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Shopping After Thanksgiving (Gladys)

1943-11-26 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just home from Laf. again. Had to get my new lenses. Also took Mark to Dr. Cole. He has a slight head cold which doesn’t seem to improve with nose drops. Dr. gave me 2 prescriptions. Dr. Cole is so buy with so many baby cases his office is crowded from the time he goes there until he leaves. He is doing his share in the war effort taking care of so many cases, more than he would ordinarily. I think there is only one other baby Dr. in Laf. besides Cole. Alma W. went with us. She saw Van Buskirk for her sinus and is to go back next week again. My throat & sinus have cleared up since I got heat in our room again. Mrs. Z. kept David this afternoon – It was her idea. I was going to take him along & leave him in the car with J. & M. I went over and got him and John took him up to bed. I hear him now making a sleepy noise. John wanted a monopoly game for Christmas so I gave him the money and he bought it today – He and Mark are having a game now. I told him he couldn’t play with it until Christmas but he & Mark wouldn’t listen to such an idea. I got Mark a few things today & David too. Was going to get records for John but couldn’t get what he wanted. I really did better on my Christmas shopping today than I thought I would – in spite of crowds & scarce goods. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Love Mother

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Mother Just Passed Away (Gladys)

Letter transcription:
Fri – 11:45

I didn’t get this letter mailed last night. Mother just passed away. I am still at the hospital but getting ready to leave. Your Mother just came in on the bus. Alma met her at the bus. Alma has been “old faithful.”

I am having autopsy done – after I get the report will let you know.

I have to go to the telegraph office and dispatch some messages.
Love Mother

Emma Foster, circa 1940s

Emma Foster, circa 1940s

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Flowers (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran C.
Oct. 14, 1943

Dear Mother,

Yours of Sept. 24, 27, 29, 30, Oct. 1 & 2 came yesterday. I’m at a little loss to know why 24, 27, & 29 were all post marked Sept. 29. Probably was a little slip up some place along the line and doesn’t make a great deal of difference. In one of those letters the 7 months pictures and the letter you wrote way back there were present. I can’t understand that either but I guess these P.O. in the field have a lot to do.

So glad you got the flowers – I just knew this friend wouldn’t fail and I don’t feel badly about sending that amount of money. You should get another bunch of flowers along about your birthday from another fellow. In case you don’t get those all I can say is happy birthday. What I meant to say was I’m taking this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday because I can’t send anything – not even money in time and I didn’t send any sooner because I didn’t have any and won’t until the last of the month. So I have you get the flowers in time.

[page 2] I’m sorry your mother’s condition fails to improve. If it isn’t a carcinoma it has to be a hardening of the liver and the treatment of either is futile but I still think it is carcinous and the Gall stones have nothing to do with the condition. I’m afraid you are going to be pretty short financially because you only had a little over $150 so early in the month. You hadn’t mentioned before about paying the hospital as you went along which I think is a good idea if you can but it if cuts you so low that you can’t make the rent & insurance stall them off for a while – don’t ask Jim for more than half the expenses and I guess Glen isn’t able at this time to aid in that respect. I’m sure the finances will work out OK so don’t let that worry you.

Now about you – Your invoice sounded good but let me warn or prepare you – In sickness an individual who is responsible for the care of sick will often go on their nerves – Then when it is over if proper care isn’t taken a relapse or let down is evident and that is what you have to guard against. Get plenty of rest – sleep and let the house work go for a while. Your indigestion is probably like what I had when

[page 3] Openshaw, Mathews, etc. were out of town and I was run ragged remember. Don’t blame the strep you had last winter too much. Of course you might have a recurrence but you didn’t have a strep the year before and one got you last year so just because you did have that last year is no reason to expect one this year.

100 pounds, dark hair, Green eyes, 5’4”, pleasing features, a little slim but just my type. Do keep healthy Dear – just as if you won’t try?

The one year old pictures were good and but don’t try to send the movie films. Of course I’d like to see them but don’t take the chance of losing them and I don’t know the size nor the size of our machine here. Where is the pressure coming from for D. hair cut? Don’t tell me just let me guess. I won’t express myself on the subject. You probably know how I feel. Isn’t that a big help?

Those letters are such a big help when they come in as late as those yesterday – Thanks and lots of love

P.S. I received a letter from the fellow who sent the flowers and he told me he had done so. He is from Reno, Nev.

