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Meet at Grandma’s

1945-08-02 (JFY) envelopeLetter transcription:

August 2, 1945

August 2, 1945

Evanston Aug. 2

Dear Mother,

Just a line or two to tell you I think I’ll meet you at Grandma’s. Since you’re not coming till Tuesday that will give me plenty of time to plan things out. I’ll go to Wilmington Saturday. The Mutchlers know the transportation situation and can help me plan how to get to C.C.

Mrs. S. is going to help me send my stuff by express.

So I’ll be seeing you Tuesday –

Love John

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Romaine’s Commencement (Ruth)

April 30, 1944, p. 1

April 30, 1944, p. 1

[Gladys included this letter from Ruth Mutchler in her May 2nd letter. Ruth was Roscoe’s sister.]

Letter transcription:

Wilmington Ill.
April 30, 1944

Dear folks,

Just a line before I go downtown this morning. I am sewing & must go down to get some thread. It is raining again this morning as usual.

We have been anxious to know what has become of you. In your last letter you said you had been apartment hunting & we have been wondering if you have found one. It will be nice if you can be near Jake while he is stationed there. Romaine & I were in Chicago, all day on Saturday, two weeks ago. We eyed every Naval officer that we saw. Thinking just perhaps

April 30, 1944, p. 2

April 30, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] Jake may have been downtown, but – no see –

We went up for her formal. Had a hard time finding one, but finally found one which we think is quite pretty. It is yellow marquisette. She is getting all excited now, the Senior activities are “stepping up.” Had the Senior play Fri. & Sat. nights. She had so hoped grandpa & grandma would come up for commencement, but Mom wrote & said that it wouldn’t be possible for them to come now. She is still counting on you to be here.

Earl & Chuck are trying hard to get their garden in but so much rain keeps

[page 3] them from it. They now have their potatoes, peas & early stuff such as lettuce carrots & onions in. Earl went fishing

April 30, 1944, p. 3

April 30, 1944, p. 3

for a little while yesterday after-noon, but too cold for that, got two I think he said. He is so busy at the mine, he hasn’t much time for fishing & gardening.

Must run along now. Let us hear from you, haven’t Jake’s address so can’t write to him, so send it along when you write again. Hope you are all well

Love Ruth

Come for commencement if you can. It is May 26.

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Pack Away Some Memories (Ruth)

1944-02-28 (REYM)Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner, U.S.N.R.
U.S.N. Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133

Mrs. Earl Mutchler
Feb. 28, 1944

Dear Jake, Am in the letter writing business this afternoon. It seems that I owe everybody an answer, and by the way I haven’t heard from you for quite some time. Mom and Gladys are always so good to relay the news on to us however. Suppose you are very busy. Everyone here seems to be too. Earl is working such long hours. You know he never was very “fat” and he isn’t getting any fatter. Now me for instance, my case is a different story. We have had some nice spring days already but imagine we will have more wintry ones. Imagine the climate where you are now is very enjoyable. Had letters from Mom & Gladys last week, they were all well. From Gladys’ letters I take it that David must be growing into quite a boy. She says he keeps them busy. Those snappy black eyes of his are really meant for business, so much to see & do. Here’s hoping you are well & able to enjoy your surroundings, pack away a lot of memories so we can sit at your feet & listen when you come home.

Love Ruth

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Christmas Day 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Christmas Day
Written from
Wilmington – 1943

Dear Daddy –

As you will note from the heading we have spent the day with the Mutchlers and are all in bed except Ruth & Romaine. Ruth is in the bathroom & Romaine is out with Jerry. We came over this a.m. – Had dinner at 1 P.M. In the afternoon Earl began feeling worse from his cold and Ruth and I prevailed upon him to see a Dr. and he finally went to see Dr. Wilson. He came back with two kinds of medicine and got five does down before we started to retire. He chilled from time to time – sat over the radiator all evening with a blanket around him. I told him to go to bed but he wanted to get his five doses down before retiring. He is tucked in now with heating pad but says he feels better. I noticed Mark sounded nasal after we got here so I used some nose drops on him when I tucked him in. If he isn’t better in the morning will do something about his cold. So far the rest of us are all normal, except my sinus drainage which I have had all winter, so nothing to be alarmed about.

