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David’s Birthday (Gladys)

September 23, 1945 envelope

September 23, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 23, 1945, p. 1

September 23, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

The party is over and we have had a little supper. We put David to bed before we ate because he ate ice cream & cake and drank punch and then after refreshments he kept eating candy so I didn’t even try to get him to eat supper. We just had some ice cream & cake that was left – I snitched a sandwich but J. & M. didn’t want anything else. Dorothy came out early – they had to go to Chicago this afternoon – and brought David’s gift. She had Lucile Jones bake him an angel food besides. I put the birthday trimmings on it. I baked one too but it didn’t look as smooth as the one Lucile made. I asked Dorothy about ice cream and since the drug stores are closed Sun. afternoons, she had Betty Lou bring the ice cream out from the restaurant before they left for Chicago. I was afraid it wouldn’t keep in the frost chest if I put it in last night. Arlene overslept so she didn’t get here with her youngsters until the party was nearly over, but since we had two cakes, I sent cake home with her and gave the children their favors. I fortunately found some candy that was wrapped individually and different shapes so it made nice favors. Altogether David received $5.00 and several nice toys and a pr. of corduroys. Lucile gave him a telephone with a dial that works – it looks like a real phone. It was quite popular with all the children. Arlene brought a little pull toy – a wagon with two hares that bob up and down like the push toy I got for him. She also gave him the corduroys. Statons brought a pull toy and

September 23, 1945, p. 2

September 23, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] a set of graduated blocks. Dorothy gave him a Mickey Mouse toy that turns somersaults. He likes cards so much and seemed to enjoy his cards very much. Mark gave him a magic slate this morning and he was quite delighted with it. John gave him a card with a dollar. When he saw the bill I said, “What is that?” He answered “Money.” He put his pennies in the birthday offering and planted three flags in the sand. He is so much more grownup acting than the little Smith boy (McCloud) who is just a day or two younger, but David has been with J. & M. whereas the Smith children are younger. I had the boys bring up that old play table from the basement and with a good dusting off and a white table cloth it served perfectly for the little folk to eat their refreshments. Also brought up that old bench and with a covering it served for chairs. Martha, Myra & John Hufty, Jimmy Ed and David had a good time at a table by themselves. John, Mark, Jimmy, Betty & Virginia were seated in the den at a card table and the mothers were seated at the dining room table. I placed the play table by the south dining room wall so the mothers could keep track of the children. Everyone seemed to have a good time. The children played with the toys and the mothers visited. After the rain and cool weather yesterday it was so warm today we stayed out in the yard except when we came in to eat. It has been warmer today than it has been for some time.

Mrs. Washburn in Club President this year and is having the opening meeting at her home in the country. Lucile dropped club so said she would keep David for me. I told her I was planning to go. I kept Karen & Jimmy not long ago and she said she would keep David for me sometime.

September 23, 1945, p. 3

September 23, 1945, p. 3

[page 3] Dorothy didn’t get to go to Laf. last week so she said today she is planning to go sometime next [week]. They are serving Rotary Thurs. evening. Nick served them Thurs. noon last time, but they would rather have evening meetings. John & Gladys are opening Wed. this week. I wonder if Rotary will go there. It’s a cinch John will have all the business he can handle – so maybe he won’t want special dinners.

John is doing homework and keeps asking me for words. Mark said he had a headache and wanted an aspirin but I told him I didn’t think he needed one – so he went out of doors and came back in much improved, he says.

So far my thumb is still stiff – It seems to have affected the joint. The allergy is gone and it’s about all peeled off but I can’t bend it very far. I can use it but without bending it much. Jimmy had another attack of asthma and Lucile thinks it was caused by red beans. She said they had chili for supper and that night Jimmy began to stop up – the next day he was in the kitchen and ate two red beans she was preparing for lunch. She said while chewing the second one he began to cry and said it burned his mouth and wanted to spit it out – He had a severe attack after that. In checking back Lucile said they had had beans before another attack of asthma he had.

David was so tired I think he must have gone right to sleep. I haven’t heard a sound out of him since he went to bed. John decided this was a perfect day for the birthday. It has been warmer than any Sept. 23 in the past 3 years. I remember last year it poured down rain in Mo.

