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Lena’s Postcards #98 – Grace (Lamberson) Hackleman

[Postmark: Indianpolis, Ind., 22 December 1914 [?], 4 PM[?]]

Address: Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Hackleman, Connersville, Ind. R.R.

Dear Folks at Home,
We all wish
you a Merry Christ-
mas & a Happy
New Year – with
all the good
things that go
to make them
so. With love

[Editor’s note: Grace was Lena’s step daughter-in-law. She was the wife of Charles W. Hackleman.]

Grace Lamberson Hackleman, date unknown. Photograph courtesy of kaceeclark1 via Ancestry.com

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David’s Diary – December 23, 1970

Wednesday, 23 December 1970

Up about 9:00; had breakfast—was occupied at my desk for a while; the mail man came early—as he has been recently—more Xmas cards, plus another New Republic, which I spent some time with. Late in the morning Bonnie prevailed upon me to mimeo my poem, “Christmas Is All Very New” onto the Paul Klee UNICEF Xmas cards which mom had sent us. She has a list that she wants to send them to. I caught the noon weather forecast and the snowstorm headed this way for tomorrow threatened G’ma + Emil’s trip up. So we called them and offered to come and get them—they accepted. I would have gone, but Bonnie insisted that she do it. We had lunch, I made a quick trip down to the neck to do some final shopping, then came home so that she could go. She left about 1:30. I did some wrapping, played with Debbie—but most of my time was spent preparing tomorrow night’s service—also did some shoveling of snow. Late in the afternoon I prepared supper. Unfortunately the snow situation was worsening—and Bonnie and G + E had a very treacherous trip. Didn’t get here until about 7:00! And they left Avon at 3:30! We had supper when they arrived; I cleaned up; went to Richdales for kitty litter—but the rest of the evening was spent relaxing, visiting—started on the stencil for tomorrow night’s bulletin; 11 o’clock news; bathed read in I Corin. OBLO  c. 1:30.

Thursday, 24 December 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then made bread—looked over the mail when it came; ran off the bulletin for tonight’s service. Then watched noon news—for weather report mainly—storm still raging. After lunch I shaved, then headed off to do some errands; went to the church to get things set up for tonight’s service. The Kramer boy + his group were practicing—at very high volume. Lois Clapp came in to refamiliarize herself with the organ. Before going to the church, i.e. my first errand had been going to the P.O. to mail the Xmas cards which Bonnie decided to send out! From there I dropped in to see Virginia Bate—gave her a couple of books for Xmas—also saw her aunt Amy for a few minutes. After getting home from the church I had a while to work on tonight’s service—then a few minutes before 4:00 Bonnie + I went to St. Mary’s for the Sunday School Service. Home by 5:00, fixed supper. Then I worked further on the service. Left for the church about 7:30. A miserable turnout: only 10 in the congregation; 2 major goofs: I planned too much and it had to be cut short, and Lois played the wrong processional! We got home about 9:15, then had our gift exchange—until about 10:15; Debbie played Santa Claus—very nice gifts all around. We watched 11 o’clock news; read a while in bed; LO 12:30.

Deborah Christmas 1970

Friday, 25 December 1970

[Top panel: called Lea 365-6195]

Up about 9:30 after Θ (a nice Christmas present to each other to start the day!)  After breakfast I turned to shaving—but before breakfast—just as we were preparing to start, a phone call came from mom + dad—we had a nice chat. I was prepared to work on my sermon today—but that kept being put off. Early in the afternoon, after lunch we called Lea—mother told us she’s had another mis-carriage, so we wanted to cheer her up if possible—so we had a nice long chat with her. My new Christmas clothes (4 ties, 4 pairs of trousers) sparked interest in my wardrobe, so the early part of the afternoon I spent going through it all—and threw some things out. In the middle of the afternoon I started to put supper together; I still hoped to get started on my sermon, but just too lethargic = to back up—around the noon hour Dr. Beck called to wish us Merry Christmas and we had a nice chat with him too—it was really great of him to call. Late in the afternoon I dozed in my chair—made a slight beginning on the sermon—and fixed supper—Bonnie feeling pretty lousy—as she was til later in the evening. After supper CBS news. Then I made progress on sermon; we showed 1970 slides to Grandma + Emil. Then more on the sermon; watched 11 o’clock news; bathed; worked further on sermon; OBLO 12:50.