This evening we talked a lot about you and looked at your pictures. Ruth got out some of your letters and read excerpts from same. She got out the world books and read about places and things.

[page 2] Last night we had our usual gift exchange. Dorothy wanted to see David get his gifts so I kept him up until 8 P.M. and she & Buddy came out and we gave him his gifts. Before she got there he spied the dog behind the tree Jimmy Staton had given him – It wasn’t wrapped. He wanted it so much we gave it to him. He holds his toys and we say “love the dog” (cat, etc.) and he pats some wrinkles up his nose and makes a funny little noise that is his way of loving. He had quite a time with all his gifts, which included plastic block, wood blocks, dogs, a jeep, bathrobe, house slippers and several wooden toys. I held J. & M. off for a while after David was put to bed. We had boxes with gifts from Jim & Thelma, Ruth & Floyd, & Ruth M. – I gave John records and money. I gave Mark some work sets – and things he likes to play with. They both thoughts they had a nice Christmas. Jim sent me a navy pin – it has the Lt. bars – is very pretty.

It is 11:30 & I am sleepy – Ruth said they would all sign this in the morning & let David make a mark.

Love Mother
How are you coming boys O.K. I hope Mutch
We have had a nice Christmas, hope you have to. Lots of love & best wishes for the New Year

P.S. I tried to hold David’s hand and he didn’t like the idea. The pencil mark are his.

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Lt. Palmer’s Flowers (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 1 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

You will note the date – Nov. 1 – Your flowers via Lt. Palmer came today – just a few minutes ago in fact and he wrote a very nice letter to Bergens and Mary brought the letter out and gave it to me. I will drop him a thank you note – He wrote such a nice letter about you – said Kentland was fortunate to have such a fine Dr. – My mystery Pal left a package on the front steps this morning with a dish. Nick & Dorothy gave me this stationary and a scarf. I was down town this morning & got Nick’s

[page 2] gift & a card – I gave him about the same things as last year – Shaving material but didn’t have much choice since I hadn’t been out of town to shop.

We went to Wilmington yesterday for dinner & spent the afternoon. Mom & Dad came home with us, but Ruth & Floyd stayed & came over for dinner today then they all started for C.C. soon after dinner. This a.m. we went to town & shopped and got 200 lb. coal in sacks to try in the stoker. Mr. Monroe came out this afternoon to adjust the air on the hopper for the new (Ind.) coal. Your Dad shoveled the coal we have to one side so if I get Ind. coal it won’t be mixed with what is there now. It can’t be mixed – wouldn’t work in the stoker.

Besides washing two washer fulls we cut up and cooked 5 pumpkins. I have 8 qts. in the oven. Mrs. Zell has 8 qts. in Mrs. Zell’s her oven and 4 qts.on top of the stove. I didn’t use the pressure cooker – it

[page 3] has to be watched and I thought the pumpkin would keep without pressure canning.

Your Dad had never seen the Bendix work so I took him down with me & showed him how it operated. He said if he would have had brains enough to invent something like that he wouldn’t have spent his life farming. I don’t believe he really meant that. He didn’t get much time to visit with Earl. They got over there Fri. afternoon, went to Chi. Sat. to see Uncle Wes. & back to Wilmington for Sun. but Earl worked all day Sun. until 10:30 Sun. Eve. Their mine came out on a strike today. There is a new order restricting the delivery of more than 1.2 ton hard coal at a time – but there isn’t any of that around here so the dealers won’t have to worry about violating any such orders.

David is walking alone now. I was lying down a few minutes & watched him. He would turn loose of anything and just stand, then walk a few steps

[page 4] to something. He was having very good time all by himself. He was walked yesterday until I was tired for him. Everyone wanted to have him & wanted him to walk. Romaine borrowed a stroller from a neighbor so we took him for several rides around the neighborhood. I had to give Bud Kruman a shot toady. Dorothy had come out to give me my birthday gift so she took me down to Servies. She said she would take David a while so she kept him while I worked in pumpkin. He jabbers a lot & sounds like “greek or something.” Floyd took a movie of him sitting on the toilet today.

