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Hope for Early Return (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours letters seem to be picking up again – Two today – of Nov. 9 & 10 – The last I had was last week of Nov. 4. It’s strange you would only get Ruth’s letter of Oct. 17 when I wrote directly from the hospital Oct. 15 – and regularily after that date – In fact I wrote to you every day during Mother’s entire illness, missing very seldom. The Red Cross was supposed to get a message to you but evidently didn’t.

Hickey wrote to his father about your visit to him and same was mentioned in the Democrat this week. I was going to tell some of Hickey’s family about his P.S. on the letter but haven’t seen any of them yet. Marg Carlson & her mother run the Democrat now and she had a front page article with news about people in service from Kent.

We had Zells here for dinner this evening. Mr. & Mrs. went to Indpls. Early yesterday a.m. The girls came here after school & spent the night and had lunch with us today. Their folks weren’t home yet after school this afternoon so I prepared

[page 2] dinner and they got home just about time to eat. Virginia & I had gone over to the brooder house to fill the feed & water containers when they came home. We really had a house full last night with three boys & three girls.

This afternoon Lucile walked out with J.E. It was a nice warm sunny day for a change. I wanted to get some pictures of David and he for the first time wouldn’t act nice for the camera. I wanted him to stand up and he would just sit down or cry. I was going to the school to help teach Mark’s room to knit and didn’t want to take David along so Lucile kept him. He stays in Jimmy’s play pen when he is there and is pretty good. Jimmy’s things are different. When I stopped to get him Lucile said he had behaved very well. I told her I would keep Jimmy for her when she attends afternoon club meetings. She doesn’t leave him much. Lucile is a very devoted mother, I think. I don’t leave David very often but had to more or less during Mother’s illness. I left him Tues. when I went to the Dr. but Mrs. Zell stayed here with him. She says she will keep him tomorrow while I go again to see Dr. Ade. I don’t like the idea of taking him along because the stores are full of Christmas shoppers now & I don’t think it’s the best place for him, and I certainly don’t want to take him

[page 3] into Dr. Ade’s office at this time of the year. I have a little nose & throat bug but there are so many people now having same or worse waiting in his office for treatment.

Mrs. R. came over with her three last night. She says Joe is still thinking you & he will get to come home after your 18 months. Also she told me that Earl is out somewhere now but she doesn’t know where. His wife has been with him all the time but is back home now. J. had sent some pictures home of his work with the natives. There was one of a woman with a dress on. Much cleaner looking than of some I have seen. Maybe it was a new dress & hadn’t had time to get dirty – or am I too critical?

I see by the paper that Dr. Van spoke at Rotary last meeting. I understand he isn’t very happy about being home. Shame he can’t trade places with you, eh what? I know you are there to do your duty and cheerfully, but it would be nice if exchanges could be made in some cases, but since those things aren’t done we will just be patient and hope for your early return.

Had to make Mark go to bed early tonight. He has been doing too much & not getting enough rest. He was working arithmetic and was reduced to tears about it so I insisted he go to bed and get up early in the morning & do homework. John is playing the piano just now.

Love Mother

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Heading South (Roscoe)

[Editor’s Note: Roscoe left the Russell Islands on 10/26/1943 at 1400. Two hours later, he arrived at U.S.N. Base “Bevy.” This was the Naval code designation for Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands. The following morning (10/27/43), Roscoe left “Bevy,” heading towards Navy 140 in the New Hebrides. He arrived later that morning at 1100. He spent the day catching up with some old friends. His journey continued on the morning of 10/28 when he departed at 0700.  He was not able to write on October 28th or 29th.]

Letter transcription:
Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Mob. Hosp. #4
Navy 132
Oct. 27, 1943

Dear Mother,

The address I’ll use on the outside will remain the same for several days but you use the one on the inside.

I’m spending the night with my old boss Cmdr. Frericks. Thought while passing thru I’d just stop for a short chat. We are discussing our times together in the days gone by. Just like Old Settlers.

