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Insurance Policies

1964-06-19-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

June 19 – 1964

Dear David & Bonnie:

Here is your Blue Shield – Blue Cross Policies and your cards – one for each to carry. Just hope you won’t need to use them. I think it will be a good idea for you to read your policy to see what coverage you have.

Summer has really settled down on us today – ninety in the shade before noon.

Lots of luck.

Love Mother

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Grandmother Clubs

1964-06-18-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

June 18, 1964

Dear David & Bonnie:

Yours received several days ago. I have sent on several pieces of mail and some packages. You didn’t sign your stock certificates correctly, so Jim sent something for you to sign. He talked to me over the phone and I thought he said he had your address and was going to send it directly to you, but it came here, so I forwarded it.

We are entertaining bridge club Sunday evening. We are going to stay home for dinner – we usually go to the Nu-Joy, but I decided I could do it by myself. I have everything practically ready and am going to serve the kind of dinner that won’t take too much last minute preparation.

I have been cleaning what used to be your room – now I just call it the extra room – and have found a place to get rid of all those books which had been stored there since we have lived here. There is a little library at Lake Village and they have a Book Mobile and said (Mrs. Arbuckle) they would be glad to have anything, so I am taking everything I want to give away and she said if they couldn’t use something, they would give it to someone else. I have the back end of the blue Cadillac about as full as it will hold of books and magazines. It is surprising how much one can get rid of when one decides to just throw away. I just wonder why we kept all those text books, etc., so long. Well now I have a lot of empty shelves and I suppose when John gets home he will fill those shelves with his things. Maybe it is a good thing I got busy.

Dad has been spraying today and trimming and taking bebe shots at the neighbor’s dog. There is a dog with the trailer next door and their dog can get to be quite a nuisance. Dad kept talking about doing something about it. One day Garnette was here and said he knew where Dad could get a good bebe gun very cheap, so now we have one. It, I think, is going to help keep the stray dogs out of our evergreens, etc.

According to John’s calculation he should be home a month from today. The last letter we had gave us that information. I think he intends to spend a little time coming home – about ten days, so that will be his vacation I suppose.

Florence Puetz was in the office recently and was a little concerned about Jim being in Tokyo or close to Tokyo. She was wondering if where he is stationed the earth quake did any damage, or if he had to help in the stricken areas. You know, he went to Japan just recently.

Mrs. M. called me one evening this week and was quite happy to have had a letter from you.

I gave a program for one of the Grandmother clubs this afternoon (about Bali). The women all seemed quite interested. Dad decided we needed an automatic projector, so we bought one from Sears. It is quite good, but a little heavier than I like to carry. We are to give a program next Tuesday evening for the Goodland Lyons club. Janssens bought the one we had (Bell and Howell Projector, that is). We keep getting calls all the time for more programs. I have to go to Morocco the 24th and give one for W.S.C.S. We went to Brook last Saturday night and gave the Bali program for the Hospital employees. Several said the program wasn’t long enough, but Dad insists on keeping them not too long. We intend to review the Aegean Sea program tonight ourselves for giving Tuesday. The new slide boxes hold 40 instead of 30, so I have had to transfer all the slides. The new projector is my Father’s Day gift to Dad. I hope you don’t forget to send Dad a card.

J. Janssen came two days this week and cleaned and waxed floors. He seems to like to make the money and it gives me a lift. He is to come Saturday and wash windows, and do any little thing that needs to be done.

Hope you have found employment by this time. I read in the W. Street Journal about the public transportation difficulties in Boston. I hope they won’t effect you.

Love Mother

Your letter was posted June 13 and we received it the 14th.