Saturday, 26 December 1970

Up by 8:30—another snow storm raging. After breakfast I turned to the sermon. I.e., writing out the final draft from the rough draft. I got a large part of it done in the morning before we got lunch. I shaved after eating, then went back to working on the sermon—got the bulk of it finished. Then Bonnie, grandma + I set off for Mals—we did some shopping—bought yarn to make an afgan for Bonnie (G’ma will do it—she even bought the yarn!) I looked at trousers, but the only ones in my size were expensive; one pair which we got the other day doesn’t fit well, so we’ll exchange it—the exchange line was too big today. We got an electric clock and I bought the stereo music score from Alice’s Restaurant. We also bought groceries at Stop + Shop. After coming home I went up to see the Hannibals for about 45 min. Home about 5:00, then we went to China Port restaurant in Gloucester and had a great Chinese supper—s + s duck! When we got home we all relaxed, listened to Alice’s Restaurant, Marion Anderson, Joy Is Like the Rain [1] also took down the Xmas tree—very dry + brittle. I worked on the sermon—completed it; did the bulletins. Took time now + then to socialize. Bathed about 11:30. Prepared service; practiced sermon. read in bed, LO. Θ c. 1:00 AM.


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David’s Diary – December 19, 1970

Saturday, 19 December 1970

Up by 8:30. Had breakfast. About 9:15 I picked up Les Patriquin—we went to the Coonly residence at Norwood + Old Garden Rd.—they are giving us a used stove. Roy Elwell met us there with his trailer. First we had to lug another stove into their basement. I injured my toe—middle toe right foot—by evening it was purple, very painful; don’t know whether it’s broken. Came home, shaved, then Bonnie Debbie + I went to Gloucester. We dropped by Dunnachs to leave off copies of Parish Paper service, then to Mals (got 4 pairs pants, 3 new ties), then to grocery store. Came home, had lunch. Then I wrapped the package for Jerry Lewis, ie. phonograph record in a big box with notes of (I hope) a humerous nature! Then went up to see the Hannibals; only Rip was home. After leaving there I returned home, then went to the church to finish the last of 4 advent banners; got it put up—came home for supper about 5:30—toe really hurting. After supper I soaked it for a while—but also had to work on my sermon—only half finished. About the middle of the evening we discovered that our phone was dead; Bonnie called phone company from Herlihy’s. Bathed around 11:00; went to bed briefly Θ+ —but then back to work; finished sermon, prepared service; practiced sermon; started bread; OBLO c. 2:30.

Sunday, 20 December 1970

[Top panel: one photo of toys on Debbie’s radiator}

Up not too long after 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved, practiced my sermon—no Sunday school class; got to the church about 10:45. Had about 62 in church—preached on “Be Aglow with the Spirit”—didn’t get home until almost 1:00. We fixed lunch, then I worked on my batch of bread; then took trash to the garage and cleaned the cat-box. Then I was pretty pooped, so I stretched out—got some rest, although I didn’t fall asleep. About 4 o’clock I got up, wrapped the Xmas gift for Virginia, helped with some details on supper, went down to Kays for some Shake + Bake. Don + Lawry were late arriving, but they got here shortly after 5:00. I went down to see the pageant—but we arrived too late to get a good view—and it was very cold. So we didn’t stay very long. We went to the church so that Don + Lawry could see the banners in the sanctuary. Then we came home and I put supper together. Bonnie just sat, because she’s not feeling very well these days. We had a delightful supper together and then exchanged gifts. They gave us the rock opera by Webber and Rice, Jesus Christ Superstar—we listened to part of it; we showed them my carpentry work, had dessert which they brought, visited—they left shortly after 10:30; we bathed; about 11:45 took photo of Debbie’s toys lined up on radiator in her room; OBLO, 11:53.

Monday, 21 December 1970

Up about 9:00 after Θ. Had breakfast, shaved. I then looked through the pile of Christmas cards which arrived in the (early) mail. I wrote no church new article for the Eagle—but took my poem over (Xmas Is All Very New)—since Kay suggested I should. I stopped at the church on my way home—to look for glasses that a lady supposedly had left at services yesterday—but they weren’t there. When I got home Bonnie went off to Gloucester with Carol to renew the permit for surplus food. I wrote my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers. Then listened to record 3 of Jesus Christ Superstar, enjoyed Herod’s song very much and had Bonnie listen to it when she got home; we fixed lunch; she went to work, Debbie and I went for a walk—to the P.O. to mail the letter to Mrs. Myers. Then we went down to Bearskin neck for Xmas shopping. Came home, Debbie went to her room—but didn’t nap; I read in Paul’s letter to the Romans, (after listening to side 4 of JC Superstar), I put supper together and we ate as soon as Bonnie came home; Ed Nutting dropped by for a brief conversation about 6:10—left by 6:30. Watched CBS news. We went for a drive to see Xmas lights 7:30–8:00. Rest of the evening I read, Bonnie slept. About 11:00 we took our baths, prepared for bed. OB, read further in Romans; LO 12:47.

