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Re-read Your Letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4 Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Dec. 28, 1943

Dear Mother,

I’ve re read your letters. The latest from you was the v-mail Dec. 13 and the next was your greeting card and letter – Dec. 12. The other v-mail was Dec. 11 and the letters were back to Dec. 5 but not all were present back that far. Some are missing.

I was amused at what you said wrote that John said about the money situation. Does he take after his Mom or his Pop? He should have a vote of thanks for thinking of the family finances. And the finances – what with those large chunks coming out for the piano, the loans, the hospital, etc., I think you have really done well. Next year we won’t have those things, but there is always something to th take the place of those things. You mentioned your mother’s hospital expenses. What are you or have you done about the funeral expenses. I assume you had Bob H., etc. and you have some arrangement with him. You perhaps wrote all this but it hasn’t arrived. Did you have take her to Shelburne? Or What? Maybe you would rather not write those things but I’d like to know.

[page 2] I hope you and the boys don’t get the flu – you mentioned in your last letter that it was pretty thick around. I suppose Dr. M. is worked pretty hard during conditions like that. He probably does what he wants to and lets the rest go to someone else. How about the Drs. in Sheldon? There were three there when I left, and our friend at Earl Park? And do you ever hear from Jim Openshaw?

Miller must have been sent out quick because the last time I heard he was in Tenn. or Mich. and had just been transferred.

Seems as if I’ve asked lots of questions in this letter rather than answered those your letter but those are some of the things I’ve thought of while reading your letters.

The mail hasn’t arrived as yet today or I should say it isn’t time for the mail to arrive so I’ll finish later – Later –

Yours of Dec. 9th came – a greeting card letter from Ruth & Floyd and a box from them also. So all in all it wasn’t a bad mail call –

Love Daddy


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Flowers (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran C.
Oct. 14, 1943

Dear Mother,

Yours of Sept. 24, 27, 29, 30, Oct. 1 & 2 came yesterday. I’m at a little loss to know why 24, 27, & 29 were all post marked Sept. 29. Probably was a little slip up some place along the line and doesn’t make a great deal of difference. In one of those letters the 7 months pictures and the letter you wrote way back there were present. I can’t understand that either but I guess these P.O. in the field have a lot to do.

So glad you got the flowers – I just knew this friend wouldn’t fail and I don’t feel badly about sending that amount of money. You should get another bunch of flowers along about your birthday from another fellow. In case you don’t get those all I can say is happy birthday. What I meant to say was I’m taking this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday because I can’t send anything – not even money in time and I didn’t send any sooner because I didn’t have any and won’t until the last of the month. So I have you get the flowers in time.

[page 2] I’m sorry your mother’s condition fails to improve. If it isn’t a carcinoma it has to be a hardening of the liver and the treatment of either is futile but I still think it is carcinous and the Gall stones have nothing to do with the condition. I’m afraid you are going to be pretty short financially because you only had a little over $150 so early in the month. You hadn’t mentioned before about paying the hospital as you went along which I think is a good idea if you can but it if cuts you so low that you can’t make the rent & insurance stall them off for a while – don’t ask Jim for more than half the expenses and I guess Glen isn’t able at this time to aid in that respect. I’m sure the finances will work out OK so don’t let that worry you.

Now about you – Your invoice sounded good but let me warn or prepare you – In sickness an individual who is responsible for the care of sick will often go on their nerves – Then when it is over if proper care isn’t taken a relapse or let down is evident and that is what you have to guard against. Get plenty of rest – sleep and let the house work go for a while. Your indigestion is probably like what I had when

[page 3] Openshaw, Mathews, etc. were out of town and I was run ragged remember. Don’t blame the strep you had last winter too much. Of course you might have a recurrence but you didn’t have a strep the year before and one got you last year so just because you did have that last year is no reason to expect one this year.

100 pounds, dark hair, Green eyes, 5’4”, pleasing features, a little slim but just my type. Do keep healthy Dear – just as if you won’t try?