[Editor’s note: The fellow from Reno, Nevada was mostly likely Roscoe’s former tent mate, George Wingfield, Jr., who was transferred a few months previously.]

YEG1943-05-15 - David on stoop with tulips

One of David’s 7th month photographs

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Pineapple (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 9, 1943

Dear Mother,

I may have asked you to drop the (jg) too quickly – for there were some exceptions near the end and it may take a day or two to get things straightened out. I’ve gotten along this far with the (jg) so it won’t bother to go a while longer only I hate to be all set and then have things changed. I’ll let you know when it is all fixed.

One of the boys brought in a pineapple a few days ago and today we decided it was ripe enough and was it good. The pealing is here in a box beside me and the ants are having the time of their lives between the pineapple

[page 2] and a dead lizzar which got himself in a bucket of water and got drowned. There are no flies present around the affair – ants to thick.

We would all feel better if mail would catch up but somehow we seem to be lost again. We get food OK so we can[‘t] be entirely lost.

Well hold your breath on the promotion thing for a few days and I’ll get the correct dope to you.

Due to lack of subject matter will stop –

Love Daddy

1943 - Russell Islands #4

Another possible photograph from the Russell Islands

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The Weekly Letter (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Feb 21 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Sunday evening and just like spring today. Had an invitation from Arvilla to attend her capping ceremony this afternoon so we drove down. Mother & John stayed in the car with D. and Mark and I went to the service. It was very nice. There were 23 nurses received their caps. After the program was over we congratulated Arvella then Dora Diedam went with us to the hospital to show D. off. We went up to Sister J. in X-ray. I showed her the picture of you you sent me and she said, ‘he looks tough.” I told her I was going to write and tell you what she said and she said for me to. We visited two nurses who were on O.B. when I was there, but they are on 3rd north now. Of course they made quite a fuss over D. After that we stopped to see Forest & Gertrude. Helen had taken her children for a walk and didn’t get back before we left. I wanted to get home in time to give D. his 6 P.M. bottle & cereal, and with driving reduced to 35 mi per it takes quite a while longer to make the trip. I was sorry to miss Helen but felt like I had to start home.

[page 2] Chas Kline is still in Peru and gets home rather often but Bud is stationed in Calif. He had been home recently on a furlough, but his trips home are very few because he has always been stationed so far away.

I wouldn’t have gone this afternoon but I haven’t driven the car much recently and thought the battery needed charging – especially after the severe cold of this winter. I didn’t use all the ration tickets for the first period. I still had tickets for 8 gal I didn’t use and the second period is almost gone and I used two tickets Sat. to fill up the tank and that is all I have used so far, so you can figure I am not doing much driving. I will put a few miles on if we go to C.C. in April – which I hope we will. Floyd & Ruth took the movies of us down home last week-end and showed the folks.

I got out John’s baby book and snap shots taken from 6 weeks to 1 yr. I think the baby resembles him a lot in those earlier pictures. Of course J. is a few pounds heavier at this age than John was but John was fat enough to take a good picture.

I saw the Sullivan baby Sat. She is so fat looking but isn’t any heavier than D. but she is short and he is

[page 3] long – hence she looks lots fatter.

Sat afternoon I walked to town with D. in his buggy. It was sunny and the baby buggies were very prominent on the streets. The nice weather always draws them out. Several people saw him early in Dec – or it was before that in Nov – because it turned so cold after Thanksgiving I didn’t go out with him for weeks – but everyone could see how much he has grown since last fall.

John & Mark discovered the tulips coming up. This warm weather the last of the week did the trick. I haven’t paid much attention to them but they should be doubled this year. I wish I could tell that Omargo [?] man a few things. He wouldn’t replace that tree at the west corner and tho it is going to survive I don’t believe it will grow and the one it is supposed to match is about twice as tall. I think I’ll write the Co. and tell them I want another tree. I don’t believe they will come over here anymore since gas rationing.

The family is all in bed and I suppose asleep and I am writing this in bed so think I’ll turn off the light and get some shut eye too. D. squirmed around a little after I turned on the light but has settled down now.