Love Mother

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You Must Do This Again Soon (Gladys)

September 21, 1945 envelope

September 21, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 21, 1945, p. 1

September 21, 1945, p. 1

Fri. Sept. 21

Dear Daddy –

I dated yesterday’s letter the 19th so consider it the 20th – if you can tell which one dated the 19th was the 20ths. It is very nice today. Just hung out a washing and David is out on the front sidewalk playing with an old trike Mrs. Z. loaned. He doesn’t use the pedals yet but it’s a little hard to propel that way. So far he just puts his feet on the ground and pushes along that way. I am sure there are no trikes on the market yet – If there were I would get him one for his birthday. Yours of the 18th & 19th and David’s came. I read him the letter and he enjoyed the faces. We put the money in his piggy bank – (sticking out) and I put the bank up where he couldn’t get it. I’ll put the money in something he needs for his birthday. If Dorothy wants me to go to Laf. today I may find something down there. She may have called while I was out hanging up the clothes, but otherwise I haven’t heard from her about going. I called her last night to tell her I have Bobby’s snow jacket & cap finished but Betty Lou said she had gone to the show with Nick, so her cold was better (I would think).

The mornings seem to go so fast. It is 10:55 and that means time to start lunch. They aren’t going to like it but they get leftovers in meat. I baked a peach cobbler yesterday and Mark said, “You must do this again soon.” John was telling me about a conversation with Miss Sizelove – she said Mark had made a B on a test and was well pleased. She said he could have made an A if he had tried. She insists that he has a good mind, if he would use it – in other words, he is a little lazy.

September 21, 1945, p. 2

September 21, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] Gail Dye told me yesterday that she is to meet her husband (Sat. I think) in Chicago. He is to go to Camp Atterbury for his discharge and that it that. It’s been nearly two years since he was home – a year ago Christmas for 10 days. Well his long term away is about over and he can resume his regular work. I didn’t ask her any questions, but they own a home in Valpo so they may go back there to live.

Jimmy Ed is having asthma again. Lucile & Karen both have colds – there seems to be quite a cold epidemic around – just hope I don’t get it – not with my sinus – the way it can act at times. My thumb is in the peeling stage now and very tender where the new skin is exposed. I still can’t bend it very far, but it doesn’t bother me.

Our first light bill came and it $2.91 for 13 days. There is a charge of $1.95 for the stove switch but I think the electric part is about the usual amount – according to the way our bills always run.

I still have a washer of colored clothes to run, so I must run and get lunch – however I am not going to hurry as much as I sound like. The boys helped me change the beds this morning before we came down so I haven’t had to do any big rushing.


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Where’s Daddy? (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No letters since Wed. If I thought it meant one thing I wouldn’t care but am almost afraid to build upon that idea. I will hope just as I have been all along.

It is windy today but not very cold. However it may get cold. The weather has been unusually warm for this time of the year. Some days the grey overhanging sky seems very bleak and I long for sunny days and to putter around in the yard.

David just awakened from his nap and Mark took him to the bathroom. He doesn’t show much tendency toward helping us train him. If we take him to the bathroom at the right time we save a diaper, otherwise it has to be washed. Mark & I were in the nursery with him and Mark said, “Where’s Daddy?” David was on the couch and got down as quickly as possible and went to the living room I such a hurry we followed to see where he was going.

[page 2] He went to the table and tried to get your picture. I gave it to him and he pointed to it and said “Da.” His picture & yours sit side by side but he seems to know which one to get when we say, “Where’s Daddy?” He understands so many things we say, we have to go around spelling things that concern him. I suppose he will soon catch on to the spelling.

John is listening to the opera and doesn’t want to be bothered. Mark and I are keeping David in the nursery, because you can’t concentrate on much when he is bothering around. Mark is entertaining him while I write. Now it isn’t as bad as it sounds, but he is a live wire.

Mark was so afraid he had been exposed to Rabies he was ill. Fri. morning he said he didn’t feel like going to school so I let him remain home. I tried to tell him he couldn’t get rabies from just touching Sammon’s dog, but he was too scared to

[page 3] be convinced. Buddy & Betty are having to take shots because their dog died from Rabies. Fortunately Mark hadn’t been around Krull’s dog recently. Tommy Britton seems to [be] very glib in telling stories. He was telling that Buddy had rabies. Dorothy was so angry with Tommy she said he was a little so and so and she would like to slap his face, etc., etc., etc.

– My nurse maid ran out on me and D. is up on the couch climbing around me and how long I can write before I stop and put him down is a question.

