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Grand Piano (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 30 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Fri. and no letters – but had several earlier this week and won’ be disappointed about none today & yesterday. Ruth & Romaine went home – Wilma, Dad, John & Mark went along – Wilma driving our car – otherwise Ruth & Romaine would have had to go to Chi. On the bus then down to Wilmington from there on the train – I talked to Ruth M. about getting the piano – she thought it was the thing to do so I had it brought up today – and they took the old piano back so you won’t need to worry about the old piano being in the garage when you come home. It is sitting in front of the French doors and looks very “grand.” I paid 100⁰⁰ down – got $15 for the old piano and had to pay half the hauling which cost me 6⁰⁰ – so I still have 185⁰⁰ to pay – I am going to pay the Ins. loan off when I get a reply to my letter and if I have enough

[page 2] left will finish paying the piano now. Your Mother stayed with David & I while the others went to Ruth’s. I fed David and thought he would go to sleep but he is still awake. We all agree he is very good to be in a cast. He just about manages to sit up and I imagine he will manage to stand before the cast is off. With all the rubber protectors taped on around the edges he is “smelling.” There was a little skunk in the movie “Bambi” called Flower – That was what Ruth said we would be called David before he got the cast off. Dad sat out in the yard with him this morning and would blow smoke to entertain him. David would laugh every time. Dad says he is the best baby he ever saw. He gave him his bottle last night. Mom, Dad, Wilma & John are going home in the morning. I don’t know yet how John will come home but they can take him to T.H. and he can go to either Laf. or Watseka.

Helen Washburn is home for a few days. She lives in Omaha, Neb. Now. I promised to take the baby down to see her tomorrow afternoon She wanted to know if you had seen Hickey.

[page 3] Funks have a camp at the Fair Grounds for the detasslers. Nick is managing the meals. The cooks are from the Frat houses in Laf. (By the way I think most if not all the Frat houses at Purdue have been taken over for Military.) There was a broadcast from the Fairgrounds today – Al Cast, Bill & Carl Funk & Mr. Zell all had talks to give – I don’t know what else I was too busy to know anything of the kind was going on and after it was over John said he knew about it. It was on the Dinner Bell hour. Nick just keeps their restaurant open certain hours now – so he can run the cooking out there. Bill wanted Krulls to go on a vacation with them. Dorothy said if they did they would just close up while they were gone, but so far they haven’t taken said trip.

I hear David still singing – He can reach up and get the bottom of the venetian blind and swing it. I wish he would go to sleep so I could catch a nap but he seems to be wide awake.

After the first of Aug. will give you a financial report.

Love – Mother

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No thoughts came (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

June 5, 1943
Lieut R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60, F.P.O. San Fran.

Dear Mother,

Up to now I’ve sat here about 5 min. and no thoughts came so maybe with a line for stimulation I’ll get an idea or two. I’ve written so often of our weaknesses such as sardines onions and the likes of such that to dwell on it more would be very boring indeed, but in passing we still do those things.

Yesterday evening late, I got a letter from Mr. Healy and that he said was the second letter he had written – also got a letter from Hicky Reinhart

[page 2] and again our letters passed on the way – maybe after a time we will be able to correspond regularily. Mr. Healy said he missed me coming in the back of the drug store – wonder if he thinks I miss coming in.

Yesterday morning a letter came from Mom. A v-mail dated May 18 which wasn’t bad. She said she had gotten a letter from you and everything was OK but I’d rather get the letters direct. Probably some will come along in a few days.

I see the Chaplin coming this

[page 3] way – don’t know what I’ve done now – no he turned to port and is headed for the head. He is a swell gent and is well liked by all the men and officers. I think he would like to move back to our tent and use his for the library and his office – I don’t mind because he is regular and there is no restraint.

Commander Frericks got two fruit cakes yesterday. They were sent in Dec. as a Christmas present. Strange as it may seem they were really good. Nice and moist – That’s what I call Christmas in June. Some

[page 4] fellows get packages just as nice as the day they were sent but most of mine have been battered and banged into many shapes.