[page 4] 2-22-43
Mon. – Since this is Washington’s Birthday there wasn’t any mail delivery and the P.O. closed. I started this the 21st finished the 22nd and will mail it at the hotel and it will probably be postmarked 23rd. Took D. for his airing this afternoon and stopped at the dress shop and you should see what I got – a red dress a red hat & red purse and when I say red I mean just that – nothing pale about it – would you like it? I am sure you would. I thought about how you always liked for me to wear red when buying the things. The way it all started – last week I was in at Sharps and saw a red jacket and thought it would be nice to wear this spring so got it – didn’t have a skirt to wear with it so stopped in the dress shop to get a skirt – it is plaid – has blue, red etc. I took it home to try on and when I paid for it today got into this red outfit and since everything was my size & color bought same. That is the first I have bought for myself since last spring. I haven’t bought the dress to go with the buckle & necklace’s but can wear the necklace with the red dress mentioned above. I feel like I shouldn’t spend money on clothes but once in a while it becomes necessary. I won’t spend much on shoes at the rate of 3 pr per year.

[page 5] I got a ration book for D. and asked about turning yours in – which I am supposed to do – so will send it to the ration bd office or take it. I have to go one day this week and get our new ration books. They are for point rationing. The things most scarce will have a higher point value – that is it will take more points out of one’s ration book to buy some things than others. I don’t know yet what foods will have high point values but sure that that will include canned goods. Geo Wolf was here today – and said the stores in Laf. stayed open until 12 o’clock Sat nite. So many things were frozen for this week while the new books were being issued that I suppose the stores were giving people a chance to stock up. I understood that was what we weren’t supposed to do so I didn’t stock up on things – except get a supply of milk for D. and vegetables (canned). I ran out of onion skin paper and wanted to finish my letter – so excuse this last sheet.

This warm weather certainly is welcome and makes me want spring to come – but I suppose we will have lots of cold raw weather before warm weather is here to stay. I am about to run out of space so will get this ready for Mark to mail for me. He has been working on his model and is getting a little tired so the fresh air will freshen him up.

Love Mother

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When it rains it pours (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan. 14 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I didn’t get the line added to yesterday’s letter so will just start another and put both in same envelope. I don’t make a habit of this but we were so late getting home from Laf. last night I didn’t get my letter on the night mail as I sometimes do. The old saying about raining and pouring seems true. John had a stiff neck this morning and had quite a time getting up but finally made it. He is much better but his neck still is a little sore and he moves around very carefully. He and Mark have both been home today and are getting pretty noisy. I think they can both go back to school tomorrow, but I thought another

[page 2] day at home would do Mark more good than going back to school. He is feeling about normal now. It is warmer and I think he can be turned out by tomorrow.

Had a letter from Mother today and she said she would come back up. I am going to call her and tell her to come on the bus to Laf. and since I have to go down tomorrow will meet her there. I think since Thelma has gone to Norfolk to live she feels a little left out in T. H. Not that she saw much of Thelma, but she knew as long as T. was in T.H. Jim would come back when possible and now that she is in Norfolk he won’t try to come so often – Mother thought Jim was coming back for Christmas and she stayed in T.H. for that reason but instead of Jim coming back Thelma went there – and stayed.

I had a letter from Jim, he had written on the back of their camp – “Bee Lines” – official publication of the “Seabees.”

[page 3] I talked to Agnes Molter again today about that tax business and when I get straightened out over this sinus infection will go down to the office and she is going to write you a letter about that 1941 tax payment. She still insists that we let that payment go – but I’ll let her do the explaining and also about 1942. She wrote in about that payment we didn’t make and received a reply – but when I talk to her will get it all straight.

My sinus is still draining and the drainage isn’t very good tasting. I am going back tomorrow and get another treatment. Also I am going to take the Baby down to Dr. Cole and let him check him over. He feels pretty good today – hasn’t any temperature but coughs some. It doesn’t bother him while he sleeps, but I will be glad when he gets rid of it. I think he is as good as John or Mark but I am afraid we are more apt to spoil him. However he still lies in his bed or on the bath table and watches his hands for long periods at a time.

[page 4] Dorothy is here and is getting ready to go to town so will let her mail this for me. She is going with me to Laf tomorrow. She was telling me the Johnson baby kept Ed up the first night they were home from the hospital. Ed was in the restaurant for breakfast and a little sleepy.

This is Thurs & she has to take food home to fix for supper – the proverbial Busman’s holiday.

Must close –

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