I saw Nick’s car pull in down at his Mother’s. I suppose he was bringing her back from her mother’s funeral which was held this morning in Rensselaer. Mrs. Ramp was visiting here with Mrs. K. when she died Thurs.

Dorothy Cobb Stevens’ husband is in the Navy and at present is in Base Hosp. #5. She doesn’t know where he is except in the S.W. Pacific. He had an operation recently for hernia.

The sun is shining faintly so think I’ll put D. out in his buddy and let M. watch him. Mark is out skating with Virginia.

[page 4] We baked a cake and cookies this A.M. – John mixed the cake before he went to take his music lesson. It is chocolate. That isn’t good for John’s pimples – he still has a few but we go lightly on the choc. most of the time. The Gym Class took some new exercises this week and John was sore for a day or two. They took a hike around Kent Pond. I told him it was a good thing for the class to do something like that, otherwise he wouldn’t and I think he needs more exercise than he takes.

Zells are still working on the upstairs. They are going to put a dormer in the front where that little decoration on the roof is. They will have quite a nice room when they get it finished. Mr. Z. had to take a physical but doesn’t know whether he will have to go because Purdue says the Co. Agents are to be deferred for occupation. However it is known that he has taken the exam and the stories are circulating. One story Dorothy told Lucile for positive was he had enlisted in the Navy. Lucile said she didn’t think he had but D. said it was so. Well the truth is he hasn’t enlisted and didn’t have any intention of doing so. When

[page 5] he talked about enlisting he was told he should remain on his job as it is considered very essential. He isn’t taking all the “gossip” very well. He says he wishes he had gone to Brookville and gone with that group and no one here would have known anything about it. He is registered at Brookville.

I haven’t seen Art Kenny. He has been home several days. His mother is very ill and he probably is spending most of his time with her, because he is on his way “out.” He says he will be in the South Pacific.

I haven’t heard from Jim but once since Christmas. I wrote him not long ago and told him to let me know if he is sent out. In that event Thelma would return home and I am sure would let me know.

I must get this finished so it can be mailed.
“Love Mother”

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Lafayette and Back (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 10 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just back from Laf. Took Lucile down to shop and purchased a few things too. John wanted records for Christmas so got him “The Nutcracker Suite.” In case you don’t know what it is, it’s from an operetta. I was going to take David and Lucile was to take Jimmy and we would leave both babies with her sister, but David still had some cold and I didn’t want to have him around Jimmy – so I got Clara to come stay with D. and also she got all the venetian blinds washed and windows while here, so I got some housework down even tho I wasn’t here. I didn’t want to take David away from home while he has any cold. He slept last night without coughing and didn’t run any temp. today but coughed quite a bit all day. He is asleep now and

[page 2] seems to be resting very good. I called Dr. M. wed. about giving him sulfadiazine and he said give him ¼ tablet every 4 hrs. I did that 36 hours then stopped. After I got back from Laf. this evening I went down and talked to him about d. He said if he continues to cough to give him sulfa again in two days. This cough seems to get so many people. I don’t know how contagious it is but know of no one being close to D. that had a cough. Ed Johnson has had it for several weeks but he hasn’t been close to David only out of doors – last Sun. he took some pictures but it was in the yard, I didn’t take D. into their house. At any rate it hasn’t made him feel bad and so far he isn’t running any temp. He is not as bad as he was yesterday, so I suppose I will just have to keep him in and keep him warm. When I came home this evening he was walking around the house having a grand time. I fed him and put him to bed, then I went

[page 3] to see the Dr. Mark said he would go along. After seeing the Dr. decided to get my supper downtown – I was hungry and didn’t like the idea of coming home and frying eggs – (meat frozen isn’t easy to work with) so Mark & I ate at Krulls – the first time I have eaten out for weeks – but eating in Laf. is quite out of the questions with us – We try to eat before we go or after we come back. Sometimes we have stopped at the Triple X on the hill and get a sandwich and drink. The Krull children were going to the ball game at Remington and asked J. & M. to go along. I come home as soon as I finished eating so John could go. I am here with David now, trying to catch up with my correspondence while it’s nice and quiet (except for the stoker).

I saw Phyllis M. downtown and Art is soon to be traveling. He is to go to some eastern port for 8 weeks, then, who knows where. The Emmet Millers have a baby boy. Born just shortly after Emmet was sent out.