Tuesday, 22 December 1970

We have been getting a blanket of white today—so how appropriate. [i.e., first day of winter]  Up about 8:45—the post man arrived at 8:30 (!) with a package of Christmas gifts from Mark and Shirley. After getting up we had breakfast—while I was shaving the post man came with the regular mail—a pile of Christmas cards. After shaving I read a while in the New Republic which had come; then read in letter to the Romans, finished it. Then turned to Weiser for a while. Bonnie made a trip the building center just before noon—I fixed lunch, which we ate as soon as she came back. When she went to work Debbie and I set out for a walk with the snow coming down; I pushed her in the carriage. We went to the church to change the wayside pulpit—then to the Building center to exchange the purchase that Bonnie had made (door bottom); saw Dick Bamforth; brief chat, then we went up Summit Av to see Rip Hannibal and take him the Xmas newsletter which they’d never received. Home again—Debbie napped and so did I for a short while; then read before fixing supper. We ate when Bonnie came home. Watched CBS news—at 8:00 we went to Jerry + Carol’s—listened to Jesus Christ Superstar—they both were impressed. Then we gave them Xmas gifts. Book on coverlets [?] for Carol; Wagner’s Greatest Hits for Jerry. Home by 11:00; watched news, weather—bad weather not over. read very briefly; LO  c. midnight.

David’s diary, December 22, 1970

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David’s Diary – December 11, 1970

Friday, 11 December 1970

[Top panel: called Paul + Marty]

Up about 9:40; had breakfast—turned to revising and polishing my letter to the editor re: the peace symbol. Given the late hour that we got out of bed there wasn’t much morning. We had lunch during the noon hour—since Bonnie had to be to work at 1:00. After she left, Debbie went to her room for playing and sleeping. I worked further on the letter—finished early in the afternoon; I then turned to several other things; cleared desk; prepared the diptych with two photos of Debbie for grandma—wrapped it and put it under the tree. Also started supper. Then I began on the sermon, i.e. copying and revising sermon from 2 years ago. Debbie woke up about 4:15—so we went down to the Post office together to mail my letter to the editor, got home shortly before 5:00; worked on gluing a chair for Bonnie—and had supper all ready by the time that Bonnie got home. We ate supper immediately. We watch[ed] TV from 6:00–7:30—CBS news mainly. Then I got back to work on my sermon—i.e., after we phoned Paul + Marty; we spoke to Marty; since they’ve just moved they’re pretty tired and they don’t want to make the trip out here for Christmas. Bonnie went to the Lewis’s for the evening, I worked on sermon; and bulletins; took a walk thru the snow when she came home. Bathed; watched part of Johnny Carson; OBLO 12:27.

Saturday, 12 December 1970

Up by about 9:00—but we’d both had trouble sleeping so we didn’t get up enthusiastically. Had breakfast, shaved—2 days worth. I had to get a form completed for Mrs. Niemi to sign—this took some time—plus other items. Jim Bussey came over to have his bulletin stencil run off, since his machine is in for repairs. But late in the morning, after the mail came, I got off on my errands. Went to Mrs. Niemi’s she signed the form—went back to the P.O. to mail it—after stopping at Mrs. Cooney’s for the mailing lists of the congregation. Then to the Building Center—primarily to get weather strip—metal + felt—for the bottom of our front door. Home about noon, had lunch—I’d had simmering all morning a bean soup—very delicious—Bonnie will have nothing to do with it. After lunch I fixed the door. Then Debbie and I took a walk—down to Richdales primarily; she enjoyed wallowing in the snow. After we got back I put her down for a nap, then I went off to call on the Hannibals. About 3:00 I went on to see the Ornes. We had a conference til about 5:30 on the mailing list—revising it—dropping and adding names; also made a list re: changing their membership status. When I got home we had supper. Then while Bonnie went to rehearsal, I spent the evening on desk work and preparing the service, practicing the sermon. Bathed about 10:45; OBLO  c. 11:05.