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The Doctor’s Schedule

1964-06-10-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Dear B & D:

I hope you didn’t need this to get your apartment. I didn’t think about enclosing it in the letter mailed this AM. Letter from John today. He will be arriving home about July 18. He is going to Hong Kong and Japan after leaving Djakarta July 9th. I wouldn’t want to say whether he will stop and see you on way home, however, I will give him your address just in case he would want to. The letter I wrote yesterday gave a small account of accident – when Dad came home he told me the youngster was only 12 years old and he was sure he has a fractured skull. I don’t know what the outcome will be (law wise) since he was too young to be driving a motor vehicle. Dad had to go to Hospital at 11 AM for surgery and I think a baby case followed him over, so he may have to miss afternoon office hours. That always makes the next day or two much harder. He got the mower out last night and did get some done before accident. Too bad I won’t take to that mower, but there are plenty of people who will gladly run our mower for a price. I have been putting pretty bows in a drawer today and getting rid of boxes. We have a new projector.

1964-06-10-gry-p-2[page 2] We have programs to give June 13 (both of us) June 16 (just me) June 18 (just me) June 23 (both of us) July 13 (both of us) and Sept 21 (just me). Dad decided our projector was not adequate so the new projector is for Father’s Day.

Love Mother

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Normal Routine

1964-06-09-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

June 9, 1964

Dear David and Bonnie:

I wouldn’t be writing you first, but for two things. Mrs. Myers called me Saturday afternoon late and wanted to know where you were, or something to that effect and I soon discovered you had forgotten to stop and tell her goodby. I think she was rather disappointed, but said she was glad you hadn’t, because she thought it was better not to say goodby. At any rate, I told her we had attended a wedding at 12:30 and that I was getting ready to go to the reception and that you were getting ready to go to Bloomington, and I presumed you had forgotten to stop. I think you had better write her a letter. I haven’t had time to stop and see her myself since I had an appointment to get a permanent this afternoon and had several things to do this morning. The second thing is about a package which came today from Dr. Cole. It had a letter attached, so I just forwarded it on to your Boston address and hope it doesn’t arrive before you do, but since it is a package it shouldn’t get there before the 11th.

We took the folks to the airport and it was almost 4 o’clock by the time we left them, so they shouldn’t have had too long to wait. Dad told Bonnie’s Dad that they would probably be in Chicago before we got to Kentland. We arrived home at just about 6 o’clock.

Dad ran the mower a while this evening after dinner, then had to go to the hospital because of an accident. One of those families we had used the – “you pay us, or you don’t get any more allergy shots in this office” – and they had made one $10.00 payment on the accumulated account. Dad made the comment when he was called, “can’t pay their bill, but the kid has a motor scooter.” That was how the accident occurred – the youngster was out for a ride.

1964-06-09-gry-p-2Now that the wedding and commencement is over, we are getting back into the normal routine around here. With John coming home next month, I have a few things to do to that room to get ready for him, so although the excitement of the past month is over, I have plenty to keep me busy. (over)

[page 2] I kept putting boxes back into the furnace room for you to use for your packing, now I have to start burning. I also have quite an accumulation of pretty wrapping paper and bows and ribbons, but have decided to keep that for a while.

Let us know all about your new place of abode and how you are getting along.

Love Mother & Dad

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Sorting Pictures

1964-04-10-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

April 10 – 1964

Dear David –

We talked to Ins. office again and we think the only thing to do is to transfer the car to you so plan to come home next Fri. or Sat. and we will go to Morocco Sat. a.m. and make the transfer. We are not dealing with license Bureau in Kentland. We are planning to go to Indianapolis Saturday afternoon to attend a Blue Cross meeting. I didn’t think about that when you were here last week. It will just mean you will not stay here for entire weekend but at least you can get the car. It is a good think you didn’t take it last time you were here. When I took it in to have the headlight replaced I learned it needed a new part – something to do with lights – and part had to be ordered. It should be repaired by next Sat.