[page 4]  They were somewhere in the South – he was sent to N.Y. and she came home one day and had her baby the next. She made the trip part way by plane, so you can understand why. James William came 3 wks. early. She was in the hospital in Laf. but I didn’t try to see her today – I figured she would be home by now.

Mr. Z. had been in Laf. attending something at Purdue since Tues. Mrs. Z. was going down today to get him, but Virginia took a cold and Mrs. couldn’t go, so Lucile and I brought him back with us. I was going to take Alma today but she had another one of those terrible attacks last night and wasn’t able to go. She has been doctoring with Rumkorf since you are away. Jack told her to either go see him today or have him over but I haven’t talked to her this evening so don’t know whether she did either.

Yours of Dec. 3 came today – not bad, eh. Just hope you get mine as fast as you have been. If 18 months mean anything – oh well, you know the answer. Thanks again for the check. As I said before it will help a lot, as we are a little low.

Had a letter from Juanita and Ralph was going to be drafted so he joined the Navy, so you see the pre-Pearl Harbor fathers are being taken –

Love Mother

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Canning Beans (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 16 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

It is cloudy and thundering and I believe we will get some rain. It has been dry and hasn’t rained (except a little shower this a.m.) for more than a week. Mrs. Zell said if it rained they would get lots of beans now. We have some ready to pick and I suppose I will have to do the picking – Mark has gone out twice but come back each time with an excuse, of some kind about not picking any. It won’t take long to can a cooker full (4 qts) if there are that many to can. I don’t intend to can carrots. There is a method of preserving them raw. Just put them in a heavy jar and cover – leave in basement & they keep as long as they last. So that eliminates

[page 2] that vegetable from the canning list. It is still doing a lot of thundering and a few drops have fallen but no heavy rain yet.

No mail today but didn’t expect any. However this is the third day about the time the mail all gets caught up then it stops coming for a few days, sometimes a week. The last was of July 3. So glad you had rec’d the pictures. If I can get my hands on the negatives Betty Lou took I’ll send some more soon. Dorothy promised to have more made but I haven’t seen them.

I think Mother is getting better, tho slowly. She eats a little better and takes her medicine every meal (before & after). An appetite stimulator and “acidophilus broth” – whatever that is. Have to keep it in the refrigerator and she takes it in milk.

David is having a screaming good time. Is standing up

[page 3] in his bed. He is getting so he doesn’t care to eat every 4 hrs. so think I’ll put him on 3 meals a day. He sometimes gets awake at 6 but I just pay no attention to him so he goes back to sleep and the last two mornings he hasn’t had his first bottle until about 8 a.m. He doesn’t seem to mind at all. He takes more than a can of carnation a day – potatoe, apple saude, cereal, egg yolk, vegetable soup, carrots, peas, asparagus, etc., in turn. I sometimes give him vegetable soup with beef broth. He likes it.

I was surprised the other day. While the Thompsons were visiting Foulkes, Mary came up to see David & brought their David along. She is expecting the stork again. I believe it is due in Oct. Davie doesn’t walk yet. He is short – I don’t believe he is as tall as David and he is 5 mo. older, but what could you expect. They aren’t very tall.

[page 4] The Foulkes had a party on their terrace last night. Seems they have one every night or so – and they always get to vocalizing – With what they have had to bring on singing you can imagine how it sounds up here – not good. I don’t mind, they don’t bother me, but it does disturb Mother some.

I see in the paper John Krull has been sent to a camp in Mich. He was home on furlough not long ago. I think I mentioned it before. The acc’t of Lon Staton’s death was in last week’s paper but don’t think I mentioned it. I have scanned thru the papers but see nothing I think would interest you – anyway if I miss something it will be news when you get the paper.

David seems to be having some trouble of his own. I think he needs to go to sleep but doesn’t want to give up. Just looked in and he is trying to take off a shoe. John is reading and Mark is working on his airplanes.

The water meter was read today & Fred said it was only 4:00 this time – was $6 last. I sprinkled the flowers once this summer – last nite.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 David #1

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Okra & Kohlrabi (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 10 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

It was late when I got to bed last nite and I was so tired from yesterday’s goings. I fed David about 6:30 – he would want to wake early – then we both went back to sleep and I was just up getting dressed when the mail main came and brought 4 letters, June 26-27-28 & 29. Now I must call Mrs. R. and tell her you & Joe have been together but she probably has the word from Joe. I promised her I would come over & see her when I visited Ruthie P. in the hospital but

[page 2] with Mother being down and the boys gone last week I didn’t get over to see Ruthie and now she is home so I’ll just call Mrs. R. until some later date when I can go over.