True to the good old Navy custom we had beans for breakfast and also have inspection and that always means I have to tag along as a part of the inspection party which is tiresome before it’s finished.

Well, I did get some written, after a poor start, but and one might say – poor all the way thru –

Lots of Love

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Sunny but cold (Gladys)

1943-04-14Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It is sunny today but cold, after our snows of yesterday. I went to town yesterday and sent the things you asked for. A week’s letters are missing – I thought they might come today but haven’t seen Carl yet – Maybe he has passed us by. The last I had was Mar 31 & Apr 1. You had added a P.S. to your 31st letter or I wouldn’t have known you wanted anything. Anna Rhude wrapped the package for me, so you thank her too (mentally). D. is waking up after a short nap and is working on his thumb. It hasn’t been nice enough to take him out this week but maybe I can take him out today – Had to stop & give D. his morning routine – and since I started this we have had two snow storms and the sun is shining again – – Ralph Bower told me he is trying to enlist in the navy – he had an exam and was 2 lbs underweight – but he is going to try & gain and take another exam. Hickey wrote them that he wasn’t with you but if he would need medical attention would see you. Did you ever write to him? If you have had any recent news from Joe R. let me know. I enclosed a picture of all of us in the package I sent yesterday. It was such a good one of John and gives you an idea how much he has grown this winter. It was taken when D. was 5 mo. old – I had two taken at the same time but the other wasn’t as good of J. Mark was watching D. and didn’t take good in either. I wanted to work in the yard this week but the weather hasn’t been agreeable so far. I just get used to working outside then I have to stay in and break in all over again. I won’t work too hard.

Love – Mother

1943-02  - Yegerlehner, Gladys, John, Mark and David

Probably not the picture Gladys was talking about, but it was taken when David was 5 months old.

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Betty Davis Eyes (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Jan. 14, 1943

Dear Mother,

I’m writing again just after noon day chow. We are going to have some repair work done and I’ve been appointed to supervise while Fred & Dr. P. work otherwise but so far no one else has appeared so I’ll make use of the time. Our mail this A.M. wasn’t and I’ll say no more along that line, only maybe save some space at the end for late comment.

It’s been some time since I’ve written the boys and I’m gradually working up to that pitch and probably will in a few days but right now there are eight letters to be answered. Those were mostly Christmas greetings and one to Hickey and Barry the drug salesman. There really isn’t much need to hurry about those but with the show every night our writing time is cut short.

We had ice cream today. It seems some ice cream mix showed up and a hand freezer so our mess cooks mixed up a batch

[page 2] and it wasn’t bad either. Very smooth. Tasted like the kind Boonie used to make, so it really had a homey touch. It wasn’t frozen very hard but that is just the way I like it. It really went pretty good on a hot dry summer day.

It really is a shame I can’t be there when all this winter weather is going to waster because you know I always like winter weather best. And you like the good ole summer. You’d enjoy this climate swell but just happened to think I’ve seen several cases of eczema just like yours so it happens in warm climates just the same as cold. One fellow was sensitive to menthiolate and when his feet were painted for athlete’s feet he sure had a pair of hoofs on him. And incidentally he is from Marshall Ill. There is also a boy here from Fort Wayne Ind, but I don’t see any I know from around home only the Lontz boy in the army and I’ve only seen him once.

The working party has been here and

[page 3] gone so now our home is remodeled again. You’d be surprised to see the evolution of the housing situation or I should say tent situation has gone thru.

Up to now this letter has been in three hitches for I stopped to take a shower and then fixed clean clothing and then decided to work on shells. Just trying a new idea. So far it isn’t so hot but I still think the idea good. We always have some little time in the P.M. for nonsense so that is about the only way we have of spending it. Fred & Dr. P. don’t do any work on shells – They gather a few. Dr. P. has sent some home but Fred hasn’t as yet.