Mark is waiting to take this to the P.O. & get the paper – no more home deliveries. Mark gave me a cute little card & a package of v-mail for my birthday.
Love Mother

[Editor’s Note: Bud Kruman has been mentioned several times in the letters, usually for needing a shot. He suffered from  Landry’s Paralysis or Guillain-Barre syndrome. Here is a newspaper clipping from February 1943 from the Hammond Times which talks about Bud:

Hammond Times - 1945-02-22 (Bud Kruman), p. 8, col. 2-3

“Patriotism Plus,” Hammond Times (Hammond, Indiana), 22 February 1943, p. 8, col. 2-3; digital image, Newspaper Archive (http://www.newspaperarchive.org : accessed 16 May 2015).

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Grand Piano (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 30 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Fri. and no letters – but had several earlier this week and won’ be disappointed about none today & yesterday. Ruth & Romaine went home – Wilma, Dad, John & Mark went along – Wilma driving our car – otherwise Ruth & Romaine would have had to go to Chi. On the bus then down to Wilmington from there on the train – I talked to Ruth M. about getting the piano – she thought it was the thing to do so I had it brought up today – and they took the old piano back so you won’t need to worry about the old piano being in the garage when you come home. It is sitting in front of the French doors and looks very “grand.” I paid 100⁰⁰ down – got $15 for the old piano and had to pay half the hauling which cost me 6⁰⁰ – so I still have 185⁰⁰ to pay – I am going to pay the Ins. loan off when I get a reply to my letter and if I have enough

[page 2] left will finish paying the piano now. Your Mother stayed with David & I while the others went to Ruth’s. I fed David and thought he would go to sleep but he is still awake. We all agree he is very good to be in a cast. He just about manages to sit up and I imagine he will manage to stand before the cast is off. With all the rubber protectors taped on around the edges he is “smelling.” There was a little skunk in the movie “Bambi” called Flower – That was what Ruth said we would be called David before he got the cast off. Dad sat out in the yard with him this morning and would blow smoke to entertain him. David would laugh every time. Dad says he is the best baby he ever saw. He gave him his bottle last night. Mom, Dad, Wilma & John are going home in the morning. I don’t know yet how John will come home but they can take him to T.H. and he can go to either Laf. or Watseka.

Helen Washburn is home for a few days. She lives in Omaha, Neb. Now. I promised to take the baby down to see her tomorrow afternoon She wanted to know if you had seen Hickey.

[page 3] Funks have a camp at the Fair Grounds for the detasslers. Nick is managing the meals. The cooks are from the Frat houses in Laf. (By the way I think most if not all the Frat houses at Purdue have been taken over for Military.) There was a broadcast from the Fairgrounds today – Al Cast, Bill & Carl Funk & Mr. Zell all had talks to give – I don’t know what else I was too busy to know anything of the kind was going on and after it was over John said he knew about it. It was on the Dinner Bell hour. Nick just keeps their restaurant open certain hours now – so he can run the cooking out there. Bill wanted Krulls to go on a vacation with them. Dorothy said if they did they would just close up while they were gone, but so far they haven’t taken said trip.

I hear David still singing – He can reach up and get the bottom of the venetian blind and swing it. I wish he would go to sleep so I could catch a nap but he seems to be wide awake.

After the first of Aug. will give you a financial report.

Love – Mother

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To Wilmington and Back (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

July 5 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I left a letter for the mail man to pick up then learned the P.O. was closed today so it didn’t go out – Thought I would add a line – I went to Wilmington to get J & M. Took Betty & Buddy along. They seemed to enjoy the trip. Buddy took his cap gun along and could buy caps there so had fun making a noise. Mark and Earl had gone fishing about

[page 2] 3 a.m. and got back a little while after we arrived – (10:30). I was able to buy some sardines so will send you a box as soon as I can get some other things to put in. Ruth is getting some things collected to send too.

Going back to the fish subject, Mark & Earl had luck and brought in 10 bass. Earl cleaned them and we brought home several. I put them in the frost chest until tomorrow. Mark had a grand time as well as John but Mark overdid his and is a little nervous again but I think I can soon get him calmed down. I am sure with proper rest here at home he will soon be

[page 3] over it. He won’t rest away from home so I’ll just have to see that he does. They enjoyed their visit & I know Ruth enjoyed having them and does so many things to help them have a good time. She took John to one of her neighbors to play for her. The woman used to play the organ but hasn’t been able to play much for a long time – so she enjoyed John’s playing for her. Mark has lots of friends there and has been there enough that he looks to seeing them all.