Dad is attending meeting at hospital this evening. I am still sorting pictures but about through. Two more boxes came today. One we took in Paris and one on Islands of Delos & Mykonos. I have

1964-04-10-gry-p-2[page 2] been asked to give several programs. Rotary May 11 (Dad decided to let me give that one), one for S.S. class in June, another S.S. class in Apr. and Florence Puetz asked me today to come to their home and show some pictures for her family and friends. Jeannette Batton warned me.

I hope the R.S.V.P. on invitations was OK with Bonnie. To be certain it was correct thing to do I consulted a Bridal Consultant. When will her mother arrive in Boston?

Love Mother

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Letter transcription:

March 15 – 1964

1964-03-15-gry-p-1Dear David: Your letter was here when we arrived. I still think you two should graduate normally. I hope I read your letter correctly that we will be invited to Founder’s Day Celebration on the strength (how else) of your grades. If you go to Kentland, remember what Jeannette Batton said about Bonnie staying there if you spend night in Kentland. I wrote you in another letter that you will have to check with Air France as to arrival time. It is supposed to be at 1:40 p.m. We have heard since then that we can go thru customs in Canada if plane makes a stop there – it may. If we could go thru customs there it wouldn’t take us long to get away from O’Hare. We haven’t decided what we will do when we get to Chicago – I doubt that we will spend much time at Mark’s – you know with all that mail waiting for us we will probably be anxious to get home. No appointments until April 1 so that will give Dad a chance to wade thru things. I do hope you can get the house swept and dusted before we get home. I wish we had you with us here – we can’t read any of the signs around here – it’s all Greek to us. We can see the Parthenon from the hotel – but not from our window – our room is on other side but we can see it from lounge. Everything seems very quiet. We took a walk this afternoon and took a picture of American Embassy. It was refreshing to get to Athens today, after almost a week in a country that is nearly 100% (nearly) Muslim. There are 1,000 mosques in Cairo and they are building more all the time. We really had some nice tours there and saw the tomb of King Tut. Also saw all the things that are in the museum that were taken from tomb. We made 3 trips to the museum. That is a popular place – people coming and going all the time. Do you and Bonnie have work in Boston this summer? From your letter I rather thought you sounded like there is where you will spend the summer. Our hotel room is on 9th floor and we have a very good view of the city and nets in background. We start on cruise tomorrow afternoon but will try to find the beads for you tomorrow a.m. I don’t know what I will be looking for but someone around here surely will. We ate a light breakfast at 6:30 – had a huge breakfast on plane at 9:30 so it is almost 6 p.m. and I think we have waited long enough for food. I think we have both gained – but once we get back home we can lose any extra. This cruise won’t be any help in the weight losing dept. You will have time to get a letter to us when

[page 2] we get to Paris if there is something you need to write about. It is always nice to pick up letters – we had six when we arrived here today – so had lots of news.

Love Mother



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Taj Mahal

1964-02-29-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Jaipur, India
Feb. 29 – 1964