Sunday, 13 December 1970

[Top panel: called Don McGaw]

Up about 8:10. Shaved, had breakfast, prepared to meet my class—4 girls today. Left for the church about 10:30. A moderate sized crowd in the congregation—which wasn’t bad in view of the lousy weather. Home about 12:45, had lunch—a roast which had been in the oven for several hours. After lunch I dashed off my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers, called Don McGaw to confirm his coming up next Sunday. About 2:30 I left the house—went to the Post office, dropped off Christmas envelopes for Mrs. Cooney to address. Stopped briefly at Dawsons to inform them about a loan fund available for their daughters to use for educational needs. Then picked up Mrs. Haskell, we went to Wesley church in Gloucester for C.A.M.P. meeting. We had talks with representatives from the League of Women Voters—re: evaluations of schools. Also we agreed to get PP/WP envelopes to be included in the Concerned Citizens “Soundings.” The meeting was over about 4:30—came home; we fixed supper, then I relaxed a while—stretched out, tried to nap, but didn’t fall asleep. Got up shortly before 7:00; got ready to go out for the evening. Jerry, Carol—and Dave Moore showed up about 7:20—Carol + Bonnie went ahead to Congo church—we followed after Vickie got here; Community Chorus Concert 8:00–9:30; then spent about an hour relaxing here with J + C. Started batch of bread; relaxed; bathed; OBLO c. 11; Θ+

“Christmas Is All Very New” by David A. Yegerlehner

Monday, 14 December 1970

[Top panel: called Theo library 353-3034; B’s grandmother called today; we invited them up for Xmas; called Dr. Squires re: Debbie’s darkening front tooth]

Up about 9:00; had breakfast—then set about making bread—while I was involved in this Ruth George came by; she’s “secretary” for the JYF—and she gave me Loyd Starrett’s bill of JYF’s expenses: $721—with bills going all the way back to 1967! A pretty outrageous procedure. The rest of the morning I spent preparing my Eagle article and getting a package ready to mail to Mrs. Myers. I sent her a diptych with 2 photos of Debbie—one with headphones, one with bell; I left the house about 11:45—went to Eagle office and P.O.—came home, had lunch. Bonnie went to work. I went to work in my study—Debbie played in her room; it took a long time for her to fall asleep. I had details to attend to before starting on studying, e.g., getting an organist line[d] up for Xmas eve service (finally got Louis Clapp—she called back about 6:45). Latter part of the afternoon was spent studying and preparing supper; we ate as soon as Bonnie got home.  Watched CBS news after going to Richdales for milk. The evening was spent alone after Debbie went to bed. We had a grand time playing together for a while. Bonnie was out to Community Chorus’ second performance at Lady of Good Voyage Ch. I studied, also wrote poem on Debbie—“Christmas Is All Very New.” Bonnie came home—had to go back to get Carol since her car was still here! Bathed, relaxed; typed poem  OBLO  1:15.

David’s diary, December 14, 1970

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Real Jingle Bells Weather

1963-12 (RM) envelope

December 1963 envelope

Letter transcription:

December 1963, p. 1

December 1963, p. 1

Dave Dear – Thank you for sending the album. Talked to your mother yesterday. She tells me you [are] just slightly busy. We are having real jingle bells weather which means I am housebound. I do hope all goes well with you and Bonnie on your journey.

Much love,

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A Quick Line on Christmas (Roscoe)

Dec. 25, 1943

Dear Mother,

Just a line added to the letter I wrote yesterday. It seems as if the censor board didn’t meet and it seems as if no mail went out so rather than write a long letter I’ll just add this note and do better tomorrow.

Christmas is practically gone and I think it was enjoyed pretty much by one and all and everyone is looking forward to the New Year. I don’t mean exactly a New Year’s party but the new year because it surely will bring lots of good things.

Again a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Love Daddy


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Christmas Day 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Christmas Day
Written from
Wilmington – 1943

Dear Daddy –

As you will note from the heading we have spent the day with the Mutchlers and are all in bed except Ruth & Romaine. Ruth is in the bathroom & Romaine is out with Jerry. We came over this a.m. – Had dinner at 1 P.M. In the afternoon Earl began feeling worse from his cold and Ruth and I prevailed upon him to see a Dr. and he finally went to see Dr. Wilson. He came back with two kinds of medicine and got five does down before we started to retire. He chilled from time to time – sat over the radiator all evening with a blanket around him. I told him to go to bed but he wanted to get his five doses down before retiring. He is tucked in now with heating pad but says he feels better. I noticed Mark sounded nasal after we got here so I used some nose drops on him when I tucked him in. If he isn’t better in the morning will do something about his cold. So far the rest of us are all normal, except my sinus drainage which I have had all winter, so nothing to be alarmed about.

This evening we talked a lot about you and looked at your pictures. Ruth got out some of your letters and read excerpts from same. She got out the world books and read about places and things.