Clara M. came up three times today to see about Mother. I am going to see Dr. M. tomorrow

[page 4] again about her and if she isn’t any better I think I’ll take her to the hospital for some checking over.

We drove home thru a hard rain from about Donovan on to Kent. We could see the black clouds in the east when we were coming south of Kankankee and finally got into the rain.

David had a good time. I thought he would be so hungry, because he went half an hour over his supper but he wanted to play and it took about half an hour to feed him.

I am so sleepy think I’ll go to bed –
Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Home from Wilmington (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 24 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just returned home from Wilmington and it’s still raining. Last Fri it was nice and we got our washing and a few other things done, then on Sat the fair weather continued so we went to Ruth’s and took the 350 sweet potatoe & 4 dz. snap-dragon plants. Earl was waiting and as soon as Ruth fixed his supper, he took the plants out to his garden and set them out. His garden is 5 miles out on 113 – It is on a hill and the drainage is good so with fair weather Fri & Sat it was just right to put the plants out. He also went out Sunday and worked all day or most of the day but it has rained so much and

[page 2] is getting so late he said he felt like he had to work when the ground was dry. Well it certainly is wet now. We drove home thru rain all the way. In some places it poured. We had to go thru some water on the pavement but not much. Just before we left Wilmington there was a hard shower.

I brought back several different kinds of flowers to set soil out. It will have to dry off some before I get them out. John wanted to know if he had to mow the lawn when we got home. I told him it would probably need it.

David is very glad to get home. Ruth’s neighbor loaned us a bed and chair – the chair has a table around it and I brought it home to use as long as he will stay in it. He is in this pen now having a good time. I have knitted him a sweater outfit

[page 3] and it was very popular. The cap has a bill like a regular boys cap and that took the prize. The neighbor who loaned the bed and chair wants the pattern for the whole outfit so she can knit her 2 yr old one. Mrs. Servies crocheted the cap but I made the sweater & pants.

I had four letters of May 1, 2, 5 & 6. The uniform money was in one. I will deposit it tomorrow. I’ll have to write the Ins. co. as to the amt of the loan. I read your letters rather hurriedly so will have to scan thru them again. Had to rekindle the fire when we came home and before I did that had to clean out the furnace. It is about time to feed David but I want to get this in the mail before 6 P.M. I didn’t get a letter written yesterday but being company it isn’t easy to always to

[page 4] writing. I enjoyed our visit very much but a little tired – which is to be expected after driving home thru the rain.

We had dinner at Johnsons yesterday and got to see their new home. It is very nice but not as large as ours. Of course Clarence had time to work on theirs which made a difference in finishing. He did the wiring and all their switches are silent.

I am trying to write and the rest of the family is trying to get David ready for bed so I’ll have to stop – I know this letter has been jumbled up but will try to do better next time – after I have had a good rest in my own bed.

Hope you have the garden seed by now.
Love Mother

YEG1943-05-24 #1

YEG1943-05-24 #2

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Heading to Wilmington (Gladys)

1943-05-22Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – We are about ready to leave for Wilmington with 350 sweet potatoe plants & some snap plants. Mother is feeding D. his 2 P.M. meal – the boys are ready and waiting, both had hair cuts & a bath so they look ready to be seen. I feel a little rushed but think I’ll be O.K. after we get started. It has cleared off and seems to be getting hot this P.M. so maybe the ground will be in the right shape for Earl to set out plants today. I told you in yesterday’s v-mail David cut his first tooth. The one next to it is about ready to pop thru. I took all your clothes out and aired them yesterday. Those little moth bugs had been in and I used a new spray – hope this one works. I wish your Navy uniforms were here – I am afraid they will be moulded beyond help staying stored. No letters today but had yours of the 10th the 20th – not bad – 10 days. It is about time we want to start and I have a few things to do yet – will write a more detailed letter when time permits. Grand day after all the rain this week.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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