Dear David: Your letter was here when we arrived at about 12:30 or a little later. This hotel used to be palace of a Maharajah. I haven’t heard the history of place, but it is fabulous. I have just washed and pin curled my hair and I am sitting in a breezeway however I don’t know what the proper name is for it. There is a courtyard to my left and our room opens from court yard. We came here by car – a tortuous journey lasting 5 hrs. In Agra yesterday when we started our tour to see Taj Mahal and after points of interest our guide wanted to know if we could understand him. In our conversation we discovered he belongs to Methodist Church. There is a Methodist school is Agra and although that wasn’t on our tour he took us to the school – it is Holman Institute. I had prayer calendar in my purse so knew there was an institution in Agra. I looked up the name – he had said Miss Schaffer was head of school. When we stopped – we were in a pretty good tour car – when you consider standard car here – and caused quite a flurry in the courtyard. There was an old man who evidently works for the school and he went in and told Miss Schaffer the Bishop had come. When Miss S. came to the door we told her who we are and then she explained what had happened. Dad assured her he wasn’t the Bishop. We didn’t stay very long but she seemed very pleased to have us stop. I asked her if she had may Methodists stop. She said she has a lot of tourists stop but not so many Methodists. There are 800 students enrolled in Holman. There is also a Baptist Church & school – an Episcopal – a Catholic & Seven Day Advent, so the missionaries have been here a long time and judging from observation there is much yet to be done. It is very dry here and much like Arizona. There is much marble in this palace, but it is gritty. The grounds here are kept watered so are very beautiful with green lawns and flower beds. We will be here yet tomorrow and then go back to N. Delhi Monday. Last night we went back to look at the Taj in the moonlight. It is lovely in either day light or moonlight. When we first looked up at the stars directly over the Taj saw one moving so we watched and it was a satellite – either U.S. or R. While we were looking at the Taj in the moonlight we saw a couple with two children who had come on same plane. The man was taking a time exposure. We were talking to them – something we have found is usually easy to do with other Americans. They are living in Pakistan and were on a little holiday and were going back to Delhi last night. The man is working on a huge dam project and they told us about their American city – walled that is – in Pakistan. It is completely modern with supermarket and frozen foods – something unheard of for people who live in this part of the world. Bonnie will know what I am writing about because her mother’s cook goes to market every day. The missionaries told us their cooks go to market twice a day. They think freezing good spoils the taste. It was hard for us to tell people how I buy groceries, that is make them understand it could be done by the week or two weeks. Incidentally I had read about that dam project in Pakistan in the book I read recently about the World Bank. I was very happy to learn about your good grades and hope you will make honor roll. I think that will be a good way for you to graduate. Mrs. McGraw said Bonnie had written that you tow were not going to graduation since she will be travelling half way around the world to see Bonnie graduate and since you are our last one too, I think it would be cheating us for you not to attend. Think it over. I hear a plane going over. There is an airport here and had I known what a drive we were in for, we would have come by plane.

1964-02-29-gry-p-2[page 2] The roads are very narrow and not too smooth and there is everything besides cars on the road. We saw a truck that had lost a wheel and had turned over this morning. Our driver is a Sikh – pronounced Seek. He wears a turban and has long hair – however his hair is braided and wound around his head under the turban. He also has a beard all over his face except above and below his eyes. He is a very good driver and is very well informed. He has been working for tourist bureau since 1956. He speaks very good English. He calls me Madam and Dad Sir. He wants to take us for a drive around the city at 4:30. We are to have our tour tomorrow. I am still looking for a letter from you about why you aren’t driving the Chevrolet. Mark just wrote and said the Ins. Co. had run an investigation on us and that you weren’t driving the car. Mark has had trouble with the Cadillac. I wrote to him to take it to Tub in Kentland. I had a letter from Mary K. Anslett and she said she thought sure she had seen Chuck Tuberty driving our Cadillac down the street. We checked with Mark’s letter and when she wrote would be the date the Cadillac would be in Kentland for repairs. I hope Tub was able to get it in order. I wrote Mark we didn’t intend to leave a dud for them. We receive letters at every stop. We have written to the hospital all along and groups and individuals keep writing to us and tell us how much they enjoy getting our cards and letters. The Ansletts have adopted a little girl and her letter had the announcement. We knew they were trying to adopt a child but didn’t think it would take so long. M.K. said Marge Janssen is working temporarily at Sears since the girl to replace M.K. wasn’t satisfactory.

Love Mother.