[page 2] Last night we had our usual gift exchange. Dorothy wanted to see David get his gifts so I kept him up until 8 P.M. and she & Buddy came out and we gave him his gifts. Before she got there he spied the dog behind the tree Jimmy Staton had given him – It wasn’t wrapped. He wanted it so much we gave it to him. He holds his toys and we say “love the dog” (cat, etc.) and he pats some wrinkles up his nose and makes a funny little noise that is his way of loving. He had quite a time with all his gifts, which included plastic block, wood blocks, dogs, a jeep, bathrobe, house slippers and several wooden toys. I held J. & M. off for a while after David was put to bed. We had boxes with gifts from Jim & Thelma, Ruth & Floyd, & Ruth M. – I gave John records and money. I gave Mark some work sets – and things he likes to play with. They both thoughts they had a nice Christmas. Jim sent me a navy pin – it has the Lt. bars – is very pretty.

It is 11:30 & I am sleepy – Ruth said they would all sign this in the morning & let David make a mark.

Love Mother
How are you coming boys O.K. I hope Mutch
We have had a nice Christmas, hope you have to. Lots of love & best wishes for the New Year

P.S. I tried to hold David’s hand and he didn’t like the idea. The pencil mark are his.

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A Conceited Little Thing (John)

1943-12-17 (JFY)Letter transcription:

John Yegerlehner

Dear Daddy,

I want to thank you for the Christmas present you sent me. I received it yesterday morning but I was sick yesterday so I didn’t write you till today. I will have to buy a nice present for Mother and also something for Virginia Zell who is in bed with a brain concussion. I already have what I’m going to give Mark and David. David is a conceited little thing. We showed him some pictures of himself and he looked at them and said “Pretty.” He says “pretty” almost every time he sees a button and when he sees the Christmas tree. He likes to watch it but he puts his hands on it and takes the little lamps that go around off. If things keep on the same he may have callouses on his hands before long. Oh, I guess he’s not that bad. Thanks again,

You son

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Downhill Stretch (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133 F.P.O. San Fran C.
Dec. 16, 1943

Dear Mother,

There was no mail today but we just can’t expect mail every day and really it has been coming in pretty good lately. Rather I’d say pretty regular.

Today for the most part was rather warm but just now as I came into the room I turned on the radiator because it seemed just a little too chilly without some added heat. Maybe it’s because the wind blows rather fiercely at times. Not like the good old prairie wind at home but it’s still rather chilly if one isn’t in the sun.

This being the 16th of Dec. we

[page 2] are now on the down hill stetch of this month. Seems as if time is passing rather rapidly but not as rapidly as at the last place. The time spent there seems to have passed and it’s very hard to really think back and recall what actually did happen. Maybe I don’t want to think of it but after all it wasn’t so bad.

The stores in town are not as elaborately decorated as back there for Christmas, but maybe ours are not so good this year. I was in town only a short time and perhaps I missed the best. This being summer people take more vacation around Christmas than they do at home and that might account for less fixing up of stores, homes, etc.

The check I wrote you about was in the letter of Dec. 15. I’ll repeat that again a time or two so don’t think I’m the broken record.

Just happened to think I never did reply or let you know that I had received your letter telling me that Dolores was married. More power to them if that’s the way they feel about the whole thing. I suppose she is continuing on with her work.

This may be a little late but a Merry Christmas to you and the boys and
Lots of Love


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Winter Arrives (Gladys)

1943-12-13 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Our first real winter day – It was 5 above at 7 a.m. in Chi. and not much warmer here. The house isn’t warm enough today. We can’t seem to get the furnace adjusted to this Ind. coal. I had to turn off the coal feed and let the air fan thru the accumulation of coals all morning to get the fire box cleaned out. It is building up again but not enough to get the desired heat. David is toddling around – just turned him loose and he is enjoying it so much. His big act today is saying ooh, ooh, with his mouth all puckered up. He likes to watch himself in the mirror do that. The flu epidemic is still going – I think John said 35 were out of high school today – a little better than Fri., 50 were absent. I don’t know how many are out at the grade school, but I suppose about the same percent. I have a touch of sinus and I am staying in today – The cold always makes it worse. At least it is draining good and that’s something. After all the mild weather up to now this really hurts. The boys dreaded going out to go to school They boys were looking for their letters from you this a.m. but none came. They are anxious to get the money to do some Christmas shopping. I didn’t get any letters either, but got the check last week – thanks again and hope you have a Merry Christmas

Love Mother

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