Mrs. Zell just came over and said we could have green beans – ours aren’t quite ready yet. They have kolorabies [kohlrabi] in their garden. Also are raising okra – if I remember correctly you didn’t care for okra.

When we got home last night David’s evys eyes were red and looked like he was getting something but I bathed his eyes with warm boric acid solution before putting him to bed and this morning they are about normal

[page 3] again – but I remember when I was powdering him yesterday after his bath. I accidently got some in his eyes – so I think that must be the cause. Now don’t worry about it he is OK now. At present he is trying to get hold of a rocking chair beside his bed – He is always trying to reach something. Betty Lou took some pictures and if I can get them will send them today. I think Nick has given up the enlisting idea. Haven’t heard anything about it lately and they are doing some work on their house – putting in a bathroom downstairs and

[page 4] remodeling their kitchen. They are still driving their car. It looks about like it did when you left. He gets more gasoline than we get (a card) because of his business. He has a locker in Sheldon and has to make several trips a week to get meat.

I sent you a financial statement the first of the month but will tell you again – I at present have $91 – but that includes 52⁰⁰ Mother gave me and the 52⁰⁰ will probably go to the hospital when I pay her bill down there – but the Hancock Ins. is paid for this time (3 policies) and all bills except 10⁰⁰ at Loebs and a small bill at Bairs are paid – So I really have a bal. of about 39⁰⁰ – I have to write Jim & Glen, your Folks & Ruth about Mother –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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To Wilmington and Back (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

July 5 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I left a letter for the mail man to pick up then learned the P.O. was closed today so it didn’t go out – Thought I would add a line – I went to Wilmington to get J & M. Took Betty & Buddy along. They seemed to enjoy the trip. Buddy took his cap gun along and could buy caps there so had fun making a noise. Mark and Earl had gone fishing about

[page 2] 3 a.m. and got back a little while after we arrived – (10:30). I was able to buy some sardines so will send you a box as soon as I can get some other things to put in. Ruth is getting some things collected to send too.

Going back to the fish subject, Mark & Earl had luck and brought in 10 bass. Earl cleaned them and we brought home several. I put them in the frost chest until tomorrow. Mark had a grand time as well as John but Mark overdid his and is a little nervous again but I think I can soon get him calmed down. I am sure with proper rest here at home he will soon be

[page 3] over it. He won’t rest away from home so I’ll just have to see that he does. They enjoyed their visit & I know Ruth enjoyed having them and does so many things to help them have a good time. She took John to one of her neighbors to play for her. The woman used to play the organ but hasn’t been able to play much for a long time – so she enjoyed John’s playing for her. Mark has lots of friends there and has been there enough that he looks to seeing them all.

Clara M. came up three times today to see about Mother. I am going to see Dr. M. tomorrow

[page 4] again about her and if she isn’t any better I think I’ll take her to the hospital for some checking over.

We drove home thru a hard rain from about Donovan on to Kent. We could see the black clouds in the east when we were coming south of Kankankee and finally got into the rain.

David had a good time. I thought he would be so hungry, because he went half an hour over his supper but he wanted to play and it took about half an hour to feed him.

I am so sleepy think I’ll go to bed –
Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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High Winds (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
May 5 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but two yesterday of Apr 9 & 10 and I hardly expected any today. We are having a high wind today – not cold but sounds like it. John Barce & a Walkup boy are to take storm windows down today but if this wind continues they won’t be able to. – I went to club yesterday afternoon with Arlene – Louise kept the baby – I took him there as I went to club and when I came back to get him he was just waking up. Louise said he & Donnie had slept all afternoon. I got home just a little while after school was out and John was having a chill and running a temp, so I put him right to bed. I called Dr. M. and he said to give him a cathartic and let him know this morning – well I didn’t give him anything but orange juice because I didn’t think it was necessary. His temp. got up to 102 ½ last night but was normal this morning. I don’t know what was the matter.

