you are talking about –

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Tuesday and partly cloudy (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 18 – 1943

Dear Daddy – Tues and partly cloudy. Had another hard rain last nite. Had a clear sun set and thought it would be dry today – It hasn’t rained so far and I hung clothes out that are about dry but it may rain any minute. We have a lot of garden stuff up but haven’t been able to get any beans or corn planted. Mark will have a good job getting weeds out when it gets dry enough to work. Mark is planning a big summer. He decided he wanted to take piano lessons again so went with John this morning to get started again. I do hope I can keep him at it this summer. He needs a lot of supervision and I should be able to give him more

[page 2] now. John is still taking his lesson. Mark came back home when he finished. I am to dialate John’s eyes today – have an appointment with Dr. Ade 9:45 tomorrow. This isn’t such a good time – with the recital the 28th of this month but he had to have his eyes checked – due to the recurring headaches – – I see John coming and I waited to eat lunch with him. Mark & Mother were too hungry to wait – so will finish this later. – – Some hours later –

After lunch I went out and took clothes down. Took David out withme in his buggy so he could get a good sun bath. I then went to the green house and got snaps, asters & daisies to set out. I was getting tired and Mrs. Foulkes (Harold’s mother) came along, and visited a while – After she left I went back to work and just got three packages of seeds sown when it started to rain – but it was time to feed David so after getting him fed

[page 3] and put to bed we had supper, so you can see I missed the mail today but maybe it will catch the midnight train from the hotel.

The summer kintergardens have started and Statons are sending Jimmy. That gives Mrs. James some relief – She had to do police duty about all day long during fair weather – because Bobby would usually be around and when he & Jimmy play together they have to be watched. Last summer they would quarrel but it has developed to actual fighting this summer. Link is putting up two rose trellises. They keep putting more flower beds in their back yard. Their backyard grass is like ours so they are trying to eliminate it with flower beds.

I see Mark is out in the driveway so the rain must have stopped. He is doing some running and jumping so I must do put a stop to that (too hard on shoes)

[page 4] So far this week no letters but I always look for something tomorrow. Last week had letters as late as Apr. 30. – now getting behind again. Got the pictures today we took last week. I am enclosing two – the one with John standing on the step, I am standing on the flag stones and makes him look taller than me but I still stand half a head above him. He has a very sober expression and Mark has on the uniform that I bought for a Navy Officers uniform but about the only thing that looks like it is the color – After you wrote what you did he quit wearing the strap across his shoulder.

I saw Ira Dixon driving his car today so he must be getting along OK. Dr. M. said Eddie Ray is going to be alright. They brought him home from the hospital.

Haven’t much news from about town – Haven’t had David in his buggy for a walk for it seems like weeks – but can’t take him walking in the rain. Maybe some of the Rotarians are writing and giving you the low down on things around.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-05 Gladys, John, Mark & David


YEG1943-05 David

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The Dionne Quintuplets (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon – It is cloudy and a little cool so we are all in the house. John is listening to musical programs. We all listened to the Quintuplets – they were in Superior, Wis., at a ship launching ceremony – they spoke and sang in French & English. There were five Merchant ships launched and the quints christened them.

I wrote you yesterday and if you get my letter will think I am a little mixed up – well I read your letter in a hurry and wrote to you before I re-read it – It was about the box you got & the chicken bones – It sounded like the bones had been taken out of the tin can, until I read it again and it was the candy in wrappers you meant the ants got into – so much for the chicken bones. I had four letters from you to read – hence the hurry –

[page 2] David seemed to have quite a cold yesterday and didn’t sleep so good last night – I’ll have to put that down against him – the first night he was disturbed me in the wee hours of the morning, but I think his gums are bothering him – He feels fine today and very little evidence of a cold. I think he had what John had earlier in the week. John seems to be alright now except for headaches, so I am going to take him to Dr. Ade this week and have his eyes checked. Mark had a slight cold too but didn’t lose any of his pep. There are a lot of colds around, but these didn’t last long so can’t complain. It has been raining or cloudy since Thurs. so David hasn’t had a sunning since last Wed. He was getting so tan – and it was very becoming. I think he will tan like Mark does & you. I don’t know whether Donnie Funk gets in the sun as much but he is very fair and maybe doesn’t tan as readily as David.

The dandelions are in full bloom now. Our lawn looks very yellow as well as all the lawn around here.

[page 3]Tonight is the Baccalaurate service at the high school. If I had someone to go with and someone to stay with the boys I would go – so I think I’ll save the trouble and stay home.

I see in the paper that Ira Dixon is home from the hospital. He has been sick for about two months. Gretchen lives here now since her husband is in the Army. Her baby is about 3 mo. old now. He was a little fellow – smaller than D. when he was born, but is coming along nicely.

Bethel Wilson is in Florida – you know she is in the W.A.A.C. – Ethel went to see her and had to stay longer than she had planned – couldn’t get reservations on the train to come home when she planned. Travel has been curtailed a lot – Mrs. P. said they had to stand part of the way back from Fla. They came back and both got sick from the change in weather. Mrs. Dixon & Nettie said they had noticed the chilly weather a lot this time. They went down last fall & spent the winter. People shouldn’t come back so soon – when we have this kind of a spring. Every time it gets warm for a day or two we think cold weather is over, then we have a cold snap – so much for weather.