The one year old pictures were good and but don’t try to send the movie films. Of course I’d like to see them but don’t take the chance of losing them and I don’t know the size nor the size of our machine here. Where is the pressure coming from for D. hair cut? Don’t tell me just let me guess. I won’t express myself on the subject. You probably know how I feel. Isn’t that a big help?

Those letters are such a big help when they come in as late as those yesterday – Thanks and lots of love

P.S. I received a letter from the fellow who sent the flowers and he told me he had done so. He is from Reno, Nev.

[Editor’s note: The fellow from Reno, Nevada was mostly likely Roscoe’s former tent mate, George Wingfield, Jr., who was transferred a few months previously.]

YEG1943-05-15 - David on stoop with tulips

One of David’s 7th month photographs

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U.S.O. Entertainers (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Fran. Cal.
Oct. 10, 1943

Dear Mother,

Just back from running around so maybe I can settle down and write.

There was a U.S.O. show here last night – Three men – The outstanding one in my estimation was Felix Knight who claimed he was with the Metro Opera for some time. I wondered if John ever heard of him. He sings tenor and seemed to me to be good enough for opera. The other two weren’t so hot but I guess it’s fair entertainment for this part of the world.

We have had some other

[page 2] U.S.O. entertainers here but most of them so far are “has beens” at least I feel I wouldn’t care to pay to see shows like that at home. Maybe I’ve mentioned that before.

The world series base ball games are on now as you know. If we get up about 4:00 A.M. we can get the broadcast direct. So far I haven’t had that much ambition but our skipper gets them on his radio. He comes to breakfast with the results so why should I get up that early? We can also get a rebroadcast at 8:30 PM but I’m not much interested in that.

This being Sun. it’s the regular day for writing the Folks. I haven’t

[page 3] heard from them this week but had two letters last week.

I noticed in the Newton Co. E. that Emmit Miller was being transferred from Cal. To Tenn. He has been in the service much longer than I. Maybe I should have gotten in the Army. Have you heard anything from Jim Open? It’s a funny thing how some people manage to stay in the U.S.A. for such a long period of time. Maybe I shouldn’t feel that way, but one can wonder if he wants to. All thru the paper I see where this one and that one have been home or transferred and m any of them I treated after they were in the service. Well, let’s stop all this crying.

Oct. – at home I can see

[page 4] all the leaves turning the various colors. The early frost mornings and of course a few hot days now and then. That reminds me don’t forget the antifreeze in the car radiator. Maybe you won’t be able to get any this year but you probably have that taken care of by now.

This has been one heck of a letter but it’s the best best I can do even with plenty of time. I just don’t seem to function – Maybe it’s the heat – Maybe it’s because I haven’t received any late mail from you in a few days and my inspirations are lacking. Anyway

Lots of Love

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Sunrise (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

May 12, 1943.
Lieut RS Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.

Dear Mother,

I’m a little disappointed about the mail situation because many of the fellows got mail and I did not. I think it’s because of the changeover from V-mail at least I hope you are writing some air mail rather than v-mail.

The way my bunk is located the sun shines right into my face each A.M. and of course wakes me but I often awaken before it is up and the various stages are a sight to see. The first knowledge I had this morn of the sunrise was a sort of a brownish color just as it was getting light – That then changed to a lighter color and finally just before the sun appears the whole area was a blood red color. (That is the way it looks every morn) The sun drives that color away when it begans to appear – after that it looks just like it does in Indiana.

A letter came yesterday from Bob H. but it was written way back in Mar. He seemed to think Dr. Openshaw was pretty much settled somewhere in Penn. – seems like some people have all the tough luck – who would want to be stationed in a place like that with all the trains, autos and cold weather are apt to be hard on one’s health – I’m telling you it’s dangerous to have those handicaps. Take the above as you wish.

Imagine me wearing shoes now for the past

[page 2] several months. Really my ankles will probably be so weak I won’t be able to wear slippers again and another thing – lately I haven’t been wearing any underware and since I have no P.J. you know how that means I sleep at night. That will also be a hard habit to break when back in the States.