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Bishop Amstutz

1964-02-09-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Feb. 9, 1964

Dear David: We were invited to North Point Church today to hear Bishop Amstutz speak. After the service there was a dinner in honor of the Bishop and Bishop Ward’s widow. After the church service we were introduced to Bishop A. Since he was from Singapore I was sure he would be Bonnie’s Dad’s “Boss.” I told him we were going to Malacca to see McGraws. He said he knew about the engagement and that Bonnie’s mother had been granted permission to return for wedding. Since he had no way of knowing about us he was quite surprised when we told him who we are and where we were going. Bishop A. was in Indiana area in 1962 and I remember going to Attica to hear him speak. Since he has met thousands of people since then he would have no way of remembering me but seemed quite pleased when I told him about attending meeting. After the meeting and dinner (in a Chinese restaurant and pure Chinese dishes – nothing just for tourists) one of the men here – laison officer – drove us to Ferry dock and we came back to hotel. We have both been sleeping and just getting ready for trip to Djakarta tomorrow. Recently Bishop A. had been in Djakarta. The Methodist church has some mission work on Sumatra. The weather has been foggy the past two days so we are glad our sightseeing was done earlier. We still have a show every time we look out at harbor, so we have sightseeing whether we are out or in our room. Since Bishop A. doesn’t speak Chinese but Malayan he had to have the local Chinese minister translate for him. We could understand all Bishop A. said but not anything interpreter said as he translated. At one point Bishop A. said some flowery words about his interpreter – the Chinese congregation all chuckled. At the dinner liaison officer said translator said “more polite talk.” We entertained liaison officer Delmar Byler and his wife last night. One of the hotels here has a floor show which is a sampling of Chinese Opera. This is not season for Opera so we couldn’t see the real thing. The Bylers came to our room after dinner and we showed them some slides we brought from home of the family and a few of flowers & Mormon Temple on Hawaii. They visited until after midnight. Since we didn’t have to start for church until 10 o’clock this morning we weren’t in any hurry to get to bed. I may not be writing so much when we get to Bali, all depending on how much John has for us to see. Your new suit is finished and mailed home. It may be 6 weeks before you get it. We also mailed home several things we thought we wouldn’t need. We will know next time not to pack so much. Also I have a new suit and coat so won’t need ones I wore from home. I was so tired of those brown tones. I have a bright red suit and coat as bright as Bonnie’s velvet formal.

Have to leave our room every evening so the floor boy can come in and fix our beds. We had such a large noon meal decided we didn’t need much so ate very little. When we returned to room our beds were ready. All this service may spoil me. I think I could use an Amah or house boy and as many as live here I am sure one of two wouldn’t be missed. Tomorrow we fly Japanese Air and when you board one of their planes food starts flowing. We will have a 7 or 8 hr. flight so will probably be well fed by the time we reach Djakarta.

Love Mother


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New Suits in Hong Kong

1964-02-04-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Feb. 4, 1964

Dear David:

We talked to John today but didn’t get name of hotel where we will be staying so unless it is something urgent send our mail after we leave here to Bangkok. I suppose you could send it to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, General delivery. We took a tour of Hong Kong Island today and saw quite a few sights. Our guide took us into a Chinese market. You wouldn’t believe it unless you see it. We snapped a few pictures. We ate lunch at Floating Restaurant and had so much we weren’t hungry enough to eat dinner tonight. Dad did have a sandwich at about 10:30. We are going to get a tour of Wesley Village tomorrow. I brought my Prayer Calendar along so looked up the Methodist people here. I called a Rev. Kenneth McIntosh. He was very accommodating and has arranged several things for us. He invited us to church Sunday. When I first talked to him I told him we were planning to attend, so he thought we would be interested in attending the original Methodist church in H.K. We have another agency tour Thursday. I ordered a suit made for you and I hope it fits and that you will like material I selected. I hope it is satisfactory on both counts because it wasn’t cheap. Dad is having a suit made and I am having a suit & coat. I sent Shirley a hand decorated sweater and skirt material. Since I measured her, I wasn’t too sure and thought best not to try to have anything made for her. We have been hearing from people at the hospital regularly. Had letters from Edna & Arvella yesterday. Arvella had to get glasses to wear when she reads. She said Edna is still having trouble with her teeth. I wrote to Bonnie’s mother today and told her when we would be in Malacca.