It’s almost time for P.M. mail so I’ll see if I can add a line when and if any comes. No mail period. The show was pretty good “The Great Lie” starring Betty Davis and Geo. Brent. There was lots of true to

[page 4] life narrative in the thing, but a little to sad and a little to true to life for out here. The theme song was “Tonight We Love” and I believe I’ve heard John play it or something similar. Dr. P. says his daughter plays it quite often. I can’t say that Betty Davis is the best acress in the world but she was pretty good in this it seemed to fit her moody temperament but I don’t like her popeyes – Looks too much like a hyper thyroid.

Lots of Love –

LT (jg) Yegerlehner MC USNR
Receiving Station
U.S. N.A.B.
Noumea New Caledonia
c/o Fleet P.O.
San Francisco Calif.

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Was That Mean? (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

About the middle of the P.M. wind blowing moderately and the sun hot. That covers the usual items of the news in short order. This A.M. I got your letter of Dec. 15, one from Ira Dixon written Nov. 28, a Christmas card from the Joe Mullen family and a letter from Hicky Reinhart. That was better than no mail at all but still not good. Your letter was a little short due to the J.A.M.A. add which I did nothing about. Guess they’ll have to get along without my 8⁰⁰. I wish you would however contact Dr. Mathews and pay my Co. Med due. It should be about 11⁰⁰. Maybe I should pay that – but I just asked Fred and Dr. P. what they were doing and they both said to hell with ‘em. So maybe it won’t be necessary. If you see

[page 2] him you might ask him what the other boys are doing. Only I just happened to think I guess I’m the only one – Since Dr. Oppenshaw didn’t belong to the Newton Co. Society. You might ask him what the Jasper Co. or the Iroquois Co. boys are going – that is if it’s handy don’t make a special effort.

In your last letter Mark was better and I presumed D. was also since you didn’t mention his case in that letter. As I told you before that (sickness) in the family is the biggest worry here and of course that is why mail means so much. Well there is no use to worry and as that won’t help. You have no reason to worry about our welfare here because we are all doing extra well in the good ole summer time.

I’m still working on this shell thing of yours and don’t expect it for some time as I just work in my spare time and when I’m in the mood and since I’ll be here for some time – (as far as I know-) there

[page 3] isn’t any real hurry.

Our show tonite is The Navy Blues. It sounds as if it could be bad or good but I’d hate to bet in either direction. Maybe I can add a line afterwards.

These necklaces that I’m making – you don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to. They are a curiosity but not a thing of beauty. So just because I made it is no reason that you have to wear it. Hope that is clear. In fact they probably won’t stand too much wear.

It is now after the show and it was a good navy show if true but the things they do just aren’t according to the way I heard it.

Fred got some pictures today of his boy and he was remarking how much he had grown. I couldn’t let him get ahead of me so I said that my boy had grown also. So I got your picture we had taken when we I was home and had them look at

[page 4] you and then at D. pictures. Was that mean? Anyway it was true.

The mail this P.M. was better. Your letters of Dec. 16 and 17 came today – along with a greeting card and letter from the folks and one letter from Floyd. I can’t kick about as to the amount but would like some a little later. I am just wondering if you went home Christmas.

I know you have lots to do because even with one child lots of my Mothers used to have trouble keeping up and you have everything so I know you have a job. I really feel guilty having what you might call bankers hours, and you with all the responsibility of the home and D. but under the circumstances I can’t do anything about it – This is not of my choosing as you know but we hope

[page 5] and pray thing will turn out for the best. And what a home coming when it does come. So much for that.

I’m all out of shells and the thing I’ve made won’t go over my head so I’ll have to make another trip to the sea – and maybe I can find some more coral. The kind I sent before is hard to find for it is just freshly broken loose, but I’ll keep trying when I do have a chance to go out again.

I can think of nothing I’d like that you might send so don’t worry. I think all the Christmas packages came. I wrote Funks and thanked them and wrote the Sisters so that answers again your questions.

So Solong good night and lot of love,

Lt (jg) Yegerlehner MC USNR
Receiving Station
U.S. N.A.B.
C/0 F. P. O.
San Fran. Calif.

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