I saw in the Newton Co. E. that John had won $2.50. Of course I showed it around and most of the boys asked if I had sent for the $2.50 or if I would let him keep it. My answer was varied. Of course, you had told me of the whole thing in letters but I just happened to find it in the paper. Two issues of the paper came yesterday Mar 11 & 18. In the Mar 18 issue there is a synopsis of the article – “They Were Expendable.”  I’d almost forgotten about that and it has so much more meaning now than when I read it before.

I don’t know if I told you or not but our Chaplin left Japan in June of 1942. Yes the date is correct – he has some pretty good experiences to tell.

Well, I’ve beaten my gums enough for the time being –
So solong until Tomorrow
Love Daddy.

P.S. Sent 150⁰⁰ of the uniform money home – The 100⁰⁰ will follow in a few days – Just a repeat.

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Was That Mean? (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

About the middle of the P.M. wind blowing moderately and the sun hot. That covers the usual items of the news in short order. This A.M. I got your letter of Dec. 15, one from Ira Dixon written Nov. 28, a Christmas card from the Joe Mullen family and a letter from Hicky Reinhart. That was better than no mail at all but still not good. Your letter was a little short due to the J.A.M.A. add which I did nothing about. Guess they’ll have to get along without my 8⁰⁰. I wish you would however contact Dr. Mathews and pay my Co. Med due. It should be about 11⁰⁰. Maybe I should pay that – but I just asked Fred and Dr. P. what they were doing and they both said to hell with ‘em. So maybe it won’t be necessary. If you see

[page 2] him you might ask him what the other boys are doing. Only I just happened to think I guess I’m the only one – Since Dr. Oppenshaw didn’t belong to the Newton Co. Society. You might ask him what the Jasper Co. or the Iroquois Co. boys are going – that is if it’s handy don’t make a special effort.

In your last letter Mark was better and I presumed D. was also since you didn’t mention his case in that letter. As I told you before that (sickness) in the family is the biggest worry here and of course that is why mail means so much. Well there is no use to worry and as that won’t help. You have no reason to worry about our welfare here because we are all doing extra well in the good ole summer time.

I’m still working on this shell thing of yours and don’t expect it for some time as I just work in my spare time and when I’m in the mood and since I’ll be here for some time – (as far as I know-) there

[page 3] isn’t any real hurry.

Our show tonite is The Navy Blues. It sounds as if it could be bad or good but I’d hate to bet in either direction. Maybe I can add a line afterwards.

These necklaces that I’m making – you don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to. They are a curiosity but not a thing of beauty. So just because I made it is no reason that you have to wear it. Hope that is clear. In fact they probably won’t stand too much wear.

It is now after the show and it was a good navy show if true but the things they do just aren’t according to the way I heard it.

Fred got some pictures today of his boy and he was remarking how much he had grown. I couldn’t let him get ahead of me so I said that my boy had grown also. So I got your picture we had taken when we I was home and had them look at

[page 4] you and then at D. pictures. Was that mean? Anyway it was true.

The mail this P.M. was better. Your letters of Dec. 16 and 17 came today – along with a greeting card and letter from the folks and one letter from Floyd. I can’t kick about as to the amount but would like some a little later. I am just wondering if you went home Christmas.

I know you have lots to do because even with one child lots of my Mothers used to have trouble keeping up and you have everything so I know you have a job. I really feel guilty having what you might call bankers hours, and you with all the responsibility of the home and D. but under the circumstances I can’t do anything about it – This is not of my choosing as you know but we hope

[page 5] and pray thing will turn out for the best. And what a home coming when it does come. So much for that.

I’m all out of shells and the thing I’ve made won’t go over my head so I’ll have to make another trip to the sea – and maybe I can find some more coral. The kind I sent before is hard to find for it is just freshly broken loose, but I’ll keep trying when I do have a chance to go out again.

I can think of nothing I’d like that you might send so don’t worry. I think all the Christmas packages came. I wrote Funks and thanked them and wrote the Sisters so that answers again your questions.

So Solong good night and lot of love,

Lt (jg) Yegerlehner MC USNR
Receiving Station
U.S. N.A.B.
C/0 F. P. O.
San Fran. Calif.

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