These letters that I’ll write in the next few days will of course be only notes but later on I’ll try to be a little more specific.

Spent last night with Hicky Reinhart and of course we chewed the fat long & loud. Didn’t turn in until way late and was up pretty early in the A.M.

Your letters if you use the address may have a race with me because our mail had been much faster in the last few days. I’ll do better in the next few days.

Lots of Love

P.S. Hold the phone –
Hi folks – Sure grand to have my friend “Doc” here with me.

Solomon Islands - Roscoe departs

Map courtesy of the University of Texas libraries http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/australia/solomon_islands_pol89.jpg


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One Year Ago (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Fran. Calif.
July 30, 1943

Dear Mother,

I remember one year ago today early in the morning, but I’d rather pass that scene rather rapidly because it is a little shall I say saddening – I remember also the hard tiresome ride that day – The longest hardest ride I’ve ever had. I remember the disappointment at not finding Lentz that night. The meeting of he and I next morning & our reporting next day. The the furious next several days – getting this and that etc. And then on the last day meeting Hicky and going to Helen W. and then the long train ride and finally getting aboard ship. The long interesting, tiresome and exciting sea voyage – often talking with Walsh and wondering how long it would be before our letters would get back home and our speculation as to our destination was something to marvel at = for we didn’t know.

[page 2] I remember how when land was sighted we added finishing touches to letters and went ashore. How good the terra firma felt under foot again. The stamp shortage – finally after a few days we were permanently located in a goat pasture. The wild scramble to see as much as could be seen of the Island – Swimming and shell collecting – where was our mail finally after about 1 ½ months our first letters came – but no word of babies arrival. Our first letters came the day he was born, but the news reached me much later. I remember getting settled to the humdrum of routine again – Then the slicing off of our personnel. Friends leaving for different areas – The final disbanding of our unit. Then the drab months with no change in the daily schedule – day after day. Drs. P & W and I trying to amuse ourselves to keep from getting on each other’s nerves and possibly not doing so well at times – but in general doing a good job of it. Then I remember while doing the regular routine one morning a big shot coming in and motioning to me and informing me I had been selected – you can take just enough clothes for a change or two – draw field packs – field rations – first aid kits and numerous first aid bandages and emergency medical

[page 3] supplies – That was something – reactions – excitement, anticipation, responsibility, importance and possibly some fear. I remember as long as the preparations were being made everything was swell but I also remember that letters were hard to write – to crowd out the million and one non writable things and include only the things that would not cause alarm. Those I repeat were hard to write. Finally aboard another ship – maybe the atmosphere a little more tense than then the last ship. We landed a much more interesting historical place this time. Now more days of preparation, and again to sea – another new land – my memory is still good but I’m not at liberty to reveal the entire extent of it. I remember the days spent in the channels around our new home – the jungle trips – The fishing trips – the call it exploring trips. I remember the indescribably non light nights – beautiful tropical moons, and the black nights when one has to push the darkness aside manually

[page 4] in order to get thru. I remember the work to get set up again – The usual long wait for mail – the anticipation and anxiousness as to whether our mail was getting home. I remember the taste of cold spam, cold meat & vegetable hash. The taste of rain water chlorinated. The fun we had with our own laundry our bucket bathes and ofen of necessity our ocean dips. Then I remember our first locally killed fresh beef. The rank taste because of lack of refrigeration and freshness – then one day a fresh onion – Then a fresh egg – not many of them – fresh potatoes fresh apples, oranges and the most exotic thing fresh celery. Never a time when I don’t remember appreciating mail and an equal appreciation of pictures – Then I remember writing a kidding note relative to a picture of my wife in comparison to another officer’s wife and I remember her answer and I hope she didn’t mean it for I was only kidding, and then I remember last night thinking of the wife and of and the mother of R.S. Yegerlehner’s boys – Love Daddy