[page 4] Of course you remember Roscoe Kenoyer – they have a baby girl – they live near Otterbein now. Tommy Thompson’s have stored their furniture and rented their house – He is going to work on his Dad’s farm this summer. At present Mary is living with her mother. Fuells have moved out of town & Chas. Dienhart bought the Fuell house. Ellsworth bought Dienhart’s house for a rental. I haven’t heard anything about Eddie Ray in the past few days so he evidently is getting better.

I stopped to see Jimmy Ed Fri eve and it is almost too soon to tell whether the S.M.A. is going to help his skin condition. Dr. M. is using light treatments on him too. Besides the white flakes, there is a little seepage. – like my hands get when I eat something I shoudn’t.

David has had a nap and is making a noise so better go see what he needs – without looking I know – The same story – dry pants.

I have Mark reading a book – he brought 3 home from the library and I told him he had to read them.

Love, Mother

P.S. Your last letter was of Apr 21 – so that is pretty good time – I got it May 8 –

P.S. no. 2.

Had two “sets” of callers this afternoon – You remember the Luce man, who had the smashed arm – he stopped in – thought you might be home on week-end leave – but I told him you were on foreign duty – well he wanted to show you his arm – he has fairly good use of it now and is going to marry one of the nurses he met while in the hospital so long. The arm is not straight – and is bumpy in places but from the shape it was in when you got to him – I would say it’s a pretty good arm. He still gives you credit for saving it –

The other callers were Forrest & Gertrude, Chas (the sailor at Pern) and his wife, which I think must be recently acquired, Helen & her two children. Helen said Dan is still in Noumea but she thinks he wno’t be long. Mrs. R. called me this evening. She had a letter from Joe & he said he thought he might possibly see you before long.

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High Winds (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
May 5 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but two yesterday of Apr 9 & 10 and I hardly expected any today. We are having a high wind today – not cold but sounds like it. John Barce & a Walkup boy are to take storm windows down today but if this wind continues they won’t be able to. – I went to club yesterday afternoon with Arlene – Louise kept the baby – I took him there as I went to club and when I came back to get him he was just waking up. Louise said he & Donnie had slept all afternoon. I got home just a little while after school was out and John was having a chill and running a temp, so I put him right to bed. I called Dr. M. and he said to give him a cathartic and let him know this morning – well I didn’t give him anything but orange juice because I didn’t think it was necessary. His temp. got up to 102 ½ last night but was normal this morning. I don’t know what was the matter.

[page 2] He says he feels pretty good but he may be having measles – one of those delayed cases. He is in bed with the blinds drawn in case it is the measles, listening to the radio. He said after he attended the band contest he didn’t care if he did get measles. I went to town to get some oranges and took the baby with me. Saw Massengill salesman, Berry – He was always showing his twins pictures so I got to show him our baby. He told me they had another baby boy but it died – it was a 7 ½ mo. – lived a day. – While I was talking to him Dorothy came along and took D. She told me Betty Lou was sick so maybe she and John are just having a touch of flue. At any rate John isn’t sick today but has to stay in bed just in case of measles. There were both kinds going around so he may be having the 3 day king. I heard more yesterday about Eddie Ray. He was injured rather severely. Doctors told Wilson’s he had a 50-50 chance. Ellsworth said he thought he would make it now – He was injured last Sat. and this is Wed. I think that may stop some of the children around town from climbing trees for a while. Mark says he isn’t going to climb up on anything.

[page 3] I wanted to work out in the yard but this wind is so strong I am afraid it would be difficult to do much. I worked after supper last night till it got too dark to see. It is time for the lawn to be mowed again but John can’t do it today and the mowing is his job this summer. Our garden needs hoeing and that is Mark’s job so he will have to do that after school today. I wish I could get a Technicolor picture of the shrubbery & tulips – The tulips are in bloom – all colors – and the evergreens are looking good. We are to get a replacement for the west tree – I don’t know when but soon. – – Had callers, Lucile & Jimmy Ed. She had taken him to Dr. M. His skin is in a terrible shape. She has to keep long stockings on him to keep him from scratching his legs and mitts on his hands. His skin peels off in large white flakes. Dr. M. put him on lactic acid a long time ago but it hasn’t helped so now they are to give him S.M.A and start him on vegetables. He is such a nice big boy and has gotten along so well but for this skin condition. It has Lucile so worried Dr. gave her a nerve tonic to quiet her down some. I do hope they get him straightened out. They have tried to take such good care of him. She thinks it

[page 4] strange that D. has such a nice soft skin and me with my allergies. I do hope he doesn’t develop any such trouble but that is hardly to be expected as old as he is. Lucile had talked to Ellsworth today and he said six Drs. had seen Eddie Ray & said he would get along. However they haven’t been able yet to do anything about his left arm – The Drs. say it will be a slow process – his recovery – and they can’t move him yet for x-ray etc.

I went up a little while ago to take John temp and it was just 2/5 of a degree. He feel pretty good so maybe he will be up tomorrow, or broken out if he has measles.

Mark is home from school and is watching D. – He is in his buggy taking a nap. – Mark is pushing him on the walk in front of the house. Mark heard him say “Da-da” – He can hear more works that David says. So far it has just been so much jabber but both J. & M. hear words – if you get what I mean. – Mark just reported in that he got D. to go to sleep. – I must go out and see if he has him in the right position so the wind won’t blow directly on him.

Love – Mother

In case you missed my previous letters about Eddy R. – he fell out of a tree & fractured his skull & broke his arm.

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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