1964-02-04-gry-p-2[page 2] Give the Kings my regards and remember what I said about not wearing your welcome out. The Chinese New Year is Feb. 13 and to celebrate we heard on news today water will be turned on several hours that day. We have to take a bath either between 6:30 & 7:00 p.m. or 7:30 & 8:00 a.m. That is when water is in pipes in hotels. In the homes here they get water once every 4 days. Our guide says they have to store water in cans to have enough to get along between the 4 day periods. The rainfall has been short here the past year and reservoir is low. They depend on rainfall for all their water supply. A new reservoir is being built but isn’t ready yet. There is a carrier “parked” in harbor which we have seen since we have been here. It makes a pretty sight when it is lighted at night. The lights on Hong Kong Island across harbor also affords us a beautiful view day and night. It is getting late, so will have to finish this.

Love Mother

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1964-01-25-gry-envelope1964-01-25-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Sat. Jan. 25, 1963 [sic 1964]

Dear David,

We took a trip – left here Thurs. afternoon and went by express train to Nikko. Spent the night at a Resort Hotel, then Friday took a tour of the area. We visited a Shinto Shrine and had to take our shoes of to enter a certain part of shine. Our guide had some sox to put on. I thought my feet would freeze because we were up in the mountains and it was cold. After our tour was over and we returned to hotel to wait to get train back to Tokyo I found a nice warm radiator and toasted my feet and legs and by the time we were on the train I felt thawed. The train was nice and warm so did some more toasting – there was a radiator under each seat. The trains here are very punctual and if they are supposed to start at 5 o’clock – they do that. We came back to Okura Hotel and after a little relaxation in our room went to the Emerald Room and had dinner – we are eating in the various restaurants here in the hotel and hadn’t visited Emerald Room yet. There was an orchestra – something none of the other restaurants here in the hotel have. We sat by window and could look out on swimming pool area and Japanese Garden. Very picturesque. We are going shopping this morning to buy me some pearls and a few other things. This p.m. we are taking a tour of city. Tomorrow a.m. we will fly to Kyoto. We will spend a week there, then fly to Hong Kong. When we get that far I will try to make contact with Bonnie’s parents. We talked to Chief Officers of U.S.I.S. here in Tokyo. He assured us it is safe to go into Cambodia – in fact, he said, your friends will love you if you take a lot of pictures. He said we should plan to stay longer than one day. I think I mentioned the American Embassy is just around a curve from this hotel. I hope you are not feeling too disappointed about not being accepted at Yale. You know there is still Northwestern. I think you would find, if you could investigate all Theological schools, one just as good for you as Yale. Also remember what I wrote before, it evidently wasn’t God’s will that you go there this year. Let us know what you are doing – if you have made application to Drew or some other. Where is Drew? When I looked out this morning I saw a fine snow. We are seeing a lot of interesting things here but it isn’t warm enough for my taste. I will be glad to get into a warmer climate. I hope it will be a little warmer in Kyoto. We have received several letters since we have been here. We left several mailing itineraries around Kentland, so people know where to send mail. I have just washed my hair and am under dryer while I write this. Our guide told us yesterday that this is a very unreligious nation. Many people are both Shinto & Buddah flowers. Many places have shrines to both side by side. We explained (or tried) the differences between our religion & Catholic. She seemed surprised when I told here we didn’t use sign of cross (that is cross ourselves) or confession. We saw a Catholic church yesterday. At the resort where we ate lunch I saw a contribution box with a Catholic name – I think it was St. Anthony’s church. Dad has been carrying the yen and I didn’t have anything to put in the box. I doubt that I would have made a contribution. Our church has a great challenge in this country. There is only about a 3 or 5% following here, that is Christian and Methodist isn’t the only denomination. Of course we have a challenge all over the world. I think my hair is dry and Dad is getting ready to go to breakfast, so I will have to finish this so I can go with him.

Love Mother

Tell Bonnie this is for her also.

Some of the surviving photographs from Nikko, Japan:

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