1943 - Russell Islands #2

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Grand Piano (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 30 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Fri. and no letters – but had several earlier this week and won’ be disappointed about none today & yesterday. Ruth & Romaine went home – Wilma, Dad, John & Mark went along – Wilma driving our car – otherwise Ruth & Romaine would have had to go to Chi. On the bus then down to Wilmington from there on the train – I talked to Ruth M. about getting the piano – she thought it was the thing to do so I had it brought up today – and they took the old piano back so you won’t need to worry about the old piano being in the garage when you come home. It is sitting in front of the French doors and looks very “grand.” I paid 100⁰⁰ down – got $15 for the old piano and had to pay half the hauling which cost me 6⁰⁰ – so I still have 185⁰⁰ to pay – I am going to pay the Ins. loan off when I get a reply to my letter and if I have enough

[page 2] left will finish paying the piano now. Your Mother stayed with David & I while the others went to Ruth’s. I fed David and thought he would go to sleep but he is still awake. We all agree he is very good to be in a cast. He just about manages to sit up and I imagine he will manage to stand before the cast is off. With all the rubber protectors taped on around the edges he is “smelling.” There was a little skunk in the movie “Bambi” called Flower – That was what Ruth said we would be called David before he got the cast off. Dad sat out in the yard with him this morning and would blow smoke to entertain him. David would laugh every time. Dad says he is the best baby he ever saw. He gave him his bottle last night. Mom, Dad, Wilma & John are going home in the morning. I don’t know yet how John will come home but they can take him to T.H. and he can go to either Laf. or Watseka.

Helen Washburn is home for a few days. She lives in Omaha, Neb. Now. I promised to take the baby down to see her tomorrow afternoon She wanted to know if you had seen Hickey.

[page 3] Funks have a camp at the Fair Grounds for the detasslers. Nick is managing the meals. The cooks are from the Frat houses in Laf. (By the way I think most if not all the Frat houses at Purdue have been taken over for Military.) There was a broadcast from the Fairgrounds today – Al Cast, Bill & Carl Funk & Mr. Zell all had talks to give – I don’t know what else I was too busy to know anything of the kind was going on and after it was over John said he knew about it. It was on the Dinner Bell hour. Nick just keeps their restaurant open certain hours now – so he can run the cooking out there. Bill wanted Krulls to go on a vacation with them. Dorothy said if they did they would just close up while they were gone, but so far they haven’t taken said trip.

I hear David still singing – He can reach up and get the bottom of the venetian blind and swing it. I wish he would go to sleep so I could catch a nap but he seems to be wide awake.

After the first of Aug. will give you a financial report.

Love – Mother

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Mail Received (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran Calif
June 2, 1943

Dear Mother,

Your letters of June 8, 9, 10 & 11 came today so there is lots to write about and as I said in yesterday’s letter the mail is always a good & welcome topic to write about. So far I’ve just read them once but will reread again later. In one of those letters you mentioned that you had received the travel check so that won’t have to be written of in any future letters. The $100 letter will probably be coming along later. I’ll send you the number, date of issue, etc. if it doesn’t come thru and we can get another. I think it is a good idea for John to drop his band during the summer (swing band) because too much is too much. I’m

[page 2] writing this on my knee out in the yard as the boy is giving the tent the usual morning cleaning.

Was that a battle Raymond Bower had been in or several? He left the states just about the same time I went to Norfolk. It also looks like Jim might be getting ready to do something from the way you wrote of his activity. I’ve received several notes from Joe R. and at present he is I think about 60 miles from me in an Easterly direction. That is only a supposition however and I believe Hicky is in that neighborhood also. I think I’ve probably written all that before.

A three page news bulletin came

[page 3] from the Home hospital. It came in the form of 3 v-mails. They were dated June 1. So you see v-mail is still slower by several days.

That business of Grandma carrying D. downstairs sorta gave me a little scare – There is no banister there and it might be a little dangerous. Maybe you could have one put in if the pocket book is sufficiently padded. That’s just an idea – Maybe D. will be able to walk up and down by himself and the problem will be solved and a banister would also help him. Do what you think best –

It would be trite for me to say I enjoy your letters because they are chucked full of things I like to hear – So when I write of my own being poor I don’t want

[page 4] you to get the idea I’m casting any reflections.