[page 2] He says he feels pretty good but he may be having measles – one of those delayed cases. He is in bed with the blinds drawn in case it is the measles, listening to the radio. He said after he attended the band contest he didn’t care if he did get measles. I went to town to get some oranges and took the baby with me. Saw Massengill salesman, Berry – He was always showing his twins pictures so I got to show him our baby. He told me they had another baby boy but it died – it was a 7 ½ mo. – lived a day. – While I was talking to him Dorothy came along and took D. She told me Betty Lou was sick so maybe she and John are just having a touch of flue. At any rate John isn’t sick today but has to stay in bed just in case of measles. There were both kinds going around so he may be having the 3 day king. I heard more yesterday about Eddie Ray. He was injured rather severely. Doctors told Wilson’s he had a 50-50 chance. Ellsworth said he thought he would make it now – He was injured last Sat. and this is Wed. I think that may stop some of the children around town from climbing trees for a while. Mark says he isn’t going to climb up on anything.

[page 3] I wanted to work out in the yard but this wind is so strong I am afraid it would be difficult to do much. I worked after supper last night till it got too dark to see. It is time for the lawn to be mowed again but John can’t do it today and the mowing is his job this summer. Our garden needs hoeing and that is Mark’s job so he will have to do that after school today. I wish I could get a Technicolor picture of the shrubbery & tulips – The tulips are in bloom – all colors – and the evergreens are looking good. We are to get a replacement for the west tree – I don’t know when but soon. – – Had callers, Lucile & Jimmy Ed. She had taken him to Dr. M. His skin is in a terrible shape. She has to keep long stockings on him to keep him from scratching his legs and mitts on his hands. His skin peels off in large white flakes. Dr. M. put him on lactic acid a long time ago but it hasn’t helped so now they are to give him S.M.A and start him on vegetables. He is such a nice big boy and has gotten along so well but for this skin condition. It has Lucile so worried Dr. gave her a nerve tonic to quiet her down some. I do hope they get him straightened out. They have tried to take such good care of him. She thinks it

[page 4] strange that D. has such a nice soft skin and me with my allergies. I do hope he doesn’t develop any such trouble but that is hardly to be expected as old as he is. Lucile had talked to Ellsworth today and he said six Drs. had seen Eddie Ray & said he would get along. However they haven’t been able yet to do anything about his left arm – The Drs. say it will be a slow process – his recovery – and they can’t move him yet for x-ray etc.

I went up a little while ago to take John temp and it was just 2/5 of a degree. He feel pretty good so maybe he will be up tomorrow, or broken out if he has measles.

Mark is home from school and is watching D. – He is in his buggy taking a nap. – Mark is pushing him on the walk in front of the house. Mark heard him say “Da-da” – He can hear more works that David says. So far it has just been so much jabber but both J. & M. hear words – if you get what I mean. – Mark just reported in that he got D. to go to sleep. – I must go out and see if he has him in the right position so the wind won’t blow directly on him.

Love – Mother

In case you missed my previous letters about Eddy R. – he fell out of a tree & fractured his skull & broke his arm.

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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More snow (Gladys)

1943-02-13Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It is cold, the sun is shining & it’s snowing if you can feature all that. Can’t see very far away because of the white haze but once it a while the sun comes thru – Now the snow is flying all ways. I am getting a box ready to send today. Mrs. Plummer wanted to send something so gave me a dollar to get something – I will just use it to pay for what I put in. Dorothy gave me the can of chicken bones. I am leaving them in the can so they will get to you intact. Betty & Buddy are here this afternoon. M & Buddy are working on airplanes. John & Betty listening to opera. Irene asked me if they could borrow your big desk to use at the factory until they can buy one. I told her if she could get it away from Newell Lamb – but I wouldn’t sell it. David bumped his head against my glasses and broke the temple piece off, but I have them glued with Mark’s airplane glue. I think they will last a while. Sorry you have missed so many letters. Didn’t keep copies so haven’t any idea what I wrote. As I have repeated several times Agnes M talked to a Fed. Man about our 41 taxes and he advised not to pay now. She wrote in when she sent in the form for the last payment and had an answer so you needn’t worry about it. I’ll send you the info about the ’43 next week. I told you before Mrs. James hasn’t been very well this winter. Has just had the flu. She has been taking liver shots all winter but doesn’t seem to pick up much. I hope we have had all the colds we will have for this winter. All fine now.

Love Mother

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Pretty well up to date (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 22-1943

Dear Daddy –

Have been writing V-mail this week but thought I would try this again. As far as my letters going by air in the past I am sure most of them didn’t the way you haven’t rec’d them. I wish I could do something to speed the delivery at your end of the line. I have gotten 7 letters this week – The last dated Jan 12 so that makes mine pretty well up to date.