I saw by that Home Hospital news bulletin that Dr. Combs was still at Greencastle Indiana – That must be very rugged duty and to think he has had to suffer for nearly a year if my recollection is correct. I did notice that several of the Drs. had % addresses so they are scattered somewhat.

Took a trip this A.M. before breakfast – Just a sight seeing trip and was there a beautiful sun peeping up out of the sea! That made breakfast late and then your mail came and that made me late in getting this written – Hoping you are the same

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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The Crazyiest Letter (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. S.F.C.
June 21, 1943

Dear Mother,

Yours of June 2, 4 & 5 came yesterday. I just wonder if that of the 3rd was v-mail and if so it is a little late. It seems from your letters that the bunch of mail along about the time I mailed the last two checks is delayed but I still have hopes.

Mark was home when you wrote the last letter so that was a relief. You mentioned something about not having too much pep – watch that garden work – yard

[page 2] work and all the other duties you have to do. No need of getting down for the sake of a small garden.

This is the first day of winter and it’s hot as the devil. Really I don’t expect any snow at all here maybe we’ll have to use the sheet and bed spread instead of just the sheet at night.

You haven’t made any mention of the bank acc. for a few days. In fact I think it was the first of May. If you could remember a word around the first of each month would keep me informed. Not that

[page 3] I could help any but it would give me an idea of how things were going.

You said Mark’s Adenoids weren’t bad but the tonsils were only the letter describing them I guess was the one of June 3rd which did not arrived.

I got a letter from Hicky yesterday and also the note that was sent up personally. I had sent a letter back to him that was 2/3 cut away by the censore so he wrote me another which was OK, and nothing cut out. Said he must have pulled a boot in the previous one.

There was also the crazyiest

[page 4] letter from the Indiana State Med. Assoc. It was in the way of giving advice as to health – diet, exercise, etc. I would sent it to you but I want to send it back with some modifications and additions. One thing they suggested was to sleep 8 hours every night regardless let nothing interfere. They haven’t been where I’ve been. Another was to diet –Eat only white meat of chicken & pheasant. The red meats are too fatening. They just haven’t eaten any field rations. And so the paper ran. I’ll fix it and send it back to them if I don’t lose my ambition

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Father’s Day (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. S.F.C.

Dear Mother,

Sunday A.M. and sorta loafing around just like a nice summer A.M. at home. Even had a late breakfast. I think the cooks must have had a rough Sat. night possibly down at the corner drug store or in Joe’s Bar room. I doubt if anyone knew or cared whether yesterday was Sat., etc. It’s really funny sometimes about the arguments as to the day of the week. Sometimes one is off as much as two days.

[page 2] Just got a note from Hicky. He gave it to a passer by and it came to me this A.M. It was written yesterday. He always wants me to come and see him but our modes of travel are not for visiting purposes. It sure would be fine to talk to someone from home and someone who appreciated Indiana and it’s “corn” as much as I do. Of course, every state takes a beating in turn. We think Reno will soon find out about the war because the stage coach is due there now that spring is here and

[page 3] the roads are passable – and so it goes.

According to the calendar today is Father’s Day so will have to add a little something to my letter home to the folks. Of course it should have been done several days ago but I just forgot it.

Just stopped to take on a cake of chewing gum. W With that you sent Christmas and with what Mom sent I still have quite a supply.

It seems funny to hear some of the new fellows talk – all about the “zoot suits” and the

[page 4] color of the Ration cards and the different cards in use and also about some of the latest shows and new books. We don’t get those commonplace news and you folk back there think nothing of it because it’s just a gradual process.

In some of the latest magazines there are jokes and cartoons regarding shoe rationing which are a little hard to understand. I guess we won’t have any trouble catching on to those things – anyway just give us a chance –

No mail again yesterday
Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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