It is sunny this morning and the boys are back in school after being out due to blizzard Tues & snow drifts making travel uncertain. Three days this week school was out. I suppose they will have to make that time up somehow, but school was started early last fall so they could get out earlier in the spring. We still have snow. I started to run the car in the garage and got stuck in the snow – Had to

[page 2] shovel the snow away from the tires. The first sow we had was Sept 25 while I was in the hospital. Clara M. said we would have 25 snows this winter and I am beginning to believe it. Last night the moon was full and it made the snow look beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture of the front yard Wed. after the wind Tues. The snow was blown in drifts and it looked like rock formation. Then the mail man came along and walked across it and spoiled the scenic effect. There are tracks over it in every direction now and it isn’t very pretty. It has been so cold and so much firing there is a lot of soot on it now.

Bill brought us a load of wood on his wheelbarrow. He said he would keep us supplied. He called me Tues night and said he was writing you a letter. They were so glad to hear from you. Arlene is going to review the article in

[page 3] Nat’l Geographic for Literary Club and has asked me to help her out some. I am going to loan her the shells & necklace for display. I gave your Mother some of the shells you sent and gave Betty & Buddy a few. We still have a dish full that we show off when anyone comes who hasn’t seen them. I haven’t mounted the coral yet but have been trying to get an idea how to do it.

In your letter rec’d today you wondered what rationing is like. So far it hasn’t bothered us because I get all the coffee I need and 4 gal gas a week in winter is more than I have used – due to so much snow haven’t traveled much. The meat situation hasn’t bothered us due to the locker and Parttens have promised us another quarter from one they are fattening now. Zells got 300 baby chicks and they are getting almost heavy enough to fry so think I’ll buy a few and put in the locker – if they aren’t too high. I don’t believe

[page 4] the price will be any lower in the spring. I told you before they have a chicken house directly north of their house. He is more like a farmer than any Agent we have had here in the last three. I said something about them living on a farm and Mrs. Z. said the farmers in this county don’t want their agent living on a farm for competitive reasons. Mr. Z. says he is going to have the entire back part of their lot in garden this summer – I think he is inclined to be a little “hot headed” but they have been good neighbors and have gone out of their way to help us. They aren’t the card playing, drinking kind. In fact they don’t even play cards. They have 3 girls and the Mr. wanted a boy so bad he was almost reduced to tears when the last girl was born. Hope I haven’t bored you talking about the Zells but I got started and kept on rambling.

Irene was over Sat. afternoon. She is still talking like she did before you left about working. She seems to be developing a nervous

1943-01-22 Yegerlehner, David 1943-01-22 Yegerlehner, Gladys (Foster) with David

[page 5] complex and can’t stand to be in crowds. She went to see Dr. Cole and he told her if she didn’t get better she would have to rest in the hospital. She said she wrote you a letter – Maybe she told you about her symptoms. She doesn’t look sick but that doesn’t always mean anything. We took some pictures in the den and the one enclosed shows the baby pretty good. He will be 4 mo old tomorrow and if the weather permits we are going to Hubertz and have some pictures made – of all of us. The pictures I took with our camera do very good for indoors but aren’t as good as in the sunlight. If I had a speed Kodak I could do better, but it will be warm enough before long and we can go out in the yard for pictures.

As yet the uniform money hasn’t come. I am going to see Agnes and get the taxes figured out. Have the figure you sent. She says we should file separate returns but I don’t know all about that – Have only talked to her on the phone so far. Will

[page 6] go to her office and get it all straightened out next week.

Florence Puetz called me yesterday. Their baby boy born Dec 13 is growing too. He weighed 6-9 at birth and now is over 8 lbs. She said he is growing faster than Rita did. She goes to Dr. Cole. Said Ray had the flu and both children had had colds. There seems to be a lot of sickness around but that is to be expected this time of year with the weather as it has been.

Going back to rationing subject – what seems queer around here now is the filing stations closed at night – most of them – and John Krull’s restaurant closed. Also Boonies little place by Standard is closed temporarily. Dorothy says they have all the noon trade they can take care of. I suppose they would get some increase from the other two places.

The papers came today but I haven’t read them yet. David is taking a little nap before his 2 P.M. bottle – then he will be awake most of the afternoon – Will be glad when I can take him out again.


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